Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 16

16. Come, she’s a prostitute…

「…Okay. It’s seven o’clock1 Yoshida-kun, get off from Shirasaka-san」

Being told by Sensei…I gripped Shirasaka-san’s ass and pulled out my penis from inside her.

I wanted to enjoy the reverberations of being connected with her for a bit but, it can’t be helped.

My semen is dripping from the all fours Shirasaka-san’s ass to her thighs…

「The semen would stain her skirt…Yoshida-kun, wipe it」

Sensei said, she took a wet tissue from that was on the passenger seat and handed it over to me.

「…I-I’ll wipe it off, Shirasaka-san, d-don’t move」

I took the wet tissue and dry out the semen dripping on Shirasaka-san’s thighs.

Next, I put a tissue on Shirasaka-san’s genitals.


While I was grinding it, Shirasaka-san leaked out a seductive voice…

「…That’s fine already. Yoshida-kun, you can stop now」

Shirasaka-san told me off but there’s still semen dripping from her slit…

「…B-But there’s still」

「I told you to leave me alone!!!」

Shirasaka-san on all fours raised her body…

She rolled back her skirt to cover her raw thighs from me.

After that, she put on her panty again…

「If you leave that then the semen would drip down during class!!」

Sensei mocks Shirasaka-san happily.

「…I’m fine with it. I don’t mind!」

Shirasaka-san fixed her bra…and her cute nipple is hidden…

She pinned the button of her white blouse and…grooming complete.

She smooth out the wrinkle of her blouse and skirt…then fixed her hair…

「Oh, amazing…I can hardly see the schoolgirl who just had sex right now!」

Sensei’s words are cruel as usual…

「It’s seven already, isn’t it?…Please let me free already!」

Shirasaka-san seriously glares at Sensei.

Sensei just laughs it off.

「For the time being…you amused me till seven」

Sensei started the car’s engine…

「Right…let’s talk about the location for the next time?」

The car began to move…

I can see Endou on the other side of the ground…

Shirasaka-san looked at Endou for a moment then…turned straight to the front after that.

…I understood that she intends to fight Sensei head-on.

Sensei’s car stopped on the corner of the parking lot for the School personnel…

This is a blind spot from the school building.

No one will notice unless other teachers comes in by a car.

Well, even if they come there’s a mirror sheet that’s like Yakuza on the rear seat of Sensei’s car so they won’t notice Shirasaka-san’s figure unless they come and look closer…

「…From yesterday till this morning, well done both of you. It was an interesting game. Thanks to that, I was able to have a lot of fun」

Yuzuki-sensie said such a thing suddenly.

She’s saying that what Shirasaka-san and I did is an 『Interesting game』…

It’s as if she’s speaking that she enjoyed having a camping trip with us.

「…It was a lie when you say that you’ll set me free, isn’t it?!」

「Isn’t that obvious?…Are you an idiot? A bottomless optimist?!」

Shirasaka-san bites her lip and endured her anger…

「Until when this is going to continue?」

「Let’s see. For the time being, let’s have you do it until the baseball club finishes their summer tournament? If the summer tournament ends, Endou-kun’s violence incident won’t make a big damage, don’t you think?」

Well, once the summer tournament ends…being blacklisted on foreign games won’t be that much troubling.

The third years would be able to retire without regret and even Endou won’t resign on the baseball club…

「…Is that so?」

However…there’s still one month before the qualifier begins.

Furthermore, as long as our baseball club continues winning games…Shirasaka-san must continue following Yuzuki-sensei.

「Then…I have something to give the two of you…」

Sensei rustled her bag, then took out a document from the inside.

She gave each small piece of paper to me and Shirasaka-san.

「Okay…here, the minutes until this morning…」


「…What is this?!」

…Shirasaka-san raised a surprise voice while looking at the paper handed over!

…I’m surprised too!

「What? I just talked about it right now…it’s the minutes of the work you did this time」

Sensei laughs calmly…!

It’s a computer document, and read as follows…

『★Payment Details…April 27

● Shirasaka Sama

Virgin loss / Complete set………250,000 Yen.

Virgin loss recording / Complete set…250,000 Yen.

Normal sex scene recording / Complete set…200,000 Yen

Intravaginal ejaculation / 30,000 Yen per Ejaculation x 12 …360,000 Yen.


Total……1.06 Million Yen2

|Yoshida Sama

Sex Scene recording / Complete set…10,000 Yen.

Intravaginal Ejaculation / 2,000 Yen per Ejaculation x 12…24,000 Yen


Total……34,000 Yen3

Abovementioned are transferred. 』

「Shirasaka-san you have your own bank account in Yotsuya bank, don’t you? Katsuko investigated and immediately found it. The full amount was transferred this morning so…It’s so convenient this days, you can now transfer easily over the internet」

The female teacher has a smile on her whole face…

「…What does this mean?」

Shirasaka-san’s hand is trembling…

「Labor value. You’ve worked hard on that so you can receive it with confidence. You’ve earned money by sacrificing your own body!」

「…My virginity is 1.06M Yen!?」

Shirasaka-san’s anger blows up…!

Sensei looks she can’t endure laughing from Shirasaka-san’s state.

「Take a look a the details. Your virginity costs 250,000 Yen. 1.06M Yen is the total!!!」

「…Don’t put a price tag on my virginity by yourself!!」

Shirasaka-san beats the car’s seat with all of her strength!!

The while car shook!

「Sorry. You’re too cute so I thought of giving you a bit more but Morishita stopped me. The girls until now have been given the same amount」

…『The girls until now』?!

Yuzuki-sensei did this to other schoolgirls…

「…I don’t care about money! Give it back to me! Give back my virginity to me!!!」

Shirasaka-san is already frenzied.

She’s protesting against Sensei while half crying.

「Sadly, broken virginity won’t ever come back you know? If you want, you can go for an operation where they reproduce your hymen? I’ll take out the costs for the operation. At most, your vagina has already accepted Yoshida-kun’s penis multiple times and spread out so it can never go back to it’s original state when you were still virgin…but do you want at least the membrane fixed?」

「…Don’t make fun of me!」

It’s the first time I saw Shirasaka-san this angry…

She’s having a red face…while crying.

Shirasaka-san is crying even when angry…

「I don’t need money…I’m not a prostitute!」

However…Shirasaka-san’s anger only pleases Yuzuki-sensei

「But, it’s already transferred. I can’t do anything about it」

Shirasaka-san glares angrily!

「I’ll return it! I don’t need such money!」

Sensei laughed at last…

「If you want to do that then that’s fine…but do you know, Shirasaka-san? The transferred money is from a 『Suspiciously named shop from Kabuki of Shinjuku』 You can never show your passbook to your parents. If they see that, they’ll surely worry about you…!」

…A suspicious shop?!

「…What do you mean by that?」

Sensei took another memo from a file…

「…Err, what was the store again? I leave it to Katsuko so I don’t know the details…Err, it’s this. 『Kabuki Street’s Date Club – store of koneko-chan』…It sounds too suspicious isn’t it? This is a real shop I think…what would your parents think if a shop with this name transferred a million yen to you?」

Sensei laughs like a child…

「They’ll think that『…Is our daughter selling herself?』」

Shirasaka-san was at loss of words…


Ahahaha, Sensei laughs loudly!

Sensei continued laughing for a while…

「…Anyway, you can no longer return the money because it’s already transferred. The name of the shop would lbe printed on your passbook. Oh right, before I forget…I’ll be transferring the share for the car sex by the end of the day. Since there’s no record, the intravaginal ejaculation would be 30,000 yen! and Yoshida will have additional 2,000 yen」

Shirasaka-san quietly mutters.

「…I’m not a prostitute!」

Looking at that face, Sensei laughed loudly again.

Then…She suddenly looked at her with cold eyes.

「I’ll be the one to decide if you become a prostitute or not…」

Eyes of overwhelming fear…!

「Shirasaka-san…can you stop that crap? You’ve been retorting to my orders a lot of times so far and you troubled me so much. If ever you want to continue that…I’ll seriously sell you out. This isn’t a threat. There’s a child who went through that before already!」

Last night…Sensei told Shirasaka that she’s the 『Seventh』

Perhaps, that’s the truth.

Sensei must’ve captured schoolgirls in the past and depraved them to such environment…!

「Want to be embraced by oily old men? Want to be gangraped by dumb groups on a university? I can introduce you to the customers with a lot of money…You’ll get even richer. The money you’ve earned from using your body will all be deposited on your bank properly…!」

「…N-No…That’s not…me!!」

I’m at my limit too!

「…S-Sensei! I beg you! P-Please don’t make S-Shirasaka-san experience that!! P-Please!!!」

Sensei looked at me with a surprised face…

Shirasaka-san too…

「Oh? What’s wrong, Yoshida-kun?…Do you hate Shirasaka-san being embraced by other men that much?」


I answered immediately!

I’m serious!

…Like hell I’d let Shirasaka-san do prostitution!!!

That’s absolute…Never!

I don’t want that!!

「Is that so?…Then, Yoshida-kun. Get off the car and kneel in front of me?!」

「…O-Okay, got it!!」

I opened the door of the car and jumped outside!

Just like that, I kneed and lowered my head on the gravel stone of the parking lot.

Sensei also got off the driver’s seat…!

「…Yoshida-kun. Your head is still high!」

Sensei walks towards me and her black leather pumps stepped on my head!!!

My head is being grinded on the gravel!

「…P-Please! I beg you! S-Sensei, please!」

Sensei kicked my face with her tiptoe.

Spark comes from my eyes!

The acute pain from the day before yesterday still runs through my face!

Blood comes out of my nose!

「…Oooh, P-Please! Please! Sensei, I beg you!」

Still, I got back to my posture immediately!

I buried my face in the gravel and beg to Sensei desperately!

「…Yoshida-kun, you really want Shirasaka-san that much?」


「You’ll do anything to have Shirasaka-san?」


「If I tell you to kill someone, you’ll murder?!」

「…Yes! I’ll do anything!!!」

「If I tell you to die, then will you kill yourself?!」

「…I-I’ll kill myself!!!」

That’s my honest thoughts.

I want Shirasaka-san.

I don’t want her to be taken by other men.

I want her to be mine only.

Whatever happens…!!


Suddenly, Sensei began to laugh…

「Very well. You’re really an interesting kid. I like you…Then, I’ll let Yoshida-kun have Shirasaka-san freely for one week」4

「…O-One week?」

I looked up from the gravel and up to Sensei.

The blood is still dripping from my nose…

Sensei have a smile like a demon…

「Have a week first…If you’re well behaved, I’ll be extending it for another week. But if ever you tried to go against my will, even for a but…you get it don’t you?」

Shirasaka-san will be prostituted?!!!

「I-I won’t…I-I’ll never go against you…I-I’ll do, I’ll do anything Sensei tells me to do! T-T-T-T-T-T-T-That’s why!!!」

I rubbed my forehead against the stone once again…

「You’re really interesting, with that said…Shirasaka-san. You’ll be Yoshida-kun’s exclusive prostitute for a week. If Yoshida-kun wants to have sex, you have to properly report at me. Because I’ll be paying your labor according to the contents of the sex…!」

The car door I opened.

I can see Shirasaka-san’s figure on the other side of it…

Shirasaka-san is looking down at me…

She’s looking at me, judging that I’m an ugly thing…

Shirasaka-san…is looking at me…

◇ ◇ ◇

Parting from the parking lot…Yuzuki-sensei gave Shiraska-san some orders…

「I think you already know this but…you must not tell anyone that you’re no longer a virgin. Spend the whole day like how you normally do your school life. 」


「Isn’t that obvious? If you act strange , the class and Endou-kun will think of it as abnormal, don’t you think? Act the same 『Daily life』as yesterday…!」


「Also…do you want to have a bet?」

Sensei’s mouth is crooked.

…She’s thinking of something sinister again.


「That’s right…If Endou-kun will beat Yoshida-kun this day?」


I wasn’t in the classroom yesterday so I didn’t meet with Endou.

「If ever Endou-kun didn’t beat Yoshida-kun for today…You don’t need to have sex with Yoshida-kun for today」


「But…If ever Endou-kun does hit Yoshida-kun…You’re going to be ravished by Yoshida-kun by the number of times he was hit…!」

Tears collect in Shirasaka-san’s eyes again…!

「…Do you get it, Shirasaka-san?」


「Good response…That’s right, when the class ends, remain in the classroom with Yoshida-kun…okay?」

「…Yes, understood」

「Oh, by the way, Yoshida-kun. Because we don’t have time in checking your account…here」

Sensei said and handed me a brown envelope.

「Normally, I’d be sending you off after giving the money however…your behavior pleases me so much so…here’s the 34,000 Yen from the sex until now」


Shirasaka-san’s looking.

With eyes of scorn…

「…I-I can’t accept it」

「It’s fine, take it…use it on Shirasaka-san. Like hotel charges…」

Sensei laughs and screws the envelope on my pocket!

「That’s right, I forgot another thing…This is from Katsuko」

Saying that, she took two package from the passenger seat.


「It’s lunch box…the two of you don’t have any lunch prepared, don’t you? That child’s prepared that in consideration…」

…Lunch box?

W-What attentiveness!

Katsuko-san, I really don’t know whether she’s a good person or not…

「…T-Thank you very much」

I took the package with trembling hands.

…Shirasaka-san too.

「Later then…Let’s meet in the homerom」

Saying that, Yuzuki-sensei stood up and was going to leave.

Suddenly, she stopped and approached Shirasaka-san.

Sensei approached the afraid Shriasaka-san and sniffed her…

「…Shirasaka-san, you stink. You’re having an intense smell of a man’s semen!」

…Shirasaka-san endures the humiliation.

Yuzuki-sensei left us while laughing…

The parking lot for personnel has only me and Shirasaka-san left…

「Kuh…something like this!!」

Shirasaka-san stared at the lunch box…she raised it overhead and was about to fling it to the ground!

「You can’t…Shirasaka-san!!」

My voice stopped Shirasaka-san!

「I’m sure Yuzuki-sensei will check it…whether we had properly eaten Katsuko-san’s lunch or not…!」

I didn’t say that there’s surveillance cameras set up in the school.

Still…it seems that Shirasaka-san understood that Yuzuki-sensei will surely confirm it.

Shirasaka-san’s eyes looked at me.

Severe eyes…angry eyes.

「…Yoshida-kun, what the hell is with you!」


「Don’t you think it’s embarrassing for you being Yuzuki-sensei’s underling!! Doing such terrible things at me!!!」

Shirasaka-san throws all of her anger at me.

「…Liar! Maniac! Coward! Pervert!!!」

She knocked my chest away!

My ass toppled on the ground!!!

「…I hate, someone like you…!!!!」

Shirasaka-san trots towards the school building…

I chase after her.

Shirasaka-san…is feeling dull pain in her genital.

…She walks unsteadily bowlegged.

That’s why I caught up immediately.

I walked behind Shirasaka-san.

Seven in the morning, school building’s back…

There’s no one else…there’s no students walking.

「…Don’t follow me!」

「W-were in the same class」

「…Don’t talk to me!!!」

Shirasaka-san’s eyes of hatred!

Her intense hatred is piercing me…!

…Why the hell are you looking at me with that eyes?!

…I love the laughing Shirasaka-san!

…I love Shirasaka Yukino’s smile!

And yet, why did this!!!


My heart explodes!!

「S-Shirasaka-san…I-I like Shirasaka-san…! I-I’ve always liked you since the start of the school!!」

However…Shirasaka-san’s eyes shoot out light of hatred to my confession…!

「…Don’t fool around! Don’t Joke with me! That’s not a joke!」

「I-It’s true! I-I’m not lying! I-I like Shirasaka-san! I-I was always looking at Shirasaka-san!」

「Don’t say something stupid! What do you know about me!? I don’t even know anything about you!!!」

「I-I like Shirasaka-san’s face! I like Shirasaka-san’s body! I like Shirasaka-san’s voice! I love everything, everything about you! 」

「…I hate you! I hate you very much!!」

「E-Even Shirasaka-san…Y-You still don’t know a-anything about me!?」

「…I don’t want to know! I don’t have a speck of interest of knowing anything about you! A man who raped me! Bakaa! Dieee!…I decided to give my first to Kenji and yet! Kenji’s the only one who can embrace me! Not you! not you! and yet!!!」

…Shirasaka Yukino

「…I don’t don’t want to betray Kenji…I don’t want to betray him and yet! You have raped me a lot of times! You came inside of me a lot of times! Die! You should just die!!」


「Don’t call my name bakaa! Kenji’s the only one who can call me Yukino! Kenji’s the only one who can kiss me and embrace me!! Not you!! You’re such an unfair person…!」

Shirasaka-san…cried again.

The tears spill out again.

With the existence of fear, Yuzuki-sensei gone…the emotions she had endured collapses instantly…

「…I, I!」

「Urusai! Urusai! Urusai! 5 Don’t speak! Shut up! Don’t even come close to me! Go away somewhere! I don’t even care if you die!! Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!!!!!」


…I realized that it’s already no good.

…Shirasaka-san will never forgive me for the rest of her life.

She’ll continue her whole life hating and avoiding me.


…Very well, that’s fine by itself!

I’ve already prepared myself.

That’s fine.

I’m already fine being the worst scum.

I’m fine being a trash of a human.

Still, I’ll never hand over Shirasaka Yukino to anyone.

If I can never have her heart, at least I’ll settle with her body.

I’ll make it only mine…

…Definitely, absolutely!!

「…I-I’ll tell Endou!」

Shirasaka-san’s eyes suddenly opened widely!

「I-I’ll tell Endou…that S-Shirasaka-san gave her virginity for Endou’s sake…! I-I’ll also borrow the photos from Sensei!! I-I’ll show it to him!!」

I threatened her.

My first love.

The girl I love the most in this world…

「…Don’t tell Kenji anything. P-Please keep everything a secret from Kenji!」

The fire of anger from Shirasaka-san’s eyes disappeared…

What’s there is just a frightened poor girl.

…Sixteen years old.

「I-If you don’t want that, l-look at me properly, a-and beg! F-from the bottom of your heart!」

Shriasaka-san turns at me…

Her crying face…cute face…oh, it feels refreshing to make her cry!

I’ll make her cry from now on…

Always, always…

「…Please…I beg you」

Shirasaka-san deeply bows at me.

I won’t easily agree!

Let’s be a bit cruel!

「T-Then…Y-You’re going to have sex with me all the time?!」

Shirasaka-san’s surprised.

……She’s trembling.

…Exhausted, eyes of resignation.

「I-I get it…」

「S-Speak properly…B-be specific on what you’re saying!」

I remembered Yuzuki-sensei from the car sex earlier and ordered Shirasaka-san.

「Y-Yukino will have…sex, with Yoshida-kun whenever he wants to! I’ll do…I’ll do it so!」

「…W-What is Shirasaka-san to me…?」


「…Y-You’re my exclusive what?!」


「Speak clearly!」

「Shirasaka Yukino is Yoshida-kun’s exclusive prostitute!」

She’s crying again.

Shirasaka-san is crying.


Making Shirasaka-san surrender is fun…

Looking at her crying face is fun.

Really fun.

「Very well…I’ll keep it a secret from Endou」

The laughter…I can’t stop laughing.

「…You’re the worst. You’re the worst!」

Shriasaka-san’s words of scorn is now fun…

Because, Shirasaka-san is looking at me when she says that.

Shirasaka-san is looking at me.

Her crying face is looking at me…

Whatever reason it is…even if it’s eyes of hatred, even eyes of disgust.

I’m already satisfied as long as Shirasaka-san looks at me.

We went towards the classroom just like that.

…Shirasaka-san’s ahead.

I’m walking from behind.

Shirasaka-san seems to be really in pain from losing her virginity.

…She’s stopping occasionally to rest.

She’s being conscious about her panties from time to time so she’s touching her ass.

I ogled a lot on her cute ass thoroughly.

Form the rarely used stairs to the schoolhouse.

While walking up the stairs…White liquid drips from under Shirasaka-san’s skirt to her thighs!

I see…My semen’s dripping…!

Shriasaka-san’s worried about it so she’s holding her ass…!

Shriasaka-san took out a tissue from her pocket and tried to wipe the white liquid from her thighs in a hurry…!

「…L-let me look!」

I ordered Shirasaka-san from behind.

「…L-Lift your skirt and show me your panties!」

「…I don’t wnat to」

「H-Hurry up!」

「…Someone will come!」

「…N-No one will!」

There’s no person nearby. There’s no footsteps either.

Shirasaka-san’s positioned higher in the stairs than me…

「D-Do it…you prostitute!」

Shirasaka-san’s tears flowed.

She, silently, slowly raised her skirt.

The light-blue silk panty that Katsuko-san gave her appears!

The genital location of the panty is wet!

My semen’s dripping from her slit!!

「…N-Nice view!」

I gave out a lewd impression on purpose.


Shirasaka-san in tears muttered…

「Why…Why do I have to experience this…!」

Inside her body, is my semen filling her up!

This is my woman…!

I’ll make her mine…

「…How long is this going to continue?!!!!」

A large drop of tears spit open on the stairs!

1. It’s not High Noon ↩

2. Approx 10,500 USD ↩

3. Approx 300 USD ↩

4. Remember the dates, It’ll be important ↩

5. Urusai means shut up! This is a common phrase by Shana on Shakugan no Shana, I assume that you already know what it means ↩

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