Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Eat your medicine, CEO.

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This was Pei Ge’s first time attending a meeting in the conference room on the company’s top floor. The last meeting she had attended on Pan Xinlei’s behalf was not held in this big conference room.

Everyone in the room was clearly top management based on their formal attire, so Pei Ge lowered her head in embarrassment.

“Now you feel ashamed!” Yang Aoyun unhappily chided the Pei Ge sitting beside her.

Yang Aoyun was good at dissociating herself with others, yet the assistant she had brought with her today was just too embarrassing to be ignored.

Pei Ge laughed dryly as she sheepishly replied, “It’s not too bad.”

Fine. She also thought that her appearance was like a pothole, but she should not be blamed for this! The blame should go to that annoying person who had organized this meeting.

Poor Ji Ziming was once again secretly cursed at by Pei Ge.

“Hmph! If you continue like this, I won’t bring you to a meeting next time,” Yang Aoyun threatened as she shot Pei Ge a death glare.

Who knew that this was exactly what Pei Ge wanted, though? With eyes shining brightly, she said, “Yes, Director! Don’t bring me along next time lest it waste my time.”

Her answer reminded Yang Aoyun that Pei Ge never wanted to attend this meeting in the first place.

“Others can’t wait to follow me to a meeting, yet you are the exact opposite.” Yang Aoyun shook her head, not knowing what to do with Pei Ge.

“Hei hei!” Pei Ge laughed but was stopped short by Yang Aoyun’s cold stare.

“Told you not to laugh; be more mindful during the meeting later. The CEO might call for you,” Yang Aoyun instructed Pei Ge.

Pei Ge nodded her head in a relaxed manner and replied, “I understand.”

Hei hei… She would definitely give Ji Ziming a bright smile later. A happy smile. All smiles! He he he! She refused to believe that he would still want to see her again after this!

It turned out that Pei Ge had celebrated too early, and reality never went that smoothly.

Pak! The wooden doors to the conference room opened and Pei Ge watched as the well-respected man walk inside with his cold face and intimidating aura.

The man’s face was as handsome as ever and the fitting, dark blue suit further accentuated this.

With such looks, it was no wonder she mistook him for a male host when she was drunk!

How could he be a CEO when his looks were better than most celebrities?

She silently spat in her heart.

“Pei Ge, stop daydreaming; the meeting is about to start, so get serious.” Yang Aoyun pinched Pei Ge on her arm when she saw her dazedly sitting there.

Pei Ge was jolted back to the present by that pinch and she hastily nodded her, quickly opening the laptop and meeting booklet to jot down notes.

Halfway through the meeting, Ji Ziming suddenly thought of the Planning Department.

He then remembered mentioning about an employee called Pei Ge.

After firing the Planning Department’s assistant, it was not long before a very capable assistant joined it.

From this new assistant’s work, Ji Ziming could tell that the person was that translator he admired.

Thus, after observing for a while, Ji Ziming began to feel excited at the prospect of meeting the person.

Before, he would see some flaws to the person’s work, yet this employee was like a sponge with her ability to learn things fast. Every document or report submitted by the Planning Department with her name on it only kept getting better and better.

However, at every meeting, he never once saw this new assistant attend it, and this made him curious.

Hence, he mentioned this to Yang Aoyun at the last meeting.

That capable assistant should be here this time.

With that thought in mind, Ji Ziming’s eyes floated toward Yang Aoyun’s direction.

“The Planning Department did well on this matter. The previously translated documents are really helpful to this case,” Ji Ziming praised in a matter-of-fact tone.

When Yang Aoyun heard Ji Ziming’s words of praise, she quickly stood up and said with a smile, “These documents were translated by my assistant, Pei Ge. She also gathered the pertinent data for them.”

At this, Yang Aoyun pulled Pei Ge up.

Knowing that Ji Ziming could not recognize her, Pei Ge stood up calmly and faced him directly. This time, she did not strive to hide behind a desk unlike their previous encounters.

When Pei Ge stood up, her whole face was exposed to Ji Ziming’s line of sight and he could not help but gawk.

The woman he met at the lift?!

Although Ji Ziming remained expressionless, his widened eyes betrayed his shock. Pei Ge revealed a bright smile at that.

This smile caused those who had looked with the CEO to avert their eyes, their mouths twitching from her hideous appearance.

When Ji Ziming saw the bright smile, he was first stunned before feeling that behind her bright smile hid evil intention.

It was as though her actions were intentional….

With this gut feeling, Ji Ziming began to scrutinize her repulsive face.

Seeing Ji Ziming actually still daring to look at her, Pei Ge thought to herself,Seems like my smile is not scary enough!

Hence, she broadened her smile.

Heh heh heh heh! I’ll scare you to death before you do that to me!

Ji Ziming frowned. Did he know this woman?

She looked awfully familiar….

“You are Pei Ge?” He had never heard of that name before. They should not know each other, so why was he finding this woman to be strangely familiar?

“Yes, CEO! My name is indeed Pei Ge!” Pei Ge replied in a rough voice.

Hearing her deep, manly voice, he realized in an instant why he found her so familiar.

“Messy woman…” Ji Ziming let this slip from his tongue due the shock.

As such, this name was heard by everyone.

Everyone inside the room looked at Ji Ziming curiously, not understanding what Mr. CEO was saying.

Pei Ge, for her part, knew exactly what he meant, and she fumed inside at this.

What messy woman?! You annoying male host, I in fact like to be clean!

Ji Ziming watched the woman stand there fuming. As her bright eyes stared intently at him, he felt that the woman was not too hard to look at.

No wonder she never raised her head; it was because she was too ugly.

Ji Ziming looked at her nightmarish face and thought of their encounter earlier at the lift. This woman seemed to have tried greeting him, but he….

With that thought in mind, he suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“CEO, are you alright?”

Ji Ziming’s assistant, who was sitting beside him, asked cautiously when he saw that Ji Ziming did not speak for a long time, as though he were in deep thought.

“Mhm.” Ji Ziming returned to his senses and waved softly at the standing Pei Ge to sit down. He did not mention the image issue anymore.

Pei Ge sat down and looked curiously at Ji Ziming’s mellow expression which was different from her impression of him.

Moreover, he actually tactfully refrained from mentioning the image issue again despite her wearing this ugly makeup!

Was he off his rocker?

Ji Ziming saw that Pei Ge was no longer lowering her head and was instead smiling at him. Thinking of his attitude toward her that afternoon, he raised his brows and, in a rare instant, nodded at Pei Ge with a soft look.

“…” Pei Ge’s smile disappeared when she saw Ji Ziming look at her with pity. With him even nodding his head in acknowledgment of her, she began to fume inside once more.

Embarrassing! How in the world could this annoying person tolerate her disgusting appearance?!

So annoying! This irksome person is really very annoying! Even such hideous makeup did not faze him! She really did not want to put on such ugly makeup. After all, her aesthetic taste was very normal!

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