Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 216

The girl who spoke badly against us is…

Dressed in a pink pantsuit.

「Misuzu-sama…I don’t know what’s your intention taking that sort of people with you but…」

She’s speaking coldly towards Misuzu.

「Kouzuki-house shouldn’t be associating with people with that kind of status I think」

I’ve seen this girl before.

「…Aneue, please restrain yourself from speaking rudely to Misuzu-sama」

Michi speaks up.

This girl overflowing with malice is Michi’s sister.

Kudou Haruka…

Japan’s number one in high school Karate, bodyguard of Kouzuki『Kakka’s』other grandchild.

「My, you’ve gotten arrogant Michi, telling me how to speak up…」

Kudou Haruka throws an eye of contempt to her sister.

Michi looked down in fright.

…She’s bad with her sister.

「I’m talking to Misuzu-sama…you shut up…!」

Once again, she turned her eyes of contempt to Misuzu

「I am just want to warn Misuzu-sama…!」

She’s much taller than Michi.

A beauty introduced in TV news as a karate girl.

Looking at her attitude towards Misuzu and us…

Kudou Haruka’s got some considerable confidence.

She’s on third year high school…much older than Misuzu.

「I just want Misuzu-sama to understand her own position. Misuzu-sama, it’ll be a big scandal if you associate yourselves with people on a prostitution organization. When that happens…it won’t be just Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama’s reputation will be damaged as well…!」

Kudou Haruka blames Misuzu.

「Misuzu-sama already has a fiance…please stop making contact with such lowlives」

She’s on the high ground until the end…

Though she’s choosing words as a vassal, her attitude is clearly looking down…

Kudou haruka kept speaking.


Nei-san laughs.

「Oh, we’re『low lives』?」

Nei-san replies to Kudou Haruka’s jeer

「…Are you saying that a someone from a prostitution organization isn’t a low life?」

「…At least, more than a woman like you!」

Both of them look at each other.

「…Aneue…You don’t understand about the organization『Kuromori』at all…」

Michi told her sister in a low voice while looking down.

「There’s no way I’d know? Living as a woman selling her own body, isn’t that the lowest…?!」

Megu got angry from what Kudou Haruka said.

「Everyone didn’t do it because they liked it! Don’t be selfish…!」

It’s something unforgivable for Megu who was born in a prostitution mansion.

「My, sorry. But, it’s not like I’m interested in low lives like you. I don’t even want to get acquainted with you…I don’t even want to look at you」

Kudou Haruka speaks in mockery atgain.

「Then go there! Don’t come here!」

Mana shouts.

「If I can then I will. But, it doesn’t go that way…do you get it?」

Kudou Haruka shrugged her shoulders.

「If you stay in this hall…Ruriko-sama will see you. You see, I don’t want Ruriko-sama to see such dirty things as much as possible. Therefore!」

The air calms down.

「Even if I force it, I’ll have to eliminate…all of『Kuromori’s』people…!」

This karate girl…

She intends to drive us out of this venue…?!

「To be honest…I don’t think of Kouzuki family…only Ruriko-sama. I’m sorry Misuzu-sama, but…!」

Kudou Haruka laughed.

「But…Ruriko-sama’s the next head of the Kouzuki family. I think that we need to prioritize Ruriko-sama before Misuzu-sama…!」

「Hmm. Ruriko’s a girl dissatisfied with Mi-chan’s relation with us?」

Nei-san asks for an explanation.

「That’s not the case…this is my own decision. I would like to take care of anything that would cause any sadness to Ruriko-sama. Ruriko-sama’s very kind so…if she discovers Misuzu-sama’s delinquency…I think that she’ll be in pain」


Her associating with『Kuromori』…

「Therefore…I thought of waking up Misuzu-sama’s eyes before Ruriko-sama discovers this…!」

Kudou Haruka smiles.

「In ten minuites…everyone from『Kuromori』will be evacuated from this venue. Then, promise not to approach Misuzu-sama ever again…!」

Kudou Haruka turned her eyes towards us.

「Especially you…!」

She knows my relationship with Misuzu…

「I feel sorry about your genital but…I will crush it here, so your sexual function can’t work again」

You meant to crush my dick?

「When that happens…Even if the shameless Misuzu-sama would give up on you?」

…Hey hey

「I feel disgusted to touch it so I’ll use the sole of my shoe. I love the word『trampling down forcibly』…!」

She punches her palm in front of her chest…!

I go in front.

The other party says that they’ll use violence…

I can’t expose the『women』to danger…

「My…I thought that you’d hide in the shadow of the women but it seems that you’ve got some courage. It might just be a façade but…or is it that you’re an idiot who doesn’t know the power of my Karate…!」

I’m okay being insulted.

Anyway…I’ve got to protect everyone.

「…I won’t allow any more impoliteness even if you’re my sister」

Michi stands up.

「My, are you sure? I’m surprised…!」

Kudou Haruka laughs at her sister.

「You know Michi…You never won against me ever. Even though you’re weak, you’re forcing yourself to be hurt…!」

The age difference between the sisters is three…

High school third year and middle school third year…the difference in physical ability is big.

On top of that…they know each other’s skills…


「…Michi would win if she’s serious」

I declared.


Michi looked at me in surprise.

「Don’t be ridiculous…This girl is an incompetent one who ran away from Karate practice. There’s no way I…Kudou Haruka would lose you know?」

Kudou Haruka…doesn’t accept her father’s『Kudou style ancient martial art』

She doesn’t even know its true ability.

The little sister who chose Kudou style over Karate…it seems she think that she only escaped from the pain of practice.

「Or do you think that you can win against me with such a foolish martial arts?」

Kudou Haruka speaks filled with self confidence…

「I wonder, I think Mii-chan will win」

Nei-san said.

「I also think that Michi-san will win!」

Megu speaks seriously for Michi’s sake.


「…Michi. You never won against your sister she said…it’s on Karate match anyway right?」

Michi looks at me.

「Isn’t that obvious?…I’m using Karate!」

Kudou Haruka threatens…

「What?…Then Michi would win as expected」

Mana laughs.

「Right…it’s not even on Michi’s level. This Karate girl」

Nei-san shows a thin smile.


Michi herself seems to be really bad at dealing with her sister.

I can see an intense tension.

「It’s okay…Michi’s got『Kudou style』」

I told Michi clearly.

「That’s right, Michi-san’s very strong!」

Megu also cheer Michi.

「Un. Mii-chan can do it!」

Nei-san too…

「Look, Kuroko-chan too, say something!」

Mana slapped Yukino’s head…

「D-Do your best…」

…What the hell?

「…Got it. Everyone」

Michi steels herself.

「Aneue…let’s have a match…!」

Kudou Haruka smiled.

「…Are you sure?」



Misuzu ignores the tense air completely

She suddenly fawns on me.

She leaned her whole body on me.

She takes my hand and kissed my fingertips.

「You see, Danna-sama. Yukata’s got a lot of holes in various places…!」

Then, my hand…

She invites it to the side of her Yukata and inserts.

「…Please touch Misuzu’s breasts」


I touch Misuzu’s breast inside the yukata, under her bra.

「Ufufu…this underwear is for the Japanese traditional dance. The fabric’s slippery isn’t it? Even if the kimono slips, it won’t be tangled…!」

I climb my fingers on her smooth cloth.

My fingertips is skating on Misuzu’s soft breasts.

「Ufufu…it feels good when Danna-sama touches me!」

Misuzu leaks out a hot breath

「Ahn…That’s my nipple…!」

The firm feeling under the fabric…

Misuzu’s nipple gets erect fast.

「Aha…it feels good!」

Misuzu’s foolery has completely taken everyone’s breath away…!

「W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What are you doing! Misuzu-sama…that’s shameless!」

Kudou Haruka yells loudly…!

「My, Haruka-san…you can’t say that an act of love between people as shameless…!」

Misuzu smiles with her fascinating eyes…

「Are you okay with that everyone…if this continuers, Misuzu will completely monopolize Danna-sama!」

Misuzu smiled…

「Yadayada, Yo-chan’s mine…!」

Nei-san jumps to my front!

Nei-san pushed her abundant breast against me.

「Aaaa!…Mana too!」

Mana clings to my feet.

Rubbing her cute breasts…

「Y-Yoshi-kun…me too!」

Meggu holds my left hand.

Then she kissed it again and again.

「…Kuroko-chan, you won’t join?」

Nei-san asked…Yukino…


「Then, Kuroko-chan’s left out…!」

Mana grinned…



「Yukino! Roll your skirt and show me your panties!」

If she won’t come here then I’ll just attack her and have her participate


Yukino raised her skirt and shows her panties to me.

…Her panty’s stripes.

Yellow and black…

Are you a daughter of a Thunder or what?

「S-S-S-S-S-Shameless! Shameless! What are you people doing?!」

Kudou Haruka lost her temper!

Misuzu ignores her state.

「Michi…come here」


She got startled as she’s on the verge of fighting with her sister.

「Just come here already」


Michi’s still wary of her sister.

「That person can’t do anything…ignore her and come here.」


Michi comes to us.

「Danna-sama…pat Michi’s head」

Misuzu told me with a smile.


My right hand is massaging Misuzu’s breasts.

My left is being held by Megu…

「Your gentle hand…take it from my chest to Michi’s head…」

Misuzu said kindly.


I puled my right hand out of Misuzu’s Yukata then put it on Michi’s head.

I slowly stroked the shining black hair of the 15 year old girl.

「Michi…you’ve endured well being ridiculed」

Misuzu praises Michi.

「And…you did well standing up for your『friends』」

Misuzu called us『friends』…

「Even though you’re bad at dealing with your sister, you stood up and showed courage. …Thank you. Today’s Michi is my pride…!」


Tears float on Michi’s eyes as she’s being patted by me.

「…You’re already our『friend』 Our『little sister』」

「…I’m unworthy for your words」

The tears of the 15 year old warrior girl spill out.

「…Kudou Haruka!」

Misuzu calls Kudou Haruka while looking at Michi.


Kudou Haruka who’s puzzled by the development of situation responds in panic…

「…I won’t forgive you」


「I’m saying that I won’t forgive you…!」

Misuzu’s voice feels overwhelming with strong will

「I-I…what do you intend to do?」

Kudou Haruka pretends to be calm but…

Her voice is trembling.

「You mocked me. You mocked my『friends』 You declared that you’ll harm my most beloved Danna-sama in the world… I’ll never forgive you…!」

Misuzu’s face is smiling.

But…her eyes are burning in anger.

「I-If you won’t forgive me then what will you do? Do you intend to report my rudeness to Kouzuki『Kakka』」


「Someone irrelevant like you can be disposed even if I don’t use the power of my grandfather」

She looks at Kudou Haruka with cold eyes.

That’s right, these eyes are…

Minaho-neesan’s eyes.

「Such a thing…Misuzu-sama’s just a high school student…」

「And you, you’re a high school student too Haruka-san, aren’t you? It’s a high school student punishing a high school student she can’t forgive…that will be all」

Misuzu’s words were completely the same as Minaho-neesan.

「I’m a Karate user before a high school student. I’m Ruriko-sama’s bodyguard」

Misuzu laughs at what Kudou Haruka said…

「For me…you’re someone worthless!」

Misuzu’s words pierces Kudou Haruka…


「If it was me before…I might’ve yielded to your threat. No…your plan might’ve been successful. But, sadly…I have changed. I’ve become strong in these past few days that I myself would be surprised…!」

Misuzu smiled at Kudou Haruka…

「…Those people hiding in there, get out!」

Misuzu called out to the screen of the lobby.

…Does that mean?

「I already know it so get out already!」

Misuzu’s sharp words…four girls appear from the screen.

Everyone’s wearing a pink pantsuit just like Kudou Haruka.


When I mutter…

「No, Yo-chan…everyone wants to pull Mii-chan away from us. That’s why she purposely provokes Mii-chan so they can take her away from this place」

Take Michi?

「Got it. They intend to drive us out forcibly while Michi’s gone…!」

Megu said.

I see…as expected, they’re afraid of Michi’s combat power…

「No, That’s not it…!」

Nei-san laughs.

「It doesn’t need to be them who’ll push us out…!」


「They’ll pretend to be in a fight with us…make a noise and call out Kouzuki security service guards. Also…today, there would be heavy figures in business world and the undersecretary of US will come, right?」

「…I see!」

「If we make a noise in this place…what do you think will happen?」

This four that ambushes us…perhaps, they will exit.

They can’t stay in this venue.

「Anyway, they intend to make some noise in this place. Then, they can make a pretext to drive us out, right?」

「Then…why Michi?」

「Well…She must’ve thought that it’s disgraceful to drive out her own sister!」

What the hell?!

It’s only for her own appearance!

「But…what about Misuzu? Misuzu will be sent off if she stays with us right?」


Before they take out Michi…

They should take out Misuzu first…

「I got it Onii-chan!」

Mana shouts…!

「These people intends to humiliate Misuzu-san!」

Humiliate Misuzu?

「…Right. We’re just a secondary objective」

Megu said.


Someone…please explain it to me.



「The objective of these girls is to get rid of Misuzu-san from from the beginning…!」


「If she’s sent out…Misuzu-san won’t be able to show up in the presentation today, right? Even though her name is in the pamphlet…even though Kouzuki-san’s acquaintances will come, if Misuzu-san makes a scandal and can’t participate, what do you think will happen?」

Misuzu’s name would be dishonored.

「Then…this girl’s master, Ruriko-san…she’ll become the only performer from Kouzuki family…!」

Misuzu…stares at Kudou Haruka in blank surprise…

「You thought of influencing Ruriko-san and my succession dispute?…Kudou Haruka-san!」

That’s why…Misuzu.

She’s preparing Michi to confront her sister…

She purposely chip their spirit.

「…I see~!」

An unexpected voice comes from the side.

When I turned around in surprise…

Margo-san’s here…

「Maru-chan, since when…?」

「The fundamental of my work is to erase my presence you know…」

Margo-san smiles.

「…Misuzu-san, before you dispose this child」

Margo-san makes a suggestion.

「I think she should have a match with Michi…」


I think so too

So Michi’s inferiority complex towards her sister is taken out…

She should win against her sister on a fair fight.


Misuzu answers.

「How about this…Kudou Haruka-san was it? If this girl, there won’t be any disposal. We’ll forget all of your rude acts against Misuzu-san…」

「What would you do if Michi wins…」

Megu speaks up.

「…How about we make her a prostitute?」


「This girl insulted the women of the mansion. I’ll never forgive that…!」

If Michi wins then Kudou Haruka becomes a prostitute.

「I don’t mind it if it’s just once but…I’d like her to experience the pain of being a prostute」

「…What do you think, Misuzu-san?」

Margo-san asks.

「I think that’s good…what do you think, Haruka-san?」

Kudou Haruka…

「…It’s fine as long as I win right? I will win. There’s no way the elder sister would lose against Michi…!」

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