Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 118

118. Fugitives

「…Then, I’ll keep the dress and shoes. Is there no need for resizing?」

Katsuko-nee takes the dress Megu just bought…

「Yes, I tried it on properly」

Megu answered bashfully.

「I will look for the accessories that will fit this. It’s Misuzu-san’s symposium after all. You must dress up…!」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「Thank you very much…」

Megu bows to Katsuko-nee…

「Megumi-chan, that’s great…What will Maika wear?」

Maika asked but…

Don’t ask about clothes…You’re currently 『Kidnapped』you know?

「Tomorrow’s blouse and uniform for tomorrow…and the underwear was bought a while ago…」

Megu took out what she needs from the bag and stuffed it to another bag.

But…What should I do?

I don’t have anything prepared but my school uniform.

Ah…We bought only underwear a while ago.

「I’ll have your change of clothes delivered tomorrow morning」

Katsuko-nee said

「No, it’s fine. I can just reuse the shirt I’m wearing…!」

「That’s no good! If you don’t clean it…Megumi will be the one laughed at!」

Minaho-neesan scolded me…!

「What other things we should put in your bag?」

When Katsuko-nee asked me.

「Ah…It’s okay being empty. Tomorrow’s the medical checkup」

「Really…It saves us that there would be no classes」

Minaho-neesan said heartily.

Anyway, the luggage is moved to Margo-san and Katsuko-nee’s car…

「Please take care…There might be people who are monitoring the mansion as well」

When I say that, Margo-san…

「We have to make sure. Mr. Viola’s people might not yet reach us but…Shirasaka house’s people might’ve already intruded」

「…Would it be okay?」

I’m worried at Nei-san who’s left behind the mansion.

「It’s okay…the road to the mansion is a private one. That’s why the roads are closed down. If they try to get through it forcibly, they would be trespassing. People from the security would come over them immediately」

「But…won’t that be troublesome for the people who live around the mansion?」

Margo-san laughs.

「Our mansion is a small hill…there’s six houses around the mansion but there’s no one living there」


「Ah…There’s only one underground worker living in there. There’s only two of the six houses that has an exit directly outside the street. There’s a western-style painter-teacher living there」

「It’s Hama-san…He’s a trustworthy teacher so I’m lending it to him」

Minaho-neesan supplements Margo-san.

「Un. It’s a camouflage. The other five has documents of people living in there. I’m supposed to be living in on of the houses there」

Margo-san is…?!

「That’s right…Whenever I try to go out somewhere alone, I go out of that house on purpose. Ah, the six houses are all connected on the underground passage…Hama-san doesn’t know it though」

…That means?

「We come out of the houses except the one Hama-san lives in. We come back to the mansion from there. Nei will be moving to my house for tonight. I will be sticking with Nei for a while. I’ll leave the mansion to Katsuko-san and Morimoto-san…」

「…It can’t be helped. Someone has to play as the watchdog…」

Katsuko-nee sighs…

「Also…we cannot let Agnes-sama get hungry」


Minaho-neesan’s…『Sixth Toy』?!

「Eh!…There’s someone named Agnes in the mansion?!」

「Yes. She’s underground…!」



If I recall, it was the confinement room isn’t it?

「I wonder what kind of meal Nei made?」

「If you ask that, I left Nei-sama with something I prepared」

Katsuko-nee answered Minaho-neesan with a calm face…

「Agnes-sama won’t eat meals unless Nei-sama or I deliver it」

I heard that Agnes is Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter whom he produced to satisfy his own desire…

She has been confined underground all this time…she wasn’t allowed to go to school either…

「Why is she in the underground? Is she confined?」

Maika asks Minaho-neesan.


「Maika-san…Your secret sister isn’t just Megumi…!」

Maika trembles in surprise…!

「You have another…a little sister…!」

Minaho-neesan…calmly said.


Maika’s face looks confused.

「Her name is Agnes. Just Agnes. She’s not in the census. She’s been in the basement since her birth」


Minaho-neesan thought for a while…then answered.

「Maika-san…Do you know 『Tale of Genji’s』『Murakashi』?」


「We took lessons on Tale of Genji but I don’t know the detail」


I think it’s the story of Yoritomo Minamoto defeating Heike and establishes Kamakura Shogunate

「To make it simple…Hikari Genji has kidnapped a girl named Murasaki and raised her up to a woman of his taste」

Huh…What about Yoritomo? Yoshitsune and Benkei?

「A man’s ideal…making his own daughter he raised as a 『Woman』of his taste…!」

Maika’s eyes opened wide.

「There’s no way my Papa…?!」

Minaho-neesan speaks as if sighing…

「That’s right…Shirasaka Sousuke created a daughter of his taste…and wants to make that daughter his toy. That’s why Agnes is confined. Since she was born」

Maika trembles.


Katsuko-nee and Megu embraces Maika from the back…

「In the first place…It was my grandfather’s thought plan but…he didn’t make it real. It’s just a mere play…a delusion of an old man. Shirasaka Sousuke has carried that out. For the sake of his own lust…!」

What a cruel man.

「Furthermore…Shirasaka Sousuke thought that he wants to have sex with his own daughter…therefore Agnes’ mother is a French…a very beautiful person. She was forced to give birth to Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter when she was 17… That was 12 years ago」

12 years…Agnes has been underground for that long time…?!

「…Pulled away from her mother, not having any friends…she didn’t receive anything even proper education. She’s just taught nothing but to love Shirasaka Sousuke…!」

Is that something a human does?

To his own daughter…

「Agnes-sama can understand words but she doesn’t know letters. She can’t write nor read. The only man she had contact with is Shirasaka Sousuke. Shirasaka has shown Agnes since she was young sex videos. While saying 『You’re going to do this with your Papa soon』」

Katsuko-nee talks about Shirasaka’s evildoing with an expression of hatred…

「Afterwards…A lot of things happened to the mansion. Autumn last year, Shirasaka and Agnes didn’t have any contact. Ojou-sama protected her. Fortunately…Agnes-sama’s body isn’t defiled by Shirasaka yet」

「He was looking forward on taking her virginity when she becomes 13 years old…!」

「Yes…ojou-sama. That is all we can do to save her」

Katsuko-nee sighs.

「Shirasaka…is planning to have Agnes give birth to his child…!」

Minaho-neesan looked at me.

「My little sister…Naomi died because she was pregnant too young. That seems to have become a trauma on Shirasaka as well. Therefore…He endures not having sex until the body grows up to some degree. That man will never give contraceptives to the women he rapes…!」

…That’s absurd!

There’s such a man living in this world!

「Is Agnes-chan really Maika’s little sister?」

Maika asked Minaho-neesan…

「Yes…that’s right」

Minaho-neesan looked straight at Maika’s eyes and answered.

「…I want to meet Agnes-chan」

Maika muttered sadly.

「…Yes, please see her. That girl has never met a girl at the same age as Maika-san」

「That’s right…with me and Nei-sama bringing her meals…Other than Ojou-sama and Ikeda-sensei who does her house call, no one talks to her…」

「She won’t talk to me」

Minaho-neesan said sadly.

「She hardly talks to me too. She seems to be talking with Nei-sama to some extent…」


「Before Katsuko-san took care of her…Shirasaka Sousuke’s hired people are really cruel on women… Only her meals are modulated, she doesn’t do anything…and she’s always expressionless. They sometimes beat Agnes too」

「I’ve dismissed them…there was a record of them beating up Agnes in the surveillance cameras」

Minaho-neesan answers Margo-san.

「Agnes-chan…she’s pitiful…!」

Maika clings to Katsuko-nee having a tearful look.

「That’s right. Next time, how about Yoshida-kun or Megumi bring meals to Agnes…?!」

Minaho-neesan told us.

「That’s right Ojou-sama…I think that’s a good thought…!」

Katsuko-nee keeps nodding.

「…Maika will take care of her too」


「Agnes-chan is Maika’s little sister. Maika have to help raising her…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

The two car separates path.

The first car has Margo-san and Katsuko-nee.

The second car has Minaho-neesan, me, Megu and Maika…

Minaho-neesan is on the driver’s seat and I’m on the passenger’s

The two others are on the back seat…

「Yoshida-kun…Your school uniform stands out so take it off」

Certainly…It would be strange to be wearing a school uniform while riding on the passenger seat of 『Maruko Print』

I took off my school uniform and I’m now just wearing my T-shirt

「Open the dashboard and there should be disguises put by Margo」

I opened it as told and take a look at it…There are various hats, fake glasses, and neckties

「I’ll take that hat. Yoshida-kun, wear the glasses an necktie…the two of you, hide yourselves until I say that it’s okay…!」


Megu answered as a representative.

The two of them covers themselves with the blanket in the car.

I put on the glasses but the necktie…!

「…What are you doing?!」

Minaho-neesan reaches out and tied my necktie…!


「…What’s wrong?」

「No…Minaho-neesan’s good at tying neckties」

…Sensei is

「When I was a child…it was my daily work to tie my grandfather’s necktie every morning…」


「Not just my Kuromori grandfather…Yuzuki…My maternal grandfather as well. I lived with them when I was in elementary. Speaking of which, I wasn’t able to go to my grandfather’s funeral…」

Minaho-neesan…was abducted by Shirasaka Sousuke, and made a woman of 『Kuromori』

「…Let’s visit the grave along with everyone」

I told Minaho-neesan.

「…Right… Once we finish everything」

Minaho-neesan starts the engine of the car…

◇ ◇ ◇

From the underground parking lot…to the night town…

Two cars come out from the other side of the hotel we were from a while ago.

We separate from Margo-san’s car on the first intersection…

Then our car has kept running for ten minutes.

「It’s okay now…There doesn’t seem to be any car following us」

Hearing Minaho-neesan, the two from the backseat comes out of the blanket.

「…That was hot」

Maika had beads of sweat flowing on her head and nose.

Megu breathes deeply…

「Let’s take a break. I want to make a call…」

Minaho-neesan stops the car in the parking lot of a 24/7 supermarket

「Yoshida-kun…sorry to ask but go with everyone shopping. It’s troublesome if we get hungry so buy some drinks and snacks. I think Katsuko will deliver meals by tomorrow morning」

Saying that, Minaho-neesan handed me money.

「It’s fine. I still have some money left…」

Yeah…There’s still 10k yen left from our shopping a while ago…

「It’s okay. This is 『Necessary expenses』so you don’t need to use your money」

Minaho-neesan forces the 5k yen bill to my hand…

「…Be careful of your surroundings. I don’t think someone would still be following us but…there’s no loss on being careful…!」


When I was putting on my school uniform and the 『Beat up Stick』on my sleeve.

「…Onii-san, what’s that?」

「N?…It’s 『Beat up stick』」

「…Beat up stick?」

「That’s right…It’s something like a weapon for the time being」


Maika opens her mouth wide in surprise

「Then, we’re going」

The three of us steps out of the car…and Minaho-neesan starts her call.

「…Ah, hello, it’s me. Can I stay over your hotel tonight…?!」

Who is she talking with…?

「…Thank you. That helps me a lot」

Anyway…It seems that our location for tonight is decided.

「Hey…Onii-san, let’s go!」

Maika rushes me.

「Yeah…Got it」

Megu holds my hand like natural from the side.

「Yoshi-kun, let’s go…!」


I hold hands with Megu and go to the supermarket

◇ ◇ ◇

「You’re buying too much…Maika-chan!」

Megu is angry at the shopping bag turned to a mountain of snacks.

Inside the 24/7 supermarket.

It’s very bright.

But…There’s hardly any shoppers.

「We’re only buying for tonight so it’s a waste to leave anything behind」

「If there’s leftovers…Maika will just eat it tomorrow…」

「Geez, saying such a thing…If you really want it then you can just buy it next time」


「Well…Maika won’t be able to go outside for a while…!」


Maika’s setting is 『Kidnapped』isn’t it?

Megu paused for a moment.

「At least return half of it Also, if ever you really want something then Yoshi-kun and I will buy it…we promise」



Saying that, she returned the snacks to the shelf.

「Also…You shouldn’t eat chocolate and those with high calories at night」

「Eh…Is that so, Megumi-chan?」

「That’s right…I don’t care if you get pimples」

「Uwa, then I don’t need it! I’ll stop eating chocolates!」

Somehow…They look like real sisters.

No…They’re real sisters though.

「Just get at least one chocolate」

I said.

「…Why, Yoshi-kun?」

「Well…Choco has calories so it’s good as emergency provisions. That’s why let’s have at least one」

「Then, let’s go with the normal chocolate bar」


Also, let’s buy 1.5L drink.

Maika said that a sweet juice would be good…

「You can’t drink sweets after brushing your teeth!」

With Megu-neesan’s words, it became oolong tea.

In exchange, Maika bought 500mL.

「Toothpaste and towels?」

Maika looks at us

「We don’t need it. Guessing from Minaho-san’s phone call, we will be staying on some hotel. Hotels have toothbrush and towels」

…Is that so?

We don’t need any luggage…


Maika said

「Can we really trust Yuzuki-san?」


「…I heard her from her talk with Maika’s grandfather…」

Maika looks down.

「Yuzuki-san…refers herself as 『Kurumori』…」

Megu answers Maika.

「Minaho-neesan…is the same as me」


「She’s not the daughter of the father’s legal wife. 『Kuromori』is her father’s house…and 『Yuzuki』is the mother’s house’s name. Therefore, she usually introduces herself as 『Yuzuki』」

Hearing that answer, Maika…

「Then…What’s the 『Organization』? Yuzuki-san said that she’s the boss of an 『Organization』 Saying that Maika’s Papa is a member…!

Maika’s clever for a child.

Rather…She’s too intelligent.

「Originally…『Kuromori』is a prostitution ring. Minaho-san’s grandfather. That’s when Minaho-san’s father and Shirasaka-san took it over」

「…Took it over?」

「That’s right. Then…they did all the selfish things they want. Minaho-san, has lived with her mother in a place with her little sister those days…they didn’t have any relationship with the organization」


「Minaho-san and the little sister who’s unrelated to it…was forcibly raped by Shirasaka-san and turned to prostitutes. After that, it was Minaho-san’s story…」

「Then…Why is she now the 『Boss』?」

Maika still can’t understand.

「Well you see…Minaho-neesan made her body a mess, and turned her body to be unable to give birth again…and was moved from prostitution to managing」

Can she understand my explanation?


「Yeah…Shirasaka Sousuke’s management is quite unreasonable so the prostitution ladies had asked the influential guests. They hope to have a person from their people to be put in the management. Then…Minaho-neesan has then changed to managing the organization. Minaho-neesan, is a descendant of the founder of 『Kuromori』…A former prostitute, so she knows what is the problem and how to improve it…」

「Then like that, Minaho-san managed the 『Organization』…and showed better results gradually. Then one day…She took hold of the whole 『Organization』」

「To be specific…it was to drive out Shirasaka Sousuke」

「Minaho-san is 28 years old…so she has retired from prostitution when she was 16. Therefore, she has been planning about her revenge on Shirasaka-san for 12 years… While watching prostitutes sacrificed to Shirasaka-san…!」

Megu’s eyes are wet.

「…What’s wrong, Megumi-chan?」

「Maika-chan…You see. I lived with the prostitutes until I was six. My mother was abducted Shirasaka-san…and turned to a prostitute. I was born in the brothel and grew up there. Everyone’s a kind person. Everyone’s talking together…and taught me on my studies. Therefore…I never ended up like Agnes-san…!」

Megu’s eyes have tears spilling from it

「…No…That’s not it. I think Shirasaka-san has confined Shirasaka-san underground because I was raised like that. Not meeting anyone…and become his own doll…!」

Megu…is educated by the prostitutes so she wasn’t raised to be tainted…

Shirasaka, has isolated Agnes underground…?

「When I hear about earlier, I was susprised. I was sure that when I was small…there was a foreigner. A milky blonde hair…a very beautiful person. I remember the day when she give birth to a child… But, I haven’t seen the baby…And the mothers said 『She was brought by someone』…she has always been underground…under the mansion…!!!」

…I embraced Megu.

「It’s okay…We’ll save Agnes」


「Agnes is…Megu and Maika’s little sister…!」


Megu nodded slightly.

「Maika…Minaho-neesan told you earlier this but…we cannot tell anything more than this. This isn’t to fool Maika but the shock would be too much. We’ll tell you everything little by little…」


「Even with her exchange with Maika’s grandfather…Even in the underground…Minaho-neesan tells the truth to Maika little by little. I think she’s taking care that Maika might just panic when she tells everything at once…」

「…Is that so?」

「I think so too…Minaho-san is clumsy but she’s really gentle…!」

Megu told Maika.

「But…Once the time comes, she’ll tell you everything…」

I promised Maika.

「At that time…what will become of Maika?」

Maika muttered worriedly

「That doesn’t matter!…Maika-chan is my little sister!」

Megu tells Maika strongly.


「Whatever happens…it won’t change that we’re sisters. I will protect Maika-chan whatever happens…!」

Maika jumps to Megu’s chest.

「Sorry…Megumi-oneechan. Maika’s saying selfish things…!」

「…It’s okay, aren’t we sisters?」

Then…Megu looked at me.

「Yoshi-kun too」


「We’re Yoshi-kun’s 『woman』 for our entire life. I don’t mind Yoshi-kun loving girls other than me. If you come to hate me then just throw me away anytime. But, Megu will love Yoshi-kun forever. That’s what I decided on. I’ll continue to love you forever…!」

Is that love?

Or devotion?


I have nothing else to do but to accept Megu’s thoughts.

「Even I will continue to love you forever… Megu and Maika will always be my 『woman』…!」

Maika looks at me.

「Maika…is not a good girl. I’m selfish, foolish, and ill-natured」

「…That doesn’t matter…Maika is Maika…!」


In the corner of a lonely night supermarket…

The three of us embraces each other…

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