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Chapter 1427. Next Mission / Reconciliation and Farewell

Chapter 1427. Next Mission / Reconciliation and Farewell

「 But…is there…is there nothing I could do for them? 」

Elder Matsumoto, who heard his granddaughters’ musical performance for the first time…

He was so moved that he’s crying.

The high-handed displeased expression is now gone.

「 As mentioned earlier, Matsumoto Maki-sama and Miki-sama will be receiving scholarship grants from Kouzuki world cultural exchange center 」

Kyouko-san, disguised as Chemin Koda, speaks.

「 We’ll support your grandchildren perfectly, we at Kouzuki world cultural exchange center can also provide them with the best lessons from the best music teachers one can think of today 」

Elder Matusmoto listens to Kyouko-san.

「 Furthermore, the fact that they will receive the patronage of the Kouzuki house means that the future of your granddaughters will be a bright one 」

Becoming a music scholar recognized by the Kouzuki house means that they could earn more than what ordinary aspiring musicians do.

「 Of course, we’ll also support them financially. I believe I’ve mentioned that, haven’t I? 」

If they become a scholarship student of Kouzuki world cultural exchange center, then…

It’s not just tuition, but their living expenses are also covered. Chemin Koda said.

「 Then…I… 」

Elder Matsumoto hangs his head.

「 However, if they truly want to become world-class magicians, then they’ll need as much financing as they can. Their relatives can surely cover the funds that the scholarship can’t cover 」

「 ……! 」

「 We’re happy to discuss such a situation at any time, but for now, why don’t you give your granddaughters allowance or anything to help them out? Scholarships don’t cover that much 」

Chemin Koda smiles.

「 I understand, I’ll do that. Also, if there’s a need for more funds, then contact me. I’ll pay for whatever school expense they need 」

Elder Matsumoto said.

「 Matsumoto-san 」

Marika pushed Matsumoto Maki-san’s back

「 Takahata-san 」

「 Go, talk to him 」

Marika smiled kindly. Maki-san;

「 I have a favor to ask Grandfather 」

She talks straight to her grandfather

「 What is it? Tell me 」

「 I…No, Miki and I will be fine. We’ll do our best

「 Hey, Maki? 」

Elder Matsumoto’s surprised.

「 Could you help Mother, instead of us? 」

Their mother just lost her husband to an illness.

Now, she’s not feeling well.

「 I’m asking for the same, please help Mother! 」

Miki-san also bowed to her Grandfather while still holding the violin.

Elder Matsumoto.

「 Umu, I understand, leave her to me 」

He speaks to his grandfather, still tearing up.

「 Maki and Miki have grown up. I wasn’t watching. I never noticed your growth 」

「 Isn’t that great, Matsumoto-san? 」

「 Thank you, Takahata-san 」

Marika and Maki-san embraced each other and rejoiced.

「 Nii-san 」

Luna whispered to me.

「 Look over there 」



「 …………。 」

Igarashi Izumi’s watching the happy Marika and Maki-san with lonely eyes.

Igarashi Izumi’s a lesbian for Matsumoto Maki.

She’s not even invited, yet, she forcibly followed the Matsumoto siblings and Marika.

That’s why she’s here, but…

In the end, it’s tough for her because she couldn’t do anything for Matsumoto Maki-san.

Oh, she’s crying.

Nobody called her out as she shed tears of frustration.


We returned to the room earlier from the grand ballroom with the piano room.

「 Let’s have some tea 」

Minaho-neesan called the extension phone and soon after, a Kouzuki SS guard in uniform waiting in the hallway brought in a wagon of tea.

They had it ready so they can bring it in anytime.

「 We’ll take care of the rest 」

Shou-neechan said, and the man in uniform saluted and left.

「 I’ll do it 」

Kurose Anju stood up. Michi and Luna helped her.

「 Me too 」

Matsumoto Maki-san said, but…

「 No, the three of us are enough 」

Michi stopped her.

Even before that, Maki can’t help out with the tea preparations as she’s been holding Marika’s hand the whole time.

After performing once again together, the bond between the two of them has deepened.

「 Here, have some tea 」

「 Umu, thank you 」

Luna places a teacup on a plate in front of elder Matsumoto.

Elder Matsumoto looked at Mariko.

「 Uhm, Torii-san’s Ojou-sama 」

「 What? 」

Mariko turned around.

「 I’d like to apologize for the unprofessional and immature attitude earlier. Sorry 」

The old man bowed to Mariko.

「 Oh, you don’t have to mind that. In our house, it’s common for me to argue with Father and Grandfather with that intensity 」

She smiles.

「 You always argue? 」

「 Well, it’s not always an argument, but rather, giving our opinions. I tell Father and Grandfather my thoughts on the new products from the management and such 」

「 And Torii house allows that? 」

Elder Matsumoto’s surprised.

「 It’s not even the question, Father and Grandfather listen to what I tell them seriously. 」 After all, I’m a user of the same products our company produces, and I’m also a shareholder. Sometimes, we get heated and yell at each other, but, talking to Grandfather and Father had always been an important learning experience for me 」

「 That’s an envious outlook 」

Elder Matsumoto.

「 Thinking about it now, the shouting earlier was fun for me. Frankly, I envy Torii-san for being such a lively young lady 」

「 Oh? That’s not the case 」

Mariko said.

「 I grew up like this because my Father and Grandfather trained me to grow up that way. I’m grateful to my grandfather, and my parents who educated me this way 」

Then, Mariko looked at the Matsumoto siblings.

「 But the Matsumoto sisters get nervous just talking to you in person because you made them that way, haven’t they? 」

Elder Matsumoto looked at his granddaughters.

「 If you want to have a friendly chat with your grandchildren, then you better listen to them instead of just talking to yourself 」

Mariko said. Elder Matsumoto.

「 Dear me, you’re completely right, I’ll follow your advice 」

Then, he bows to Mariko again.

「 Thank you, Torii-san’s girl. And, Kouzuiki house’s lady too 」

He stood up from his chair and bowed his head to Ruriko too.

「 Please take good care of Maki and Miki 」

「 Grandfather 」

「!!! 」

The siblings are moved that their grandfather bowed his head to Ruriko for them.

「 I’m Torii Mariko, and she’s Kouzuki Ruriko-sama. Please remember our names at least 」

Mariko said.

「 That’s true, I apologize. Torii Mariko-kun, Kouzuki Ruriko-sama 」

He bows once again.

「 Matsumoto-sama 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 You may tell your acquaintances about our meeting today 」

「 What could you possibly mean by that? 」

Elder Matsumoto asks back.

「 Getting slow again…If you tell your business partners that you met Kouzuki Ruriko-sama at a business meeting, then they’ll look at you differently 」

Mariko said with a smile.

「 If you tell them that your granddaughters became friends with Kouzuki Ruriko-sama, and they even received a scholarship because of her recommendation, then it might make them faint. Ruriko-sama’s quite famous among the business circles right now

Ruriko was on a show on the national broadcast last time where she featured the Kouzuki main mansion and the family heirlooms.

The program has been well received, and company managers are watching it.

It seems that elder Matsumoto wasn’t aware, but…

「 Yes, do tell me that I’m friends with Maki-san and Miki-san 」

Ruriko said.

If his granddaughters are friends with the daughter of the Kouzuki house, elder Matsumoto’s status in the business community will rise.

「 Look, isn’t this the time when you’re supposed to say “thank you?” 」

Mariko urged, elder Matsumoto…

「 T-Thank you 」

He bows again.

「 Well, now that we’re done with that, let’s finish and clean up 」

Minaho-neesan addresses elder Matsumoto.

「 Matsumoto-sama, I did invite you here today because I told you I had some information 」

To summon elder Matsumoto.

Minaho-neesan brings out a bait saying that she’ll give him information from behind the pharmaceutical industry.

「 That’s indeed the case, but… 」

Elder Matsumoto looked at Ruriko and Mariko who are drinking their tea.

「 Are discussing that here? 」

「 Yes, after all, the information involves the Kouzuki house 」

Minaho-neesan smiles mysteriously.

「 Do you know about the Mizushima pharmaceuticals? 」

Mizushima pharmaceuticals is a company that was founded by the branch family of Karen’s Mizushima house.

The daughters of the president of the Mizushima pharmaceuticals are bullying Karen, the daughter of the head of the fallen nobility at school.

We’re supposed to go to the Mizushima house tomorrow night for that matter.

「 Of course. They have a reputation for throat and cold remedies 」

Elder Matsumoto replied.

「 Well, that Mizushima pharmaceuticals have caused the displeasure of the Kouzuki house 」

「?! 」

「 I can’t give you the specifics, but what I can tell you is that the news will be there from tonight until tomorrow. I expect the stocks of Mizushima pharmaceuticals to plummet in the stock market tomorrow 」

Minaho-neesan speaks flatly.

「 However, eventually, the problem of the Mizushima pharmaceuticals will go away nicely. Their stock prices will soon return to normal, and might even go higher. Therefore, if you buy the Mizushima pharmaceuticals stock tomorrow, you’ll be able to purchase it at its lowest price 」

「 W-Won’t that be insider trading based on how you talk about it? 」

Elder Matsumoto looks tense.

「 There shouldn’t be any problems, after all, nobody here comes from the “Inside” 」

We’re unrelated to the Mizushima pharmaceuticals.

「 I’m not telling you who’s going to handle the case and in what way, what I’m only telling you is that the stock of Mizushima pharmaceuticals will drop and rise like a prophet. I haven’t given you the rationale 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 All that remains is whether Matsumoto-sama would believe my story or not 」

Elder Matsumoto’s confused.

「 What I believe in is the Mizushima pharmaceuticals. I’ll put an order in the securities company tomorrow 」

Mariko took out her notebook and wrote it down.

「 You don’t have to believe that and buy their shares. Either way, there will be some rumors about the Mizushima pharmaceuticals tonight, and they’ll guarantee that. They’re moving from behind the scenes, so you’re also going to get some calls asking from other drug industry people asking “What are those rumors?” for sure. And when they do, all you have to say is that “Mizushima pharmaceuticals can handle that problem, so don’t worry about it,” that’ll also grow your stocks later on 」

Mariko said. Elder Matsumoto;

「 I-Indeed. Let’s just say that “From what I’ve heard, it doesn’t sound that grave of a problem” 」

It seems that they’re going to take money by buying the shares of Mizushima pharmaceuticals.

「 So, how much do you want me to pay for this information? 」

Elder Matsumoto asks Minaho-neesan

「 Now that I heard this information, I’d better pay up or I’d be afraid of what’s to come 」

He took out his purse from his pocket.

「 Geez, you’re too boring! Do that part without us 」

Mariko told Elder Matsumoto.

「 I-I see. You’re right 」

He puts it back in a hurry.

「 I’ll keep this one on tab, I’m sure that we’ll meet again in the future 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 As I said from the start, I’m someone who works behind the scenes, but I have a lot of clients on the surface 」

「 And I’ve become one of those? 」

Elder Matsumoto paused for a moment.

「 I see. I’m going to put on a request someday 」

「 Yes, we’ll be meeting on that occasion 」

Yeah, I think it’s almost time

I looked at Shou-neechan.

Then, Shou-neechan;

「 Matsumoto-sama, it’s time 」

「 I see. Right. No, that was long. Maki and Miki will come home with me 」

Elder Matsumoto looked at his wristwatch and said.

「 I also have to talk to them and their mother about their futures 」

No, it would be a problem if Elder Matsumoto takes the sisters home.

「 No, please postpone that for tomorrow 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 The meeting today was a special case. Matsumoto-sama can tell people about your meeting with Ruriko-sama, but we’d prefer if you treat it as if we were never here 」

「 This is our territory after all 」

Minaho-neesan said. This is a hotel where people from the underground are involved.

「 Matsumoto Maki-sama and Miki-sama is currently the responsibility of Kouzuki SS 」

Elder Matsumoto knows that Shou-neechan’s from the Kouzuki SS.

「 Grandfather, we’re going back with them for tonight. We also have to thank everyone who helped 」

Matsumoto Maki-san says while holding Marika’s hand.

「 I see. You should indeed. There were a lot of people who have done so much for you all 」

Elder Matsumoto looked at us.

「 Is everyone friends with Maki and Miki? I’m sorry for not asking for your names 」

The truth is, Marika and Igarashi Izumi are the only friends from school.

But, I guess Michi, Kurose Anju, and Luna, also look like friends who are worried about Maki-san and Miki-san, and they came with them.

「 By the way, who are you? 」

Elder Matsumoto looked at me.

「 From how I see it, you seem close to Maki’s age 」

Miki-san’s still in middle school.

Meanwhile, Maki-san is the same age as me.

「 However, I heard that Maki’s school is only for girls 」

Yes, it would be strange to see a man in an all-girl group.

Good job for not asking that until now.

「 He’s my Onii-sama 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 He came with me because he’s worried about me 」

「 I see 」

Elder Matsumoto looked at me.

My clothes, shoes, and even watch.

I have top-class items in me.

I came here with that purpose.

「 I see. I thank you too 」

Elder Matsumoto thanked me.

Even though it’s a little strange, he saw me wearing this much, so he decided not to pursue it further.

「 Matsumoto-sama can leave ahead of us, it’ll take time before Ruriko-sama could leave 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Indeed 」

Elder Matsumoto looked at his granddaughters

「 Maki, Miki, I will go home first 」

「 Grandfather, thank you for coming today 」

「 Thank you 」

The Matsumoto siblings bowed to their grandfather.

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