Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Tang Xiaoyu’s Surprise

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From the moment she left the coffee house until she boarded a bus, Pei Ge was still trying to figure out Liu Yue’s real intention.

Why would she disappear for so long and then return to give her that lengthy apology?

However, throughout the bus journey, and even when she reached home, Pei Ge could still not understand the whole situation.

Seeing that there was no end to it, Pei Ge decided to stop thinking about the matter altogether.

“Don’t think about it; don’t think about it. Besides, she’s no longer working in the office.”

Determined to not think about the matter anymore, Pei Ge switched on her computer to watch her favorite American TV drama, ‘Fight on, Julia!’, which she had not done in a while, and took out a bag of unopened chips from her bedside cabinet’s drawer.

Ka cha, ka cha! Pei Ge ate the chips as she watched the show.

“Julia, actually there is something I have kept from you. Your father’s death is not just what it seems—”

At that crucial moment, Pei Ge stared unblinkingly at the screen, without eating the chips, as she waited anxiously for the next scene.

Who knew that the drama would stop at that exciting part where the supporting actor was about to reveal the secret to the stunned female lead?

Ka da! The chips in Pei Ge’s hands were accidentally crushed to pieces.

Damn, cliffhanger! What a scam!

Upon seeing that no more new episodes were available for this particular American TV drama, Pei Ge felt so depressed that she almost sent a mail to the company responsible for producing it to hurry their release.

“Another week of waiting.” Pei Ge closed the webpage unhappily.

Feeling frustrated over the drama, Pei Ge decided to go to bed early. This was when her phone rang.

Once she saw who the caller was, she happily answered the phone, “Hello, Xiaoyu!”

“Stupid, Ge Ge! If I don’t call you, will you not remember to call me?!” Tang Xiaoyu’s voice came through the phone with a hint of hurt.

“Of – Of course not!” Pei Ge immediately denied, saying, “In fact, I was just about to call you!”

“Heh heh, were you really?” Tang Xiaoyu asked, full of doubt.

“Of course! I just finished watching ‘Fight on, Julia!’ and was really about to call you!” Pei Ge replied rather loudly to mask the guilt she was feeling inside.

Alright, she had really been neglecting her best friend lately!

“Heh! I’ll believe you this one time, then,” Tang Xiaoyu said softly before adding, “Oh, right. You told me before that you had gotten promoted and had received a salary increase. Any sparks flying between you and that CEO?”

At Tang Xiaoyu’s transition to her gossiping mood, Pei Ge promptly told her everything.

“No. I’m so smart; he won’t be able to recognize me!” Pei Ge replied smugly as she proceeded to tell her best friend what she had been up to recently.

On that note, she also shared about that matter concerning Liu Yue.

“Damn! I knew that there’s something fishy about that Liu Yue! Indeed, she’s a scheming one!” Tang Xiaoyu remarked in anger, completely forgetting about that incident involving the CEO.

“Alright, alright. She already received her payback and got fired,” Pei Ge pacified her.

For Pei Ge, Liu Yue was already part of the past and she did not want to waste any more energy thinking of her.

“You! Don’t be so stupid next time. Seriously, you’re already this old, yet you’re still making me worry all the time,” Tang Xiaoyu scolded Pei Ge out of concern.

“Mhm, mhm, mhm, I know!” Pei Ge broke into a wide smile. This was what a true friend was!

“No, I’m still worried about you!” Tang Xiaoyu’s voice was still full of worry. “Such a pity that I’m still busy with work here and can’t return home anytime soon.”

“Don’t worry so much about me; I’m actually doing quite well in my current company! Not only does my immediate superior like me, my salary also increases very fast!” Pei Ge assured Tang Xiaoyu in a relaxed manner.

“Stupid! I’m not worried about your work. Don’t I know how smart you are? After all, I was forever in second place because of you when we were in school.” Tang Xiaoyu laughed as she recalled about their past.

At Tang Xiaoyu’s words, Pei Ge started laughing as well.

Their friendship was nothing short of a miracle.

Both of them came from influential families, had good looks, and topped their studies… Simply put, they were natural-born leaders among their peers. However, coincidentally, the two of them had always been in the same class since kindergarten.

Tang Xiaoyu had high pride but, at every exam, no matter how hard she studied, she always lost to Pei Ge.

Even in human relations, Pei Ge was more popular than her.

Thus, if one asked Tang Xiaoyu who she hated the most, she would definitely say, “Pei Ge.”

“Yes! I still remember how we would go home together after school under our classmates’ fearful gazes. One even told me not to play with you because you definitely had bad intentions.” Pei Ge laughed.

“He he! Tell me who that idiot was! How dare he disturb our perfect relationship?!”

Pei Ge began to reminisce the better days before her father’s accident and before their family business went bankrupt with Tang Xiaoyu.

“I still remember how I saw the news and decided to support a Chinese who was studying overseas and you were especially against it.” Pei Ge was suddenly reminded of that Chinese student she had helped in primary school.

Pei Ge had supported him until her family business went bankrupt and she could no longer fund his studies.

“Oh, yeah, Ge Ge! I almost forgot; I called today to say that the thing I sent you a few days ago should reach you by tomorrow,” Tang Xiaoyu informed her while giggling.

Pei Ge blinked curiously and asked, “What did you send me?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow! It’s a surprise!” Tang Xiaoyu teased.

Pei Ge conversed with Tang Xiaoyu for quite a while, and when she finally hung up the phone, which had gone warm from their long talk, she discovered that it was almost 11 P.M.

A quick wash later, Pei Ge drifted into dreamland with a smile.

Tonight, she dreamed of the past, those blissful days when her father was still alive….

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