Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 211

「Norma-chan? Do you know who’s the enemy?」

Kudou-papa asks Norma-san in a joking attitude.

「…No matter how you look at it, it’s Norinco connection」

Norma-san answer while looking at the monitor.

「There’s three cars heading here. All of the cars are packed up with a combat personnel. You can easily tell that they’re dangerous at a glance…there’s also a person who has a Chinese Broadsword!」

…Chinese Broadsword?!

「I see. It’s about time the Japanese gang cooperate…The guys who were hired are from the foreign gang staying here illegally」

「Yes boss. They’re the type of people who does anything as long as there’s money」

In short…it’s not Japanese but a huge number of kung fu master attacking in full force?

「You don’t know? Recently, there’s a case in Shinjuku’s business district where a foreign organization and those with Chinese Broadsword killing each other…in terms of brutality, they’re far more dangerous than Japanese」

And those guys are heading here?

「We’ve arranged three surveillance cameras on part time workers on the nearby main street. Then…the mechanism is to notify us as soon as anyone strange comes in」

Kudou-papa says that but…

That part timer is not a normal person.

There’s nobody from the Kouzuki security service guard department but Kudou-papa, Tony-san and Norma-san…

Kudou-papa actually have a lot of staff moving in the background.

「Norma, issue the first class alert…!」

「Yes boss. First class alert will be issued…!」

Norma-san presses something on her laptop.

「…What should be the strategy code name?」

Kudou-papa answers.

「The strategy’s name…『Phantom Hurricane』!」

Michi nods…


What should I do?

「Boy…who do you think hired that foreign gang group?」

What we’re opposed right now is…

Cesario Viola and Shirasaka house…

「…Viola’s side」

I answered

「Why do you think?」

「Shirasaka house has been gathering the attention of the media right now so they won’t hire an organization of a foreign gang」

Well…they’re guys who would do whatever as long as you pay for it but…

A subtle control won’t work so they can’t stop if they turn reckless.

If the media discovers the relationship of those guys to Shirasaka house…they’ll only be criticized by the public again…

「Shirasaka house doesn’t have a merit to attack us directly right now I think…」

If they would…then they would quietly send someone to assassinate Minaho-neesan.

There’s no way they would do it by three cars.

「Then…if they were people employed by Cesario Viola…what’s the purpose?」

…That is

「Feint? While attacking upfront with a dangerous group…they would have a separate force attack from another location?」

Kudou-papa laughs.

「Nice…that possibility is very huge!」

Therefore…it’s a first class alert.

Kudou-papa’s subordinates placed around the school are all alarmed…

「No…I don’t think that’s the case」

Michi speaks up.

「Cesario Viola doesn’t have the reserve capacity to put out a separate fighting force.」


「There are five subordinates coming from US confirmed to be Cesario’s subordinates. Among them, the manager, Lorenzaccio Bandini has no combat capabilities. One of them was taken down the other day. The remaining three…the two of them are Romeo Montague and Guiliano Jenka」

And the last one is Cesario Viola himself

There’s no confirmation however…

「Cesario Viola is fluent in Japanese but the other two can only speak English. I think it’s impossible for the two to take leadership in Japan」

True…it’s hard to find a person who can communicate in English and sneak into the enemy territory together.

「How about the possibility of Viola himself making a business trip? Since he’s fluent in Japanese, he might lead the army himself」

Kudou-papa asks his daughter.

「Cesario Viola is a very careful person. At this stage…I don’t think he’ll come by himself」

…I see.

「No…if Viola becomes the command tower, he can use Romeo and Giuliano too. Those who can speak Japanese just speak that and Romeo and others will speak English. There’s a possibility of them putting all the pieces together and attack all at once?」

No way, they’re all going to charge?…

「That’s impossible」

Michi denies it immediately.

「Viola has no merit even if we’re beaten down in this place」


Cesario Viola came to Japan to take back Nei-san didn’t he?

If he fulfils his goal then he won’t mind taking the hard way?


Kudou-papa laughs.

「You’re right…Kouzuki old man is hanging a huge carrot after all」

「What does that mean/」

I asked.

「This time’s expedition started with Viola’s personal grudge. The proof is Viola bringing only a small number of subordinates from US. All of the expenses are shouldered by Cesario Viola. Japan has a high exchange in favor of Yen so the cost of stay is expensive!」

I see…to take away Nei-san…

To kill Minaho-neesan and Margo-san…

Viola doesn’t have money at all…

「That’s where Kouzuki-san set up his game. A game where he bet his own life」

Tonight’s confrontation at the hotel.

「That’s effective…if he outwits Kouzuki-san, it would be a good publicity in Japan. On the contrary…There might be someone who’s already going to assassinate Kouzuki-san」

Nei-san has no financial value however…


「Viola himself may insist but the manager…Lorenzaccio Bandini won’t allow this money making scheme. The other two too」

I see…nobody but Viola is interested in Nei-san.

Viola’s subordinates came together with him to Japan but…while they’re at it, it’s better for them to make money and raise their name


「Then…why do this foreign gang are attacking us right now?」

If the decisive battle would be at night…there’s no need to purposely bother attacking.

「Scouting…they’re throwing in sacrificial pawns to find out our fighting power?」

Hearing his daughter…Kudou papa…

「That might be but…the important is the other one」

…The other one?

「They want to cut down our fighting potential even for a bit at the night battle…」

With that said…

「This foreign gang is a decoy…and they’re attacking to chink our strength」

The enemy’s target is…Kudou-papa, Michi…and, Margo-san if possible.

In short…our own fighting power.

「Therefore…we will stop them with all our strength」

Kudou-papa said.

「While fighting the foreign gang…they will aim at us. Perhaps, a sniper. Right now, I’m monitoring all of the points where you can snipe in the area. And if possible…deal with the sniper」

「…A counter attack」

「That’s right. Even if it’s Romeo Montague or Giuliano Geneca or both. If we can take care of them here…the battle at night would be easier」

…I see

「At most…there’s only one assumption」

Kudou-papa said.

「Cesario Viola might be much more stupid than we think. If he’s a man who attacks all out at this stage, then I can’t give him credit. Also…」


「What if Viola brought other men from the US?」

I see…there’s that possibility too

We’ve confirmed that there’s five people under Viola coming to Japan…

If there are members who are at Japan from other flights.

This assumption would overturn the foundation.

「Therefore…we have to consider the possibility that there’s a separate force that will come attacking…」

Even if the possibility is only 1% we have to think of countermeasures…

「This isn’t a game. Make a mistake and someone will die. You may be ready to die but…if someone dies because of your naïve judgement, it feels unpleasant…boy」

Kudou-papa told me.

「We can’t deal if there are five skilled criminals in Romeo Montague class… Kouzuki-san has decided the hotel battle today so we can’t increase the staff numbers further」

If you extend the deadline until the decisive battle…Viola will definitely call his people from US to Japan to kill Kouzuki-san.

Before that happens…they set the date to『tonight』

「As expected, America is far away」

「But…father, if they were in Los Angeles, they could reach here in just twelve hours」

Michi said.

Kouzuki『Kakka』declared the decisive hotel battle midnight last night.

There’s more than twelve hours until evening today.

It’s physically impossible to call a reinforcement from Los Angeles…

「Don’t be stupid, there’s the time difference you know? Even if you organize a unit to send here, it’s in the middle of the night there so they can’t do anything. Criminal organizations aren’t army. If you talk about a number of people, you can’t just pack them up and send them immediately. On top of that…your pride would be as big as your power. Just because they’re ordered to『come to Japan right now』, it’s impossible for them to jump on the plane on that same day…」

Un…I’d sleep early at night and depart next morning.

「Because of that…that would be only a selfish assumption in the end」

Kudou-papa changes his previous remark easily.

「It’s possible that Viola already have 200 people flying over here right now…you can’t ignore that possibility too」

…It’s not good to be fixed.

「You have to think of all of the possibilities. If not…you’ll only assume the favorable, and at times you go timid, you’ll only think of disadvantageous assumptions. Humans are that kind of creature…!」

Kudou-papa laughs.

「That’s why…let me and Michi deal with those foreign gangsters. Okay?」



「Assume the enemy have firearms.「」 It’ll be Kudou-style level 3G」



「What should I do?」

Kudou-papa looks at me.

「This Titan Boy is completely bulletproof. Just wait inside」


「Tony, Norma, go and eat first. Make sure to leave some for me too1」

「Roger, boss」

Tony-san said then opens the lunch we brought.

「Let’s eat, Norma-san」

「My, soumen…it’s properly cooled up too!」

「Boss…please come back before the ice melts」

「…I know!」

Then…three suspicious cars come from the other side of the road!

「Let’s go, Michi-kun!」

「Yes, father!」

Both of them jump out of the Titan Boy…!

W-Wait a moment.

「Tony-kun, press it」

「Hasta La Vista」

Tony-san pushed on some switch



The ground in front of the car blows off!

The three cars stopped suddenly…!

「First move wins!!!」

Kudou-papa crushed the windshield of the car with the iron pipe he’s holding!

The foreign gangsters inside the car descends the car shouting some unknown language!

At the moment the man holding the Chinese broadsword raised his sword…he becomes a prey for Kudou-papa’s iron pipe!

「Fuahahaha…Secret Technique, Sand Dust Windmill!!!」

Kudou-papa hits the enemy by swinging his iron pipe…!

「Our boss doesn’t use any special weapon」

Tony-san speaks while eating Soumen…

「『Kudou Detective Agency』is the sign on our van…he always wear something flashy doesn’t he? He’s questioned by the police every day. The content of the car is also being checked」

「Therefore, he fights with anything that’s in the location like that…」

Norma-san said while slurping the soumen.

「In the first place…that’s just a normal looking iron pipe but it’s carefully selected for it’s strength and lightness for combat…」

Kudou-papa seems to be a human who looks playful but actually a serious one at root.

「But, if you devise the hole in the iron pipe…when you swing it it would make a swinging sound right?」

「That’s right, it seems that he devised various things so it would sound good」

「He’s obsessed on things that strange」

「Doesn’t that iron pipe have a name too?」

「If I recall…it’s called 『Douglas Cue』…」

Kudou-papa blows out two enemies with his continuous skill!

「…Secret Technique『Double Head Snake』!!!」

The two subordinate stares at their boss while slurping soumen…

「Where did he came up with that name…?」

On the other hand, Michi…

「…Red Bute!!」

Michi uses the red whip she got from Margo-san…

She’s completely used to it, it seems…

She’s beating down the enemy while not allowing them to approach her…!

「Still…Kudou-style really is…」

「Yeah, no matter how you look at it…they look like a hero show on a department store roof」


You people say that…

「You can only see them as playing around from a distance right…」

「That might be the correct answer in some sense」

「But…isn’t it a bit idiotic?」

「Well yeah. I can understand why boss’ elder daughter doesn’t accept『Kudou style』」

「The younger daughter seems to be having fun though…」

「Michi-san’s a daddy’s girl after all」

Michi’s red whip kicks the enemy like she’s dancing…!

「Hai hai hai hai…haiyaa!」

After deciding the technique, make a sudden pose…it’s really Kudou-style like

「Really…she looks cute」

「…She’s in combat group」

「Or rather…musclebrain?」

「He’s not thinking of anything but how to fight coolly」

「Even though half of it is thinking of fashionable things…」

Un. It feels very disappointing…

「By the way…Tony-san, Norma-san, you do not fight?」

I tried asking.

「Well, we’re…」

「That’s not included in our contract…」


「We’re specialized in brain labor」


「…You’re not skilled then. Do you fight?」

「We only acquired basic fighting tech but Norma」


「No…Norma-san’s called the『fighting demon’s wife』locally」

「Geez…that’s an old story」

「Therefore, when it’s really hopelessly dangerous, Nroma-san will sally forth but…think of that situation as the worst」

「I won’t fight. That’s what I signed for!」

Nroma-san sips the soumen while huffing in anger.


One of the foreign gangster on the back takes out a pistol.

「Go push」

Tony-san pushes another switch


Sparks blows up from the Titan Boy’s body.

「That’s just fireworks…it’s to cause dizziness」

Tony-san calmly says that then…the enemy holding the pistol was distracted for a moment.

「…『Mirror Knife』!」

Kudou-papa picks up a stone and throws it on the man’s head!

I don’t know how he came up with that『Mirror』or『Knife』but…the stone hits the man’s head and he falls behind.

「Secret Technique『Otstritch’s lake!』」

Then, Kudou-papa swings his iron pipe and jumps into the enemy!

「Gabracho! Gabracho! Gabugabuuu!!!」

Making an incomprehensible shout…he secures the pistol that fell on the ground while crushing the enemy.

「Why…when you think that it’s a copy made in China? Isn’t this Mon P228?」

Err, Kudou-papa holds the pistol.,

「SIG Sauer P226…this is a hit!」

Then…Kudou-papa shoots calmly!



The window of the enemy’s car behind cracks

「In the first place…I don’t know where the bullets will fly with my skill…!」

He shot for the second time!


The bullet shoots the ground!


The foreign gangster flinches.

「Now…do you still want to continue?」

Kudou-papa closes the distance with the enemy.

「A pistol on the right and an iron pipe on the left…then an outright lie from my lips, life is on my back!」

「Father…what are you saying?」

Michi comes to the enemy while swinging her whip.

「Young ones doesn’t need to know!」

Kudou-papa holds the pistol ready again…!

The gangster directs the people around…

It seems that he’s giving a『withdraw order』


The foreign group put their fainted companion in the car.

It’s jam-packed inside the car originally and now it got further packed…

They ran back in the car…

There’s someone screaming from inside the car.

Either way…they were cursing at each other.

「Shut up!」


Kudou-papa makes another warning shot…

The gangsters fell silent.

Thirty meters away from us…

The car turned then they ran away…

「…Now then」

Kudou-papa looked around for a while

「…Michi, hide!」

At that moment…Kudou-papa and Michi jumped into the grass!


Bullets were shot on where Kudou-papa was a while ago!

…It’s a sniper!

「3 at 42…!」

Tony-san tells someone over the radio;

『…Okay, we’re taking care of that』

At that moment…a woman voice comes from the radio.

「Watch post…status report」

Tony-san instructs…

『1 to 12…no abnormalities』

『12 to 26…nothing』

『26 to 38…no abnormalities』

『38 to 50…42 secured one. Nothing else』

『50 to 60…no oversights』

…At least, there are five observing the surroundings.

Tony-san opens the car’s sliding door.

「Boss…secured one sniper. There doesn’t seem to be any combat」


Kudou-papa and Michi gets up.

They’ve jumped out from a far place from where they jumped a while ago…

They’re trained on this too…

「I know that we would be aimed at while those foreigners withdraw…Snipers aim at the gaps in mind after all」

Kudou-papa said.

「Yes, we’ve been constantly moving so that we won’t be aimed at while in battle…」

I see…then

Kudou-papa and Michi never stopped and continued their attack.

「Them too…at the moment he shoot, we all concentrated. There’s a chance created」

At the moment the sniper pulled the trigger…Kudou-papa’s people defeated the sniper?

「Tony, who secured it?」



「She’s on her way right now」

「Neko-san’s post?」

「Mizutani-san will be taking over」

「…Well fine」


A flashy mini car comes in from the end of the road.

The mini car painted in lame pink color.

Inside the car is…


A small child is holding the steering wheel…

…Before long.

The mini car arrived in front of us.

「Thanks for the wait…I’ve caught the sniper!」

Coming down the car…is a girl you can only see as a middle school student.

Or rather…isn’t she an elementary schoolgirl?

She’s wearing a flashy shirt brand for elementary school girls now.

Both of them have a black and pink lame shining.

「Is this one really Kudou-san’s subordinate?」

When I asked Tony-san…

「Yes, Neko-senpai…Kaneko Kanako-san…38 years old」


A sneaker hits my side!

「You! Don’t talk about my age!!!」

Neko-senpai seems to have thrown the sneakers she’s wearing…

「Who cares about that…show me the face of the sniper」

Kudou-papa tells Neko-senpai

「Is it Romeo Montague or Giulianio Genca?」

If it was the killer Cesario Viola brought from America…the fight tonight would be easier.

「…That is」

Neko-senpai shows the enemy lying on the back of the car to Kudou-papa

「Well…isn’t this Lorenzaccio Bandini?」

…Cesario Viola’s manager?

「Wasn’t Lorenzaccio Bandini not participating in combat?」

Kudou-papa said…Norma-san…

「Ahahahahaha, it looks like it was a fake info…!」

…Hey hey…?!

What the hell!?!!!!

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