Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: The Wise and Mighty Mr. CEO

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“The Planning Department is really unlucky this time!”

“Yeah, man. I heard that the new CEO lost his temper at the meeting.”

“Director Yang is really blind, treating a stone as a gem.”

“I know right? That whoever Liu Yue is so thick-skinned to actually have the courage to do that.”

As she walked along the corridor after lunchtime, Pei Ge overheard these whispers. Initially, she did not understand what these people were saying, but at the mention of Liu Yue’s name, Pei Ge immediately straightened up.

Did something happen to Liu Yue?

Pei Ge returned to the office as she pondered on this.

She had just sat down on her seat when a fiery Pan Xinlei came stomping in from outside.

“Ge Ge, did you hear?” Pan Xinlei asked with excitement, her eyes beaming at Pei Ge.

“Eh? Hear of what?” Pei Ge asked curiously.

“Liu Yue! She is really unlucky this time!” Pan Xinlei laughed out loud in her happiness.

When Pei Ge heard Pan Xinlei’s words, her eyebrows furrowed and she asked once more, “Sister Xinlei, what happened to her?”

She had heard others talked about Liu Yue earlier. Could it be that she had slipped up?

“Ha ha ha! Ge Ge, this is karma. Her inability to speak English has been exposed! She was embarrassed so badly at the meeting and was immediately fired by the CEO!” Pan Xinlei happily informed Pei Ge.


Pei Ge felt stunned and could hardly believe that the situation would develop to this stage.

No wonder Liu Yue did not look for her at lunchtime today….

“After I heard about the incident, I became our CEO’s fan!” Pan Xinlei exclaimed, adding, “Our new CEO is really wise and mighty! He found out the truth about Liu Yue so quickly! He’s really so smart!”

Did that annoying person find out?

Pei Ge was in a daze. Was that annoying person really so smart?

“Ha ha ha! This is karma, I say! She always asked you to translate for her and acted arrogant in front of Director Yang. Apparently, when she left today, she was utterly shamed.” Despite the issue not having any relation to her, Pan Xinlei still grinned widely when she shared this.

She was honestly a vindictive person, especially when the person involved was someone she treated as her younger sister and friend, so her reaction this time was exceptionally big.

Pei Ge did not feel happy at Pan Xinlei’s recount. Actually, it was hard to determine what she was feeling at the moment.

Nonetheless, Pei Ge knew that she did not feel an ounce of sympathy for Liu Yue.

“Ge Ge, why aren’t you saying anything?” Pan Xinlei frowned at Pei Ge’s silence. “You’re not taking pity on Liu Yue, are you? Let me tell you! Such people don’t deserve pity! Everything that happened to her was caused by her—”

Seeing Pan Xinlei work herself up, Pei Ge interrupted with a laugh, “Sister Xinlei, what are you talking about? I do not pity her, as I know that today’s situation is the result of her actions.”

“Phew! That’s a relief. You scared me for a minute there.” Sighing in relief, Pan Xinlei patted her chest.

“Sister Xinlei, do you think I’m a saint?” Pei Ge laughed when she saw Pan Xinlei pat her chest in relief.

“You! You are not a saint, but you’re too soft-hearted,” Pan Xinlei said this to Pei Ge with a smile. “I don’t believe that you didn’t suspect Liu Yue of using you. It’s just that you’re too kind to think negatively of others.”

Of all her years of working, this was the first time Pan Xinlei saw a colleague as kind and determined as Pei Ge. It was this personality of hers that made her willing to lend Pei Ge a helping hand.

“You better not make the same mistake again in the future. You may have treated Liu Yue as your friend, but Liu Yue has never once treated you as hers! When you judge a person next time, don’t just judge their actions but also their intentions. Got it?” Pan Xinlei advised Pei Ge as though she were her real sister.

Pei Ge was stunned by Pan Xinlei’s advice. Frankly speaking, she had only considered Pan Xinlei as a colleague whom she got along with, but, today, she found that she had got a friend in her.

“Mhm! I know, Sister Xinlei!” Pei Ge grinned widely and, with this, all the unhappiness caused by Liu Yue disappeared.

Her mother had always taught her from young to be kind, grateful, and always see the good in others.

Thus, she had refused to suspect Liu Yue and was unwilling to think badly of her, but with Pan Xinlei’s words today, she suddenly saw the light.

Pan Xinlei was satisfied by Pei Ge’s response. Looking at her with a ‘scorpion can be taught’ expression, she said, “So long as you understand. Next time, don’t be used by others. If not for me and for the CEO, how long will you be taken advantage of?”

“What… Actually, I already suspected this morning…” Pei Ge weakly defended herself.

Pan Xinlei rolled her eyes at her and said bluntly, “Oh, please! When Liu Yue, that woman, acted all weak and whiny, you would always get gooey. Sometimes, I wonder if you actually are a guy – falling for her coquettish act and all.”

Hearing Pan Xinlei’s blunt words, Pei Ge really felt embarrassed inside. If she thought about it that way, she would really seem like a man with the way she fell for Liu Yue’s tricks.

I have to change!

“Xinlei, Ge Ge, what are you two talking about? I saw you two getting all worked up early in the morning until now,” Li Qin asked amiably. She had seen the two chatting as soon as she entered the office.

Pan Xinlei immediately narrated the whole incident to Li Qin.

After hearing the ins and outs of the situation, Li Qin began to look at Pei Ge differently.

“You are good at English?”

She had never imagined that a small assistant could give her so many surprises.

“It’s passable…” Pei Ge furrowed her eyebrows as she gave this reply.

“What passable?! If it’s just passable, would Director Yang compliment Liu Yue so much?” Pan Xinlei rolled her eyes at Pei Ge’s lack of confidence in her ability.

My knowledge in English is truly just average, though , Pei Ge thought to herself.

“Ge Ge, don’t look down on your skills. Director Yang is a woman of vision. If she thinks that your translation is excellent, then it really is excellent.” Li Qin smiled kindly.

“Sister Li, I think Ge Ge is at a disadvantage in this situation. How about you talk to Director Yang?” Pan Xinlei asked cheerfully.

Li Qin of course knew what Pan Xinlei was getting at and shook her head in laughter.

“Ge Ge has such great abilities that it would be a waste for her to receive a mere assistant’s salary. Sister Li, you are the best leader in China. You will help Ge Ge, right?” Pan Xinlei urged Li Qin further with a smile.

Pei Ge was stunned at Pan Xinlei’s straightforwardness and obvious boot-licking. However, more than that, Pei Ge felt really grateful that Pan Xinlei was trying to help her out.

“Ha ha ha! I’ll handle this situation; you just do your job well.” Li Qin waved her away, and although she seemed to be fussing, the smile on her face told otherwise.

“Yes, Manager!” Pan Xinlei giggled.

Once Li Qin left, Pan Xinlei winked at Pei Ge and said, “It’s a done deal! You’ll just have to wait for the promotion and the raise! Remember to buy Sister Li a meal by then!”

Eh? What do you mean it’s a done deal?

Seeing Pei Ge’s confused look, Pan Xinlei rolled her eyes and explained the situation to her patiently.

Only after listening to her did Pei Ge learn that their manager, Li Qin, and Yang Aoyun were very good friends outside work.

If someone else told Yang Aoyun about the situation, she might not believe that person’s words, but if that someone was Li Qin, then Yang Aoyun’s response would definitely be different.

Although there was not a lot of work to do today, Pei Ge found herself mentally drained after all the office brouhaha.

As she lay on her bed after a shower, ready to sleep, Pei Ge suddenly recalled how Ji Ziming had mysteriously appeared by her side on that day and said those cryptic words.

“Could it be… that he already knew of this from the start and was reminding me of it?”

How could that be the case? No, I must be overthinking this! That annoying person would not be so thoughtful to that extent!

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