Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 201

「No! No! No! Everyone’s just being fooled by her!!!」

Yukino can’t finally bear it and snapped off.

「This is all a lie! That person plotted this…!」

That person…

That is…Yuzuki Minaho…

「Everyone, all of you are just being fooled!」

Yukino screams as she cry…


「…Shirasaka-san, look at the reality」

「That’s right…there’s no way someone can fool all of Japan」

「Everyone’s stating the facts apart from you and your television station」

「Even the internet…there’s no lie that can go through」

The classmates’ cold glance makes Yukino…

「It’s not! That person…that person is…!」


「You…think about it carefully」

「At first, your father was arrested by the Australian police, wasn’t he?」

「Un…it’s overseas」

「Next…the scandal in the entertainment world is discovered」

「Yeah…the videos of the idols from the past」

「After that…the hideout of your father suddenly flamed up」

「…That was a huge fire wasn’t it?」

「Then…lastly, the kidnap-murder case of a 12 years old girl」

「There’s rape too…the video was released too」

「Then…the body was found in your villa…!」

Starting three o’clock, to evening, until midnight…it flows without stop…

「There’s no way this is a work of someone alone you know?」

Un…that’s what you’d normally think

「That’s right…at least the first incident in Australia is impossible」

「That was just him being caught in a bad moment by chance」

「Well of course…there’s no way someone plotted for the Australian police to move」

「…It’s a different country after all」

Well…we did

Minaho-neesan did…

This is the『revenge』Minaho-neesan has worked on for 12 years.

The villain image of Shirasaka Sousuke can no longer be broken.

「Well, even if it was an accident…Shirasaka Sousuke was arrested in Australia. Shirasaka Moritsugu’s newspaper tries to hush the case and stir up a revolt」

「Un…that’s what is said on the morning variety show too」

「The employees who resister control of Shirasaka family’s newspaper company also seem to have blown the whistle too」

「No…they’re in the entertainment business aren’t they? Just because they were in the advertising agency, they were being badmouthed…」

「The internet speculates that the people from the entertainment world released the video of the video of their own idol being raped in their office…!」

「Also…there’s the talk of hoodlums who can’t endure their conscience and talked about assisting Shirasaka Sousuke on kidnapping, rape and murder…」

「Un…no matter how you think about it, there’s a lot of people involved」

「…As the result of the arrest in Australia, those who had antipathy against Shirasaka Sousuke all stood up together…!」

「Yeah…there should be at least 30 people moving there…someone’s writing it on the inspection site over the net…!」

「Either way…Shirasaka Moritsugu tried to cover up the event in Australia」

「That’s definitely fishy…then suddenly the hideout was in flames」

「Shirasaka Sousuke’s a lolicon pervert…it seems that he’s been famous for kidnapping girls and rape them since long ago」

「There’s a lot of people who thought of the chance of accusing him」

「Or rather…Shirasaka house itself is being hated by the whole Japan…!」

Yukino barks

「It’s not! It’s completely wrong!」

For Yukino…the status of Shirasaka family is the root of her own identity…

Having it denied…

It’s the same as denying herself…

「This is all nonsense…everyone’s saying nonsense…!」

Yukino shouts while in tears…!

「It’s all that person’s work! This happened because of that person’s orders!」

The delinquent boy laughs at Yukino.

「…There’s no way you know?」

「Or rather…who are you talking about?」

「The one who moved the Australian police…mass media…and even induce the behavior in the internet…」

「…The one who buried the body of the missing girl on the villa?」


「…That’s right! It’s that one!」

The class laughs out loud.

「Who is that one then?!」

「If there’s that kind of person then isn’t that a『God』…!」

「Hey, Shirasaka…if you’re going to say that far, could you tell us who that is!」

「That’s right…if there’s someone like that in this world then could you tell us who that is?!」

The delinquents scowl at Yukino.


At the moment Yukino tried to speak…!


Yukino’s body twitched from the back!

「…Gyawawawawawawaw! Gyaaaaaaa!!!」

Yukino holds her back and screams!


I get it.

I saw this reaction from Michi’s electric baton several times.

This is a shock from the stun gun.

Yukino’s got a remote controlled stun gun attached to her back…


I don’t know whether it’s Minaho-neesan or Katsuko-nee…

When Yukino tries to talk about Minaho-neesan or me…at that moment, an intense electric shock would be sent to her back…!


She followed Minaho-neesan forcing her to wear a modest style without complains.

She behaved herself in front of Minaho-neesan.

She was forced to apologize in front of everyone about her father.

No…she was made to wear a uniform following the school regulations on purpose…

So her body line can’t be seen, hiding the electric shock item attached to her back…!

「Yukino…are you okay?」

Megu rushed to Yukino and raised her in her arms.

She’s not worried about Yukino.

Megu quickly isolates Yukino to not let the other people know about the electric shock device.,

「Hey…what’s going on with her?」

The delinquent asks Megu.

「Yukino’s like this since she was a child…when something doesn’t go her way, she panics then her head flips」

Megu lied again.

「Ah, I’ve heard about it…Shirasaka-san’s like that」

「Haa…she’s panicking when she lose to reality!」

Megu’s lie is easily accepted

「…Is she okay?」

「If we leave her for a while she’ll heal…this is normal so don’t mind her」

Megu declared.

「My house was treated like a slave by Shirasaka house so I’ve been forced to take care of Yukino since long ago」

Half of it is true and the later half is a lie.

But, since the half-truth feels factual…the class believes Megu’s words.

「Right…since the entrance ceremony, Yamamine-chan’s been anxious about Shirasaka-san all the time…!」

The schoolgirl’s words reinforce Megu.

「It can’t be helped…Shirasaka house is rich…and Yamamine’s house is poor」

…The『poor』setting has become been fixed.

Well, not that I mind.

「It’s really not something you need to go to the nurse office so don’t worry…this is normal for her. Right, Yukino?」

Megu rubs Yukino’s back.

No…she’s touching the electric shock device hidden under the uniform…

If she does something then the electric shock like earlier would attack Yukino’s body…

She’s telling Yukino that.

Megu’s also a member of『Kuromori』

「…T-That’s right. I’m fine now」

Megu shakes off Megu’s hand and tries to get up

But…her eyes are frightened

Her body’s trembling.

「What’s that…she’s getting panic shocks, isn’t that really bad?」

「You know it yourself don’t you? Your Papa’s a real criminal!」

「If it doesn’t go your way you snap off?…just how much of a child are you!?」

「…You’re helpless」

The delinquents makes fool of Yukino.

「Really…you’re a disappointment! Shirasaka-san!」

Yukino bites her lips, enduring it.

「Hey, what’s the ruckus…the class has already started!」

The classroom door opened and the middle aged math teacher comes in

At the same time…the chime rings.

「Get back to your seats…」

The temperature in the excited room cools down suddenly

「Okay…open your textbooks. Page 34! Start from the top right problem!」

Then…the class begins as usual

◇ ◇ ◇

Somehow…the first hour ended.

Yukino’s limped out.

During the class, Yukino’s being harassed by the delinquents.

They throw eraser waste…

Kicking her chair from behind…

…Are you in grade school?

I’m a bit worried…

As soon as it’s break time…Megu goes to my seat.

Then…she holds my hand tightly.

She’s looking at me with an expression never letting me approach Yukino…

「Hey, they’re here…it’s her!」

「That’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter?!」

The students from other classes and years come to see Yukino…

They’re looking at her curiously like a panda in a zoo.

「It’s annoying that there’s a lot of people in the hallway!」

The delinquent girl told Yukino sarcastically…

「Shirasaka-san…do you have anything to say to the people in the hallway?」

「Or rather, do an interview or something!」

「That’s right, it’s time for a Q&A!」

「How does it feel knowing that your father’s a perverted lolicon?」

「Eh? Shirasaka knew it before?」

「Or rather, could it be that Shirasaka has already done it with her father?」

「Papa…stooooop!! We’re parent and chiiiilllddd!!」

「…Isn’t that fine? Let’s have fun Yukino!」

The delinquents laugh vulgarly.

The normal students are looking at the situation with an unpleasant face…

They’re not complaining…

Everyone hates Yukino…

She endured the ten minutes of humiliation and…the next lesson begins…

The second hour was chemistry.

The chemistry teacher is a slightly deaf, old near retirement teacher…

The bullying of Yukino continues from earlier.

…Then, 15 minutes since the lesson has started.

「…Excuse me」

Suddenly…the classroom opens

Minaho-neesan came in

「…What’s wrong, Yuzuki-sensei?」

The old chemistry teacher asks Minaho-neesan…

「The principal has to talk with Shirasaka Yukino-san…!」

The delinquents are making a「It’s here!」face

「Hey hey, Shirasaka, are you going to drop out?」

「Well…you’re a stain in the school right」

「Bye bye, Yukino-san!」

Minaho-neesan speaks to Yukino.

「I don’t know what business it is but anyway…she’s called so please come」

Then…she looks at Megu.

「Yamamine-san too, please come with us」


「Because, Yamamine-san is Shirasaka-san’s relative, right?」

Megu’s friends got angry from what Minaho-neesan said.

「Sensei…Yamamine-san has nothing to do with Shirasaka-san’s house!」

「That’s right, even if they’re relatives…Megumi-chan’s is not close with Shirasaka-san’s house at all!」

The delinquent boys gets on it too!

「That’s right! Yamamine-chan’s house is『poor』you know!」


Minaho-neesan calmly spoke with her usual cold eyes.

「I was just told by the principal to call them…if you want to say it then go directly to the principal」

With those words, Megu’s friends are…

「…That’s just cruel!」

「…Megumi did not do anything wrong!」

「…Don’t go, Yamamine-san!」

Megu has friends who protest.

Yukino…doesn’t have anyone like that…

「It’s okay…I’ll explain it to the principal properly…」

Megu smiled at her friends and stood up.


「…Sensei, I’ll go with Megu. Is that okay?」

I stand up too.

「I am Megu’s…Yamamine Megumi’s『fiance』 I’ll explain it to the principal along with Megu…!」

Minaho-neesan smiled…

「Right…then, could you come too?」


This is fine isn’t it…Minaho-neesan?

「Now, let’s go…Yukino!」

Megu goes to Yukino’s seat


Yukino’s not standing up


She seems to be feeling anxiety and fear from being taken away from the classroom

「Hurry up and stand…the principal’s waiting」

Minaho-neesan pressures Yukino with a cold smile.

「Yukino…if you stay here then you’ll only be bullied by everyone」

Megu whispers to Yukino.

Then…she puts her hand to Yukino’s back.

「…Let’s go」

She pats the electric shock device with her fingers.

「G-Got it」

Yukino stands up from her seat…

Minaho-neesan asks the class.

「Speaking of which…did Endou-kun come back?」

Everyone shook their heads.

「Where did he go?…Endou-kun’s called by the principal too it seems」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

Perhaps…Minaho-neesan is the only one who knows Endou’s location…

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Tormenting me this much…are you satisfied already?」

Yukino speaks to Minaho-neesan while walking in the hallway.

「No…it’s far from satisfaction」

Minaho-neesan answered with a smile…

「You intend to do something further than this to me?」

Yukino’s frightened

「I wonder?」

Minaho-neesan answered bluntly.

Going back at the principal’s office…

Margo-san and Michi are there.

Michi’s holding a red and thick whip…

「I think you can use that whip with the same feel as the steel ball. Kudou-san」

Margo-san said.


Michi swings the red whip lightly…

But still, the tip of the whip cuts the air sharply.

「It’s made of reinforced rubber if you seriously and expertly use it, the speed of the tip will exceed the speed of sound」


If you beat one with such a whip, the skin would split. Even bones may break.

「The attack range is narrower than the steel ball but those take too much time to make a second shot after one blow. If it’s a whip, that won’t be the case. You can attack anywhere immediately within the radius of 2.5m. That space is your absolute control area」


Michi swings the whip!


Shuba, shuba, the whip’s tip hits the floor!

Dusts from the carpet of the principal’s office scatter around…

「…This is good!」

The response seems to be confident.

Michi smiles.

「You know the weakness of the whip right?…That is it would never be stolen. If the opponent grabbed your whip then swings the tip constantly…you’d be in a position where you can’t reach the enemy. If the enemy grabbed it and pull it, it would be disadvantageous for the small Kudou-san!」


Before I noticed…

Margo-san has ranked up to『master』of Michi.

「…I like this weapon. I will keep this」

Michi holds the whip with a full smile.

「I’ll give that whip to you…」

Margo-san said.

「Is that true…Master?!」

「Un…I think that weapon better suits Kudou-san than me. I took it out from the warehouse thinking so」

Michi look at the whip with sparkling eyes.

「…Red Butte, I’ll name you Red Butte!」

Michi said happily.


「Then, try to get used with the feel of it and try various things…the hidden garage on the underground is wider so let’s practice there. It seems that Minaho would be using this room…!」


「Go ahead, I will talk to Minaho first then I’ll follow you」


Michi opens the hidden door to the lower floor…then she looks at me happily.

「…I’ll definitely make use of this Red Butte」

「S-Sure…do your best」

I can say nothing but that.

Then…Michi politely bows to Minaho-neesan, glanced at Yukino with eyes of hatred…then went down the monitor room.

「…There’s currently no abnormalities. Kudou-san’s father is also watching…!」

Margo-san reports to Minaho-neesan.

「Kouzuki-sama’s『challenge』is working right?…I don’t think they would attack until tonight」

Minaho-neesan answers.


When I asked, Margo-san…

「Look, using the hotel to wait for Viola.」

「Cesario Viola himself comes to Japan for his commitment to Nei but the other people are different」


「Especially…Lorenzaccio Bandini, the manager of Viola’s group. They came all the way to Japan so I think they want to promote their work and ability.」

「…Kouzuki『Kakka』would be the best target for that, won’t he?」

…I see

Misuzu’s grandfather who’s a big-shot…has a lot of『enemies』

It’s a big opportunity so they made contract with such people, assassinate Kouzuki-san and earn a lot of money…

In addition…they want to show off their ability to the underground community of Japan.

「Kouzuki-sama has moved on his own with that flow…」

「Well,『Kakka’s』having fun being targeted by Viola」

「Therefore…at least, I don’t think Viola would assault the school」

「It’s not a hundred percent safe but…Mr. Viola doesn’t want to lose his strength by doing something bad…」

「He only brought a few elites…」

「Cesario Viola would happily play the game『Kakka』has set up…he’s that kind of man…!」

Then that’s fine but.

「Therefore…we should process our worries as much as possible for now…」

Margo-san told me.

「Leave Kudou-san to me to let out her stress」

…Let out her stress?

「That girl joined us by Misuzu-san’s instructions…she’s not a member of『Kuromori』right? That’s why she gathered a lot of stress staying overnight with an unknown group」

「Therefore…she was stricken hard by Yoshida-kun this morning」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Or rather…that girl’s starting to『depend』on Yoshida-kun」


「That girl told Yoshida-kun『Chose only Misuzu-sama』but…it’s different in her heart」

「Yes…to be exact『Please choose Misuzu-sama and me』…!」

「She’s a former『Misuzu-san LOVE』lesbian girl after all…」

…Does that mean?

「The lesbian who had no interest in boy…has inevitably gotten interested in Yoshida-kun」

「Earlier…she was being conscious of Yoshida-kun when she was swinging her whip」

「Un…that was cute」


「Well…anyway, I’ll have her distract herself with some exercise. Also…that whip can be used. We need Kudou-san’s power during confrontation with Viola…!」

「Right…if she’s trying to be an escort then it’s better to have a whip than a steel ball…」

「I’ll instruct her so we can use her as we want」


「Katsuko-san and Nei are watching over but…」

「Is it impossible for Nei to be alone?」

「I think she’ll be fine…if something gets caught in the sensor then she’s supposed to inform us through alarm」

「Then…could you ask Katsuko to come here?」


Margo-san heads to the hidden door…

Then, she stopped…

「…Yoshida-kun, do your best」

Margo-san told me.

「I pray you make the right choice…!」


I don’t get it but…

Anyway, I made a reply

Margo-san disappeared beyond the hidden door then soon after Katsuko-nee comes to replace…

「Did you call for me, Ojou-sama?」

「Yes…Katsuko, remove the device from Yukino-san’s back…!」

The remote controlled electric shock device pasted on her back…


Katsuko-nee goes towards Yukino.

「Let’s see…please use the next room. I’m going to have a confidential talk with Yoshida-kun」

…next room?

「The broadcast room is next to the principal’s office in case something emergency happened…」

…True, there’s a small door on the wall.

「Though you can come in from the corridor…you can come in directly from the principal’s office too」


「Then, Yukino-sama…shall we?」

Katsuko-nee said…

Yukino looks uneasy.

「Or would you rather have the stun gun with you all day long?」

Minaho-neesan said coldly.

「No…please remove it…peel it off」

「Then…let’s go to that room」

Katsuko-nee takes Yukino to the next room…

Remaining in the principal’s office is…Me, Minaho-neesan, and Megu.

「Now then…」

Minaho-neesan takes a seat on the principal’s desk…

Then opens her laptop…

「It’s about time you want to know what happened to Endou-kun, don’t you?」

Right…where’s Endou…?!

「This is the video 20 minutes ago…!」

Minaho-neesan turns the screen towards us…

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