Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 1469

Chapter 1469

「Oh, also」

I forgot about this one.

「Kudou-san mentioned this…」

Michi’s father, Kudou-san gave me some advice.

「Dai Grepher-san seems to like idols and stuff, so we could consider hiring him and giving him a position」

Old man Dai Grepher is a bodyguard who toys with his enemies with his weird skills.

However, he’s dependent on money, so he could become our enemy that easily, so I think it’s a good idea to take this opportunity to take him as our ally instead.

「Oh, that old man. His eyes are always looking at lolis」

Kinoshita-san says while eating.

Kinoshita-san knows Dai Grepher since she was a member of Banbarubie 3.

I mean, most of the time, it’s the old man chasing Kinoshita-san around because of her young appearance.

「What does that mean nyan?」

Izumi asks.

「He’s the type who watches from a distance, grinning and never touching them. So basically a loli watcher」

Kinoshita-san said with a smile.

「Those who like taking photos of lolis are photololi, those who like collecting songs sung by lolis are karaokeloli, and Boss who does it with lolis is the hardcore one」

Did you even split them up into groups?

「No, it’s not like they’re my preference」

I have Agnes, Luna, and Karen, but I also am having sex with Nagisa, Katsuko-nee, and even Shou-neechan

So it’s not exclusive to the small ones.

Besides, I only do it with girls whose body is mature enough to have sex.

「Now that you mention it. Boss is okay with all ages, I guess. But, well, if you are having sex with Lolis, that still qualifies」

Kinoshita-san said adamantly.

「If it’s Dai Grepher-san, I already gave him a call」

Minaho-neesan said to interrupt our conversation.

「I also received the same suggestion from Kudou-san. And so, Dai Grepher-san is meeting us in Death Pro’s office. I’ll let you deal with the bargain」


「Uhm, but I don’t think we’re on the same wavelength」

Or should I say that Dai Grepher’s too unique to have a real conversation with?

「Oh, if so, do you want me to assist you in the discussion?」

Kinoshita-san said.

「I know that old man very well. It’s okay. The one mentioned earlier, was it Miracle Academy? I think he’d be pleased to gain an official position there」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, Dai Grepher Oji-sama prefers girls who still have an amateur air around them compared to those who are already accustomed to the industry.」


「I understand. Kinoshita-san, help me out when negotiating with Dai Grepher-san. Thanks」

I asked her.

「Roger that, boss」

Kinoshita-san laughs and started eating the burger steak.

「That’s all I can tell you at this stage. The situation might change a little later」

Minaho-neesan looked at the clock.

The time is already past 8.

We still have a lot of time before going to Death Star Pro’s office.

「Either way, we know that Death Pro’s trying to do something. There’s no way they’d hand over their female talents to us that easily.

「So, are we seeing the loose gangs?」

I asked.

「Yes. Death Pro can’t use the gangs backing them this time, there’s no way they could. Their gangs don’t work better than we do」

The Kouzuki house has nearly won the war against the Kansai Yakuza, and the Kanto gangs are well aware of that.

The connection between Minaho-neesan and the Kouzuki house is also well known.

It’s been half a year since Kouzuki SS and the police began their 24-hour surveillance in front of the Black Forest mansion.

The former security head of Kouzuki SS had an affair with Michi’s mother and passed information about us to the gangs.

Now, Kanto gangs would want to avoid going to war with Kouzuki SS.


「Death Pro would use the loose gangs they know to sabotage us」

They will use the dangerous loose gangs that aren’t related to their organization

「I also asked Kudou-san to look into it. We’ll figure out the groups associated with Death Pro」

Kudou-Papa runs the behind-the-scenes unit of Kouzuki SS.

Minaho-neesan’s also working for Kouzuki SS now.

I guess it’s best to ask Kudou-papa to do this stuff.

Oh, so that’s why Dai Grepher-san came up in the discussion.

「Also, we’ll get another investigation report by noon」

「Okay, I’ll go back to the mansion for now」

When doing to Death Pro’s office, we’re taking Mitama, Anya, Clito, and Ososo, so we’re going back to the mansion to get them.

「No need. Those who are in the mansion right now will come here at noon and then we’ll head to Death Pro’s office from here」

Nei said.

「If we go back there, Yo-chan needs to deal with the girl assassins again and that’s hard.」

At this time of the day, Misuzu and the young ladies are going to their school, Mana and the group will be in the middle school, and Nagisa and Mao-chan will be at the flower shop.

The group left in the mansion are Megu, Ai, and Katsuko-nee, because of the holiday, then Anya and the girl assassins.

The girl assassins are currently feeling unrest because I took Clito and Ososo as my pets.

Of course, that’s a setup so they could leave their past as assassins behind and move on to a new life, but…

If I go back there, those girls will definitely follow me around.

Maybe I should take some time away and have those girls think amongst themselves.

「But, I can’t just leave it to Anya, Katsko-nee, Mitama, Megu, and Ai」

Putting Anya aside, it’s going to be hard for them to deal with those foreigners.

「Don’t worry, Kyouko-san’s going to look after those girls for today」

Minaho-neesan told me.

「She just went back to the mansion after you left. Kyouko-san’s happy that you accepted those girls. She mentioned that she’s glad bringing them to you」

Those girl assassins were sheltered by a crazy boss from a Southeast Asian syndicate.

All of them have experienced killing more than one person already.

It takes considerable time and determination to be able to live in a normal environment.

「No, I’m the one who should thank her for bringing those girls to us」

I think the girl assassins had no choice but to join our family.

「I feel safer that Kyouko-san’s there, I’m sure those girls can talk to Kyouko-san about a lot of things」

Nei said.

「Right. I think it might be good for them to talk to Kyouko while Darling’s not around」

Edie said.

「Darling shook up the assassins who had been so rigid for the past few days. You tried telling those girls that there’s another way of life apart from being an assassin. So, I think Kyouko wants to see how it’s affecting their minds now」

「If so, there shouldn’t be any problem now」

「I think so too」

If Edie thinks so, then it must be right.

「We’re renting a microbus from Kouzuki SS, go to the mansion first, pick up the members going to Death Pro Office, and then have them come here」

Minaho-neesan said.

「I don’t think we should use a convoy this time, so we’ll take one microbus」

「True, if we use a convoy, Death Pro would find it too oppressive and alarming」

Nei laughed.

「There’s that, but Minaho-neesan’s afraid of attacks, right?」

「Huh, but we can respond to the usual attacks with our convoys, right?」

I said. Nei throws a question.

Sure, we could deal with enemy attacks no matter what happens…


「This time, we’re taking Clito and Ososo with us, so we need someone to watch them so they don’t get too excited and start charging around.」

The girl assassins have been through too many kill-or-be-killed scenes.

If Clito or Ososo jumped out of the car, they would surely kill the attackers.

「Even if we put Anya in the same car as Ososo and Clito to keep an eye on them, Anya would become busy holding back the two and it will be the only car that can’t defend. We could put another one in the same car, but…」

「If we do that, we won’t be able to distribute security throughout the convoy」

Edie smiled.

So far, Edie’s not on the list of people going to Death Pro’s office.

Still, the only guards that can move freely during the day today are Anya, Edie, Mitama, Kinoshita-san, and Kurose Anju.

Mitama’s specialized in attacking, not for caution. On the other hand, Kurose Anju’s still an apprentice so she’s vigilant, but she can’t go for the offensive.

With the headcount, we have right now, the best we could do is three cars if we’re going on a convoy, with the assumption that we will get attacked.

It’s better to divide the vehicles into front alert, command, and rear, to allow more room for the people to respond immediately in case of an attack.

If that’s the case, we would lack bodyguards.

「If so, it’s better to use a microbus for today. Minaho-neesan can start commanding in case something happens」

I looked at Minaho-neesan.

It’s much faster to deal with when the one commanding is giving instructions on the same car compared to using radios.

「Right. In any case, the other party is a loose gang, so I’m sure they’ll come up with some tricks up their sleeve. So, I want to deal with them from as good of a vantage point as possible」

Minaho-neesan said.

Do microbuses have a better advantage since you can look from a higher angle compared to a regular car?

「Anyway, we’ll take the microbus. Any other questions? If not, I have a room in this hotel prepared for you to rest until noon. You’ve had a rough couple of days the schedule today is also packed」

I was at the school festival until yesterday, and this morning, we went to Matsumoto Miki-san’s middle school.

We’re going to Death Pro’s office this afternoon, and solve Karen’s bullying issue with the Mizushima house later this evening.

Minaho-neesan’s right, I should take some rest.



Izumi timidly asks.

「I also need to go to school nyan」

Izumi should’ve gone with Marika and Maki back to their music school today.

But, why is Izumi left with us?

「Didn’t I say that you won’t return to school until the afternoon?」

I’m sure I told her that.

「It’s still 8. Still a few hours until afternoon」

I tell Izumi while pointing at my wristwatch.

「That’s right, but, I thought that I could nyan…I thought that was good enough nyan」

Izumi says while fidgeting?

「What do you mean?」

I don’t know what Izumi’s thinking, why does she want to go home now?

「Izumi’s scared」

Edie laughs.

「She was hearing all those words coming from our mouths, like gangs, attacks, and other stuff」

Oh, that one.

Igarashi Izumi’s just discovering our other side.

I guess that’s why she’s scared.

「Sneaking into Miki’s school was still a fun experience for her, but this time, she feels like it was serious trouble」

Edie analyzes.

「What about Miki-san, what are your thoughts after hearing our conversation?」

I asked Matsumoto Miki-san.

It should also be her first time seeing us deal with the underground side.

「To be honest, I’m surprised. I honestly don’t know how far should I believe what everyone’s talking about」

Miki-san said.

「But, from what I’ve seen so far, I feel like it’s all true」

Miki-san’s much wiser than Izumi.

「Rather, I can’t believe Igarashi-san would try to run away this later after discovering so much」

Miki-san looked at Izumi coldly.

「Isn’t it clear that Izumi-san and I can’t escape from this?」

「Eeeh?! Really nyan?」

「They have no intention of letting us free…that’s why they can talk about scary stuff like that even though we’re listening. Do you not get that?」

Izumi doesn’t get that.

「Besides, do you even know why you had to stay here with us Izumi?」

I asked Izumi.

「Well, that’s because Kou-kun-san got angry when I was about to return with Maki-oneesama and Marika-oneesama, that’s why I was left here nyan」

Izumi looks impatient.

「So, do you know what I’m angry at?」

I asked further.

「That’s…I don’t know nyan… I’m not Kou-kun-san so I can’t possibly know what made you angry nyan」

The fact that Izumi’s blatantly obvious attitude was in front of me when she was finally about to be let go was a big problem to me so I had her remain.

「And you’re not even trying to figure out why I was angry?」

「B-But, I don’t know what I don’t know」

Igarashi Izumi doesn’t try to understand what others think.

「Then, what do you think I was going to do after making you stay here」

「T-That’s…I thought I would get punished nyan」


Izumi looked down and speaks in a small voice.

「I-I thought that it was going to end up with sex again nyan」

Izumi lost her virginity to me last night.

「Right. We still have time, enough time to have sex」

I said.

「Uhm, I don’t want to have sex nyan. I don’t like doing it with someone I don’t like nyan」

She says even in this situation.

She’s so dumb.

「You can’t even see things objectively?」

I said, feeling fed up.

「Okay, what do you think Marika and Maki thought when they went back to school and leave you? Try imagining it」

I asked. Izumi;

「Maki-oneesama and Marika-oneesama probably think that I’ll do it again with Kou-kun-san, nyan」

「Of course. Marika and Maki probably thought that the punishment would be sex. I think so too, by the way, 」

I look at Izumi.

「What do you think Maki and Marika would think if you went back there without having sex with me?」

「That’s…Onee-sama would be happy that I’ve returned safe nyan?」


She sure is dumb.

「If Izumi leaves without Yo-chan’s punishment, Maki and Marika would rush to apologize to Yo-chan. Then, they’ll forget about the idea of taking Izumi-chan as a pet, and abandon you」

Nei speaks harshly.

「Eeeeeeh??!! W-Why nyan?!」

Izumi looks dumbfounded…

「Maki-neesan and Marika-san can’t survive without Kuromori Kou-san’s support! So both of them can’t be rude to him! Why can’t you figure that out?」

Matsumoto Miki-san, the youngest in this place, snapped.

「You heard it last night, didn’t you? Marika-san received help so she could continue her music studies, and she will continue needing it. Maki-neesan and I are the same!」

Miki-san speaks in pain.

「We now owe him a huge debt of gratitude, and the only way we could repay him is to do our best in our studies! Of course, Nee-san would have sex with him! That’s the least she could do! If he abandons us, then it’s all over」

Miki-san’s eyes are filled with tears.

「I finally figured it out. Nee-san’s determination and resolve. I was childish. I didn’t understand how Nee-san felt」

Tears fell down Miki-san’s cheeks.

She finally sorted out her thoughts after hearing Izumi’s conversation with me.

「I was so busy with myself that I didn’t realize my place.」

Nei hugs Miki-san’s back.

「Don’t worry, Yo-chan knows, right?」

「But, I can’t forgive myself. I’m such a…」

Then, Miki-san looked at Izumi.

「Izumi-san, do you know that you’ve been hindering Nee-san and me all this time?」


Izumi’s surprised.

「I didn’t like that Izumi-san just tagged along yesterday. I was half in doubt when Marika-san said that she was going to introduce us to someone who could help Nee-san and me continue our music studies, but I wanted to take a chance even if it was a small one. Despite that…」

Izumi put on a black leather jacket and delinquent girl makeup, forcibly coming with Maki and Marika.

「It’s our lives that were on the line, yet, why did you dress up like that? Izumi-san, are you looking down on us?」

「I-I was just…」

Izumi didn’t believe Marika’s story of introducing Maki and Miki to me.

She thought that Marika’s scamming Maki.

That’s why she tried to threaten us with that weird look.

「If Nee-san and I didn’t get our scholarships because of Izumi-san, what were you planning to do?」


Izumi fell silent.

「You only think about yourself. Even so, it’s so shallow, so selfish」

Edie said.

「Last night, when Kou-san was explaining about Izumi-san to the family, didn’t he mention to never trust Izumi-san?」

Miki-san said.

「I thought that it was just horrible last night. But, I think Kuromori Kou-san’s right about it」


「Izumi-san’s left behind because Kuromori Kou-san decided that Izumi-san can’t be left as she is now, you can’t be Nee-san and Marika-san’s pet like that. I agree. Nobody wants to keep a selfish pet. I think that Nee-san’s prepared for the fact that they have to abandon Izumi-san」

「But that’s!!!」

Izumi raised her voice, looking at Miki-san.

「If you’re a pet, then act like one! If you’re being selfish, you’re bringing Nee-san trouble! You’re also troubling me!」

「Even if you say that, I don’t know what to do」

Izumi said, so I;

「Don’t think about what you should do, think about how you could make Maki and Marika happy instead」

I tell her frankly.

「Izumi, you lack imagination. You can’t stay as Marika and Maki’s pet like that」


Izumi looked down.

「I’ll ask you again, what are Marika and Maki thinking you’re doing right now」

「They think I’m going to have sex with Kou-kun-san」

「So, what do you think will make them happy if you report them after returning in the afternoon?」


Miki-san speaks instead of Izumi who’s hesitating.

「It’s to have sex with Kuromori Kou-san and satisfy him, right?」

「Is there anything else?」

「I think that’s it」

Edie and Nei added.

「If you want to stay with Maki-neesan, then please take that resolve as a pet. If not, please don’t show up in front of Nee-san and me ever again」


Izumi looks at Miki-san with an imploring eye, but…

「Don’t make that face. Even I also need to make the same resolve that Izumi-san needs right now」

Miki-san looked straight at me.

「I want to continue playing my violin. I want to stay with Maki-neesan. And so…」


「I belong to Kuromori Kou-san. I’ve made my resolve」

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