Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 137

137. Megu’s feelings…

We head to the principal’s office holding hands.

The fire drill still continues outside the school building…

We walk through the corridor being careful not to approach the window.

Someone might be looking up from the ground after all.

It would be bad of someone sees Megu and I head towards the principal’s office…

We walk close to the classroom as much as possible.


Megu is laughing.

「…What’s wrong?」

Megu puts her hand on her abdomen and said

「Thinking that Yoshi-kun’s hot stuff is in here…I feel relieved」


「As expected…I’m worried. I thought that Yukino might take Yoshi-kun away」


「She has always been the young lady of Shirasaka house so I thought that I will never win against her. No…I thought that I shouldn’t win」

Shirasaka house and Yamamine house’s relationship is…

It’s close to master-slave relationship thought they’re relatives…

Megu has grown feeling inferiority complex to Yukino all this time.

「I like Megu more than Yukino」

I strongly hold Megu’s hand…

Somehow, it’s embarrasing.

Even though I can say even more than that when we have sex…

When I say that while the two of us are walking in the school corridor…it’s embarrassing

I’m troubled…

「I know…I believe Yoshi-kun. But…I’m scared」

…Megu looked down worriedly.

「Yukino has always been a selfish princess…so I’m scared that she might take away Yoshi-kun from me…」

Megu has received various harassments from Yukino.

She wasn’t allowed to dress up…

She was made to withdraw the baseball club during middle school…

She wasn’t able to pass on the first school she desired.

For Megu…Yukino’s existence exists strongly as 『The one to suddenly torment her』

The 『Complex』that has stuck with her for many years can’t be taken out.



「When I said 『Whenever Yoshi-kun wants to have sex, you can do it anytime』earlier…it’s actually the opposite」


「I feel insecure when Yoshi-kun doesn’t embrace me. Even earlier, I was the one who asked. I’m no good…!」

「What no good?」

「You see…I’m afraid of Yukino as expected」

Megu said.

「I’m scared so I want you to embrace me. Whenever I have sex with Yoshi-kun, I feel Yoshi-kun’s warmth in my whole body. That’s when it tells me that Yoshi-kun wants me seriously. …Whenever you ejaculate inside me…I feel so happy that I would cry. I can feel that I’m being loved…!」

Megu leans her body to me…

「But you see…when Yoshi-kun loves me…I feel as scared as happy I am. Because, every time I try to become happy…Yukino will hinder me by all means…」


「Even though I finally became I regular in the basketball club…when I finally passed to the high school I wanted to go…whenever I feel happy, Yukino will surely appear…!」

I see…

That’s why…Megu wanted me in the classroom a while ago.

She’s scared from Yukino.

「…Megu. If Megu feels scared, let’s have sex immediately. Whenever you want to be embraced, just ask me anytime. I don’t mind if it’s in the middle of the class. Don’t say 『I’m going to the nurse’s room』…Let’s just get out of the classroom…!」


「It’s fine even if the class thinks that we’re going to have sex…no, we’re going to show it off to Yukino. I’ll tell the teacher that…『I feel horny, I’m going to have sex with my woman』…!」

Megu laughed.

「…You can’t do that. That’s embarrassing」

「It’s not…I love Megu. There’s nothing much more important that this…!」

…That’s right

If she forgets the fear using sex…

I’ll embrace her as much as she wants.

「Un…Thank you」


I kiss Megu…

「Promise me…don’t ever hold back」

「Got it…I’ll definitely say it whenever I want it」


「Yoshi-kun too…just tell Megu anytime」

「…Got it」

Megu smiles at me.

「Misuzu-san said yesterday inside the car…」


「…Love that’s『eros』 For humans, love sex is very important」

「Oh…she did say that…」

「…It’s true. I feel I’ll become no good unless I have sex with Yoshi-kun everyday…」

「You’ll become no good if you have too much sex too though…」

「It’s okay to overdo it…as long as it’s Yoshi-kun」1

Megu’s eyes are moist.

「You’ll forget about your fear of Yukino soon…Megu’s much more beautiful and kind than Yukino. I really like Megu more than Yukino…!」


I thought of 『graduating』from Yukino taking this chance…

If I stop looking at Yukino and look at Megu…

Megu’s anxiety will surely be gone…!

「That’s not true…after all, Yukino will bear Yoshi-kun’s child…!」


「Yoshi-kun…should I stop drinking pills?」

Megu looks at me.


「Yukino will bear a child for Minaho-neesan’s sake. It has nothing to do with Yukino」


「You do know that Nagisa’s wanting a child too right?」

「Nagisa-san is okay. I also want Nagisa-san to give birth…I’ll love her child. I’ll take care of it. I’ll think of Mao-chan as my own daughter too. All the other 『women』are the same…!」

Megu speaks with her strong eyes.

「I’m fine with the other 『women』 giving birth to Yoshi-kun’s child! But…I don’t want Yukino! If Yukino becomes pregnant…Megu wants to be pregnant too! I don’t want to lose!!!2」



「Megu…just wait for two…no, wait until I’m 20」

I told Megu.

Two years later, I’ll be 18 years old and we’re on the age we can get married.


That’s not the case.


「Yeah…I’ll graduate from school and desperately work for two years. I won’t have a big salary but let’s get married when we turn 20. Then, I want you to bear my child」


「…Why 20 years old?」3


「…I want everyone to bless Megu’s marriage and pregnancy」


「I really want to invite the class and hold the ceremony. Of course, Megu’s Yamamine parents are coming. We’ll get blessed by everyone and get married. Then, let’s make children」

Just a couple of days ago…I don’t know what will be the month ahead of me.

My father disappeared and I became alone in the house…

I can’t think about my future…

It’s still the same even now.

I don’t know what will happen to me in the future.

I don’t have anything to do…I don’t want to do anything.

Just…I would like to make my 『women』happy

…I want them to be happy.

I offer my all and…

「…Thank you, Yoshi-kun」

Megu looks at her own engagement ring.

「You’re right…I’ll hold back for now. If I hurry and get pregnant with a child…it won’t be blessed. If we get married as proper adults and receive everyone’s blessings, that’s much more happier」


「…I love you. Yoshi-kun」


We pile our lips together once again…

We’re kissing like small birds.

…I love you, Megu

◇ ◇ ◇

When we arrived at the front door of the principal’s office…the door automatically unlocks.

Someone watching with the surveillance camera must’ve opened it remotely.

We enter inside holding hands.

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee were in the principal’s office…

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee are wearing a matching black suit.

That must be the official clothing of a member of 『Kuromori』

「…Megumi, have you calmed down?」

Minaho-neesan said laughingly

As expected…she was watching over us through the camera

「I didn’t want Yoshida-kun to be exhausted there but I know that Megumi’s heart is unstable」

That’s why she gave the two of us time.

「Here…drink this」

Katsuko-nee handed me an oral medicine bottle.

「…What’s this?」

「It’s energy drink…we don’t want to use it as much but it would be troublesome if you’re not at your best after this…」


「…If ever Ichikawa-san go against his words…violate Mana-san in front of Ichikawa-san」

Minaho-neesan said.

So we’re going to do that far.

No…Minaho-neesan doesn’t think of old man Ichikawa and Mana’s mother as her ally.

She’s only thinking of them as a tool to disturb the enemy 『Shirasaka house’s』power

Rather…if she lets down her guard, they will become an『enemy』that will attack…

「Where’s Mana right now?」

I asked.

「She’s down there playing with Nei」


「Nei-san’s good at managing that girl…!」

Certainly…Mana has a feeling of admiration towards Nei-san…

「Anyway…just drink that. Then rest your body or a while on the lower room. Megumi too. Katsuko and I will be the one to negotiate with Ichikawa-san…」

Minaho-neesan said.

Certainly…we can’t show Megu’s figure to Mr. Ichikawa.

Mana’s mother knows that Megu is a distant relative of Shirasaka house…

For the head of Shirasaka family, Megu has been kidnapped by 『Kuromori』…

I opened the bottle and drank the contents for the time being…


But…my body feels warm deep inside.

Katsuko-nee took the empty bottle from me.

…Oh right.

「…Katsuko-nee, each me how to make bread today」

I said.

「Sure…but why?」

Katsuko-nee is surprised…

「I’ll work at Katsuko-nee’s bakery. I have to be a baker who can earn neatly when I become 20 years old…!」

「Eh…You want to work on my bakery?」

Katsuko-nee’s moved, but…

「I will also help on Nagisa’s flower shop…but, that shop’s popular with their beautiful clerks, right? I can only do heavy labor when stocking with them…」

Yeah…I can’t do anything big there.

I don’t have the talent for flower arrangement too.

「I’m sure that Katsuko-nee’s bakery will happen. I’ll leave the store front to Katsuko-nee…then I’m fine making bread inside the shop all the time. That’s why, I’d like to learn how to bake bread for now…」

There’s nothing this foolish me can do but this…

「…Are you really sure about that?」

「Yeah. I’d like Megu to attend college…and I have to earn Mana’s living expenses right?」

「…You can do other work you know?」


「I’m Katsuko-nee’s 『man』 Isn’t it normal for me to help Katsuko-nee on her work?」


「Of course, I will help on Nagisa’s shop too…if Misuzu, Megu and Mana starts something in the future, I will help them too. But…Katsuko-nee’s bakery has to go first」

A future vision arises one after another inside my mind.

「…Got it. I’ll teach you starting today」

Katsuko-nee smiled happily.

「Please teach me too, Katsuko-neesan」

Megu said…

「No…I won’t teach Megumi-chan」


「Do you intend to steal the happy time for the two of us?」

「Uhm…I don’t have that intention」

Megu looks down embarrassed.

「We don’t know what will happen to my bakery…there’s a possibility that it won’t sell at all in the opening, right? That’s why Megumi-chan should look for another job.」

「…Another job?」

「That’s right. Think about your lifetime job and think what you can do to live with him. Spend your school days meaningfully for that sake. You don’t need to ride on my dream…Megumi should find her dream too…!」

Megu smiled.

「Yes…I will look for it」

Minaho-neesan speaks to us while looking at a laptop.

「…Ichikawa-san’s car has come to the school grounds. Yoshida-kun and Megumi should go to the lower room」

The time is 10:50

…They’re here..

「Yeah, got it…Minaho-neesan」

Megu and I hurried to the hidden lower floor…

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Welcome back!」

Coming to the lower room…

Nei-san and Mana are playing…

They’re playing…cards

I know that Mana is naked with a collar since this morning, but…

Why is Nei-san in her underwear?

「Iyaa~…Mana-chan’s strong!」

The two of them seems to be playing poker.

「I take off a piece when I lose and I’ll scribble on Mana-chan’s body when she lose, that’s the rule」

Certainly…when I look at the naked Mana.

There’s 『正』written on her stomach and thighs.4

「…What will happen when you win?」

「Absolutely nothing…the rules are only to punish the loser…game!」

Nei-an Mana exposes their cards…

「…two pairs of 2 and 6」

「…Ufufufun, 4 cards with a joker!」

It seems it’s Nei-san’s win.

「Okay…show me your stomach.」

Nei-san adds one on the incomplete 『正』tally.

Mana seems to have lost 11 times so far.

Considering that Nei-san is on her underwear…

Oh…Nei-san’s much stronger, isn’t she?

「Mana…are you feeling cold?」

She’s been naked in this room all this time.

「I’m okay. I’ve already gotten used to it…Nei-san is also playing with Mana naked…」

Mana says as she deals out new cards.

It looks like she became a bit more stable when she’s together with Nei-san.

After all, the atmosphere is dark.

She’s not talking that much…

No…in case of Mana, her talking brightly is just an act…

The quiet one might be the right one…

She continues to play the game silently without hiding her breasts, crotch, or the tattoo on her stomach.

「Yo-chan, it’s rude to stare on a girl’s naked body that much!」

Nei-san scolded me.


「Just kidding…It’s fine, it’s fine…Mana-chan’s Yo-chan’s 『slave』after all」

Nei-san said something obvious…

「Yo-chan and Megu-chan, want to play poker with us?」

Nei-san invites us, but…

「Sorry…I’ll take a rest」

I answered.

It has become a somewhat peaceful atmosphere…

But I have to violate Mana in front of her grandfather and mother depending on the situation…

I wanted to stay away from Mana even a bit.

「Oh right, Yo-chan just had sex with Megu-chan right」


「…You were watching?」

「Obviously…this is a room for that purpose. We have a system to monitor everything in the school」

Nei-san stands up and starts the monitor…

The multiple monitor displays the school in a dash.

「I show it to Mana to…the basics」

It seems that Nei-san had showed Mana the state of classrooms reflected on the surveillance cameras.

That must be the reason why Mana isn’t cheerful…

This monitoring system shows the power behind us 『Kuromori』

As long as she’s inside the school…even if she sees a gap and tries to escape…Mana would get caught immediately.

…With that said.

「Also…I recorded a video Yo-chan would want to see…!」

Nei-san laughs and pushed a switch…

The screen changed to playback mode.

The video reflected on the monitors…

「…This is?!」

This is the girl’s state during the 『Body measurement』a while ago.

The girls in their underwear appear one after another.

「There’s something more amazing than that!」

Nei-san switches it again.


The image of the girls before taking X-ray.

All of the girls are removing their bra.

Their cute breasts exposes themselves./

Oh…Isn’t this Ogino-san from our class?

So Ogino-san’s areola is big.

「Girls in all grades have it!」

What Nei-san shows next is…

…Captain Takeshiba?!

Captain Takeshiba’s body is trained well…her breasts point out like a rocket…

「…Nei-san, what is this?」

Nei-san answered.

「We do this for every year…it also continues this year too」

…Each year?

「The girls in our school has always been candidates to be prostitute of the mansion you know? That’s why there’s physical measurement every year…and we record their naked bodies and growth data. After that, Shirasaka Sousuke will take a look and decide…『This one is a candidate』or 『Watch over her for another year』…all this time」

That’s the 『body measurement』is for…?!

「…But, Shirasaka Sousuke has lost his position. Why are we doing it this year too…?!」

Nei-san said sadly.

「Among the school’s faculty and staff…there are still some people involved in making school girl prostitutes」

…Oh right, like Geropa Kouchou

There surely are others too.

「Those people aren’t told about Shirasaka’s downfall yet…so Sensei would like to dispose all of the members in a dash. That’s why the 『Body measurement』is happening as usual…!」

…So that’s how it is

「Of course we don’t show the videos or data to those people so don’t worry. We don’t tell those people how to access this system」

I see…You can’t see it except from this room or Minaho-neesan’s 『English Preparation room』

You can’t enter that room without permission too…

I feel relieved somewhat as the naked data of the schoolgirls is not misused.

「Ah…Yo-chan can take a look. If there’s a girl you want to see naked, go on. I’ll teach you how to use it…」

No…Even if you say that.

「…Go on, Yoshi-kun」

Megu looks at my face.

「If ever Yoshi-kun wants to have sex with someone…I’ll bring her to you…!」


「…Why are you saying that?」

Megu looks down.

「I don’t have confidence in my own body. That’s why…if ever Yoshi-kun wants to embrace a girl sexier than me5 I think it’s inevitable」

「I’m satisfied with Megu’s body…!」

Even though I answered like that…

「…But my breasts are small」

No matter how many times I try to deny it…Megu seems to be unable to leave there.

Somehow…she seems to have a complex in her body.

「That’s why, it’s okay…even if Yoshi-kun have sex with other girls…6」


…What should I say?

「Geez, Megu-chan…you’re really speaking the opposite!」

Nei-san laughs.


「I’ve been watching with Mana-chan since your interaction in the classroom a while ago. Megu-chan…saying that you won’t hand over Yoshi-kun to anyone, it was a menacing7 look!」

…They were watching that too.

From the morning exchange…to Minaho-neesan’s homeroom…until I handed the canned juice to my classmates…


Megu turns red.

「If they see Megu-chan like that…other girls in the class will never meddle with Yo-chan…!」

So it’s like that from outside perspective.

I don’t know as I’m the person concerned.

「Megu-chan…say your true feelings. Actually, you don’t want Yo-chan to be taken by anyone, right?」

「…I don’t want him to be taken by Yukino」

Megu muttered.

「That’s right…it’s not just Yukino-chi, right? Actually…You want to monopolize Yo-chan right? It’s written in your face that you want him to be only yours…!」

Nei-san laughs 「nihihi」…


Megu looks at me.

「Yoshi-kun…I will tell you the truth」


「You see…I don’t have confidence in myself so I think it can’t be helped if Yoshi-kun wants to have sex with other girls. That’s true, definitely…!」


「But you see…Yoshi-kun has multiple 『women』, right?」

「…Y-You’re right」

I have…Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Misuzu, Mana, then Megu.

「That’s why…I don’t want Yoshi-kun to like girls who are much better than me anymore」

Women that are better than my current 『women』…

「If not…Yoshi-kun would feel pity and pick up that girl because of that…!」

Megu condemns me making Mana my 『woman』indirectly.

And…saying that Yukino should definitely not become my 『woman』…

「I agree with that opinion! Yo-chan is too kind!」

Nei-san told me.

「Of course…I will accept Nei-san. Nei-san is much more beautiful, kind and wonderful than me…!」

Megu tells Nei-san.

「Eh…Me?! Hmm, about me…!」

Mana’s surprised on the embarrased Nei-san.

「Eh?! Nei-san is Onii-chan’s sex partner right?!」


When should we tell Mana that Nei-san’s a virgin?

「…Apart from Nei-san…Yoshida-kun, if you are still willing to make others your 『woman』, I’d like you to look for talented people we don’t have…!」

…That voice?

Margo-san comes from the underground stairs.

「The target has arrived safely. There are escort guards but they didn’t enter the school」

Margo-san has been watching Ichikawa-san’s movement outside…

「Margo-san…what kind of people we lack right now?」

Megu goes back to the topic.

It seems that she’s interested…

「I’d like someone to support me8」

「…Margo-san’s support?」

「Yeah…I’m the only one who can do combat work right? Also, I destroy the enemy with an unexpected partner…I’d like an orthodox fighter. Someone who can be left to guard Minaho and Misuzu-san. A person who knows where to look and who to guard」

Margo-san speaks very specific.

Certainly…we only have Margo-san as our fighting ability.

Minaho-neesan’s the brain…

Katsuko-nee and Nei-san have the power to take action but…it’s impossible to fight.

Misuzu…belongs to the brains too.

Megu is smart and I think she has the physical ability but…she’s a kind girl so I think fighting isn’t suitable to her.

Mana’s out of the question. She’s not an ally for now…

And…I’m just a drag, not even a fighting power.

「…Is that so?」

「Ah, Megumi-chan…you can’t look for the girls in the athletics club. I’ve checked most of the girls there. There’s no girl who’s promising in martial arts…!」

Margo-san said.

1. No megu, Yoshi still has a lot of women to satisfy ↩

2. It’s not a fucking race ↩

3. Because he needs to work? And you just don’t want to lose against Yukino? I thought you were considerate about money talk? ↩

4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tally_marks ↩

5. i.e. Katsuko, Nei, Nagisa. Yup, that’s already three girls sexier than Megu ↩

6. i.e. Yukino, Misuzu, Nagisa, Nei, Mana, Nagisa, Mic-Oops, that’s for later ↩

7. ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ ↩

8. Oh, incoming! ↩

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