Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 221

The twin young foreign white haired women wearing black leather gloves, white pants suit, and sunglasses…

And another white haired woman wearing a white tight skirt also has sunglasses.

The three of them stand in front of us…

All of them have a face and figure of a model…

The twins come at front.

「Hello…I’m 『Government official』from America’s department of commerce./ My name’s『Katherine』 This girl’s my sister『Audrey』」


True, when you look at the card suspending from her neck…

『Guest / US department of commerce』

They were checked by Kouzuki security service and passed through the gate

However, she calls herself…『Government official』

Anyway, she’s speaking broken Japanese.1

The other two seems unfamiliar with Japanese…they’re just looking here while smling.

「Sorry…where’s the guard headquarters?」


I hold down Mana’s mouth who tried to speak…〜

「Mana…don’t talk」


Mana’s surprised.


I feel something’s odd…

Don’t show any opportunity to these three…!

「Please stop the games…you’re scaring the children」

Minaho-neesan spoke in Japanese.

「I’m not playing…I’m talking seriously…!」

I spread my arms to protect Nei-san.

Megu and Misuzu…Katsuko-nee’s embracing Mana.

YUkino’s cowering.

「…Michi-san, don’t make a move」

「…I know」

MIchi’s hand is already holding the handle of the red whip

Margo-san spoke to the three.

「Let me ask your name once again」

The twin who’s speaking in broken Japanese smiled then…

「I’m『Katherine Hepburn』 My twin is『Audrey Hepburn』…Then that one is the international exchange chief『Vivien Leigh』

Un…I don’t get it but.

Anyway, I knew that it’s a false name.

You don’t smile this much saying your own name.

These people have bad personalities.

「Able to come here with that setting…Kouzuki security service doesn’t seem to be serious」

Minaho-neesan said like sighing.

「Could you stop the stupid way of talking? You can talk Japanese properly right?」

Margo-san said.

「Why do you think so?」

The foreigner woman asks while grinning…

「…Cesario Viola has spent his childhood at the US military base in Okinawa, he had a setting of being able to speak Japanese fluently」

Margo-san answers

「Which of you is Cesario Viola?」

Margo-san looked at the twins

She ignored the woman in skirt.

「Wait a moment…they’re not, Maru-chan!」

Nei-san shouts from behind.

「Cesario Viola’s not among those women…!」


I’m surprised at what Margo-san said too.

I’ve heard that Viola’s a master of disguise but…

Can he take shape of such a young and beautiful woman?!

「No…that’s not it. Nei」

Margo-san speaks in a calm tone…

「These people aren’t the『Cesario Viola』who came to Japan targetting Nei」


「They’re a different『Cesario Viola』from what we fought before」

There’s more than one viola?2

The three women laughed.

They all understand Japanese?!

One spoke in broken Japanese and the other two pretended not to understand…

They’re all fake…!

「You got us, Miss Margo Starkweather. I wonder if that’s the result of『Kyouko Messer’s』education…」

The woman in tight skirt standing behind spoke in fluent Japanese.

『Kyouko Messer』it’s the underground name of Margo-san’s master, Kyouko Dothnomechey-san

Knowing that name means…

「Kyouko-san taught me not to talk to people who can’t introduce themselves properly…!」

「My, excuse me」

The tight skirt woman gives instruction to the twins with her eyes when Margo-san told them.

The woman who’s speaking in broken Japanese opens her mouth.

「Nice to meet you…I’m Cesario Viola. My real name’s Fabiano Katou!」

Then, the twin who’s been silent until now…

「Hello…I’m Rosalind Orlando. Real name, Fabiana Katou!」

Nei-san opposes.

「No! Rosalind’s not a woman like you…she died! She’s shot by Kei-chan…!」

Nei-san must be having flashbacks.

Nei-san shouted strongly.

「You’re right…『The fourth Cesario Viola』had that kind of case…!」

The fourth…Cesario Viola?!

「But, the Viola there has already been sent over his next『Rosalind Orlando』」

The other『Cesario Viola』said.

「Right. 『Cesario Viola』need to be shown with his little sister『Rosalind Orlando』in public…!」

The other『Rosalind Orlando』laughs.

…What’s going on.

「Danna-sama…you mustn’t take what the『enemy』say in face value!」

Misuzu brushes off my confusion.

Right…this might all just be a lie.

「Well…it doesn’t matter if you’re another『Cesario Viola』and 『Rosalind Orlando』though…」

Margo-san told the『enemy』calmly…

「By the way…who’s supervising these two?」

Margo-san’s eyes turned to the tight skirt woman.

That woman laughs.

「…Who do you think?」


「Either way, it’s another code name associated with Shakespeare? If I have to guess, is it 『Lady Macbeth』?」

「My…I’m not that old however」

The tight skirt woman denies it laughing.

「If you’re『Katherina Minola』then that would be helpful」3

「I’m not that『Shrew』」


「I’m not a lass that flirts like her」

The two laughs.


「No matter how you look at it, naming myself as an innocent lady, isn’t that shameless?」

「…Then, who are you?」

The woman laughs.

「『Cordelia France』」

「In short…you’re not the top but there’s still someone above you?」

「That’s how it is…I’m just being used」

Miss Cordelia answered.

「Then…what business do you have with us?」

Margo-san asks the women

「It’s just a simple courtesy visit…we’d like to see your faces at least once」

「Coming to check the faces of the people you’re going to kill…?!」

Yukino raised her voice hysterically.

Miss Cordelia laughs…

「We don’t intend to fight you. There’s no meaning if you don’t gain a single yen, don’t you think?」

「Then…why did you come here?」

The other『Cesario Viola』answers

「It’s to witness」

「That’s right, your fight with the『Fourth Cesario Viola』」

The other『Rosalind Orlando』added

「Strange. Even the『Fourth Cesario Viola』won’t be gaining money from fighting us」

Margo-san said.

That’s right…even if he captures Nei-san, there’s no financial compensation.

They’re completely saying that this conduct began from the『fourth Cesario Viola’s』grudge.

「The organization allowed the『fourth Cesario Viola’s』travel to Japan as promotion of activities」

Miss Cordelia said.

As expected…they’re aiming to show the western, American murder organization『Cesario Viola』to Japan…

「However…the『fourth Cesario Viola』has already made a client contract in Japan」



「The person Shirasaka Moritsugu has asked to erase all of the people involved in this case」

Miss Cordelia happily said.

The head of Shirasaka family?!

The enemies have joined togther.


『The fourth Cesario Viola』has made business with Shirasaka house by himself.

Rather than a free promotion service…it’s better to work with to make money.

Viola’s follower’s motivation has changed.

「We’ll give you a list on this occasion」

The other『Rosalind Orlando』took out a piece of paper from the handbag.

That’s a list of names written in English.

「Here you go」

Rosalind hands the paper.

「…MIchi-san, take it. Be careful」

Margo-san instructs…Michi takes the paper calmly.

「It’s okay…I don’t bite」

Rosalind laughs.

「My, she’s not your type?」

The other Viola teases her sister.

「You’re right. I haven’t eaten a black haired girl yet…!」


「I have a poison so I’m not delicious」

Rosalind looks pleased…

「My my, what a cute thing to say…!」

Michi handed the paper she received to Margo-san.

Margo-san checked the paper…then handed to Minaho-neesan on the back.

「My…you’re quite naive. If we had a radioactive polonium on the paper, you’ll all die」

Miss Cordelia said.

「You’re not Russian Mafia, you don’t do such unromantic assassinations, do you? Polonium and VX gasses are dangerous to set…you don’t do such boring way of killing, do you?」

Margo-san answered.

「My, why do you think so? We might be much more violent that you think?」

「Beautiful ladies won’t do acts that would hurt their beauty…and also」


「…Cordelia is a familiar name. I’ve heard about the person named Cordelia Prisken a lot from Kyouko-san…」

Margo-san stares at Miss Cordelia

「Kyouko Messer, what did she say about me…?」

「I wonder…shouldn’t you just ask her?」

「As expected…Kyouko Messer’s already in Japan?」

「You do know Kyouko-san’s methods way better don’t you? She’s hiding herself into a place no one can see until it becomes the highlight of the show」

「Hearing that makes me relieved…I’ve got a『loan』from Kyouko Messer」


「That’s right…it’s not『borrow』but『loan』 I’d like to payback soon. I don’t want it to stay for the rest of my life」

Miss Cordelia said.

「Then…you just came as a watcher?」

「Well…that’s one of the reasons」

Margo-san and Miss Cordelia look at each other.

「『The fourth Cesario Viola』had been given strict orders not to attack this theater」


「There’s a lot of children from good families of Japan here, don’t you think? It won’t become a promotion if we got them involved in a bad way」


They want to advertise the power of the organization of『Cesario Viola』to Japan’s upper class.

If they killed a child of a noble who has nothing to do with it…they’ll become infamous.

「Besides…we came as a government official of our home country」

Miss Cordelia points at the name tag showing『American commerce department』hanging on her neck.

「We won’t do any act that would lose States’ authority. We’re patriots after all…」

Margo-san smiles wryly.

「I appreciate your thoughtfulness…!」

「The『fourth Cesario Viola』will be attacking everyone moving to the hotel after this. Let’s see, that kind of recreation’s better after dinner isn’t it? How about we start the fight after 8PM?」

…After 8.

「Even if we don’t fight…you’d be infiltrating by that time, don’t you?」

Margo-san said.

「Obviously…it’s a highlight on how far can we approach you before the battle starts, don’t you think?」

Miss Cordelia laughed again.

「Then, that’s all from us. Please say my regards to Kyouko Messer. I might not be able to meet her…」

Miss Cordellia is about to leave but…

「There’s no way Kyouko-san would say hello to you」

Cordelia stopped.

She turned to Margo-san.

「What did Kyouko Messer told you about me?」

Margo-san answered.

「She told me that she doesn’t love anyone as much as you…!」

「…Is that so?」

Cordelia glared at Margo-san

「Are you Kyouko Messer’s current lover?」

Margo-san laughs.

「I’m Kyouko-san’s apprentice. She’s still treating me as a child even now」


「…I’m from the facility too」

Hearing that…Miss Cordelia’s face calms down.

「…Is that so?」

「It’s the same reason why Kyouko-san parted from the Brazilian Crime Organization『Marandoro』and became a guard for『Kuromori』 For her, we are all her『daughters』…!」

「…I get it somehow」

「That’s why…I don’t want you to bear a grudge to Kyouko-san」

「I’m not…I just feel regretful on her talent. Kyouko Messer might be able to win against the『First Cesario Viola』…」

Cordelia said sadly.

「Good day…I’d like to see you again」

「Right. I’d like to open some California wine with the three of us」

「That’s impossible…!」

「That depends on your feelings however…?」

「Anyway…win against the『fourth Cesario Viola』 Let’s continue talking if you survive」

「You’re right…」

「…I wish you good luck」

Miss Cordelia walks out.

The white twins go after her.

「…Bye everyone」

「…Do your best」

Then…the three white death gods disappear

「…Margo-san, how far do you trust those people’s words?」

Misuzu asks.

「I don’t trust anything about them」

Margo-san laughs.

「But…that person bothered to come to see Margo-san」

Megu asked with an anxious face.

「If that person’s really Cordelia Prisken…Kyouko-san’s first apprentice, she’d be the the longest partner she worked with」


「From what I’ve heard from Kyouko-san…Cordelia Prisken is supposed to be dead」

We’re talking to someone who’s supposed to be dead?

「Well fine. They’re not our ally but they’re not completely our enemies」

「How can you say so?」

Megu asks.

「If they’re really our enemies…we’re already killed now. The three of them had enough fighting power」


I think they overlooked us.

「Assuming that someone’s ruling above『Cesario VIola』…I imagined the possibility that the current Viola isn’t the original. Who would’ve thought that there were multiple『Cesario Viola』in one organization」

「They say that the one aiming at us is the『fourth Cesario Viola』 At least, there’s a four pair of『Cesario Viola』and『Rosalind Orlando』?」

Megu asks…Margo-san;

「They might just be deceiving us on that part. Even those twins, we don’t know if they’re really a『Cesario Viola』」

「But…that would make a reasonable explanation About everything until now」

Katsuko-nee said.

「The Cesario Viola aiming at us…is called 『fourth Cesario Viola』by those girls but…the image is a strong and violent young opponent」

…Un. True.

From what I’ve heard from Nei-san…he’s a dangerous old man.

「I can’t feel their elaborate plan at all. I don’t understand why such crude criminals had been let loose for a long time」

Katsuko-nee said…Minaho-neesan;

「It must be true that the organization is manipulating multiple『Cesario Viola’s』at the same time Depending on the content of the job…they change the Viola that would work for it」


「The『fourth Cesario Viola』that’s aiming at us is the team that’s taking the most violent and brutal jobs」

「Right…those three have a much more sophisticated atmosphere」

I see.

They undertake various criminal acts from various people…

In reality, they let the person suited take the job…

And the top of the team are named『Cesario Viola』and 『Rosalind Orlando』

Then, the crime legend of Viola strengthens.

There’s no problem if he’s killed or arrested.

Another『Cesario Viola』is alive and well.

Even if if they confess『I am Cesario Viola』at the police station…it’ll only be thought of as a lie.

『Cesario Viola’s』criminal case will just continue.

「I don’t really think that more than four pairs of『Viola』exists but…there might be more than two pairs」

Margo-san said.

「By the way…the list given a while ago」

Margo-san asks…Minaho-neesan spread the paper.

If we’re going to believe Cordelia’s words…

That is the list of people Shirasaka Moritsugu asked『the fourth Cesario Viola』to kill.

「…Yoshida-kun’s name isn’t here」

I look in the list.

True, My name’s not here.

「Shirasaka house hasn’t noticed Yoshida-kun’s existence」


Shirasaka house doesn’t know me at all.

「Rather than that…Shirasaka Moritsugu seems to be serious

Katsuko-nee said after looking at the list.

「There’s even people’s name from Shirasaka family written too. Mr. Ichikawa, and Shirasaka Sousuke’s wife too…」

…Shirasaka Moritsugu

…It seems that he wants to kill everyone involved in this incident.

Kill everyone…and just turn everything unsettled.

A last resort.

「My name’s here」

Megu’s surprised.

Yamamine-san’s names…aren’t here.

He knows that Megu is Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter.

The cause of this event…he’s trying all of the parties concerned with Shirasaka Sousuke.

Therefore…he requested only Megu to be killed.

「…Maika-san too」

Mana said.

Shirasaka Moritsugu wants to kill Shirasaka Maika.



In the list…

『Shirasaka Yukino’s』name is written

「No way…!」

Yukino’s lost in grief.

Shirasaka Yukino…Shirasaka house; Shirasaka Moritsugu has abandoned her.

1. I can’t make an accurate depiction of that in English however ↩

2. I mean, you’re the one who hypothesized it Yoshida ↩

3. The Taming of the Shrew ↩

4. Troilus and Cressida ↩

5. Hamlet ↩

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