Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 150


Misuzu leans her body towards me.


Megu holds my hand.

On the backmost seat of the van Minaho-neesan is driving…

I’m being sandwiched by the approach of two beautiful girls…!

Yukino sends a look this way from time to time…

I ignore that for now.

Her eyes looks scary…

「…You can touch Misuzu’s breasts or everywhere else」

「…Touch Megu’s legs!」

The two of them whispers to my ear…

「…Everyone’s watching」

When I muttered that…Minaho-neesan…

「I don’t mind even if you three flirt…!」

No…Even if it’s good for Minaho-neesan…

Yukino and Kudou-chan is in the car too…

Especially…flirting in front of a middle school girl…

「You don’t have to mind about Michi okay…!」


「I have already told Michi that Danna-sama is someone important to Misuzu. Isn’t that right…Michi?」

The petite girl sitting on the passenger seat turned towards us…

「Yes…I am Misuzu-sama’s guard…therefore I will be guarding Misuzu-sama while she enjoy time with her beloved」

「Then that means that you’re going to stay by her side and watch even if we’re having sex?」

Kudou-chan answered with a serious face.

「…Of course!」


「But…Kudou-chan, that…do you know what sex is?」

This girl looks like a sheltered daughter…

It’s possible that she doesn’t understand things like sex or something…

Basically a slightly off-point kind of girl.

That part of her is cute though…

「Sex is…that’s namely a『copulation』of a male and female, right?」


「…Copulation…fornication…secret affair…that is what it means on ancient Japanese language isn’t it?」1

Kudou-chan stares at my eyes.

…Ancient Japanese language it is?

「Yes…You’re right」

I answered.

「I know the theory about the intersection of a man and a woman」


「I am a top placer on all of my subjects in the school year」


…Why can having good grades result in knowing about the theory of sex…?!

「I’ve memorized the textbook about human’s sexual nature…!!」

…S-Sex education.

…Health and physical education textbooks in middle school.

It’s not the level you will reach that from starting there…!

「It’s when a man’s secondary sex characteristic produces semen inside his body, right?」


「Then…if the semen is saved up inside the body more than three days…it explodes, or so I heard」

「…Explode?…What is?」

「…Of course, the man’s article!!」


「…Also known as penis」

Kudou-chan looks at me with a serious face…


…How should I answer her in this case?

「Danna-sama…Michi is talking about men’s wet dream」

W-Wet dream?

「Ah…right if it’s saved up for a while it would be released but…it doesn’t explode」

Kudou-chan’s eyes opened wide in surprise…!

「Eh…I’ve heard that it explodes! It flies away like a popcorn…!」

「Where did you hear that from?」

I tried to ask just in case.

「Suenaga-san, a friend in school…!」


Kudou-chan’s school is the same as Misuzu…it’s a super ojou-sama school being fought as one or two in Japan…

I’m sure all of them are not accustomed to men.

Everyone would believe such a strange joke even if it’s strange…

「Err…It doesn’t explode. It does spout out…something like spilling out…」


Kudou-chan’s surprised.

「Michi…Then, should I show you the moment Danna-sama ejaculates later?」


「Misuzu-sama…would that be okay?」

「It’ll be a lesson for Michi…isn’t that fine, Danna-sama?」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「Misuzu will show all of her sex…therefore observe the wonderful time when a man and a woman love each other to your heart’s content」

「Yes…Thank you very much!」

…H-hey hey

「…Misuzu, are you sure?」

Misuzu whispers to my ears…

「Michi is my pet…!」


「It is on the form of me borrowing her from Grandfather right now…But Misuzu doesn’t intend to return her」

…That means?

「I’ll make this girl my 『Little sister』…!」

Misuzu smiles.

「If Danna-sama wishes for it…please give Michi love as well. It doesn’t need to be done right now. Misuzu wants this girl to be by my side forever…」

Misuzu looks at Kudou-chan.

「Misuzu has to establish her firm position in the Kouzuki house. Misuzu will be needing a lot of people she can trust. Michi and I know each other since childhood…」

You’ll make Kudou-chan your own brain trust?

「…Misuzu-san. I will do anything to help Misuzu-san」

Megu talks to Misuzu when she heard the whispers from the side.

「Thank you very much. But…Megumi-san is my 『Little sister』that is loved the same by Danna-sama. I want to be in an equal relationship」

Misuzu smiles at Megu.

Yesterday’s 『Sister’s association』is still healthy inside Misuzu.

No…That was just one of Minaho-neesan’s plan to make Mana feel relieved…

After that, they won’t mind if the 『sister’s association』continues for real.

「Misuzu will never use Megumi-san as a 『subordinate』…and Michi too…」

Misuzu looks at Kudou-chan…

「She’s not my vassal…but please think of her as Misuzu’s 『Little sister』…!」

In short…

She’ll be my 『woman』?

This petite…cute girl.

「Err…can I think about it?」

I answered.

She’s a school year older than Mana but…I see Kudou-chan as the younger one.

Even her chest is tsurupeta(Washboard)…

Having sex with such a small girl like her…

…Is a bit

「Yes. There is no need to hurry…Michi will surely become an amazingly beautiful woman in a few years」

Misuzu smiles.

「Michi’s mother and sister are really beautiful…!」

Yeah…I can really feel that she’ll be a beauty in the future…

Right now…she’s a cute chibi.

「…In my case, I don’t want to force her to have sex. It’ll only be on the case Kudou-chan wishes for it…If not, I won’t embrace her」

I warned Misuzu.


Misuzu smiles.

「Danna-sama is also thinking of Michi as important」

That’s not what my intention is however.

A child ignorant of knowledge when it comes to sex…I feel bad fooling her with just clever words.

…Or rather.

Kudou-chan’s the type of beauty that’s too cute 『I want to protect』…


「…Hey, Kudou-chan」

I talk to her.

「Yes, what is it?」

Kudou-chan, turned to me.

「Uhm…I think you have heard about this from Misuzu already, but…」

I said something that’s hard to say.

「I love Misuzu, we have a sexual relationship. But, I have others…I love Megumi and have sex with her too…and I have multiple of those people」

Yukino stares at me.

Her eyes say「Why are you not saying my name?」

Well…Yukino is.

She doesn’t love me…I also don’t feel love towards Yukino.

Our relationship is just carnal…violated and the violator…

…We don’t have our hearts connected.

I always think of the possibility that Yukino will betray me…

Even Yukino doesn’t trust me at all.

Yukino is just drowning herself in the pleasure of abnormal sex…

She doesn’t have any partner in sex but me so she rode this car.

Even that is just to protect her pride.

She doesn’t want the other people to know the feeling of being violated by me, therefore…Yukino can’t hunt men in the town to release her own sexual desire.

Therefore…She will come to me to be surely violated.

The other one is the tattoo on her abdomen.

As a daughter of Shirasaka family, she can’t show the 『吉田』tattoo to someone else.

Therefore…Yukino can’t have sex with anyone but me for now.

That is her reason…

There is no love nor friendship in it.

It is only desire.

Her body that was continuously violated has awakened Yukino’s 『lewd blood』

「Anyway…I’m have relationship with a lot of women, a dirty man…a human that should be scorned by a girl like Kudou-chan…」

I talk honestly.

Kudou-chan is an orderly girl so I thought that I have to talk to her properly.

I’m fine if she hates me as a result.

Kudou-chan is Misuzu’s guard…Misuzu will have her on her side for all the time so I thought of telling her.

She’s a girl I’ll be with for all the time so I thought I should be honest.

「…Yoshida-sama, is a very honest gentleman」

Kudou-chan said.


「Kudou house, father has always been a guard of Kouzuki-sama…I know the upper-class men’s sex life and relationships are」


「Kouzuki-sama has a lot of mistresses other than her wife. I’ve heard that there are gentlemen among the clan that changes partner every night. 『Upper class men’s sex life has a lot of special cases so take care』…Is what my father have strictly instructed. Therefore I do not mind it…no matter what fetish you have!」


「…Uhm, it’s not that I’m someone from the upper class though」

Rather…I’m the lower class.

If you ask me, I think it’s on the lowest area.

「…Such modesty」

Kudou-chan said.

「Yoshida-sama, the house you were born into doesn’t matter…Being loved by Misuzu-sama puts your legs walking in the upper class…」


「…Yoshida-sama…you are prepared to love Misuzu-sama for long after this?」

The small girl’s eyes looks through my heart.

「…Yeah, that’s my intention」

「Then…doesn’t Yoshida-sama need to ready himself living among the upper class…?」

…This chibi.

…She knows Kouzuki house much more than me.

I see…Loving Misuzu means…

Shouldering Misuzu’s Kouzuki『Blood』as well.

「Yeah…you’re right」

I steel myself.

「I will do anything for Misuzu’s sake. I’ll support her whatever happens」


Misuzu snuggles to me.

「…Thank you very much」

「I don’t understand the upper-class that well…I know that someone like me isn’t suitable for that kind of world but…I want to help Misuzu」

Misuzu looks at me.

「…You’ll always be with Misuzu, will you not?」


「…Isn’t that obvious? I don’t intend to break up with Misuzu…Never」

Therefore…I have to make Kouzuki『Kakka』accept my relationship with Misuzu.

No matter what…


Misuzu kisses my hand.

「…I love you, Danna-sama」

I kiss Misuzu’s hand too.

I smiled and Misuzu returned a smile back.

Kudou-chan looks at our state and nodded.

「You really are an honest person…」

…Is that so?

I myself don’t know.

「I know Misuzu-sama since I was a child. Just as my elder sister who is Ruriko-sama’s guard being together constantly…I will be appointed as Misuzu-sama’s guard someday, therefore I’ve kept training repeatedly」

Ruriko-san is Misuzu’s cousin.

Kouzuki『Kakka’s』eldest son’s daughter.

Misuzu is 『Kakka’s』second son’s child.

Perhaps, the head of Kouzuki house in the future will be Ruriko-san, her marriage partner…

Therefore, Ruriko-san is already being guarded by Kudou-chan’s sister.

If it’s a girl on a close age…she can guard in school and other familiar places.

「Misuzu-sama has always been bad at dealing with men. Rather, I thought that she likes women more」

Kudou-chan said.

「In fact…when I suddenly heard her talking about a man she likes…I was surprised. Truly surprised. Furthermore, when I heard that he has other lovers…I held some doubt」


「I am Misuzu-sama’s guard therefore…I thought of burying Yoshida-sama in the darkness if he’s not suitable for Misuzu-sama…」

…Bury in the darkness?

「I was prepared to use my final secret『Eternal Force Blizzard』…」


「Eternal what…?」

「『Eternal Force Blizzard』!」

「Let me ask you just in case…what technique is that?」

Kudou-chan answered seriously.

「First…I’ll lure out the person to eliminate」


「…The refrigerated storage in the port」

…R-Refrigerated storage?

「And…confine them for two weeks」


「…The confined enemy will definitely die…!!!」


…They’ll die of course.



Where’s the martial arts there…?!

「My father had told me that during Edo Period, they seem to be confined on an ice cave in Mt. Fuji」


Kudou-chan…I think your father’s lying to you…

「H-How do you take them to Mt. Fuji?」

I asked just in case.



「Yes, it’s in Edo period…!」

I see…palanquin.

「It’ll arrive at the foot of Mt. Fuji in two days with a fast palanquin…」

…Two days.

「If it was in Meiji era, it’ll become a rickshaw…!」

She even go as far as using a Palanquin or a Rickshaw to lock them on Mt. Fuji…

They would freeze in two weeks…

「…Is there something strange in what I have mentioned?」

「…No, nothing 」

「Even now going to the foot of Mt. Fuji is a coming of age skill of Kudou style, humans confined in there seems to be pierced by ice pickles」

「…While freezing」

「Yes…It’s 『Eternal』after all」

…I see

…What the hell is that!!!!

「Then…what kind of person Danna-sama is after seeing it with Michi’s eyes?」

Feeling irritated that the talk doesn’t continue, Misuzu intervenes.

「Yes…as far as I have seen from his behavior…I can see Yoshida-sama as a decent gentleman. He does looks like he treasures Misuzu-sama…」

「That’s right, he loves me very dearly」

Misuzu answered in satisfaction.

「Rather than that, what feels very mysterious to me is that…Yamamine-sama who should originally be Misuzu-sama’s love rival is getting along with Misuzu-sama very well…!」

「…Rival? Me?」

Megu shows a surprised face.

「Speaking of which…that’s not how it should normally be」

Misuzu smiles at Megu.

「I was embraced by Yoshi-kun after I saw him and Misuzu-san made love…so I understand Yoshi-kun and Misuzu-san’s relationship very well…」

「Misuzu too…It’s me who suggested that Danna-sama should have sex with Megumi-san…I have accepted Megumi-san since the start」

「…Am I being a hindrance to Misuzu-san?」

「What are you saying…Megumi-san is the lawful wife of danna-sama. Misuzu doesn’t mind to be taken out of pity…!」

「No way…I’m fine being just a 『Lawful wife』as pretext. I know that MIsuzu-san’s is much suited to be Yoshi-kun’s wife essentially. Misuzu-san is much more intelligent, much kinder, much more elegant than me…!」




「…I think you should stop being modest on each other soon」

Minaho-neesan who’s been listening all this time speaks up happily.

「If you keep belittling yourself…Yoshida-kun will be monopolized by Katsuko and Nagisa. Nei’s there too…!」

Surprised…Misuzu and Megu look at each other’s face.

「That’s right…」

「Yeah…that’s right…」

「While we’re giving and taking the position of 『Lawful wife』…The ladies will take away Danna-sama」

「They have given us the chance of 『enjoying the high school life』for now however…」

「…The ladies are powerful」

The two of them let out w sigh.

「You see Kudou-san…Yoshida-kun has the thee power to attract peculiar women. His charm might not be working on normal girls.2 But…the charmed girls can’t separate themselves with him anymore. It’s not that Yoshida-kun is the one seducing the girls greedily」

Minaho-neesan told Kudou-chan.

「I do get that. Yoshida-sama has a strange performance that makes women like him」

Kudou-chan said.

「You’re right…Yoshi-kun never speaks flattery on the girl’s surface」

「Danna-sama never boasts about himself!」


I understand that them saying I’m being liked by girls is just a flattery but…

Why do I have to boast myself?

「It’s often said that men always makes strange boasts as “Take a good look at me”」

Misuzu told me.

「Look…Endou-kun is always talking loudly in the classroom right?」

When Megu gave an example, I understood it.

He was talking to the girls in the class.

I was sure that Endou would die if he doesn’t talk boasting himself…

「Or rather…Danna-sama’s always been quiet, isn’t he?」


「Yeah…He must be thinking a lot inside his head but Yoshi-kun only says what he needs to say」


I never noticed it myself.

「You’re right…Yoshida-kun won’t say anything unnecessary, I like that」

Even Minaho-neesan says that.

「Therefore…Whenever Yoshida-kun asks questions, you know that he seriously want to know, I think you have to explain it properly」


I don’t get it but…

Anyway, I said my thanks

「Idiot…we’re not forcing ourselves to praise you」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「Danna-sama’s really an honest one, I love how he never tells a lie…!」

「Yeah…Whenever Yoshi-kun says 『I like you』, you’ll know that he seriously think that he does from the bottom of his heart…it makes me happy. It warms up my heart」

「Even when in sex…I can feel him wanting me from the bottom of his heart…」

「Yeah…It feels you’re really being 『loved』…!」

「It makes you feel very happy from the bottom of your heart…being worn as a woman…as Danna-sama’s 『woman』…!」

The middle school girl is seriously listening to the talk of the two high school girls from the passenger seat.

Her eyes are sparkling…!

「…Are you people idiots?!」

Yukino breaks that sweet atmosphere.

「This man is a liar…you do know how much he has deceived and how much horrible experiences he has given me?」

…That’s right.

I deceived Yukino and raped her.

Again and again…

「That person is the worst kind of scum!」

Yukino glares at me with intense eyes.

An expression of contempt.


Misuzu and Megu are laughing…?!

Minaho-neesan’s laughing out loud.

Kudou-chan’s surprised like a kitten.

「W-What’s funny!?!!!」

Yukino shouts!

「Yukino-san…do you know what it means when I say Danna-sama is『honest and doesn’t lie』?」

Misuzu said.

「…W-What do you mean?」

Megu laughs.

「You see…everything that Yoshi-kun thinks shows in his face. He can’t keep a single secret. Therefore, you’ll immediately know it if he lies」

「…Right, isn’t he very honest?」

「He also lied to me once…When I asked him about the wound Endou-kun had given him, he answered 『I fell on the stairs』 But…I immediately knew it was a lie. That’s the kind of face he’s making. Furthermore…it’s 『I said a lie, I’m sorry』while making a crying face」

That also happened, right.

「That face was very cute…Thinking about it right now, I think that’s the time I got interested in Yoshi-kun」

Megu said.

「Misuzu thinks he has never lied to her even once. Just… Danna-sama is keeping things that is hard to say inside his heart. But, at those times…He’s making a 『I’m sorry for not saying it』just as Megumi-san has said. That face is very cute. It makes Misuzu’s heart go tight!」

Am I just an uncontained leak?

「Therefore…being deceived by Yoshi-kun?…Yukino is just lacking in caution, could it be that you didn’t take a proper look at Yoshi-kun’s face?」

「Misuzu thinks the same…Yukino-san, are you lacking in observation power when it comes to people?」

When the two points it out…Yukino.

「W-What! Are you saying that it’s my fault!!!」

…Minaho-neesan raised out a loud laugh.

「…Well, isn’t that okay Yukino-san? It’s about time we reach our destination」

Hearing that…Yukino look at the scenery outside the window and got startled.



I do remember this road.

This is close to Yukino’s house.

「That’s right…We’re going to your house…!」

Yukino’s expression turned horrified.

「…N-No way」

「It’s okay…your maid isn’t supposed to come today. Your mother is out at work right?」

Yukino doesn’t know that her own mother has come to the principal’s office of our high school.

She should be with old man Ichikawa right now.

It’s impossible for her to come back to Yukino’s house.

「But…my little sister is in the house」

Yukino shouts

「My…Didn’t your little sister stay out home last night…?!」

Minaho-neesan speaks to Yukino in a state that’s thoroughly investigating.

Yukino fell silent.

「Anyway…we’ll be going to your house」

Minaho-neesan’s eyes are smiling inside the mirror.

「…By the way, Misuzu-sama」

Kudou-chan asks Misuzu.

「What is it Michi?」

「…I’ve been curious about, but」

Kudou-chan looks at Yukino.

「Is this one our enemy? Or ally?」

…Oh right.

We didn’t explain about Yukino to Kudou-chan at all.


Misuzu answered lightly.

「Ah…as expected」

Kudou-chan glares at Yukino.

「She’s an enemy so she’ll experience rape and all the sufferings but, Kudou-chan shouldn’t go easy on her」

Minaho-neesan said.


Yukino shivers when Kudou-chan has said that.

「W-What’s with that?!」


「No way…Yukino, could it be that you don’t get it at all?」

…That’s right, Yukino is Mana’s sister.

If I recall Mana yesterday…

Mana…didn’t noticed that she’s a subject of revenge…

『It’s obvious that everyone’s kind to me』she misunderstands…

Getting conceited in front of everyone, she kept her selfish speech…

As a result…she has 『kneeled naked』this morning.

「You…rode on an『enemy’s』car」

Misuzu only asked Yukino. 『We’re going to have sex after this, what will you do, Yukino-san?』

Only『What will you do?』…

She doesn’t speak any 『invitations』like 『Yukino-san, want to have sex together with us?』or『Should we have fun together?』

Megu didn’t invite Yukino.

It was only Yukino who said 『Take me with you』or『I want to be violated』…

Minaho-neesan has only answered 『Come』to Yukino-san…

She didn’t say anything about『making her an ally』

「…Is there anyone here who’s a friend of Yukino-san?」

Minaho-neesan…speaks to everyone in the car.

…No one responded.

Yukino’s face has distorted in fear.

「…Yukino-san, you really have changed」

Minaho-neesan has said.

「It’s my first time seeing a child who wants to be 『abducted』by her enemies」

That’s right…

Yukino is 『abducted』right now.

By the criminal organization…『Kuromori』

「Now, Yukino-san. You’re going to suffer again but you don’t mind it do you? This time, you followed us by your own wishes…!」

Minaho-neesan’s revenge still continues…!!!!

1. I actually compromised on the meanings, it’s “Maguwaru, Maguai” ↩

2. Yukino confirmed normal ↩

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