Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: A Tip of 500 Yuan

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Ding! The instant that the elevator doors opened, Pei Ge blocked her face with the handbag and resolutely walked toward the exit to the building.

As she walked, she desperately prayed that no one would spot her.

However, sometimes, Murphy’s law was just hard to defy.

Perhaps, it was because she was too focused on not wanting anyone to see her, but Pei Ge slammed into the glass door with a loud bang .

“Ouch!” Pei Ge cried out as she rubbed her forehead that was red from the impact.

“Pffft! Ha ha ha!”

Hearing the unsuppressed laughter, Pei Ge no longer bothered to hide her face and try to leave the place in a low-key manner. Instead, she made a beeline for the source of the sound with a vicious gleam in her eyes.

The moment she saw the Casanova-looking man dressed in eye-catching attire, the rage in her heart was fueled further.

“What are you laughing at?! What is so funny, huh?!” Another male host! Hmph!

As he looked at the woman who had suddenly flared up, Mu Heng could not help but think to himself, This lady has such a fiery temper. A little chili, indeed.

The most important thing was that she was not the least bit affected by his incomparably good looks. This definitely heightened his desire to conquer her.

“Miss, I think you look a little familiar. Have we met somewhere before?” The corners of Mu Heng’s mouth turned up in a charming manner.

“Hmph! How old school! To think you are a male host!” Pei Ge distastefully rolled her eyes at Mu Heng and stomped away.

Mu Heng was left dumbfounded, staring at how Pei Ge left without a backward glance. Only when she was out of his sight did he regain his senses.

“F*ck! Who did she say is a male host?!” How were the looks of male hosts comparable to his?!

With his heart full of resentment, Mu Heng strutted toward the elevator and pressed the button for the eighth floor.

Even by the time he got out of the elevator, Mu Heng was still hung up on that line about being a male host.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Mu Heng rapped the door with his knuckles once he reached the suite he had booked for Ji Ziming the day before. Before long, Ji Ziming appeared at the entryway, dressed in a smart and form-fitting suit.

Mu Heng raised his brows at Ji Ziming’s dark expression as he resisted the pressure the latter was emitting, teasing him fearlessly, “Yo! Why the long face? Did that girl who had piqued your interest yesterday not serve you well?”

“Shut up!” Ji Ziming icily said, glaring daggers at Mu Heng.

Mu Heng shrugged his shoulders and grinned, “Looks like I was right.”

Ji Ziming pursed his lips, his dark irises emitting flames.

That damn woman! She actually treated him as a male host and even threw 500 yuan in the closet!

As he thought this, Ji Ziming’s expression darkened further.

Just a while ago, when he walked toward the closet to put on some clothes, he actually saw five red, 100 yuan notes tuck inside his suit’s pocket…

That damn woman! Forget the fact that she treated him as a male host, she even left behind a tip of 500 yuan!

He, the dignified CEO Ji, was actually only worth 500 yuan in the eyes of that woman?!

That damn woman! Was she actually blind?!

“Achoo!” Pei Ge sneezed while inside a taxi. Rubbing her nose, Pei Ge depressingly counted the red notes in her wallet. However, no matter how she counted, there was only one pathetic note left.

“Sigh…” Pei Ge looked at the only red note left in her wallet.

Should’ve just given 400 yuan, instead… No. That sum is still a little too much. I heard female escorts are only worth 200 to 300 yuan a night. It should be about the same rate for male hosts.

However… The man’s perfect figure and flawless features suddenly flashed through Pei Ge’s mind. I guess he should be a little more expensive…

Someone who was so handsome and had such an imposing aura was actually just a male host. What a waste of the good looks god gave him!

He must be a spendthrift! Next time, I’ll definitely stay far away from him!


“Ziming, what’s wrong with you? Could it be that you’ve caught a cold from yesterday night’s bathroom play?!” Mu Heng, grinning, glanced at the man beside him and said this in a jesting manner.

“…” Hearing Mu Heng’s teasing, Ji Ziming’s face turned dark again.

Mu Heng’s eyes widened when he observed Ji Ziming’s reaction and exclaimed, “Did I guess it right?!”

“You’re very noisy. Shut up.” The elevator doors opened at that moment, and Ji Ziming took large strides out of it.

Mu Heng eagerly chased after Ji Ziming, unfazed by the latter’s large strides.

“Well done! I used to think that you are a cold and boring person. I never thought that you’re just keeping all your passion inside!” Mu Heng was now very curious about the woman who had managed to snag Ji Ziming last night.

“Ziming, who is that gal? What’s her name? What does she look like? How old is she?” As he followed Ji Ziming, Mu Heng fired away these questions, as though he were conducting an investigative work.

“…” Ji Ziming remained mum, as though he had not heard Mu Heng’s questions at all.

However, deep down, Ji Ziming was downcast.

He actually did not know anything about that woman who had such a huge appeal on him last night. That damn woman was even quite nonchalant toward him!

He really could not stand it!

“Ah!” Thinking of something, Mu Heng excitedly asked, “The clothes the woman is wearing – are they the ones I prepared for you guys yesterday?”

“…” Ji Ziming raised his brows, thinking of the scene in the bathroom from yesterday.

When Ji Ziming did not reply at him and, instead, looked to be in deep thought, Mu Heng blinked his eyes and smirked. “Could it be that that woman actually treated you as a male host from the bar?”

“…” Ji Ziming’s eyebrows knitted together, as cold light shone through his eyes.

“Ha ha ha ha! She actually treated you as a male host! That’s very funny!” Mu Heng whooped.

No wonder that woman looks so familiar. Turns out she’s wearing the dress I’ve chosen personally.

Now he finally understood why his good friend had such an unsatisfied expression. That woman must be too fiery! Ha ha ha!

“…You know her?” Ji Ziming asked with furrowed brows, resisting the urge to shake off Mu Heng and just walk away.

“Nope! But I met her when I came just now.” Mu Heng grinned as he stared at Ji Ziming. “Tsk! That gal is very fiery, indeed. Ji Ziming, I never knew that you have such a strong taste—”

“Go away!” Ji Ziming felt disappointment at Mu Heng’s reply, yet he was unaware of this.

Damn woman, don’t let me see you ever again!

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