Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 1459

Chapter 1459

「 Err 」

I also started urinating together with Clito and Ososo

It can’t be helped.

「 There we go 」

I squat in front of Clito and Ososo and urinate with them.

Clito’s brown hairless crotch and Ososo’s black skin and blonde pubic hair have clear pee spewing from the slit and bouncing off the floor.

I also trickled my pee over the floor tiles that they’re peeing on.

「 Somehow, this is new 」

Mana watched Clito, Ososo, and I pee in a triangle and said.

「 I also want to pee together with Danna-sama next time 」

This is bad, now Misuzu’s awakening to something new.

「 Men’s penis is strange 」

Megu says.

To me, I have it so I take it for granted and use it every day, but for a girl who doesn’t have a penis, using it to pee and cum may be a strange thing


Ososo in front of me laughs.

The girl assassin who never showed a smile before…

She watches Clito’s, mine, and her pee mix on the floor.

Then she looked at my face and laughed again.


True, thinking about it again, this idea of peeing together is funny.

Clito looks curiously at the face of the black girl of her age.

Ososo continues to laugh, poking the finger of the beautiful Persian girl next to her and saying something.

I think I know what she means with that, she says “This is funny, don’t you think? You should laugh too”

Clito’s face remains confused, as usual.

Ososo presses her finger on Clito’s mouth and forced her to smile.

Then, she laughed again.

「 It seems like these two are a good pair 」

Haiji, who’s watching from the dressing room, said.

Haiji’s calm and collected at all times so she must be right.

Clito, who’s nervous and timid, may need help from a girl like Ososo.

Before long, we finished peeing.

Mana, shower

「 Here, Onii-chan 」

I took the shower head from Mana and wash off the pee that spilled between our legs and on the floor.

Ososo laughs again.

Seems like peeing together broke the tension between us.

Still, that’s a soft smile.

「 Okay, excuse me 」

Then, in comes…

Kinoshita-san, wearing her black uniform…

「 Nei-san sent me since it’s getting late. Nei-san’s angry now. She’s been wondering how long Misuzu-sama’s been peeing


Nei told us to hurry.

Of course, Nei knows that since Misuzu’s here, she’ll do her usual peeing display.

But, she doesn’t know that everyone did the same after Misuzu.

「 The rules in this mansion sure are weird, everyone can just watch sex, and yet, I don’t get why peeing is a private matter you can’t spy on 」

Kinoshita-san laughs.

The mansion is filled with cameras, for example, Nei watched the footage of me having sex with Arisu and the girls last night.

But, she doesn’t watch Misuzu peeing because she thought that she shouldn’t watch without permission.

She asked Kinoshita-san to come and tell us to hurry up because the cameras and microphones here are turned off.

「 It’s just me who has no privacy in this place 」

I’m the center of the family, so they know where I am, what I’m doing, and who I’m doing it with.

Also, if they ask the other girls, they tell as much as they can about my situation.

「 Apart from me, everyone else still has their privacy 」

Otherwise, the trust between the girls in the family would crack

So that’s why…

Luna and the other shrine maidens know that Karne’s suffering from being bullied at school, but they couldn’t tell me.

「 I see. That’s interesting. The Harem Master has the most eyes watching 」

Kinoshita-san said

「 Historically, it’s common for the most powerful to have no privacy, Louis XIV had people visiting every morning even while he was pooping, and even Marie Antoinette had to disclose the moment she gave birth to the nobility 」

Michi said.

「 But, I’m not a king 」

I’m just a high-school boy.

I’m no Louis XIV or Marie Antoinette.

「 What are you talking about boss? You’re already like a king 」

Kinoshita-san laughs.

「 Oh right, I’m calling you boss from now on. I mean, you’re my actual boss 」

Kinoshita-san’s one of the top elites of Kouzuki SS, and now my exclusive bodyguard.

I’m the owner of Kouzuki SS now.

「 Anyway, hurry up, wipe your bodies, and put on your clothes. Nei-san’s waiting 」

Oh right.

We hurriedly left the bathroom.

「 Misuzu-san, no asking for Yoshi-kun’s help this time 」

「 I know 」

Usually, Misuzu would ask me to put her panty on her.

Megu held her back before that happened, so I focused on putting on my clothes.

I mean, isn’t this just my school uniform?

I’m going out this morning wearing my uniform…

Megu doesn’t have any club activities today so she’s putting on casual clothes.

Misuzu and Arisu’s wearing their school uniforms.

Mana also put on her school uniform.

Clito and Ososo put on jersey clothing.

「 Okay, let’s go 」

Kinoshita-san says after everyone put on their clothes.

Misuzu and Arisu haven’t arranged their hair, but they still have some time before departing to school.

「 To the dining room, right? 」

Nei’s message was to come to the dining room.

「 Well, the plan was for Boss to have breakfast in the dining hall first, but our time ran out so they asked us to come upstairs to the piano hall. We’re eating breakfast there 」

Piano hall?

The place where Marika and Maki introduced Izumi, their naked pet to everyone in the family yesterday.

Speaking of which, I hear Marika and Maki practicing their piano on speakers.

So it should be in that room.

There is no other room in the mansion with that grand piano.

We do have an electric organ in the dining room.

「 Let’s go! 」

Kinoshita-san semi-jogs and we followed at the same pace.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Hey, you guys are late, what were you doing, Yo-chan? 」

Nei’s waiting for us in the piano hall on the second floor.

It’s not just Nei.

Just like last night, everyone’s gathered sitting in the same seats.

No, even Mao-chan, who was asleep last night, is also here.

The only people not present are Minaho-neesan, who is staying at the hotel, Shou-neechan who has duties in Kouzuki SS, and Margo-san and Kyouko-san.

Also, Yukino.

「 Okay, every one, one two 」

Nei takes the lead and everyone smiled at me.

「 Good Morning 」

They greeted the good morning.

Of course, that also includes Anya and the girl assassins on the side.

It’s only Matsumoto Miki-san who didn’t greet.

「 Y-Yeah, good morning everyone 」

I also greeted them back.

「 Yo-chan, sit down, we have a sandwich, ice tea, and breakfast ready 」

Nei points at the side empty side table where the breakfast is prepared.

The seats around me are empty.

Misuzu and Megu, who came with me, have their seats.

「 Everyone else can sit wherever they like, we can make it if we eat breakfast here, okay 」

In short, once the event in the hall is over, we need to proceed to the next job.

「 Come on, hurry, we’re already ten minutes behind schedule 」

Nei urged and I sat down on my seat too.

「 Hey what’s going on? We don’t have school today so I thought that I could wake up late, but… 」

Yukino enters the room late, but…

She’s wearing a negligee, her hair is ruffled, and she’s still carrying a pillow in her arms.

「 Oh? Looks delicious 」

Then, she sat next to me and took a bite of the sandwich prepared for me.

「 Hey, that’s mine 」

I complained, but…

「 It’s not for me, it’s for the child in my stomach, cut me some slack 」

Yukino also drinks my iced tea.

「 I even forced myself to get up early for the sake of the child 」

She stared at me.

「 For the child? 」

「 Yes, parental care 」

Yukino smiled.

「 I read that listening to piano music is good for the baby, and someone contacted my room through the extension phone. That’s why I did my best to come here 」

Yukino points at Nagisa, who’s also pregnant.

She’s waving her hand with a smile to us, and Mao’s doing the same.

While I was waving back, Yukino took another sandwich from my plate.

「 Hey, leave some for me at least 」

If you take it all, I’m losing my breakfast.

But Yukino instead…

「 Good Morning 」

Greeted me while eating the sandwich.

「 What? 」

「 I haven’t greeted you good morning yet, have I? 」

「 Y-Yeah, good Morning 」

I greeted back, Yukino smiled and tossed the next sandwich into her mouth.

I guess I’ll give up on my breakfast.

「 Okay, well then, we’ve been waiting for a long time. Yo-chan and everyone have arrived, so we’re going to have our first chitty-chatty music meeting! 」

Nei hosts the event then Marika and Maki, in their school uniform, appear before the piano.

They bow their heads to us and sat down on the piano chair.

I see.

The music we were hearing earlier was practice for this one.

These girls are serious about becoming pianists, they don’t just perform in front of an audience without practice and sound checks.

What they’re about to do is a real performance.

「 !!! 」

The two put their hands above the piano keys.

Everyone in the room is drawn into Marika and Maki’s concentration.

Then, the piano girls started their four-handed performance.

This is…

It’s Mozart’s piece, the one they performed in front of Minaho-neesan.

It’s the same piece, but it’s not the same performance.

Maki was wonderful yesterday, and yet…

Maki’s performance yesterday had some unease and weakness.

This time, her performance is full of confidence. It’s a powerful sound, it’s clear.

Marika’s performance also blends with Maki’s tune.

They’ve leveled up much more compared to yesterday.

I don’t know much about music, but I can still feel it.

The two have overwhelmed us with their performance.

They’ve grown so much in just one night. Both Maki and Marika did.

Within such a small interval…

I’ve come to see the progress that geniuses make.

「 Bravo desuno! 」

Agnes stood up and clapped her hands.

We followed and clapped our hands.

Only Maki’s sister, Miki-san doesn’t applaud.

She’s confused at the change in her sister’s performance.

「 Continue with another piece please 」

Nei, the host, said, then…

Marika stood up and backs away from the piano.

Then, Izumi comes near the piano and bows to us.

As Maki’s prelude begins…

Izumi started singing.

I know this one, it’s “Sakura”

「 Sakura, Sakura Yayoi no Sora wa, Miwatasu Kagiri…. 」

Izumi’s voice is also different from yesterday when she was forced to sing our school’s anthem for the School swimsuit Judo tournament.

She’s serious in this one, and it’s beautiful

It makes an impression in the room.

Izumi’s also one of the top three vocalists in their high school.

「 Izaya, Izaya, Mi ni Yukan 」

After the song and performance ended, Izumi bows her head.

「 That was lovely, Izumi-chan 」

This time, it was Mariko who took the initiative and gave her applause.

We also followed suit.

Maki also stood up from the piano and looked at Marika and Izumi.

The three of them smile at each other amidst the thunderous applause.

The three of them also felt that their performance did well.

The three lined up and bowed to us.

We continued clapping our hands.

「 They didn’t want to remain the same as yesterday 」

Megu, who’s sitting behind me, said.

「 Right, they also have their pride 」

Misuzu, who’s sitting next to Megu, said.

「 I guess they wanted to show us their talents to the best of their abilities before returning to their dorms 」

「 I get it, I’m also like that 」

Misuzu said. Megu agreed.


Maki and Izumi wanted the family to know about their talents.

They can’t go back to their dorm without proving that they’re worthy of joining the family first.

They’re facing their dream of becoming musicians and walking the path.

It’s Izumi who had it the hardest yesterday, she became Maki and Marika’s pet and received permission to stay.

Izumi’s also talented, that’s what Marika and Maki wanted to convey to us.

「 But, I think that’s going to put pressure on those girls 」

Michi, who stands next to Misuzu, looks at the girl assassins.

「 From here on, even pets have to show this much talent 」

True, the girl assassins seem to be talking to each other with a gloomy look.

Those girls saw Izumi, who was naked, greeting every single member of the family, saying that she became a pet.

It wasn’t attractive at all.

Even so, Izumi shows that she has talents that surpass others.

The girl assassins already know that they can’t win against Edie, Michi, or Anya when it comes to a fight.

Even in beauty, Nei and Agnes far surpass them.

Even if Izumi, who came later than them, has been accepted as the pet before they know it, they see that they’re losing in terms of talent.

「 Oh, it seems that she’s looking this way 」

Haiji’s talking about Anne Roze. She’s indeed looking this way.

To be precise, she’s glaring at Ososo and Clito, who became my pet out of luck,.

Clito was so anxious until last night, wondering what will happen to her in the future, even going out of control repeatedly.

The girl assassins are thinking about getting serious soon enough.

「 It seems that it’ll be a contest for them today 」

I muttered.

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