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Chapter 1425. Next Mission / Source of Fear

Chapter 1425. Next Mission / Source of Fear

Inside a room in the hotel that Minaho-neesan owns.

Elder Matsumoto’s staring at us, sitting to cover his granddaughters from him.

「 I can roughly imagine the main gist of this 」

He spats out.

「 I’m sure that you have a lot planned for my grandchildren, but… 」

Elder Matsumoto, the grandfather of Maki-san and Miki-san, is against them continuing their music studies.

That’s why Maki-san consulted with her friend in high school, and then that friend went to Ruriko of the Kouzuki house.

One can guess that this place is set up to convince Elder Matsumoto to let them continue their music studies.

Even Shou-neechan and Kyouko-san as Chemin Koda show that information to Elder Matsumoto.

「 However, you’ve gone too far. I don’t like this kind of “scare the adults” kind of approach 」

Elder Matsumoto speaks, choosing his words carefully, trying to take the upper hand from the room where it’s just women and children present.

「 Of course, I’m well aware of the power of the Kouzuki house, one of the biggest families in Japan, and I have no intention to bow to that power, but I do have some respect for the Kouzuki house. But, I don’t like it when they let kids use the power of their house for these kinds of pranks. It’s displeasing 」

Elder Matsumoto’s sweating on his forehead.

Marika holds Maki-san’s hand and Luna holds Miki-san’s shoulder, calming down their minds.

「 My granddaughter’s future is the concern of my family, it doesn’t matter if it’s Kouzuki house or whatever, but it’s not something you can meddle in! What you’re doing is utterly stupid! Trivial! Foolish! 」

Elder Matsumoto tries to be rough, but it only works on his granddaughters.

We’re already accustomed to this kind of tension.

「 A-Anyway, I’m going back with my granddaughters! They’re my grandchildren, so of course, you won’t mind 」

Elder Matsumoto feels uncomfortable that we’re not agitated.

However, his common sense says that a grown man like himself can’t let a group of children and women in front of his eyes defeat him.

Elder Matsumoto’s judgment has been derailed.

「 Maki, Miki! We’re coming home! Come! 」

Elder Matsumoto calls his granddaughters with a stupid voice.

「!!! 」

「!!! 」

Maki-san and Miki-san trembles.


「 Pfft. Kukukuku, kukukuku 」

Minaho-neesan laughs maliciously.

「 What’s funny?! 」

Elder Matsumoto glares at Minaho-neesan.

「 Sorry, but I can’t help it. The situation is just too funny 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 If only Matsumoto-sama had a bit more sensible imagination. That’s unfortunate 」

「 I don’t recall anything that a woman from the other side can use to make fun of me 」

「 I’m not ridiculing you, but you should keep your mouth closed for a while 」

Minaho-neesan overwhelms elder Matsumoto’s anger with her dark atmosphere.

「 Kouzuki-sama isn’t someone as naive as Matsumoto-sama thinks. He’s much more scary and relentless than you think 」

「!! 」

Elder Matsumoto fell silent.

He realized that the situation was indeed strange, nobody other than his granddaughter is reacting no matter how much he tries to be rough and yell.

「 Then, I’ll give my report to Kouzuki Ruriko-sama 」

Shou-neechan, the representative of Kouzuki SS, speaks up.

「 Kouda-san, go ahead 」

「 Yes, I’m Koda from Kouzuki world cultural exchange center, and I will begin my report 」

Chemin Koda, who looks like a refined old woman in her 60s, bows her head to Ruriko.

Shou-neechan and Chemin Koda ignores elder Matsumoto.

They’re showing the attitude that the reports are made for Ruriko.

「 Please, Koda-san 」

Ruriko also replied to Koda elegantly.

「 Yes, We’ve investigated the matter Ruriko-sama requested at Kouzuki world cultural exchange center 」

Chemin Koda continues her report with a voice of a calm old woman, which you can’t imagine from Kyouko-san’s usual voice.

「 First of all, I’ve checked Matsumoto Maki-sama’s videos of all the concerts and competitions she attended. We also heard from the teachers at the school she’s currently attending. The screening committee has concluded that the applicant is an excellent candidate for a first-class scholar, with a rating of A plus for our Kouzuki world cultural exchange center.

Matsumoto Maki-san’s shocked

Elder Matsumoto’s also surprised.

「 Could you explain what it means to be a first-class scholar? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 Yes, for first-class scholars, all of your tuition and living expenses will be provided by Kouzuki world cultural exchange center. The term is until she graduates from the college of music, but they can extend it further if they want to study music abroad. Of course, Kouzuki world cultural exchange center will be responsible for all the arrangements for her studies abroad and introducing musicians from overseas who will give her private lessons. If Matsumoto Maki-san wants to continue as a professional musician after her primary schooling, then we’ll support her to step up and give her management crew as well 」

In short, Kouzuki house is guaranteeing Matsumoto Maki-san’s future.

「 Also, we’ve reviewed Matsumoto Miki-sama’s concerts and competitions as well, and we’re pleased with her work. We also interviewed Matsumoto Miki-sama’s teachers 」

Kyouko-san, or should I say Chemin Koda continues to report.

「 However, Matsumoto Miki-sama’s still young, and her performance in competitions doesn’t meet the criteria for the special scholarship. Therefore, we’ve concluded that Matsumoto Miki-sama’s suited for the special recommendation scholarship, under the next-generation talent development program.

「 What does that mean? 」

「 That means that they’re granted tuition fees on the condition that they take the training program designated by the Kouzuki world cultural exchange center. In addition, special recommendation scholarship students go to boarding music schools, and their dormitory and meal expenses are covered 」

In other words, if Miki-san were to enter the same dorm school as her sister, Kouzuki house will pay for both her tuition and living expenses.

Until then, she won’t have as much support as her sister, Maki-san, but Miki-san will have enough money to continue her studies.

「 Of course, depending on her performance, we can change the support from special recommendation scholar to special scholar 」

Chemin Koda says, Ruiko.

「 Koda-san, thank you 」

She thanked her, then speak to the Matsumoto siblings.

「 That’s what Kouzuki world cultural exchange center will do just that. Is that good with you? 」

「?!! 」

「??! 」

The Matsumoto siblings are surprised, they can’t speak.

「 I think it’s good, Maki-san, Miki-san. You should accept it 」

Mariko smiled at the sisters.

「 You don’t have to worry anymore, Matsumoto-san 」

Marika also smiled and told Maki-san.


「 H-Hey, wait! 」

Elder Matsumoto cuts in from the other table.

「 Why did it turn into this!? You can’t just go ahead with that kind of conversation without going through me, their grandfather 」


「 Besides, music isn’t something you can continue with money from other people 」

「!! 」

「! 」

The Matsumoto siblings tremble from the threatening attitude of their Grandfather.

「 I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that there’s no such convenient scholarship program! They have a fixed application period! 」

「 Yes, in scholarships you think of, but Kouzuki world cultural exchange center’s special scholarship is available at any time. If we don’t give exceptions in place, then we can’t give the right support to those who are truly talented. 」

Chemin Koda immediately retorts.

「 I’m telling you that this isn’t right! My granddaughters don’t have the talent to get that special assistance 」

「 Why would you say that? Matsumoto-sama, when did you understand music so well that you can judge the musical talents of your grandchildren? 」

Chemin Koda corners him.

「 How could I possibly know much about music! 」

「 Likewise 」

Ruriko looked at elder Matsumoto.

「 I’m not familiar with the music to select scholarship students, so I asked the experts at Kouzuki world cultural exchange center to make that conclusion 」

「 That’s… 」

「 The experts found that both Maki-san and Miki-san are worthy recipients of the scholarship 」

「 But, they’re my grandchildren. They’re daughters of my son, they can’t have talent in music 」

Elder Matsumoto’s logic is just absurd.

「 Besides, I despise the very act of scholarship, relying on other people’s money! Such things are ideas for people who never worked for themselves! Music is just a stupid game! A useless hobby!! It’s useless to tell a young lady of nobility this but… 」

「 I see 」

Mariko looks at elder Matsumoto with cold eyes.

「 It seems that talking to you is just a waste of time 」

「 Then, we’ll proceed with Matsumoto Maki-sama and Miki-sama’s scholarship? 」

Chemin Koda told Ruriko.

「 Hey, wait!! Don’t ignore me, their grandfather, and make decisions for yourself!! 」

Elder Matsumoto shouts violently.

「 Oh, why? 」

Kyouko-san, disguised as Chemin Koda, smiles.

「 Why you ask? I’m the grandfather of those girls! 」

Elder Matsumoto’s voice is rough, but…

「 Very well, you’re their grandfather, but… 」

Chemin Koda;

「 However, you’re not the one who has custody of Matsumoto Maki-sama and Miki-sama, are you? 」


「 It’s their mother that has the parental authority, Matsumoto-sama doesn’t have any say in them 」

Chemin Koda said.

「 I’ve contacted Maki-sama and Miki-sama’s mother, telling her about the special scholarship 」

The father of the Matsumoto sisters had died from an illness.

But, their mother is still alive, although I heard that she’s in poor health/

So, they called the mother of the two.

「 What did Mother say? 」

「?! 」

The Matsumoto siblings ask Koda.

「 Their mother seems to have already heard from the teachers that Kouzuki world cultural exchange center’s scholarship had interviewed them before we made a call. And since we told the teachers that both of them could be eligible for the scholarship program during the screening, so she already knew about the scholarship 」

The mother already knew beforehand that the Matsumoto siblings are considered for a scholarship program.

「 And then, their mother told me; 」


「 If Matsumoto Maki-sama and Miki-sama show a strong desire to continue their music study, then we have to confirm their intentions, and if they do, she accepts the scholarship program by all means. She sends her regards 」

Chemin Koda said.

「 She says that as a mother, she’d like to do her best to support the two daughters as they pursue their dreams 」

「 Aah 」

「 Mother…Thank you 」

The sisters are tearing up.

「 I don’t accept this! They can never continue their music studies! 」

Elder Matsumoto speaks adamantly.

「 Unfortunately, Matsumoto-sama has no say in this 」

Chemin Koda speaks coldly.

「 I have the say in this!! I’m their grandfather!! 」

「 Yes you are, but you can’t decide for Maki-sama and Miki-sama’s lives 」

「 But I… 」

「 I’m already telling you that you can’t! 」

「!!! 」

She may look like an old woman, but that’s still Kyouko-san. She sends a strong intent to overwhelm elder Matsumoto

「 Then, why did you even call me here? Is it just so you can laugh at me as you take away my granddaughters? 」

Elder Matsumoto’s anger is turned at us.

「 So this is how the nobility works!! Noble people look down on people this much!! Don’t screw with me! 」


「 The reason why I came here today is… 」

Ruriko speaks calmly.

「 Is because my grandfather told me to figure out what kind of a person Matsumoto Hiroki is on his behalf 」

「????!!! 」

Ruriko speaks to Elder Matsumoto.

That she’s Jii-chan’s proxy.

「 And from how I see it, I can regretfully tell Grandfather that Matsumoto Hiroki was a narrow-minded man 」

Ruriko speaks calmly.

「 A-Are you trying to threaten me? 」

Elder Matsumoto’s shaken.

「 That’s exactly it 」

Mariko said.

「 Ruriko-sama’s saying that you’re that small and narrow-minded, and you just showed us an example 」

「!! 」

Elder Matsumoto falters.

「 Still, I’ve been listening for a while, and there’s something I just don’t understand. Kou, why is it that Matsumoto-sama’s so adamantly opposed to Maki-san and Miki-san continuing their music studies? 」

Mariko looks at me.

「 The experts at Kouzuki world cultural exchange center, have already recognized their talents that they’ll give them a special scholarship, Maki-san’s mother even says “Thank you, please take care of them” That just means that their talent is highly appreciated 」

Relatives would normally be happy to have their daughters highly evaluated.

「 And yet, he’s just absolutely against it. He’s so against them studying music that I don’t get it 」


「 It’s because he doesn’t understand 」

I look at Elder Matsumoto and replied.

「 Matsumoto-san doesn’t understand music. He can’t understand the musical talents of Maki-san and Miki-san. Therefore, he can’t understand, he can’t accept it either 」

That’s why he’s stopping them from pursuing music.

「 Isn’t that just too selfish? Just because he doesn’t understand, he’s not letting Maki-san and Miki-san decide their lives 」

Mariko speaks honestly, and she can’t hide her anger at elder Matsumoto.


「 I don’t think that’s all 」

I think.

After his conversation with Kyouko-san (Chemin Koda)…

I’m able to observe elder Matsumoto objectively.

「 He’s scared of what he doesn’t know. 」

「 Scared? 」

「 Matsumoto-san actually wants to be on good terms with Maki-san and Miki-san. But, he doesn’t understand music. He doesn’t feel comfortable that his granddaughters are living a life on their own, and he’s afraid that he can’t have a common topic to talk about with his granddaughters. That’s why he’s scared 」

That’s why.

「 But if he takes them away from music, he can have a conversation in the world he understands. It’s that simple 」


「 If I recall, Matsumoto-san wants Maki-san to quit music high school, move to an ordinary school, become a pharmacist, or open a drugstore, because, he wants to talk to his granddaughter about topics he has a lot to tell. He wants to be the teacher, the one above. Wanting to talk to each other while having a common ground 」

Elder Matsumoto wants Maki-san and Miki-san to stop their studies in music.

「 What’s with that? That’s too narrow-minded! 」

Mariko faced elder Matsumoto with a disgusted look.

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