Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 219

「Eh, Ruriko-san doesn’t know?!」

Mana speaks loudly.

…No wait.

Mana, not good!

Isn’t it something that you shouldn’t say by all means?!

「It’s written on the immigration card when going abroad…!」



「…What is an immigration card?」

I asked instinctively. 1

「Onii-chan…you never travelled abroad?」


…No way I would

「Let’s go next time…Danna-sama!」

Misuzu clings to my arm.

No…talking about it in this case…

「Look, after the column of your name in the immigration card…it’s a place to mark if you’re a male or female…」


The『SEX』you’re talking about is the『distinction of sex』?!2

「Is that so, Yoshiko?」

Ruriko-san asks the girl three years older than her.

「I wonder, I don’t remember. Everything is prepared by the secretary in advance when we head abroad…」

「You’re right. We only had to write on the places where we need to be the one’s writing after all…!」


「Uhm…is your overseas travel not a family vacation?」

Mana asks.

「Of course, we come with out family」

Ruriko-san answers.

「We’re still underage so we can only travel with our father’s」


「…How many people go with you?」

I’m scared but I’ll ask.

「Let’s see…in case of a family trip, father, mother, several secretaries…also」

「There are 4-5 bodyguards too…!」

「Right…therefore, we go with roughly 15 people each time…」

「Even when vacation abroad?」

「When overseas, we have interpreters depending on the country…」

「There’s also a tour guide accompanying us」

「Well, it doesn’t cross over 20 people」

That’s not a family trip…

「My house travels overseas twice per year…it also serves as a recreation trip for the secretary and bodyguards」

By definition, it’s not a family trip.

A-Anyway…I’ve never seen『SEX』written as the distinction of sexuality.

「Uhm…Ruriko-san, do you watch television?」

Nei-san asks timidly.

「No…not even once」

Ah…as expected.

「You don’t watch news either?」

Nei-san asks further.

「Yes…I’m supposed to not know anything about politics or social matters」

「Eh, why?」


「I’m the symbol of Kouzuki house. If I become familiar with the society…it is likely to trouble my husband in future. I will inherit the Kouzuki house but I will not interfere with the enterprise under Kouzuki at all. I will leave the management to the specialists…that is the education I received」

She’s shut from the information about the world?

「Ah…But, I’m allowed when it’s within the school’s scope of study. I know how society and politics work. I’ve learned modern history in textbooks too…」

She’s the type that says『I only know the theory』…

「You’re not reading books or novels?」

Megu asks.

「No, I like books. I enjoy the books in the library at house…!」

「There’s a library in your house?」

「Yes. All of the books I read were selected by grandfather…Yoshiko and I enjoy the book sin library in order」3

Even the books…they only read what Kouzuki『Kakka』chose.

「By the way…what is Ruriko-san’s most liked book?」

Nei-san asks.

「『What Men Live By』written by Tolstoy」

Unfortunately, I haven’t read that.

「You do not read magazines or something?」

Mana asks.

「Yes, I try not to see such things」

「Uhm…how do you decide your clothes or hairstyle?」

This time, Megu.

「That is…Yoshiko and I have father’s stylist chose our clothing…we wear as instructed by that person」

「Our hair too…we leave it to the haidresser」

These two doesn’t have freedom of choice.

No, it’s not only one who has no freedom so they’re not frustrated…

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san…if they’re together then they won’t feel it as odd.

「Today was fun isn’t it…Yoshiko?」

Ruriko-san asks her retainer.

「Being able to talk to so many people …」



「Our school always have the same faces since kindergarten after all…」

Misuzu explains.

「There are some new students at the time of first years in elementary and middle school but…most of them came from kindergarten」

Yoshiko-san supplements

「I have this personality…I’m not very detailed with the trends so the people I can talk to gradually decreases too」


As the age of the girls rise, their conversation won’t get engaged gradually./

「Are you not lonely?」

Megu asks.

「Lonely? I am always with Yoshiko except during class. Michi-san is in the class so I have no idea why you think I’m lonely」

「You’re always together?」

「Yes, I live together with Yoshiko…oh, our bedrooms are different however」

「Ruriko-sama and I have been sleeping on the same bed till elementary but…since middle school student’s an adult, I’m taking a rest on a different room」

「It makes me a bit lonely however…」


Yoshiko-san’s completely devoting her life to Ruriko-san.

No, I should assume that’s normal.

Since Ruriko-san’s three years old, Yoshiko-san’s 6…they’ve always been together.

「Mana slept with Megu-oneechan and Onii-chan in the same bed until morning the other day」

Mana suddenly said.

Are you talking about when we stayed at Tamayo-san’s love hotel?

Rather than staying together until morning…didn’t we just have sex that time?

「If you say that, Yo-chan and I sleep embracing each other!」

Nei-san said then laughed.

…That happened too.

Yukino’s sending a glance over here.

Oh…when I first raped Yukino, we stayed together until morning too.

Misuzu noticed my expression.

「Danna-sama…please stay with Misuzu overnight too」


「Don’t say sure! Misuzu wants to monopolize Danna-sama at night!」

「Yeah, got it」

I laughed and replied.

「Ah, Mana wants to stay together overnight just the two of us too!」

「Let’s make an even schedule」

Mana and Megu said.

「Right. You should give a day to Katsun and Nagisa-san too」

Nei-san answered with a serious face.

「But, I think it’s fun if everyone’s together at night」

Mana gives her opinion.

「Let’s make that day too. But…I also want a night to monopolize Yoshi-kun」

「Un, that’s definite!」

「Let’s consult the『sister’s association』just in case」

「Un, a general meeting of『Sister’s association』!」

Megu, Mana, Misuzu, Nei-san’s excited.

「It somehow looks fun isn’t it…」

Ruriko-san looks at the four with a smile.

「Really…what a good relationship」

Yoshiko-san’s surprised at the state of the four.

It’s surprising for them to see that Misuzu who’s a member of Kouzuki house blends with the other three.

「Yes, we’re『sisters』 We became『sisters』by oath…!」

Misuzu answered.

「My, is that so?…then everyone’s Misuzu’s『family』, right?」

「Yes. Therefore…I’m not lonely anymore. Everyone’s as good as my family…no, we’re close『sisters』more than family」

Misuzu said with a radiant smile.

「I’m very envious of you…Misuzu-san」

Ruriko-san looks pleased.

「Misuzu-san has a man she loves…and people she calls『sister』…!」

「Ruriko-san has Yoshiko-san…she’s similar to a sister」

Megu said.

「Please don’t be absurd. I am in a position of serving Ruriko-sama!」

Yoshiko-san violently denies it.

「Don’t say that…Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san, enter the『Sister’s association』too! Everyone can stay together, eat together, talk together! I’m sure it’s fun!」

Nei-san speaks with a friendly smile.

「Yes, that’s right! Mana thinks that’s great!」

Mana’s also heating up.

「…I’m grateful to hear that however」

「…We are」

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san looked at each other lonely.

「I have the position as the daughter of Kouzuki…」


「That doesn’t matter to us」

Misuzu looks at me radiantly.

「Yes…that is unrelated to us.」


Ruriko-san’s surprised

「Both the position and standpoint doesn’t matter at all for us. Therefore, we’re『sisters』 We became『sisters』…we have formed a『sister’s association』like that!」

Misuzu said.

「As I’ve said earlier…Danna-sama didn’t know that I was a daughter of Kouzuki house yet…he loved Misuzu」

「Yeah…that doesn’t matter at all. I love Mii-chan after all!」

「Misuzu also loves Nei-san!」

「Mana also loves Misuzu-san!」

「Misuzu loves Mana-chan too!」

Each of them tells each other their『love』

「I too love Misuzu-san」

「Misuzu also loves Megumi-san!」

「Megu-chan, I love youuuuuuuu!! Let me give you a hug!!!」

「I also love Nei-san!」

「Megu-oneechan’s always so kind…Mana’s thankful! I love you!」

「Me too, I love you Mana! I love you very much!」

「Maru-chan, I love you a lot!」

「I also love you Nei!」

「Margo-san’s so cool! Mana loves you!」

「Mana-chan, you’re cute!」

「Ufufu…Danna-sama, I love you!」

「Ah, Mii-chan, you sly! I also love Yo-chan!!!!」

「Y-Yoshi-kun…I-I love you okay」

「Onii-chan, Onii-chan, Onii-chan…I love youuuu~!!」

「Yoshida-kun, I love you…!」


「I also love you all. Margo-san…I love you, Misuzu…Nei-san, I love you. Megu…I love you too. Mana…I love you a lot」

I tell each and everyone of them



Nei-san looks at Yukino.

「Kuroko-chan…what’s wrong?」


She resumed her pamphlet work.

「No, who cares about that how about you say your current feelings?」

Nei-san said…Yukino.


Her hands are trembling.

「There’s no way I’d love that man. I hate him」

「You hate him so much you love him…?」

Hearing that, Yukino’s enraged!

「I hate him! I hate, hate hate, really hate him!」


「I liked you…from the first time we’ve met…!」

Yukino looks at me.

「I-I…I hate you…」

Yukino’s fidgeting.

「Mufufu, Ruriko-san, please remember this…this is what they call a Tsundere!」

Nei-san says something strange again.

「…Tsundere? What language is that?」

「It’s italian」


「It’s when they like the other party so much that they’d say the opposite『hate』…it’s taken from the name of the ancient roman philosopher Tsundere Anus!」

「Is that so?…That’s very knowledgeable. Right, Yoshiko?」

「Yes…it’s my first time knowing it too」


They have never met an innocent mischievous girl like Nei-san…

They’re super『boxed ladies』after all

「I-It’s not…I really hate that guy! I hate him so much!」

Yukino shouts.

「…She’s a tsundere isn’t she?」

Ruriko-san’s interested at Yukino.

「Yes, a tsundere!」

Nei-san laughs.

「Really…everyone seems to love each other…」

Yoshiko-san looks at us then said.

「My…I also love Yoshiko-san you know?」

Misuzu smiles.

「Of course…Ruriko-san too」

Ruriko-san’s cheeks turned red.

「I also love Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san」

Nei-san rushes in.

「I also love you two. Ruriko-san, Yoshiko-san. Will you be friends with me?」

Megu smiles.

「Mana also likes you two! Ruriko-san! Yoshiko-san! Mana’s just 14 years old and in second year middle school…please become Mana’s Onee-san!」

Mana offers.

「I also love you. Ruriko-san, Yoshiko-san too, I think you two are very honest」

Margo-san said.

「Kuroko-chan, what do you think about those two?」

Nei-san turned to Yukino again.


This time, Yukino’s confused.

「Kuroko-chan, I’m asking what you think…」

Nei-san asked…everyone’s gaze turned to Yukino

「…T-They’re fine, I guess?」

「What’s fine, Kuroko-chan?」

「No…these girls are rich girls and yet they’re not arrogant, they’re obedient…it feels worrying that they’re naive but…I don’t think they’re bad」

…I don’t know why you’re looking above.

Even though you’re a daughter of Shirasaka family.

Furthermore, how dare this woman who’s always so arrogant and troubles her surrounding say that.

「I’m not asking your impressions…I’m asking if you like them or hate them!」

Nei-san speaks strongly and Yukino;

「There’s no way I’d hate such cute girls!」

Hearing that…Ruriko-san.

Her face turned red…

「T-Thank you very much」

Misuzu whispers in my ears

「Danna-sama…please finish it off…!」



I look at the two of them.

「I love you…Ruriko-san. Yoshiko-san too, I love you!」

Ruriko-san’s face flushed…

「That is…is it because we’re members of Kouzuki house?」

I answered laughing.

「It’s because you two are lovely girls…!」

Both of their eyes got startled.

「I love you two as much as these other girls」


「The same as everyone?」

Ruriko-san’s surprised.

「Yes…the same. Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san too」


「No…I can’t let that! I can’t allow myself to be in the equal as Ruriko-sama!」

Yoshiko-san who’s always been under Ruriko seems to be resistant to the word『same』

「That’s from the bottom of my heart so there’s no helping it. I like Yoshiko-san as much as Ruriko…!」


「Wonderful…what a fantastic thing! I’m the same as everyone!」

「Yes, the same!」

「It’s my first time being told such things!」

Ruriko-san’s deeply moved.

「Ruriko-san…Danna-sama and us loves you two. Just as much as everyone… What about you?」

Ruriko-san looks at us.

「I-I…I love you all too! Is it okay to love?」

「Of course. Love more and more! We’re going to love Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san more and more too …!」

Misuzu said, Ruriko-san;

「Aah…Misuzu-oneesama! I finally understood the meaning of the word Onee-sama! I’ll join! I’ll join everyone’ 『sister’s association』! No, please make me a『sister』! Yoshiko and me!」


Yoshiko-san looks at her master worriedly.

「It’s okay. We can trust them. They’ve been opening up to us all this time…!」

「That is right however」

「From now on…Yoshiko will become my『Onee-sama』too!」


「When there are other people, I’ll be the same as before… But, if it’s just the two of us, when we’re together with the other『sisters』…okay?」

Ruriko-san who’s been lonely being alone with Yoshiko-san…

She’s completely pleased to join in the『sister’s association』…

「Michi…it’s a good opportunity so join in the『sister’s association』too」

Misuzu called out Michi who’s purposely left out.

「No…I am Misuzu-sama’s vassal…!」

Michi who’s lonely being the single person left out…

She still insist that she’s a guard.

「I’m telling you to become my『little sister』…this will be your last chance」

Hearing that…Michi

「I-I’ll join in…please let me join in!」

The end of her speech turned strange.

「With this…you no longer have a hesitation in your battle with your sister」

Misuzu said…

「Even if you lose your genuine sister connected by blood…the bonds of『sister’s association』is eternal. I’ll become your『sister』forever. Join in with that intention!」


After that…

It became fun time.

Everyone begins to work on folding the pamphlets again.

This time…Everyone’s talking to Ruriko-san about themselves.

Especially Mana talks about the dance club in her middle school…

Ruriko-san is happily listening to the stories of the『little sister’s』talk as an『elder sister』

Then…She also listened about Megu’s athletic club interestingly.

Margo-san’s talk about US…Ruriko-san also talked about travelling abroad.



「It’s my first time opening up my heart and talking to people other than Yoshiko!」

Ruriko-san said.

Then…Misuzu lets Margo-san and Michi talk about martial arts…

Both of them talk about their simple story of self-defense…

「Michi-san…she’s my classmate since kindergarten yet, it’s our first time talking like this」

Ruriko-san feels admiration again.

「I can only talk about martial arts however…」

「No, it’s very interesting!」

She only has the knowledge on the area set by her grandfather.

On top of that, at the super ojou-sama school…she has a very narrow relationship with friends.

It feels like every of the story feels fresh and interesting.

Everyone’s working together and talking happily…

The work of 3500 pamphlets ended successfully.

「Ruriko-sama…it’s about tie for our stage rehearsal. Let’s return to the dressing room」

Yoshiko-san reports to Ruriko-san.

「Right…Then, Misuzu-oneesama, everyone」

Misuzu stops Ruriko-san who stood up.

「Wait…shake hands with everyone. Yoshiko-san too」


「You’re going to be everyone’s『sister』from now on!」

First…Misuzu shook hands with Ruriko-san.

「…Best regards, Ruriko-san」

「Yes…Thank you very much. Misuzu-oneesama」

After that, it was the order of age.

「…let’s all get along, Ruriko-san」


「…Best regards! Love ya, Ruri-chan」

「Uhm…I’ve thought that you’re very beautiful since the first time I met you, Nei-oneesama!」

Next…is me.

「…Yeah, best regards」

「Same here…Onii-sama Please be affectionate with me」


「My best regards, Ruriko-san」

「Yes, Megumi-oneesama!」

「Thanks! Ruriko-oneechan!」


「…Best regards」

「Same here…Michi-san」


「Come here, Kuroko-san!」

Misuzu said then Yukino comes timidly.

「My best regards…Kuroko-oneesama」

「B-Best regards」

The two shake hands.

We exchanged greetings and handshake with Yoshiko as well.

There’s no difference from Ruriko-san.

She’s completely treated as an equal『sister』…

「Then, I will return to the dressing room first…Onee-sama」

Ruriko-san bows to Misuzu.

「I will be coming soon after…」

Misuzu replies…

「By the way…Misuzu-oneesama?」

Ruriko-san asks.

「Uhm…in the end, what is『sex』?」

Ah…we completely forgot about that.

「Let’s have that talk later…we’ll teach it to you when everyone stays overnight」

Teach her when staying overnight?

「You can’t ask anyone else okay? Danna-sama and I will be teaching you and Yoshiko-san deliberately…!」

Misuzu told her『little sister』with a smile.

「Yes, Onee-sama…I look forward to it!」

Ruriko-san answered with an innocent smile…

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