Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 1293. Crushing Negatives / Three Successive Sex on the Afternoon: First Match: Ai

Chapter 1293. Crushing Negatives / Three Successive Sex on the Afternoon: First Match: Ai

「 I want to have sex 」

Anya looks at me with moist eyes.

「 I’m a little down horny 」


I look at Ai, Mitama, and the drill spear sisters.

「 You have to teach these girls the fun in living, right? 」

Anya looked at Dolly and Anna and smiled.

「 They need to know the joys of being born a woman too 」

The girls had no life apart from being assassins.

Teaching these girls who know nothing but the skill to kill people, the joys of sex.

「 There’s no darkness when having sex with you so I think it’s good. I get why Kyouko-sama and Cordelia-sama didn’t make a move on them. Teaching homosexual sex to girls who know nothing about it would distort their senses 」

Anya said.

「 I was like that. Cordelia-sama taught me everything. But, the stimulus was too strong that it slightly distorted me. That’s why Cordelia-sama asked you to rape me. Teaching how to have sex with a man was her method of correcting me 」


「 But, I’m no homo. I won’t have sex with men but you. If I want a child, then I’ll bear yours. I’ve already decided so. After all, it’s disgusting to have sex with men other than you 」

Anya said, then she touches her crotch with her fingers.

「 I gave my body to Cordelia-sama, but my womb is yours. This place is a hole only for your semen to pour in 」

She smiles charmingly.

「 So, let’s do it. Fuck me. Rape me. Edie and the girls already brought the troublesome girls out after all 」

Edie and Nei took Grace Marinka-san out…

Was it because they noticed that Anya’s craving?

「 Uhm…wait… 」

Ai told Anya.

「 It’s actually…Ai’s time to do it with Yoshida-kun… 」


Ai and I often have sex after the lunch break.

After cleaning up the bakery, I get horny after seeing Ai’s ass.

「 Also…uhm…Mitama-san, wants to do it with Yoshida-kun too, right? 」

Ai looked at Mitama who’s wearing a white boy’s school uniform.

「 Indeed 」

Mitama speaks with a dignified voice.

「 Agnes and Luna went and had fun with Milord wearing their new school uniforms they said. But, I haven’t done it with Milord in this clothing yet 」

True, the girls who went to the school for the young ladies had filming and uniform sex with me but…

I haven’t done it with Mitama and the girls who are enrolled in our school.

「 Milord, do you not feel any sex appeal in my appearance while crossdressing? 」

Well, that’s not the case.

Mitama’s body is voluptuous so even her boy’s school uniform has a sexy figure.

「 Even I want to do it. I want to get Mitama half-naked and bang you from behind 」

「 I want the same! 」

Oh, Mitama’s lust switch got turned on.

「 Then, can’t help it then, let’s do it together. It’s more fun that way 」

Anya said.

「 I think it’s good to show it to these girls that way. They’ll figure out that sex isn’t something unique, that everyone woman can do it, that it’s part of the daily life 」

If I show them that Anya and I had sex, then they’ll think that it’s unique to us, but…

If I also had sex with Ai and Mitama, who are of a different type than Mitama, then…

They’ll figure out that sex is a normal thing.

「 Err, well then, should we go to the break room? 」

I said.

「 We use this room for food so we can’t have sex here. It’s a little narrow there, but there’s a bed and also a shower unit at the back 」

While at it, it’s also soundproof.

「 But in exchange, you’ll have to help out cleaning the bakery after having sex 」

I told Anya.

「 Sure, anything 」

Anya smiled happily.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Uuuuuu? 」

「 Mumumu? 」

Dolly and Anna went with us to the break room as Anya urged them.

They didn’t bring their drill spears.

Seems like they’re starting to trust us now.

I also carried the portable safe with the sales for today inside.

I need to place this where other eyes can’t reach.

「 I see, so this is where Milord will ravish my body every day from now on 」

Mitama’s looking around the room filled with curiosity.

「 This is Ai’s room for that 」

「 That’s not true. When I was here last time, I had sex with him and Megumi also joined in 」

Anya said.

「 Is that true, Yoshida-kun? 」

「 That’s before Ai became my woman 」

I replied honestly.

「 That time, we all had sex and it was fun. I want to be friends with you. After all, you’re so cute 」

Anya told Ai.

Well, Ai’s the most beautiful among the first-years in our school.

「 Ai…doesn’t swing that way 」

Ai says with a complicated look at her face.

「 I know that, geez, you’re so cute. Too cute. You too 」

Anya looked at Mitama.

「 You have a nicely trained body. But, you’re someone on the surface. You don’t have any darkness people like me have 」

「 My firsts are only for keeping my Lord and his family safe 」

Mitama is a pure bodyguard.

She doesn’t think of using her fighting strength in anything but being a bodyguard.

「 I’m jealous. You remain white 」

Anya, the subordinate of an international criminal, Miss Cordelia, said.

「 It’s not white. I’m only following the path of my destiny, and you’re following yours 」

Mitama said.

「 Water comes from high to low, so I had no choice but to come here. Together with Arisu-sama, and my sister, Kinuka, we’re serving Milord 」

「 You show no hesitation 」

Anya looked at Mitama’s clear eyes and said.

「 Naturally. Milord loves me after all 」

Mitama says with pride.

「 I see, then I’ll go last. You girls can go first. I want to see how you girls get loved 」

Anya said, then she sits down near the entrance with the drill spear sisters.

「 Ai…will serve first 」

Ai told Mitama.

「 I’m Ai’s big sister so you can take the first one 」

「 T-Thanks 」

Ai replies bashfully.

Yeah, even if we’re showing it to the drill spear sisters.

I think that Ai, the gentle one, should go first.

「 Then, let’s do it Yoshida-kun… 」

Ai comes to me.

Oh right.

「 Hey, Ai 」

「 Huh? 」

I gave Ai a suggestion.

「 O-Okay…I’ll try it 」

Ai accepted my suggestion right away.

「 A-Anya-san 」

Ai looked at Anya, then…

「 I know, you want me to translate for the girls, right? 」

Anya moved her chair to the middle of the drill spear sisters and smiled.

「 Well, begin! 」

Anya said, Ai…

「 U-Uhm, Ai…loves Yoshida-kun…so, Ai will do an act to make children with Yoshida-kun… 」

Anya translates what Ai says to Dolly and Anna.

「 We call it sex, and all women do it. You can’t have a child unless you do this. Err…that’s why…you have to do it with only the people you like, but… 」

「 No, that’s not the case 」

Mitama butts in.

「 All the beautiful and talented women in this world must offer their chastity to Milord. We’re born to bear Milord’s child 」

H-Hey, Mitama.

「 Oh? You state some fascinating ideas. 」

Anya laughs.

The drill spear sisters are dumbfounded.

「 It’s not an idea. This is the truth of this world! 」

Mitama asserts.

「 I don’t know if that’s a fact or not but I’m glad that I gave my chastity to him, yes. It was forced, but I don’t regret it at all. Rather, I feel lucky that I met him 」

「 Ai’s… the first time was also forced, but now I’m happy 」

Ai told Dolly and Anna.

「 I want you to understand that…Once you have sex with Yoshida-kun, you’ll surely become happy! 」

Anya translates what Ai said and the drill spear sisters look confused.

Their knowledge of sex is lacking that they can’t imagine it.

「 Take a good look 」

Ai kissed me.

「 Hauu? 」

「 Hauu? 」

Dolly and Anna are surprised just from that much.

「 There’s a lot of ways to do kissing 」

Ai kisses my lips multiple times like a small bird.

She used her tongue to lick my lips, then entwine with my tongue.

She’s showing it to Dolly and the girls.

「 Yoshida-kun…Touch Ai’s breasts 」

Ai took my hand and pushed it on her breast.

I groped Ai’s soft breast on top of her cloth.

「 Hmm, feels good. Yoshida-kun’s so great at touching 」

She stares at me with moist eyes and kisses me again.

「 Touch my butt too 」

I embraced Ai’s slender body and groped her breasts on top of her skirt.

「 Stronger. Aahn, Ai’s getting wet 」

Ai’s making a lewd expression now and the drill sisters look dumbfounded.

「 Wait…I’ll take out my breasts 」

Ai said, then opens the chest part of her blouse.

Exposing her light blue bra.

「 There 」

Ai’s thin fingers removed the front hook of the bra.

Her white breasts plopped out.

It’s not big, but it’s a nice shape for her age.

「 Here you go 」

She presents me her breasts.

「 Yeah 」

I groped her firm and yet elastic breasts.

I rubbed her pink nipple with my finger, it’s getting stiff.

「 Ahn, I feel it! 」

Ai tells me with a blushing face, then…

「 You can…lick it too 」

She asks for my tongue.

I sucked on Ai’s right nipple.

I roll my tongue around it.

「 Aahn! I love this! It’s amazing! 」

Ai’s nipples continue to get stiff.

I lick both nipples, teasing her breasts.

「 This is amazing. You should ask Yoshida-kun to lick yours too! It feels amazing! Aaahn! 」

Ai said Anya translates it for the sisters.

「 Aaaahn! Yoshida-kun! Ai wants to suck on Yoshida-kun too! I want to! 」

Ai said, so I let go of Ai’s breasts.

「 Ai will do it 」

Ai kneels before me while her breasts are exposed.

Then, her fingers stripped my pants.

「 Hauu? 」

「 Hamuhamu? 」

The drill spear sisters can’t figure out what Ai’s doing.

「 This is delicate, so you need to focus while watching okay 」

Mitama told Anya, and Anya translates for Dolly and Anna.

「 It’s already so big 」

Ai caresses my penis on top of my briefs.

Then, she lowers it.

「 Hie? 」

「 Gyapi?! 」

Seeing my penis pointing to the sky…

The drill spear sisters had their eyes open wide.

「 Ufufu, so cute 」

Ai licks the tip of her fingers, then.

「 Good boy, good boy 」

She caresses the tip of my glans with her wet fingers and rotates it around.

Ooh, the stimulation is making my penis rise further.

「 Ai’s breasts say hello 」

Ai rubs my glans into the nipple of hers I just licked.


「 I’ll fellate now 」

She looked up and smiled.

She kisses the tip of my glans.

Then, she sticks out her tongue, licking the tip.

「 Ooooh!! 」

「 Mugugu!! 」

The drill spear sisters are watching the first oral-service they’re seeing with great interest.

「 Hamu! 」

Ai puts my whole glans on her mouth.

Ai wraps my penis in her warm mouth.

「 Chupa, chupa, chupa 」

Ooh, that feels good.

「 Ai’s really skilled in making bread, but you’re equally skilled in fellatio too 」

I say while patting Ai’s smooth cheeks.

「 Not just fellatio 」

Ai smiled at me.

「 Ai…is also learning her best in sex… 」


「 I’ll shower Yoshida-kun with love forever after all 」

Ai said, and she stood up

「 Wait 」

She puts her hand in her skirt.

「 Ei!! 」

She took off her panty.

「 Ai is already like this 」

Ai shows me her drenched panty.

「 Look 」

Ai lifts her skirt and shows me her moist pussy.

Ai is easy to get wet, so her thighs are already dripping.

「 This part of Ai…says that it wants Yoshida-kun’s penis 」

Ai touches her womb and tells the drill sisters.

「 So, ravish Ai. Yoshida-kun! 」

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