Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 223

「…Who’s this?」

Kanako-san asks Misuzu as Kudou Haruka shows an unusual atmosphere.

Misuzu smiled gracefully…

「She’s Ruriko-san’s guard…don’t mind her Kanako-san」


「We’ll settle this among ourselves」

When told like that…Kanako-san has no choice but to be silent.

「Misuzu-san can take priority of her lesson anyway…you can leave the rest to us」

Margo-san said.

「You don’t mind if we send Misuzu-san to the dressing room first do you?」

Margo-san asks Kudou Haruka with sharp eyes.

「Yes, I don’t」

Kudou Haruka acknowledged.

「Anyway…don’t worry about it, Kanako-san」

Misuzu tells Kanako-san again.

「It’s really going to be fine!」

Nei-san smiled at Kanako-san who’s uneasy.


But still, Kanako-san looked uneasy.

◇ ◇ ◇

Everyone moved together from the lobby to the dressing room entrance.

From the side aisle of the theater to next to the stage…

There’s a big sign saying『Authorized person only』in big letters.

「The other side will be the dressing room. That door is left open today」

Misuzu explained.

I see, today’s the Japanese traditional dance『symposium』…

There’s more than 50 people performing…

There would be guests visiting the dressing room too…

When it’s not the performer’s turn, they can go watch others dance…

The door separating the spectator seat and the dressing room is left open.


There’s a lot of stern men waiting around the door.

「Those people are everyone’s guards」

Misuzu whispers on my ears.

Today’s performers are all child from a distinguished family.

In case of female guards, they can go inside the dressing room…

The male guards can’t.

Therefore, they wait in here.


「…Misuzu-sama, you’re coming with a lot of strange people again」

One person…a man in black aged over 50 calls Misuzu.

He stared at Minaho-neesan.

「My, Tanizawa-san…you’re already here?」

Misuzu smiled.

「I’ve taken a head start today…I’d like to check the security system in here…」

The man called Tanizawa answered Misuzu with his twisted grin.

「Danna-sama…this one’s Tanizawa-san. He’s the chief of grandfather’s full-time security unit」

Kouzuki『Kakka』full time guard…?

I see, Kudou-papa’s doing various investigations on the outside…

There’s another person that sticks with『Kakka』as his guard.

I now understand why the evaluation of Kudou-papa from director Yamaoka is low.

To the regular members of Kouzuki security servcice…Kudou papa from the『guard department』may seem only unreliable to Kouzuki『Kakka』

He already has a dedicated escort unit.

「Tanizawa-san…this is Kuromori-san」

Misuzu introduced me as『Kuromori』

It’s the chief of the unit sticking to Kouzuki『Kakka』

That alone makes him know that I’m a member of『Kuromori』

「…I’m Kuromori」

I bow to chief Tanizawa.

Chief Tanizawa looks down on me with cold eyes.

It seems that he doesn’t intend to greet a man from prostitution ring.

「Misuzu-sama…please refrain from playing with strange people, You’ll make『Kakka』worry」

「My, what are you talking about?」

Misuzu answered with a smile.

「Grandfather knows」

「If you say so…」

Chief Tanizawa looks at Margo-san.

「Oh, Nee-chan, it’s been a while…where’s master today?」

As expected…she knows Margo-san’s face, he must’ve come to the『Kuromori』mansion

「Kyouko-san is on a business trip. Therefore it’s only me today」

「Don’t work on such a demon woman…come to our side. It’s not fun to be a brothel guard isn’t it?」

Chief Tanizawa solicits her in front of Minaho-neesan.

「The salary here is much better than Kouzuki security service though」

Margo-san answered with a smile.

「Don’t be silly, we’ve got welfare pension and unemployment insurance here. If you think about your future benefits, isn’t coming to a decent company much better, right?」

「Kouzuki security service is a decent company?」

「Better than a brothel at least you know? I’m still an executive in Kouzuki security service even if I look like this. I can let you join in the company without examination with my authority voice now!」

Executive…he’s on a higher position than Director Yamaoka.

「Sadly…I don’t have any intention」

「…Why? You’re so cold. Well fine…if you changed your mind, you can contact me anytime」

Chief Tanizawa said.

「Danna-sama…Tanizawa-san is here to Ruriko and I will be safe」


No, he’s the chief of the escort unit for Kouzuki『Kakka』

His work should be perfect.

「Grandfather is worried so he sent Tanizawa-san ahead, didn’t he?」

Misuzu asked and chief Tanizawa smiled wryly.

「That’s how it is…we can’t leave it to the unreliable lads like Yamaoka and Kudou」

Chief Tanizawa seems to think that Director Yamaoka and Kudou Papa is still『half a man』

「Hey…Kudou’s girl. What’s with you leaving your master on an important escort duty?」

Chief Tanizawa scolds Kudou Haruka.

Kudou Haruka is a registered guard in Kouzuki security service.

Chief Tanizawa is a person above her in the company.

「I-I’m very sorry…!」

Kuodu Haruka bows her head.

「Tanizawa-san…sorry but could we borrow this girl for a while?」

Margo-san asks.


「This girl picked a fight with us」


Chief Tanizawa looks down on Kudou Haruka with an amazed face.

「Then…Nee-chan will be educating her properly?」

「No…this girl will be taking her on」

Margo-san points at Michi.

Michi looks down.

「This girl…isn’t she the little sister?」

Chief Tanizawa’s surprised.

「Yes, Michi will fight her sister. I gave her order to definitely win」

Misuzu told the chief.

「I’m also included to the people Kudou Haruka insulted after all」

Cheif Tanizawa sighs…

「Got it…I’ll leave the match to Nee-chan. This girl’s as foolish as her father」

「No, she resembles her mother」

Misuzu said.

「No…well, that Kudou doesn’t take his wife seriously so she turned strange…!」

Chief Tanizawa knows Kudou mama and Director Yamaoka’s relationship…?

Then, chief looks at Kudou Haruka…

「Either way…taking on a fight with other organization while holding the name of Kouzuki Security service, that’s some irresponsible work, it won’t end with just displeasing Misuzu-sama. I don’t mind it so Nee-chan can beat her up. I’ll allow it」

Chief Tanizawa doesn’t seem to trust Michi’s skills.

He allowed Margo-san, not Michi to punish Kudou Haruka.

Kudou Haruka and the four followers face turned completely blue.

「No…Tanizawa-san. That would be troubling me」

Misuzu speaks seriously.

「If Kudou Haruka wins against her sister…could you make it irrelevant?」

「…What do you mean?」

「This match is needed by Kudou Michi」

Michi looked up in surprise.

「…Misuzu-Ojousan, you’re quite evaluating this girl highly」

「Yes…I intend to have Michi as my guard for the rest of my life」


Chief Tanizawa speaks to Kudou Haruka.

「Hey you…If you win against this small girl, I’ll forget everything you’ve done. Win with the intention to die. Okay?!」

That order…Kudou Haruka.

「If I win…please put me in Chief Tanizawa’s team!」


「I don’t want to be guarding children. I can’t get serious. If I’m going to guard then let it be a VIP…!」

…She’s really an idiot.

「I have that much talent…!」

Kudou Haruka’s gotten strange confidence because she’s labeled as best in Japan’s Karate.


Chief Tanizawa tries to scold her but Margo-san stopped him.

「…Leave the rest to us」

「…But, Nee-chan」

「This talentless girl can only understand with her body either way」

Chief Tanizawa looked at Margo-san…Misuzu…then once again, Kudou Haruka.


「Don’t die foolishly…Karate girl. If you lose, you’re fired. Remember that」

「There’s no way I’ll lose against my sister!」

Kuodu Haruka seems to be a complete idiot…

「Then, I’ll enter the dressing room. Megumi and Mana-san, come with me!」

Misuzu said but…Mana seems to be interested in the fight.

「I…can I stay with Onii-chan?」

「Mana…if we’re with them, Michi-san can’t fight freely」

Megu said.

「Mana-san…Misuzu’s dressing room is the same as Ruriko-san」

Misuzu told Mana.

「Could you help Megumi-san talk about Danna-sama’s wonderfulness to Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san?」

…Does that mean?

Recommending sex with me to Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san?

Mana smiled.

「Got it…Mana will talk to Ruriko-san!」


「…Danna-sama, come here」

Misuzu pulls me out from the others.


Misuzu whispers in my ear so the others won’t hear.

「…Please look after Michi」

Michi’s completely disheartened because she’ll fight with her sister.

It seems she’s not good at dealing with Kudou Haruka.

「Michi…that girl’s mentally childish. A weak girl. She’s essentially a useless girl unless someone controls over her」


「…Therefore, Danna-sama, please dominate Michi when Misuzu isn’t around」

I dominate Michi?

「Michi is an M. She wants to be ruled by someone she trusts」


Misuzu laughs.

「A masochist」


「Misuzu’s the same」


「Misuzu is a girl who wants to be『dominated』by Dana-sama…!」


She’s my pet at first…

I feel like she wants to be『dominated』

She prefers to be the passive…be violated by me…

「I’m different from Megumi-san and Mana-san…both of them tend to be sadist if you ask me」

I look at Megu and Mana.

Both of them are looking at us with a blank face.

…Speaking of which.

Those two actively seek sex by themselves.

True, they’re more S than M.

「Please completely dominate Michi’s heart on this occasion., Michi needs Danna-sama.」


Misuzu calls Michi with a strong voice.



Michi looked up in panic.

「When I’m not with you, Danna-sama is your master. Follow all of Danna-sama’s orders!」

Misuzu’s instruction sticks to Michi’s heart.

「Y-Yes. Certainly!」

「Then, Danna-sama…please take care of Michi」

Misuzu smiled at me.

◇ ◇ ◇

We part with Misuzu, Megu and Mana from the dressing room’s door.

Katsuko-nee went to contact with Kudou papa so she won’t be back yet.

「Then…let’s go」

Margo-san calls out Kudou Haruka.

「I won’t lose. No, I cannot lose」

Kuodu Haruka mutters

「…Then, how about the battlefield?」

「…This way!」

Kudou Haruka opened the door to the stage

We follow her.

On the stage is a lighting in the middle of it.

There’s a lot of staff working around.

From the stage side…going to the basement stairs.

To the underground of the stage…we head to the『theater basement』

「Wow, this feels chilly!」

Nei-san said.

It seems that the cold air accumulate on the underground.

The theater basement is a dimly lit place with only emergency lights.

There’s nobody here now.

「This is the axis of the revolving stage. Ah, this is what’s making it go up!」

Nei-san looks at the theater’s mechanism in interest.

「Kuroko-chan, come here!」

Nei-san pulls Yukino’s arms.


「Just stay with me!」

Saying that, Nei-san stands behind Margo-san.

Minaho-neesan also goes behind Margo-san.

Kudou Haruka and the four followers take distance.

I stand before Margo-san.

Michi’s still looking down.

「Now then…should we make confirmations?」

Minaho-neesan told Kuodu Haruka.

「You’ll fight with Michi…when you lose, you’ll be fired from Kouzuki security service, and become our prostitute…are you okay with that?」

「Very well…either way, I will win」

Kuodu Haruka said then winks at her followers.


The four of them moved around and surround me.


I tried to escape but the four karate girl’s movements are fast.

They caught be before I noticed.

The girl with the best physique holds me from behind.


Michi’s surprised.

「I’d like to take a small insurance.」

Kudou Haruka said.

「Just so that girl won’t make a strange movement while I fight with Michi」

She intends top prevent Margo-san from intervening by taking me as a hostage?

「I don’t mind…either way, I thought that this would happen」

Margo-san said calmly

Nei-san embraced Yukino behind her and smiled.

I see. That’s why Nei-san secured Yukino first.

They’re aware of Kudou Haruka’s hostage strategy…

「He’s also a member of『Kuromori』…I hope you’re prepared」

Minaho-neesan said.


I’m already prepared for this much.

「…Michi. Don’t mind about me, fight with all your might」

Michi looks up at me in surprise.

「Beat them down, that’s an order…!」


「Now then, should we begin…Michi」

Kudou Haruka takes off her pumps.

She becomes barefoot and stakes a Karate stance.

「You do know it…you never won against me. This will continue to happen forever…!」

Michi’s frightened from her sister’s words

Why are you that scared of your sister?

Does she have some kind of trauma?

「Now…take a stance, Michi」

Michi takes a stance with her trembling hands.

「…What are you doing, Michi?!」

I said instinctively.

Michi looks at me.

「That’s a Karate stance…!」

「Y-Yes…I always fight Aneue in Karate」

Michi answered.

「You’re not doing Karate!」

I shouted…!

「You’re『Kudou style』!」

Michi’s surprised.


I see.

I know what Michi’s afraid of…

『Kudou style』should overwhelm her sister.

It’ll shatter Kudou Haruka’s pride…

She’s afraid of her sister’s body getting hurt.

Michi is scared that Kudou Haruka would have a body that can’t do Karate anymore…

「Michi…do with the intent to kill」

I said.


Michi trembles.

「It’s not Yoshida…call me『Master』」


「Misuzu told you earlier didn’t she? When Misuzu’s away, I’m your mastert」


Michi’s trembling again.

「Do it for me…!」


I ready myself.

「Abandon your sister…your family is Misuzu and me!」

Michi’s eyes opened up wide.

「Life for only Misuzu and my sake!」


She breathes in…

Then…breathes out.

「Aneue…I’m sorry」

Michi’s trembling stopped

Her champion spirit piles up.

「I have to kill Aneue」

Saying that…she takes out a red whip hidden under her skirt.


The tip of the whip cuts the air and taps the floor of the theater basement…!

「Y-You…what are you doing!?」

Kudou Haruka’s surprised.

「There’s no way you’re going to use that?」

「Is there a problem?」

Michi looks at her sister coldly.

「Don’t be stupid! If you’re going to fight me then do it with bare hands」

「…Sadly, I have to win」

「Throw away your weapon. Do you not care about what happens at this man?!」

Kudou Haruka winks at her followers surrounding me.



Throwing knife stabs at the very end of the follower’s feet.

「I missed on purpose…release『Master』 Unless…!」

Michi holds another knife opposite to the hand with the whip.

「T-That’s unfair…Michi!」

At the moment Kudou Haruka speaks!

Michi’s whip attacks her sister…!


The chest of Kudou Haruka’s pink suit is torn up!

Her white bra’s exposed!

She ripped out exactly her clothes without hurting Haruka’s body.

Michi’s skill surprises everyone.

「There’s no such thing as unfair when it’s a struggle to protect their『master』」

A whip on the right and a throwing knife on the left…!

「Let me say it again…let go of my Master」

Haruka’s followers who are holding me let go of their hand.


I slowly get away from the four and returned to Michi’s behind.

「I’m very sorry…『Master』」

Michi said.

「I will be punishing this woman immediately…!」

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