Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 21

21. Sex Club President : Shirasaka Yukino!

Hiding in the guard’s office, I listened to the conversation of Yuzuki-sensei…

「…Shirasaka-san. I will be at the student council room after school so depend on me if anything happens. I’ll be there to talk to you」

The glasses student council president…Iwakura-senpai’s voice.

「…Iwakura-senpai, thank you very much」

Shirasaka-san’s crying voice…

「…Do your best. No matter how harsh it is, it’ll surely end. I guarantee it…okay?!」


Senpai encourages Shirasaka-san.

「Yuzuki-sensei…please don’t be too cruel on Shirasaka-san…!」

Iwakura-senpai appeals to Sensei…

「…I wonder what should I do? In the end, it depends on the person herself…isn’t it the same on your time?」

I can’t see it from my position but I’m sure that Sensei’s laughing.

「Anyway, you can go back now Iwakura-san. Or could it be that you want to participate? You haven’t done sex for a while yet don’t you?」


Iwakura-senpai’s voice is trembling…

She’s prostituted in the past so her fear of sex might come back…

「I, I will do my best! I’ll work hard so please…Senpai should go back!」

Shirasaka-san seems to have interrupted the two…

I see…Iwakura-san has a university student boyfriend right now so she doesn’t want to get involved.

But are you sure…Shirasaka-san?

Saying something like that in front of Yuzuki-sensei.

「Oh, you’re totally willing now aren’t you Shirasaka-san? How’s it, are you used to having sex already? It should be feeling good already, shouldn’t it?」

「I-It doesn’t feel good…!」

「…Then, you’re going to have sex until it feels good!」


「I won’t get used on that way…I won’t!」

「Even if it’s forced sex, if it continues for long, it’ll feel good you know…women’s body has that kind of feeling…!」

「…That’s a lie!」

「At the beginning of Meiji era…do you know red light district? It’s a place where there’s a lot of brothel. There’s a scholar who asked the prostitutes about their change. Various data remained. Among them, there’s a prostitute who keeps company with a customer she hated saying 『No matter how much you hated it, you’ll soon reach climax after doing it a lot of times』 The body gets used to it…!」

Sensei laughs!

「…No…I don’t want that!」

「…Shirasaka-san, it’s okay. You’ll surely be fine…okay?!」

Iwakura-senpai’s voice was somehow able to calm down Shirasaka-san…


「…Iwakura Yukiyo! Go home already!」

Sensei ordered her!

「Yes! Iwakura Yukiyo will return!!!…Uuuu!」


Past Iwakura-senpai accepts Sensei’s orders directly.

The current Iwakura-senpai tries to refuse Sensei’s orders by reflex.

There’s two selves fighting inside Senpai.

「Iwakura-san…you’re my 『Fourth Toy』 That will never change…Both your joy and pains will taste the same. Don’t forget it!!!」

I heard Sensei’s laughing voice again…

「…Goodbye, Shirasaka-san see you tomorrow…Endure it, do your best…!」

「…Yes. Iwakura-senpai, thank you for your guidance!!」

◇ ◇ ◇

…Before long, Shiraska-san and Sensei entered the Guard room.

Iwakura-senpai seems to have returned already.

When Shirasaka-san confirmed that I’m here, she sent me a glance of hatred and scorn…

I’m already hated from the bottom of her heart.

I thought once again…

We passed through the guard’s room and entered the closed space in the school, the 『Construction Area』

Of course, Yuzuki-sensei locks the door of the guard’s room tight…

It’s impossible to run away anymore.

Shriasak-san…and me.

「…This way!」

Sensei invited Shriasaka-san and me on a small building.

It’s a two stories ferroconcrete…It’s surely a Showa building. The concrete is completely dirty and discoloring green…

「You see, this was an annex of the old school building. It was a building added later for a special class」

「…S-Special class?」

「…In this high school before, there’re are students who graduated who wants to be employed. It’s a special teaching lesson for such children. Clothing room, cooking room, and technical room…there’s only special classrooms here」

…Eh, so there was such a class here before?

「Due to the declining birthrate, this high school has is centered for preparing them to get into university for ten years ago. That’s why such special classes has been stopped ahead」

…Haa, I see. So that’s what this building is.

But, why is the old main school building became an empty lot and only this annex remained…?

Sensei opened the lock to the back entrance of the building…

「Remember this…I’m the only one who have this key」

…We entered the building

It smells moldy…

There’s dusts collecting on the window…

The school building in the Showa era has a lower ceiling than the current school building…

There’re pipes showing itself on the ceiling…

Somehow, the atmosphere feels dark…

It’s already sunset outside the window.

Oh…It’s already that time.

「…This way. This room is convenient so this building remained without being destroyed」

Sensei stopped in that toom.

It’s written as『Night Duty Room』…

「During the Showa Era , there’s young teachers staying overnight and patrolling the school building…Isn’t it funny? But thanks to that this room is prepared for lodging environment so…it’s ideal for sex isn’t it?」

…Haa, is that so?

『Night Duty Room』, I can’t imagine what kind of room is that…

Honestly…I don’t want to look outside, but I can’t say that.

Sensei put her hand on the doorknob…

And opened the lock to the night duty room!

…The old wooden door opens with a creaking sound!

「Oh, I’ve been waiting for you!」


Katsuko-san in maid uniform is inside…?!!!

「Ojou-sama, I’ve done the preparations according to your order!」

The energetic Katsuko-san smiles pleasantly…


Inside the night duty room…

The floor is made of wood…and there’s at least a 60cm tall tatami mat spread on the interior floor.

Oh, it feels like the Janitor’s room in the middle school.

It has an impression of a 4.5 mat Japanese style room on a 6 mat Western Style room…

The western room part has a gas stove and a sink. There’s an old refrigerator too.

However…It somehow brings out a strange feeling…!

The 4.5 mat area room…!!

What’s there is a futon spread out and two pillows…

There’s a small screen behind the pillow.

Somehow, it’s in lewd Ukiyoe1

Then there’s a small black tray with two bags of condom…

On the side of the room, there’s a big old fashioned dresser.

It’s cleaned perfectly but…could this be…?

「Ehehe, I made it to an image of Showa era brothel!」


「It’s the world of 『A Strange Tale from the East of the River』2」

“Bokuto kaidan”…What’s that?!

「Well done…You’ve overdone it in some places though」

Sensei seems to be satisfied with Katsuko’s work.

「…But, this isn’t needed」

Saying that, she picked and raised the condom on the tray…

She showed the bag of condom to Shirasaka-san…

「Shirasaka-san, do you know this…?」

Sensei laughs maliciously.

「…I don’t. What’s that?」

Shiraskaa-san answered with a displeased expression…

Shirasaka-san doesn’t know!

「Condom…A rubber tool to prevent pregnancy!」

Shriasaka-san is surprised…

「T-That, please let me use it!」

Shirasaka-san’s fingers tries to reach the condom in Yuzuki-sensei’s hand…!


Yuzuki-sensei raised her hand up quickly…!

Shirasaka-san’s hand won’t reach the hand of the tall Sensei.

「…A child like you doesn’t need condom!」

The devil smiled…

「Get your inside filled up a lot today!」

Shirasaka-san’s face distort in humiliation…!

Ignoring Shrasaka-san, Sensei went towards the door.

「Now then, I have some urgent business today. That’s why I don’t have time to watch your sex for today…!」

Sensei says while placing the bag of condom on her pocket.

Eh…Could it be that today’s sex is cancelled?!

「But your body just learned about sex so your body should be itching to do it several times all day long don’t you?」

…I am though.

Ah……Shirasaka-san’s angry again…

「It can’t be helped…Katsuko will be supervising your sex for today!」


Uwaa…This was the plan from since the first anyway

Eh, but…Katsuko-san will be watching our sex in Sensei’s absence?!

「Katsuko…Shirasaka-san’s quota this time is five times」

「Okay, it’s fine as long as Shirasaka-sama makes Yoshida-sama ejaculate five times isn’t it?!」

「That’s right…Shirasaka-san, what time should you be going home?」

Suddenly, Sensei aksed Shirasaka-san.


「Your mother should be coming home today shouldn’t she? Your father’s still in a business trip though…A daughter of a good home like you should have a curfew, don’t you?」

「T-There’s nothing in particular…B-but at least I want to go home by Seven!」

Seven o’clock…that’s the end of the baseball club’s practice…

Endou would be calling her…

「…Seven o’clock is impossible!」

Sensei said it flatly.

「…It’s nearing five o’clock isn’t it? If you want to arrive home by seven o’clock, you need to leave here by half past six. It’s impossible to have sex five times with one and a half hour you know?」


The location of Shirasaka-san’s house and the way to commute is completely grasped!

「No matter how much you persevere, you’ll end at half past seven or eight o’clock. I’ll send you home by car if ever it gets too late. We’ll be properly deceiving your mother too…」

「…It’s fine. Don’t do that!」

「Oh my, I’m sociable so it’s fine. I won’t say anything to worry your mother…」

「I beg you…please don’t get my family involved here!」3

Shirasaka-san strongly repulses Sensei’s words.

Yuzuki-sensei snuffled her nose…

「Is that so?…Then hold out and do your best. Try to finish five times as early as possible, okay?」

Sensei’s sneering eyes is completely making fun of Shirasaka-san…

Those cold eyes once again checked the interior decoration Katsuko prepared…

「Shirasaka-san…this will be your room from now on」


「You need your own work room as an exclusive prostitute don’t you?!」

…Prostitution room!


「…If I recall, Shriasaka-san’s hadn’t entered a club yet, don’t you?」

…Could this be?!

「I filed a new club establishment report by today’s date. Tomorrow, Iwakura-san will be pushing the stamp of authorization of the student council. Club head will be Shirasaka-san. The adviser will be me. And the member, Yoshida-kun for now」

Shriasaka-san shivers.

「…The club name will be 『Sex Club』!」

Shirasaka-san lost all the power in her body from the shock.

The sixteen year old girl weakly sits down on the floor…!

「I-I don’t want that!」

Shirasaka-san who’s pushed being the sex club’s head…cried, and protests!

「It can’t be helped…I’ve already delivered it!」

…W-What are the club activities?4

…B-but, If it’s a club, then other students can wish to join in too?!

Or rather, could it he that Sensei’s going to turn Shirasaka-san a prostitute in this school?!!!

「Geez…Yoshida-kun, don’t make that kind of face! Don’t worry…whatever happens 『Sex Club』is a 『Prostitution Club』. Katsuko…read the rules of the club」

Ordered by Sensei…Katsuko-san took out some paper out of the pocket of her apron…

「Well then, I will read out the rules of 『Sex Club』!!」

Ehem, Katsuko-san clears her throat…

「First, the activity of this club is to research and practice illicit sexual relations. Creating a smooth communication between members through sex!」


「Second, the purpose of this club is to have the high school students get pregnant and give birth. Never practice birth control and experience pregnancy and childbirth while high school students as much as possible!」

Shriasaka-san’s body doesn’t stop from trembling from despair!

「Aren’t you glad?…You’re still a first year so you can get pregnant three times…!」

Sensei’s having a victorious smile!!

Shirasaka-san curled her own body strongly!

「Third, the members of this club cannot have sex with other people except the members! Applicant’s cannot join the club as long as the club adviser doesn’t give her permission!…That’s all!!!」

Katsuko-san finished reading…

「…With that said, no member will get in as long as I don’t allow them. I will go out picking the best for a while. That’s why…Yoshida-kun, have sex with Shriasaka-san intensely, okay!」


…For the time being, it seems that she doesn’t intend to let it become indiscriminate group sex.

I feel a bit relieved.

「Oh right…Katsuko, I just remembered it, add this to the rules…」


Katsuko-san took out her pen and prepared to take memo.

「Ready…Fourth, once you entered this club, you can never withdraw. You can never leave whatever reason it may be!」

Shirasaka-san trembles.

「Yup…I took it down」

Katsuko-san smiles laughingly.

Yuzuki-sensei’s ridicules.

Right now…what kind of face am I making?

「…It’s no use even if you two die. If ever you died while in high school『Sex Club』 will be on your school funeral…!」

…This person will seriously do it.

「Oh, I’ll also be leaving the photos of the club activities on your yearbook. You guys having sex as club activities and the resulting child…!」


Shirasaka-san screams…!!

It seems that she’s unable to endure it anymore…!

「Oh…this building is an off limits area so you can shout as much as you want!」

That’s right…this area in the school is partitioned with a high iron fence for construction, the gate of the campus is also a bit far. There’s only fee people walking around the east gate from the start…

「Oh right, I’ve made a member card for Yoshida-kun」

Saying that, Sensei took out a piece of card…

It looks like a stamp card from a shop.

My name and member number 001 are printed on the surface…

Opening inside…There’s fourteen 『Yukino』stamp pushed in it.

「Handling the card is Shirasaka-san’s duty as the head.. You have to fix a stamp on Yoshida-kun’s card on how many times you had sex…you hear?!」

You can push stamp on the card 100 times.

「Look at me, Shirasaka-san…I’m taking my time here to explain the stamp card!」

Shriasaka-san’s covering her face with both of her hands.

She’s thoroughly refusing Yuzuki-sensei…

「…What? Do you really hate being the head of 『Sex Club』?!」

Towards Yuzuki-sensei’s provocative words, Shriasaka-san muttered.

「…I hate it…isn’t it obvious that I hate it…?!」

Yuzuki-sensei’s mouth distorts to a devil smile!

「Is that so…If you hate it that much then it can’t be helped. Then, let’s do this. If you ever filled up the stamp in one week…At that time, Shirasaka-san, you’ll be freed. 『Sex Club』will be gone. I’ll be deleting all of the sex videos you have until now…and of course, It’ll help Endou-kun too…!!!」

「Eh?!」Shriasaka-san looked up at Sensei’s face…!

「Yesterday, I promised that Yoshida-kun will have one week didn’t I? Today’s April 27 so, it’ll end by May 4!」

…One week?

……The columns of the card has to be stamped until May 4?

「The stamp fields are 100 pieces…but fourteen are already stamped yesterday. With this pace…it’s easy to have sex 86 times for the remainder of the week, don’t you think?」

You say that Sensei but…

Last night, I drank some strange drug…

I ejaculated to the extent that I was surprised but I feel so much burden on my body.

Even with simple math, won’t it be more than ten times a day for the remainder?!!

…I-It’s impossible!

I-I’ll do it though.

「…What would you do? Will you throw away your chance of getting free? Are you giving up?」

Sensei’s stirring Shirasaka-san up with a foolish tone…

「…Got it」

「Is that so…go ahead and try it okay? Shirasaka-san」


The orange ray of the dusk shine from the window…

The light shinign on Sensei’s face seems to be stained with color of blood…

The red teacher laughed once again.

「Then, Katsuko…I’ll leave the rest to you. Take recordings of the club activities. I’ll be watching later」


「Then, enjoy the club activities to your utmost!!! Ufufufufu!!」

Sensei went out of the room while laughing as she say that.

I can hear the cold steady footsteps from the corridor.

The footsteps gradually gets away…and finally gone.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Then, let’s start the club activities!!!」

After Sensei’s gone, Katsuko-san spoke first.

…T-Too bright.

Why is this person so bright all the time?!

Katsuko-san took out her favorite DSLR camera from the big leather travelling bag that’s on the wooden floor.

「I will be taking the photos properly so the two of you are free to do what you want! Go on!」

…Go on, she said.

…Hey, Shirasaka-san.

I looked at Shirasaka-san and she turned the other way…

Shirasaka-san’s harsh with me if Yuzuki-sensei’s not here…

Well, that’s obvious.

…W-What sould i do then?

「…Are you troubled Yoshida-sama?」

Katsuko -san holding the camera called me out.

「…W-W-W-W-Well, Y-Yes」

I don’t even know what to do or how to start…

「If you want, you can consult me!」

Yes, I’m thankful if you can guide me!

「Then, Yoshida-sama…what would be the theme of the Sexual Intercourse5 for today? Something like a situation you want to try」

Katsuko-san…what’s with ‘sexual intercourse’

It’s my first time seeing someone saying 『Sexual intercourse』

Katsuko-san’s so beautiful and sexy outside…and yet, she’s disapointing!

「If you don’t have any theme or situation in particular…I have a suggestion」

…Eh?! What?!

Rather, it’ll help me if you have a suggestion…!

I’m alone so I don’t know what to do with the angry Shirasaka-san!!6

「Let’s see…then since the dusk light is being beautiful. Let’s have Shirasaka-sama do a striptease act in this light…!」

Katsuko-san…You’re a genius!

I’m sorry I said you’re disappointing!!!


I ordered Shirasaka-san…

Shirasaka-san glared at me silently…

「Okay, Shirasaka-sama will be doing a striptease! Cast off all your clothes and become naked!!!!!!」

Ooh…people who don’t read the atmosphere are the best.

Katsuko-san…you’re so good!!!

「…Got it. There’s no choice but do it, right?」

Shirasaka-san muttered small…

「Then, Yoshida-sama, please take a seat in this place and appreciate it! Shirasaka-sama should go in front of the window…Yes, that’s the brightest so the rays hitting looks great. Then…please take off your clothes in sequence!」

The ray of the setting sun comes through the window.

In that light…Shriasaka-san’s taking off her jacket first…


「Nー, what a nice expression! That’s good! It looks good, Shirasaka-sama!!!」

Katsuko-san presses the shutter…

「…Next, which should go first, the blouse or the skirt?」

Katsuko-san asked me.

Err, since the blouse will remain to the last minute of the night…


Shiraskaa-san’s trembling fingers unbuttons her blouse…

The white blouse shines orange from the evening glow…

Shirasaka-san’s face is nervous.

…Expression of embarrassment.

…Expression of hatred

All of it is being recorded by Katsuko-san…

…I see the bra.

…The cute navel.

When every button was taken off…


Bravo, Shirasaka-san!!

「Okay, Shirasaka-sama please take off your blouse quickly」

Shirasaka-san takes off her blouse while being told by Katsuko-san

I can see the armpit!

Shirasaka-san’s arm is very thin…

「Please throw the blouse to Yoshida-sama!」


「Throw it! The striptease dancers will always do that! Please remember that!…Go!」

She’s becoming desperate?…Shirasaka-san threw the blouse she took off to me!

It spreads out in the air and the white blouse falls on top of me.

「Yoshida-sama, please smell it! Sniff it! More, like a middle aged man!」

While being told, I sniffed the scent of Shrirasaka-san’s blouse!

The smell of Shirasaka-san’s blouse…it smells like sweet milk.

Ah…Shirasaka-san’s who’s upper body is only covered with bra is glaring at me with a frightful look!

As expected, she hates it.

「Then, Shirasaka-sama…the skirt is the next one!」

Shirasaka-san’s fingers trembled again from Katsuko-san’s words.

She undo the fastener of the skirt…!

「…Just like that, drop the skirt to the floor!」

Shirasaka-san’s determined…But by the moment she released her hand from the skirt, she had an anguished expression like she scalded herself for a moment.

The light-blue silk panty that was handed to her in Sensei’s house this morning…I can see it!

「Good, good…I’m taking good pictures!! Please throw out the skirt to Yoshida-sama too!!」

The skirt flew off!!

I sniffed it…kunkunkun!

Shirasaka-san’s having such a hateful face…that’s good!

「Yoshida-sama…should we go with the strip stease rules next?」

…Striptease rules?

「…The bra goes first and panty goes last!」

…O-Oh right

「T-Then…let’s follow the rule…!」

「Following the rule, certainly, with pleasuree!…Shirasaka-sama the order will be Bra first and Panty last」

I-I don’t get it though…

Still, Shirasaka-san’s following Katsuko-san’s instructions…

Her trembling hands turn around to the hook of her bra…

Is this bra having a back hook…Is that so?

poron…Shirasaka-san’s beautiful breasts spill out!

P-P-P-Pink nipples too…!

Shirasaka-san’s having a unbearable expression!!!

Her cheeks are red in humiliation…!!

That appearance is also captured by Katsuko-san…

「…Yoshida-sama, is it difficult?」

Katsuko-san suddenly turned to me.

「…W-W-W-W-What is?」

I’m not having any difficulties at all…I’m totally enjoying this.

The one who’s having a hard time is Shirasaka-san who’s stripteasing.

「…I’m talking about your honorable penis!」


「Yoshida-sama’s honorable penis is intensely erect so I thought it’s painful to leave it like that…」


…Oh, Yeah

…Certainly, my erect penis seems about to explode.

Katsuko-san…please stop calling my penis 『Honorable』7

「How about you take off your pants and take out the penis from inside your brief?! I think you may rub your honorable penis while you’re you’re watching Shirasaka-sama striptease…」

…I-I lost.



「…Is it embarrassing?」


「It’s fine. Aren’t you aroused with Shirasaka-sama’s beautiful figure?! Your penis is erect with Shirasaka-sama as the sexual target. Please take it out confidently and show it to Shirasaka-sama!」

「B-But…K-Katsuko-san’s here too」


Katsuko-san had a curious face.

「Please don’t mind me. I’m just a tree. Air. If you think of me as a fairy with a thin existence…!」

No…isn’t the fairy too strong in self0assertion?!

「Look…Shirasaka-sama, beg for it too! 『Please stroke your penis while watching me strip』…!!!」

Katsuko-san’s forcing Shirasaka-san on the absurdity!

However…Shirasaka-san is…

「…Please stroke your penis…while watching me strip…!」


「I want to go home soon. End this faster…!」

I can feel anger from those words…

I slowly took off my pants.

I took off my brief showing off to her…and my erect penis exposed itself!!!

「…Now…Shirasaka-sama, please throw your bra to Yoshida-sama」

The silk bra was thrown as hard as possible!!

I grabbed it and sniffed it!

I stoke my penis while sniffing it…!

I purposely showed it to Shirasaka-san!!

「…Uwaa, It’s completely erect isn’t it! Shiraska-sama, right now, Yoshida-sama is doing the men’s masturbation. Please look at it…!」

Shirasaka-sann’s face froze as if she’s looking at something ugly and frightening!!

「…No, I don’t want thiiiis!!!」

Shirasaka-san tries to avert her eyes away from me…!

「Look at it! Shirasaka-sama!!! Open your eyes wide!!!」

…Shirasaka-san looked at me.

It must be her first time seeing a male’s masturbation scene…

How’s it…Is it ugly! Dirty? Are you feeling disgusted?!

「Then…let’s continue and take the last one off!」

Shirasaka-san’s trembling as she look at me!

「…Please take your panty off! Shiraskaa-sama!!!」

The trembling hands…reaches for her panty!

「Let’s do it faster…Take it off!!!」

When the panty was lowered…the cute pubic hair came out!!

「…Please take off the panty from your foot!!」

Shirasaka-san tries to follow Katsuko-san’s instructions…!

However, her body’s trembling that her foot gets entangled…!

Shiraskaa-san’s posture breaks and she fall down the tatami mat!!!


Katsuko-san moved immediately and pushed Shirasaka-san’s body from the bottom!

Shirasaka-san’s naked body lied down on the mat!!!


On top of the tatami mat…Shirasaka-san fell down on the futon that was spread out…

The ray of the evening reaches the great body of Shirasaka-san…

The panty that was about to take off is caught in her right ankle…

The crotch is opened a bit…Shirasaka-san’s crack is…!!!

Lewd…what a very lewd appearance.


…I can’t endure it anymore!!!

The me naked on the lower half face towards Shirasaka-san’s body!!!

「…You can’t, Yoshida-sama!!!」

For some reason, Katsuko-san stopped me…?!


Shirasaka-san’s surprised…

「It’s no good to attack suddenly. Isn’t that just rape?!」

No, It’s rape though.

Or rather…it’s always been rape all this time.

「This is a club activity so doing it forcefully is no good. You both have to express gratitude at each other…」


「…Could it be that Katsuko-san’s high school days」

「Yes, I’m from Kendo club!」

I-Is that so?

「Then, Shirasaka-sama…It seems that Yoshida-sama can’t endure it any longer so I think it’s time to advance to sexual intercourse soon…is it okay?」

…Is it okay, you ask?

Shirasaka-san answered Katsuko-san’s question this way.

「…Please wait a moment! I’ll be taking a medicine!!」


…The one Iwakura-senpai handed Shirasaka-san?!

「I’ll do anything after I drank the medicine…please!!」

Shirasaka-san’s eyes had tears accumulating in it…!!

Katsuko-san looked at me.

I nodded.

「Then…please hurry up!」


The naked Shirasaka-san jumped out of the bed and searched her own bag…

Then she took out the pill case passed by Iwakura-senpai from the inside.

「Shirasaka-sama…have some mineral water!」

Katsuko-san took out a pet bottle and handed it to Shirasaka-san…!

「The electricity and water of this building has returned yesterday, however…the water that would come out now if you twist the faucet is from the tank on the rooftop that’s been collected for a long time, so…」

…It can be used in toilets but it’s impossible to drink?

Shirasaka-san swallowed the medicine and drank the water.

After she drank the medicine…She’s a bit relieved.

Shiraskaa-san…do you think that it’s a contraceptive?

But…I do know.

That drug doesn’t have an effect of preventing pregnancy…

「Then, Shirasaka-sama…please sit down at the corner of the futon」

Being told by Katsuko-san …The naked Shirasaka-san goes no top of the mat.

Ah…the silk panty’s still hanging on her ankle.

「Ah…Please take off that panty. The socks too」

Shirasaka-san takes off her panty and socks while having a red face.

Katsuko-san picked up the things she took off…

「Yoshida-sama…Want to smell it?」

「…I-I’m fine right now!」

My penis is already maximum erect!

I don’t have time for that !!

「Certainly…Then, at least wear the panties!」


「…Please wear it!」

I-I-I-I don’t get it but!!!

For the time being, I’ll just wear the panty Shirasaka-san took off on my head as I was told!!

「…Subarashii9! It’s Splendid!」

W-What is she praising for?

Ah…Shirasaka-san’s looking at me in blank surprise.

「Then, Shirasaka-sama, bow your head while pressing three fingers of each hand on the floor and face Yoshida-sama! Yoshida-sama please bow while still standing!」

On the mat…the side of the futon, the naked Shirasaka-san sat on her soles and faced me bowing her head and pressing three fingers of each hand on the floor.10

My penis is standing up while I’m still on my school uniform on the upper body, I bow my head while having Shirasaka-san’s panty on my head…

「Then…Best regards on the two of you!!」

Katsuko-san’s the judge!

「B-Best regards!」

「…Best regards!」

Looking up…my eyes met with Shirasaka-san…!


The soul gong rings!!

「…S-S-S-Shirasaka-san…lie down and face up the futon!!」


The naked Shirasaka-san lied down the futon facing up, following my order.

「…O-Open your legs!」


Shirasaka-san opens her legs with an enduring face.

「More!…If you don’t open it wider, you can’t can’t have sex, Shirasaka-sama」

Katsuko-san who’s holding the camera, ordered her!

「Shirasaka-sama, that’s where you say『Please ravish me』!!」

Shirasaka-san’s closed her eyes.

「…Please ravish me!」

「…Say『Please fill up Shirasaka Yukino』!」

「…Please fill up…Shirasaka Yukino!!!」

That moment…I attacked Shirasaka-san’s’ body!!

While I’m still on my school uniform on the upper body…my lower body’s stark naked!!

I can’t endure it anymore!

I can’t endure!!

I licked Shirasaka-san’s breasts!

I bit her nipple!

I licked up her nape and made my tongue crawl on her cute ear!!!

Shirasaka-san is closing her eyes…she’s desperately enduring!!

I opened Shirasaka-san’s legs by force!!

I pushed in my about to explode penis in her vaginal opening!


Shirasaka-san’s body shuddered from the fear of the insertion!

「…H-Here we gooooo!!!」


「Shirasaka-sama, you have to say 『Please put it in』!!」

「…Like hell I can say that!!!!」

Unlike last night, the aphrodisiac’s effect isn’t strong…

The drug she have drunk right now might not be fast acting.

Shirasaka-san’s body is trembling purely from the fear of rape…!

「Say it, Shirasaka-sama. 『Put it in, ravish me, enjoy it』You have to flatter him like a prostitute…if you don’t, this won’t end!!!」

Shirasaka-san’s heart is pierced by Katsuko-san’s; words!!

Her cute mouth has lewd words coming out!

「…Please put it in! Please enjoy violating me!!」

Murimuimuri, the angry penis penetrates Shirasaka-san in a dash!!


Guchoguchogucho…I start the piston movement!

Sex on top of a futon is different from when doing it on the restraint stand…!!

The movement of my waist is handed down to Shirasaka-san directly!

Guigui, every time I pierce her, Shirasaka-san’s beautiful breasts shakes and draw a circle!

I’ll massage those breasts!!

Shirasaka-san’s inside gets wet bit by bit.

Deeper, Deeper, stronger, pierce, pierce, pierceeeeeee!!!

It feels good…Shirasaka-san’s body is so soft!

Her damp genital twines around my glans…!

「…I-I’m about to cum!!!!」

When I raised a merciless scream, Shirasaka-san…!

「…Hurry up and release iiit! Hurry up and cuum!!!」

That’s the line Iwakura-senpai taught her.

As expected of an honor student…she’s got a good memory.

…If so!!

「L-Let’s kiss, I-I want to r-release inside S-Shirasaka-san while k-kissing!!」

「…W-we can’t kiss! I hate kissing!!」

「…T-Then, I-I’m fine whatever you want!!」

「…L-Lick my tongue…I’ll allow you to lick my tongue!!」

Saying that, Shirasaka-san took out her pink tongue…!!!

I covet that tongue!!!

A man’s mucous membrane coming in contact with a woman’s mucous membrane, the pleasure is chilling!!


…Too late!!

I lick Shirasaka-san’s tongue!

Our tongues are twining!

Feeling disgust, Shirasaka-san presses me down forcibly and violently!!

Of course, I didn’t stop my piston!

Lastly, I sucked in Shirasaka-san’s tongue with all my might!!

My lip overlaps with Shirasaka-san’s lip!

…This is a kiss isn’t it?!

Furthermore, it’s a deep kiss!!

Shirasaka-san’s eyes open wide from shock…!!

…At that time!!!

…Byurururu, byurururu, dokun!!

I began my grand ejaculation inside Shirasaka-san’s womb…

Shirasaka-san’s look at me with trembling eyes. Her body’s trembling.

Her whole body’s accepting the ejaculation…

I continued sucking Shirasaka-san’s tongue until my ejaculation completely settles.

Our lips remained overlapping…!

When I released everything…I separate my lip from Shirasaka-san.

We’re still connected down there.


Shirasaka-san muttered…

Before I noticed, the sky’s grown dark…

The orange light doesn’t come to our room anymore.

I’m embracing Shirasaka-san in this very dim light…

1. Color print of every day life in edo Period ↩

2. 墨東奇譚 read as Bokuto Kaidan, written by Kafu Nagai ↩

3. hahahahahahah ↩

4. oh Yoshida, never change ↩

5. Katsuko is saying osekkusu, not sekkusu, well, this will be relevant on the next lines but ignore it ↩

6. The lion! ↩

7. This is another ochinpo and chinpo difference, Katsuko’s adding O on the words means respect on the subject ↩

8. He said ‘nanu’ it’s still a ‘What’, but I thought it would be fun to put ‘whut’ on it instead of ‘what’ ↩

9. Wonderful ↩

10. This shit is shorter in JP: 三つ指 Mitsuyubi, it literally means ‘three fingers’ ↩

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