Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 203

『Okay, flash!』

Iwakura-kaichou in the screen mutters then presses the keyboard.

At that moment…Endou’s vision is enveloped by an intense flash of light.

At the same time…a「Buuuuuun!」sound gradually gets louder then it ended with「Kiin!」

Then, a shrilling sound that could tear your ear…!

Endou turned sweaty on his whole body…endures the attacks of light while his body twitches!

Then…he fainted…!

「You do know that intense light is harmful on human brain don’t you?」

Minaho-neesan told me.

Speaking of which…there was a TV anime where it had a lot of cases of children fainting.1

「When you use it on a goggle type head mount display, it completely blocks your vision so it’s useless to close your eyes… The intense light goes through the eyelids so the effect on the brain won’t change. There’s also the additional sound effect. When you hear a quiet bass to a high pitched explosion sound in an instant…your brain will naturally cause to panic」

Iwakura-kaichou smiles and observes the state of Endou who fainted away.

Then she look at the two student council boys…

『…Throw him away. Just as scheduled』


Everything is on Minaho-neesan’s『revenge plan』…

『I’ll go back to my classroom too. The whole school needs to see something this interesting…!』


There’s still something else…?

『I should be slightly unwell and be in the nurse office right now so…I’m glad that I can play the student council president and the honor student. I can participate in this fun thing』

Saying that, Iwakura-kaichou looks up at the camera.

『Thank you…Sensei!』

Iwakura-kaichou winks towards the surveillance camera.

Iwakura-kaichou really knows the position of the cameras.

『Leave this to us…we’ll see Yukiyo in classroom later!』

Then…the video on the screen went off.

◇ ◇ ◇

「That was roughly ten minutes ago」

Minaho-neesan spoke to the two of us in the principal room.

「…Where’s Endou now?」

When I asked her…

「Let’s see…should we watch Endou-kun real-time?」

Minaho-neesan operates the laptop


The view behind the former gym is reflected…

There’s silhouette in the camera.

The two boys under Iwakura-kaichou…are pushing Endou’s stretcher.

Endou’s goggles and headphones are already removed.

All the black leather restraints were also removed.

Endou’s limped out.


Another pair appears from the side.

That’s the delinquents from the baseball club, Koizumi and Sugiyama.

Both of them are still wearing their baseball team uniform.

They didn’t seem to have attended classes.

『Yo. Throw that idiot somewhere around. We’ll be just fooling him around afterwards』

Sugiyama told the student council boys

『…Then, I’ll leave the later to you. Come to the student council room after school. Yukiyo seems to be going to give you a reward』

『Uhihi…then I should come』

Koizumi shows a vulgar smile from what the student council boy said.

『The reward can be either money or the president’s service, either is good anyway』

『…How about both?』

『That’s great but you should wait for your turn. You can go after us…』

Not just the student council boys but also Koizumi and Sugiyama were also Iwakura-kaichou’s follower?

『Is it no good if we postpone the fun with Kaichou later? I don’t feel like doing after you guys』

Sugiyama answers dissatisfied.

『Why not? Ask her later…it’s continuous holiday later again』

One of the student council boy said willingly.

Iwakura-kaichou’s promiscuity seems to be a daily occurence.

『…You’re right about that. Not that I want to bang after school today. I’ll have fun with the president someday in the holidays』

『That’s fine…either way, we’re coming to school to practice everyday during the consecutive holidays』

Sugiyama agrees with what Koizumi said.

『Rather than that…go back to your classrooms already. It would be bad if the students in the council doesn’t attend class won’t it?』

『It’s fine…this guy will rampage after this. Everything would be confusing as hell…!』

The student council boys said while knocking on Endou’s head.

『…I see』

Sugiyama and Koizumi laughed weirdly.

『…Use this』

The student council boy handed a plastic bottle to Sugiyama.

『…What’s this?』

『It’s a medicine mixed with erection stimulants』

『Oh…this is interesting』

『It seems that the tingling of your dick won’t stop even if you ejaculate five to six times in a row』

『Nice…I want to drink this』

『Idiot. It’s painful to have it erect all the time you know…』

『Hm…Koizumi, no way?』

『Yeah…I was made to drink when I did it with Iwakura-san but…it became penance after the third ejaculation』

『Wow…that’s how effective this is?』

『Poor Endou-kun』

『What are you saying?…Shirasaka Yukino-chan’s the poor one here you know?』

『Haha, you’re not wrong』

The boys surrounding Endou laughs at him…

…Wait a moment

…Poor Yukino they said?

What are they going to make Endou do?


I look at Minaho-neesan.

Minaho-neesan calmly smiled.

「What’s going to happen is your own『trial』…!」

My own…『trial』?

「Calm down for now and look at the flow of the situation. Then, observe the movement of your heart patiently」

My heart?

「What do you really want for yourself?…What do you want to do?…Stand on the very brink and think」

Minaho-neesan looks at my eyes.



Megu grasps my hand.

「I’m here with you…we’re together…okay」

She’s snuggling to me with a face about to cry


Megu’s hand were cold.

Megu’s nervous.

「Then…this is Step 3」

Minaho-neesan mutters.

◇ ◇ ◇


Koizumi and Sugiyama lifts Endou on the stretcher and throws him on the grass…!


Endou bounced on the grass and cried out…

『Then take care of it…!』

『…Leave it to us!』

The student council boys take the stretcher and leave

『Okay, this is our job now…!』

『Now then…!』

Koizumi takes off the lid of the plastic bottle.

Sugiyama hold down Endou on the ground and pinched his nose.


Endou opens his mouth from suffocation.



Koizumi thrusts the bottle into Endou’s mouth.


The medicine in the bottle is poured into Endou’s mouth forcibly.

『Gu, gurujii…geho gehogeho!!!』

His face got wet but still Endou is forced to swallow the medicine.

『Gueeeeee!! Help meee…I’m drowniiing…gehogeho!』

『Idiot, you won’t drown from this much!』

『You…you don’t even know where you are?』

Koizumi and Sugiyama pushes the bottle into Endou’s mouth until the last drop while laughing…!

『Ugeee…geho, geho!』

Endou coughs violently.

『Hey…Endou, you awake?』

『Hey…do you know us Endou?!』

Endou opens his eyes from what Sugiyama and Koizumi said.

『Eh…where’s this?』

Endou’s surprised.

But…the shock to the brain with the『brainwashing device』and the medicine he has drunk is taking effect…

He tries to get up but his eyes are spinning around that he can’t stand up well.

『What are you doing you idiot!』

Sugiyama forcibly grabs Endou’s collar and lift him up.

『Eh…I? What’s going on?…W-Where’s Yukino?!』

Endou’s completely confused.

Just a little while ago…Endou was beaten up by these two delinquent.

Then the two people woke him up at the same place…

To Endou right now…

She doesn’t know if my sex with Yukino shown by Iwakura-kaichou is dream or reality.

『What are you saying…aren’t you going to rape Yukino-san after this!』

『You do remember what we told you a while ago? Bastard!!!』

Endou who’s feeling dizzy is threatened by the delinquent senior’s roar.

『But…was that…true…Yukino…????』

Sugiyama shouts at Endou’s ear…!

『Who the fuck cares about the truth! You don’t have a future as long as you don’t fuck Yukino-chan!』


『B-But…Yukino, and Yoshida…!』

It seems that the video from a while ago are flashing in Endou’s agitated head!

『Heyyy, Endou…! You’ve got a dick don’t you?! Then jam it in!!!』

『That’s right…! Do it in one go and be a man!』

The delinquents fuel Endou…

『…But, But, But…!!!!』

Endou’s in panic.

『You want to fuck Yukino-chan don’t you?』

『Your dick’s already hard for it you know!』

The medicine is effective.

It’s clear that there’s an erection in Endou’s crotch even through his pants.

『Go and throw that hot emotion to Yukino-chan!』

『Yukino-chan’s your girlfriend isn’t she?』

Those words has a strong effect on Endou’s heart…!

『Y-Yukino…Where’s Yukino?』

Endou asked with confused eyes.

『Isn’t that obvious that she’s in the classroom?! We’re in the middle of class you know!』

『…During class…my class…Yukino…Yukinoooo!!!!』

Endou barks.

『Here, take this and go!』

Sugiyama hands over a metal bat to Endou.

『Beat up those who hinder you…!』

『Here…Hurry up! Yukino-chan’s waiting for you…!』

Koizumi laughs and pushed Endou’s back…

『If you don’t hurry up then someone might take away Yukino-chan!』

Endou’s heart is set on fire!

『…Uuuuuu, Yukino! Yukino! Yukinoooooooo!!!!!!!!』

Though his steps are still unsteady…Endou runs towards the classroom…!

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Minaho-neesan, do you intend to make Endou rape Yukino?」

I asked Minaho-neesan.

「I wonder…what shall we do?」

Minaho-neesan is looking at me with her usual cold eyes.

「If I say that this is part of my『revenge plan』…what will you do?」


I’m a member of『Kuromori』

If that is what Minaho-neesan wishes then I have no choice but to obey.


「…This is fine. Like this」

Megu told me while holding my hand.

「You can return Yukino to Endou-kun…right?」


「As long as Yukino’s here…Yoshi-kun won’t be happy. Yukino doesn’t love Yoshi-kun at all…!」

…That is

「This early morning…Yoshida-kun embraced Yukino-san, Megumi, and Mana-san in turns」

Minaho-neesan told me.

「…How was it embracing the three?」

…How was it?

「…It was different wasn’t it? Sex with Yukino-san…Megumi and Mana-san…!」

…That is

「I…I know Mana and I were watching in the camera so…we can’t hold back and go to the AV room」


「Yukino’s thinking about herself only. That’s her sex. Thinking only about making herself feel good…not even having the feeling of wanting to make Yoshi-kun feel good or entertained」


…That might be

「Therefore…Mana and I…!」

Right…sex with Megu and Mana…

Both of them don’t care about their own pleasure but me.

They value that we feel good together.

「I feel sorry for Yoshi-kun when I see his sex with Yukino. It seems that you were serving Yukino one-sidedly…!」

Megu and Mana sees it as such.

Therefore…they jump in the middle of sex.

「…Yoshi-kun, we’re here」


「…You don’t need Yukino anymore!!」


「My…Endou-kun seems to have arrived at the classroom…!」

Minaho-neesan switched the cameras…!

◇ ◇ ◇


Endou opens the door suddenly then comes in…the class were surprised.

Endou’s wearing his baseball club clothing…

But, the practice wear that should be white is now muddy…

There’s a stain of yellow medicine applied from under his face to the chest.

He seems to have lost his hat somewhere…his hair is soppy…

His face is swollen blue and his bleeding from his nose…

He almost looks like a zombie.

Then…he has a metal bat in his hand.

『Yukino…?! Yukino’s not here?!』

Endou screams looking at Yukino’s empty seat.

『W-What’s wrong with you?』

The old chemistry teacher in charge at that time calls out Endou

『Shut up bastard!』

Endou swings the metal bat with all his might!


A hole was opened in the blackboard!


A schoolgirl screamed!

『…Answer! Where did Yukino go!!』

One schoolgirl answered Endou’s shout.

『Shirasaka-san’s in the principal’s office!』

The confusec Endou glared at that one.

『…Principal’s office?!』

『That’s right…he was called there a while ago!』

Then, startled…he looked at my seat.

My seat is also empty.

『…Yoshida’s not here too!』

Endou flings his bat to the teacher’s desk.

『…Y-Yoshida’s on the principal’s office too!』

The color of Endou’s eyes changed.


It completely turned to an eyes of a madman.

『Both of them are in the principal’s officeee?…!!!!』

『Didn’t we just say that?!!』

The schoolgirl forgot the Megu went together due to Endou’s momentum…

『Those bastards…making fun of me, messing me, deceiving me…!!!』

Endou jumps out of the classroom!!


He breaks the windows in the corridor with his bat!!


『…I won’t forgive them…I won’t forgive them…I’ll never forgive them!!!!!』

Though he’s unsteady…Endou heads to the principal’s office…!

Holding a metal bat in his hand…!

◇ ◇ ◇

Minaho-neesan turned on the interphone switch.

「…Katsuko, it’s close」

Katsuko-nee is in the『emergency broadcast room』next to the principal’s office along with Yukino.

Inside the room…she should be peeling off the stun gun device stuck in Yukino’s back.

『…Roger, Ojou-sama』

Katsuko-nee’s voice comes from the speaker…


「Endou’s heading towards this room isn’t he?」

I prepare my beat up stick…

「My…what do you intend to do? Do you intend to fight Endou-kun?」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Well…he might hurt everyone here」

I have the obligation of protecting everyone.

「Yoshida-kun…this principal’s office is the pivot of defense in the school. That door won’t open with just a baseball bat so don’t worry」


「Besides…Endou-kun will be entering the next room」

…The next room

「Well…can’t be helped you know? Endou-kun’s aim is Yukino-san…!」

But…That is

Won’t Yukino have a hard time?

「I don’t expect this but…」

Minaho-neesan looks at my eyes.

「…When you said『everyone』just now」

Her cold eyes stab my heart.

「…Yukino-san’s not there, is she?」


「Yoshi-kun…that’s wrong! Yukino’s not in our group!」

Megu holds my hand.

「Yukino’s different…that girl…!」

…That’s right.

…Shirasaka Yukino

Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter…


Minaho-neesan’s subject of『revenge』…

「Please throw her already…I beg you. Abandon Yukino…!」

Megu clings to me crying.

…At that time.


Endou’s yell can be heard from outside the room.

Endou has come before the principal’s office.

It seems he ran straight here.

「Open this up!! Yukino…come out!!!」



Endou’s hitting the principal’s office door with a metal bat…

Minaho-neesan shows the image from the corridor to us.

Endou who’s deranged and became a mass of anger and hatred is breaking the principal’s office in rage.


The door to the『emergency broadcast room』next to the principal’s office opens up.

「…What’s this, you’re noisy」

Katsuko-nee comes out of the room.

Then…she told Endou.

「…Shirasaka Yukino-san is in this room」

Endou shows an「Eh?」face…

But still…Katsuko-nee comes to the corridor so the inside of the room can be seen…

Looking at the『emergency broadcast room』…

At that moment…

Minaho-neesan pushed on some switch.


Endou’s surprised looking inside the room!

「…Yukinnoooooooooooo!!!!! So this is where you are!!!!!2」

Endou’s voice.

Echoes throughout the school building.

「This will be broadcasted to the school」


「Voice…and video too」

Minaho-neesan shows me a monitor…

The surveillance camera switches from one after another…

The TVs installed in the classrooms in the school shows the video in the『emergency broadcast room』

「A confused student taking a schoolgirl as a hostage and occupying the emergency broadcast room…it can’t be helped if they pressed the broadcast switch by mistake, won’t it?」

Minaho-neesan intends to do this from the beginning…!

Endou’s voice roars in the whole school.

『…Yukino, you deceived meeee!!』

Endou enters the room stealthily while holding a metal bat!

At the moment he enters the room…Katsuko-nee slams the door from the outside!

She’s not reflected on the screen.

As if Endou closed the door by himself…

Endou and Yukino became alone in the『emergency broadcast room』…

『…Kenji…what’s wrong with you?』

Yukino’s surprised at Endou’s change.

Yukino’s appearance…

Her blouse is removed as the unit stuck on her skin is removed…

Her white blouse is in half off state.

The buttons on her chest is undone…

The hem of the blouse is outside too…

It was as if she’s in after sex.

No…the white blouse…

It will flash back Endou’s memory…

It will remind him the video Iwakura-san showed him earlier…my sex with her…

『Yukinooo…you…you’ve done it here! You’ve done it with him!!!!?!』

Inside the confused head of Endou…the current『emergency broadcast room』matches the image of the『AV room』

『Playing me like a damn fiddle…!』

Endou strikes the metal bat on the wall



Yukino’s scream goes through the whole school building!!!

1. This is a banned pokemon episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4dDaxHtQDU ↩

2. Heeere’s charlie!! ↩

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