Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 213

「Tony-kun, could you summarize the characteristics of『Cesario Viola』we currently know?」

Neko-san asked Tony-san.

「Err…first is his real name…」

Tony-san tries to recite Viola’s profile.

「No no…That is Viola’s『information』 What I’m asking is his『feature』」

Neko-san smiled.


「That’s right. What kind of criminal Viola is?」

「Err…he’s a boss of a criminal organization that receives work from people to threaten, cause mayhem, and murder…whenever he goes to the scene, he’s always in disguise so his real face is unknown」

「That’s right…Viola’s real face is only known by the executive class of the organization. Why would they do something so troublesome?」

「That is…Viola has a habbit of disguising…he’s sexually perverted…and he’s a human with a strong makeover desire…」

Tony-san replied

「…Do you really think so?」


Kudou-papa helps out

「Don’t tease him too much…someone who major in criminal psychology at college gets his head stiff when taking on at FBI’s profiling method」

「…It seems so」

Neko-san looks at me.

「What do you think?」


「It is so they can change to another person anytime? Since you don’t know his face, nobody would notice if they become a different person」


Neko-san’s face gets serious.

「Why do you think so?」

「Well…they used Lorenzaccio Bandini as a sacrificial pawn, right? Then the story about Bandini an important person in the organization and him being Viola’s manager is a fake. Then, isn’t there a possibility that Cesario Viola himself is a fake…?」

Neko-san nods.

「Yeah. It’s possible that the original Cesario Viola…real name, Fabiano Katou is dead long ago and we’re dealing with another generation’s『Cesario Viola』…!」

The mysterious boss…Viola might’ve been replaced already.

「But…Then who in the organization tells『This one’s Cesario Viola』?」

Tony-san asks his doubt.

「That is…according to Nei-san, she said that on the old days, her sister, Rosalind and Lorenzaccio Bandini are the only ones who know Viola’s identity…」

Viola appears in disguise at the meeting place with the members of the organization.

The other members doesn’t know who Viola is because of the elaborate disguise.

Then…Rosalind and Bandini points him and guarantees…and that’s how Viola functions as the organization’s leader.


Rosalind died on the shootout with Kei-san.

Lorenzaccio Bandini became a human bomb on the mini-car over there.

「…There must be some others who know which one is the disguised Viola is. Even if they knew, they pretend that they can’t until Bandini points him out. In the end, they leave the surface to Rosalind and Bandini and there’s a guy who’s hiding inside the organization…」

Kudou-papa mutters.

…I see.

Blending among the other men…someone’s instructing Viola from the shadows…?

「We now know that Lorenzaccio Bandini wasn’t an important person in the organization. If there’s someone making instructions to Viola other than Bandini…Then perhaps, there’s someone among Viola’s men directly connected to the organization’s big boss」

…I see

「No…that guy might be the big boss himself」

Neko-san said.

「Right. Pretending to be a subordinate and staying by his side…but actually, that guy might be the top of the organization directing Viola」

Tony-san speaks in excitement…

「Though it’s possible…isn’t that taking it a bit too far? Won’t the real boss not do a job that would make his hands dirty?」

Kudou-papa rejects Neko-san’s theory『Boss is the subordinate』…

「However…at this stage, there’s no way we can make a decision. We should just deal with all of the possibilities right now」

Kudou-papa leaks a sigh.

「Then…what should we do with Lorenzaccio Bandini in my car?」

Neko-san asks for Kudou-papa’s judgement.

「…Leave him」

「Leave him like that?」

「We’ll leave him like that for two hours…we’ll check whether the enemy would really come to pick up Bandini., If the enemy comes then we’ll completely block this road and leave him until night」


「It’s troublesome if Lorenzaccio Bandini really has a bomb set up. The bomb removal team of Kouzuki security service isn’t familiar with this case…Yamaoka on the integrated guard division is a muscle brain. If we take Bandini there carelessly…then he might just blow up!」

「Right…it’ll be troublesome if Kouzuki security service building is blown up」

Tony-san speaks.

「Let Shige’s group monitor Bandini. They’re not going to be taken to the battle tonight anyway」

「Roger, Kudou-chan」

Neko-san answers.

「Bandini won’t die if he’s detained for a day. We can’t afford interrogating a sacrificial pawn right now. On the contrary, if we take hold of a false information, it would be troublesome…」

Well, he’s an adult so he’ll be fine even if he’s trapped in a car.

It’s sunny today but it’s not that hot.

「Either way, it’ll be settled tomorrow…no, it’ll have to be settled…!」


「Now then…we’ve exposed our hands this far but…」

Kudou-papa looks at Michi

「…What do you think, Michi-kun?」


「…I’ve understood how father thinks about thinks deeply and prepare for it. It’s a very good reference」

「Don’t say taht」

Kudou-papa answered coldly.

「…Michi-kun, do you want to enter this kind of world?」


「…If possible, I’d like to succeed father’s Kudou style」

「This is unrelated to Kudou style…what I’m doing right now is underground business. Also…it’s only danger and the income isn’t suitable」

Neko-san looks at Kudou-papa

「Should I go out?」

「No…stay. I’d like Neko to be here」

Kudou-papa tells Neko-san.

「Unlike me who’s doing underground work…you can be a regular member of Kouzuki security service like Etsuko, Shinichi, and Haruka. They’re official bodyguards. Their salary and holidays are guaranteed. They also have a veto power to unreasonable work. They get a social status too…but」

Kudou-papa stares at his own iron pipe that was put aside.

「There’s nothing here. You’re not allowed to go to the surface…and yet, you always stand next to death」

「Father…do you regret it?」

Kudou-papa laughs.

「Don’t be stupid…I like this so I took this road. Even if I’m reborn a hundred times, I will go to the underground world. That is my mission」

「Then…Me too…」

Kudou-papa stopped Michi.

「…Don’t be easily swept away by the sentiment of parent and child. Let me be clear. I have no regrets on my way of living. But…I don’t think I want my daughter to follow the same path as me…!」


「Above all…you’ve already decided your road, right?」


「Yes…I would like to devote my life to Misuzu-sama」

「Then, go that way, I will stay here…!」

「However…there are still a lot of things I have to learn from Father!」

Michi desperately holds to her father.

「…There’s nothing like that!」

Kudou-papa throws it away in a single phrase.

「What’s ahead is only a road of carnage…didn’t I tell you a while ago? Everything will be settled by tomorrow. What do you think that means?」


「We…Yamaoka and Etsuko, the people at Kouzuki security service headquarters…were ordered by Kouzuki old man to『exterminate』 But…the meaning of『exterminate』differs between them and us」

…The meaning differs.

「Those from headquarters…they’re okay as long as they have protected Kouzuki old man from Cesario Viola and send him away to America. Their『exterminate』is 『to repel』 But, our『extermination』…!」

Neko-san speaks with dark eyes.

「Kill Cesario Viola and his colleagues!…Everyone of them that came to Japan. That means we won’t let anyone alive by tonight until tomorrow morning. That is the『extermination directive』we underground people received from Kouzuki-san…!」

So they will go with the intent to kill…!

「Michi…I don’t want you to kill people」

Kudou-papa said with a calm face.


Michi looks down.

「If you’re going to live as Misuzu-ojousan’s guardian…then everything I’ve taught you until now would be enough. The true essence of Kudou style ancient martial arts can be exercised in the battlefield. What I will be teaching you are techniques to surely kill people. I don’t want to teach you that」

Therefore…Kudou-papa always show tricks that looks like he’s playing around.

「No…I already know. The secrets of Kudou style」

Michi looks up at her father’s eyes.

「I’ve discovered father’s hidden『secret book』 I can’t use it in actual combat but…I continued training it」

「…I see」

Kudou-papa’s words are clogged.

「I’m sorry…it caught my eye not knowing what father thinks…please forgive my impoliteness」

Michi bows her head to her father.

「No…it’s fine. Knowing it and using it is different. It is for you to decide on how to make use of the skills you’ve learned」

Kudou-papa forgave his daughter.

「But still…I can’t allow you to go run after me and do underground work. You follow Misuzu-ojousama That would be your『Kudou style ancient martial arts』」


「I’ve shown you my underground this far because if you’re going to be guarding Misuzu-ojousama, then you’ll be in the position using people from the underground like me and Neko」

As a legitimate guard…she’ll handle the people in the underground.

「For that sake, it’s better if you’re familiar with the way underground people live, work, think, and behave. Thus I’ve put you by my side until today」

Kudou-papa looks at Michi’s red whip.

「Let me see that」

Michi handed the『red bute』to her father.

「Nice whip…who gave you this?」


「I see…」

Kudou-papa pulls the whip to check its strength…

「I’ve been advised that weapons like this are better than a hammer…」

「An appropriate judgement. This is a weapon to protect people. A weapon to keep the enemies away…the color’s flashy too I think it’s a good weapon for a guard」

Kudou-papa returns the whip to Michi.

「We peoplee underground don’t hold weapons that can be seen as weapons from outside. So the enemy won’t be wary…so you can infiltrate. You’re out when there’s a body check on the way. But…the guards should have weapons that are easy to know. Extend your whip so everyone can know the wonderfulness of your whip Spread the image of『Misuzu-ojousama’s guard’s red whip is frightening』 That would be your and your lady’s first barrier」

If Michi’s strength is known by the world…half of them won’t attack Misuzu.

「But…you need another skill in addition to your whip. 『Secret Technique』 A sure kill skill when the enemy thinks that you’re going to attack with your whip. If you have such a『secret technique』it would be useful in times of emergency」

「…Understood, Father」

「Michi-kun, this will be the last advice I will give you」

Kudou-papa smiles.

「With that said…Neko. Michi-kun’s my daughter…don’t drag her to underground business. Sorry but you will also deal with it. If you try to scout her secretly, I won’t end it with just a sorry」

「…I know. Kudou-chan」

Neko-san said.

「I also have a son. Even I…it’s too late for me to make a fuss on doing such work but…I don’t want my son to do this job. I will tell the others. Nobody will pull Michi-chan in the underground work…ever」

「…Sorry but, please」

Kudou-papa bows to Neko-san.

Lastly…Kudou-papa looks at me.

「…Take care of my daughter」


「On behalf of『Kuromori』…I’ll take care of your daughter…!」

I bowed to Kudou-papa.

◇ ◇ ◇

「He’s a very good father…」

On the way home from Kudou-papa’s car…

I told Michi…

「Father is my pride…」

Michi said sadly.

「I…what should I do from now on?」

I looked up at the sky.

May sky’s a fine weather.

「It’s okay…Michi has me and Misuzu」


「You’re not alone…no, you won’t be alone」

I hold Michi’s hand.

Michi grabs my hand in silence.

「Really…it is as Margo-san says」

Her small hand grasps me tightly

「Yoshida has the power to heal a woman’s heart」


「Call me Michi」1

Michi said with a serious face.

「Father was the one who gave me the name Michi. 『Michi』is『Unknown』, it leads the『Way』」

「Yup…that’s a good name」

「Yes, that’s because it’s the name father gave me」

Then…Michi smiled

She clenches my hand tightly

That shows the strength of Michi’s heart.

This lesbian samurai girl…is mentally strong.

Perhaps, even more than Mana who’s younger…

Though her combat capability is already beyond adult, her mind is still growing.

She’s always been with Kudou-papa after all.

Michi’s tense now that she has parted from her father.

Her insecurity is appearing.

Someone has to take care of Michi’s heart.

That is my job.

「Now, let’s go back…once we get out of the school and reach the『national theater』you can meet Misuzu…!」



ミッチィ has become 美智 but…2

Yoshida seems to remain like that…

Well…that’s fine

「Let’s hurry! Yoshida!」


We ran holding each other’s hands.

◇ ◇ ◇

Returning to the『monitor room』…what’s there is a『women garden』

Everyone’s dressing up…preparing for Misuzu’s presentation

「Yoshi-kun…how does it look?」

Megu’s wearing the green dress we chose.

「Yeah, very beautiful」

Megu shows me her long foot extending under her dress.

「It is as Yoshi-kun says…this dress emphasizes my feet. Katsuko-neesan praised me」

Megu’s very happy

「Katsuko-neesan also did my hair…I borrowed some accessories as well」

Megu who dressed up looked very elegant and clean.

She’s gorgeous but…not cheap.

As expected of Katsuko-nee’s sense.

「Onii-chan, what about me?」

Mana appears.


On the other side, Mana’s mistakenly on the sexy route.

Her yellow dress…exposes her back and stomach…it exposes her skin boldly.

Her hair is raised…and what’s with that dragonfly-like sunglasses?

Somehow, it looks like a small child cosplaying a high class hostess…

「Nei-san did this but…」

As expected…

「It’s theme is『Loli bitch』!」


But, this 14 year old healthy body is counteracting the superficial vulgarity.

Is it because her growth is good?

There’s no lewdness nor nastiness at all.

This is cute on it’s own.

This『Sexy』and『Cute』subtle balance is very Nei-san like

「Oh, you’re cute Mana」

When I praised her, Mana jumps into my chest.

「At times like this, you should at least give a hug!」

「Un, you’re right」

Mana wants to be spoiled so I gave her a hug.

With the elegant Megu and sexy Mana line up…it feels strangely balanced.

Each of them complements the appeal of the other.

They look like『beautiful sisters』

「It’s right to make Mana-chan that kind of sexiness and flashiness」

Nei-san appears from the depths of the room.

「Also, looking like that…nobody would know that Mana-chan’s from Shirasaka house!」

True…they probably won’t think that Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter would appear in such a flashy and sexy dress after making such a noise in the society.

「Un…I think my friends at school won’t notice me」

Mana said it herself.

「Mana-chan…you should be wearing something more flashy from now on. A dress that would make you shine…!」

Speaking of which, Nei-san’s wearing a black pantsuit.

As expected…she seems to be dressing up to disguise as a『man』against Cesario Viola.

However, unlike earlier, the clothes doesn’t compress her chest.

Nei-san’s abundant chest and constricted waist…and her soft ass are emphasized.

Nei-san’s fundamentally a voluptuous girl so a simple black suit would look good on her.

「You’re beautiful, Nei-san」

I say then embrace Nei-san.

I feel her soft and warm body with mine.

「Ufufu! Thank you, Yo-chan!」

Nei-san pats my head.

「Just in time…come here」

Then…Katsuko-nee calls me from behind

Katsuko-nee’s wearing a tight skirt and a wine red suit.

She looks like a beautiful secretary in a big company.

She’s even wearing an elegant glasses.

「Look…I might meet my former guests」

Misuzu’s symposium has a lot of people from the upper class.

There would be guests of『Kuromori』among them too

「Therefore, even if I meet them…I’m in a look that there won’t be any problems…」

Un…there’s a high possibility that they would take their wife and children.

Even if it becomes a scene where they have to give a greeting, they would mistake her as a secretary.

「Come here. You have to change too, right?」

…Oh right.

Katsuko-nee corrected the size of the navy blue suit.

「Wait, I’ll go too Yoshi-kun」

Megu smiles.

「It’s my job to change Yoshi-kun’s clothes」

「Eh, what about Mana?」

「Mana-chan will be waiting in this room with me!」

Nei-san told Mana.

「Mana-chan, I’ll put you some make-up」

「Eh, Nei-san…really?」

Mana rejoices.

「Nei-san, make it flashy!」

「It’s fine. Didn’t I tell you earlier? Mana-chan’s cute when she’s flashy」

Anyway…I’ll leave Mana to Nei-san…

I go in the back with Megu.

That was the dressing room.

「The fixed suit is placed there along with a new Y-shirt」

Katsuko-nee said…

「Okay, Yoshi-kun…I’ll be taking off your clothes!」

Megu happily takes off my uniform


Megu laughs.

「What’s wrong?」

「Taking off a man’s jacket feels very thrilling. It really feels like I’m Yoshi-kun’s wife!」

「Right!?…That’s why, let’s have everyone alternate when changing his clothes. We won’t leave it to only Megumi-chan!」

「Okaay, Katsuko-neesan!」

Megu speaks while standing behind me, taking off my clothes.

「I will be the one doing the necktie today. Megumi-chan doesn’t know how to tie a man’s tie, right?」

「Yes, please teach me. I want to practice it…!」

Megu smiled at Katsuko-nee.

「Yoshi-kun, don’t need to learn it. I will be the one doing Yoshi-kun’s necktie in the future!」

…Is that so?

「By the way Katsuko-nee…about my hairstyle」

「…How do you want it?」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「Could you make it look a bit wild?」


「Misuzu seems to prefer that one」

That’s what Misuzu said on the day where I first raped Mana.

Today is Misuzu’s hour of glory.

I’d try to look as Misuzu likes as possible.

「Got it…I’ll make it look good」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「…Katsuko, you’ve got time?」


The door opens and Minaho-neesan enters the room.

Minaho-neesan’s on her usual black clothes.

Long sleeves and a long dress hiding her neck.

No…the fabric is different from the clothes she usually wear at school.

It’s shining so it’s silk I guess?

Well…nothing changes on her silhouette though.

「Yes What do you need, Ojou-sama?」

Katsuko-nee asks…

「What do you think about her look?」

Appearing behind Minaho-neesan is…



Katsuko-nee laughed out.

Un…what the heck

Yukino’s on her modest face just like this morning.

Her hair is divided into two braids.

Her face has a thick black frame eyeglasses.

That’s what’s the same from this morning but…

Her clothes.

「Ojou-sama…is the theme『Bee』?」

A dress with a painful yellow and black stripes…


The stripes are thick. It has a prisoner clothes look.

What kind of sense is this?

「No…the theme is『road construction site』」

R-Road construction site?????

Minaho-neesan’s sense is frightening

If I recall…this is the color used in the barricade for the road construction.

「I tried to use black and yellow to warn all the surrounding pedestrians…!」

Yukino’s in a black state with a pale face.

Yukino’s going to a celebrity gathering in this outfit…!

1. Yoshida calls him ミッチィ she wants to be called 美智, but the author writes 美智 on narration ↩

2. Both are read as Michi

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