Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Truth behind the Documents for Translation

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Pei Ge eventually realized that most of her free time at night would go to translating Liu Yue’s ‘study materials’ ever since she had agreed to help the latter translate the English files.

There were English documents that required translation at least three times a week. Pei Ge initially thought that the materials Liu Yue had mentioned were few. After all, one only had so much energy. How would she be able to finish reading so much content, anyway?

And yet, Liu Yue would basically bring over a few ‘study materials’ every other day.

The documents contained a lot of unfamiliar vocabulary, with most of them being professional terms, so Pei Ge had to spend a lot of time and effort flipping through the dictionary and searching online for their proper translation. Usually, it would be almost midnight when she finished translating the materials.

It was not that Pei Ge had not tried mentioning to Liu Yue about her limited skills and her inability to translate all the documents the latter would send over to her. However, each time Liu Yue looked at her with pitiful and studious eyes, she would eventually give in.

Hence, she could only continue helping Liu Yue translate the English documents every night after work. Fortunately, she had a strong learning ability. After a few days of translating the documents, her English skills rapidly improved and the speed at which she translated also shortened every day.

“Phew…” Pei Ge’s fingers stopped moving as her lips curled up in satisfaction at the sight of the words on the document on-screen.

The current document on her hands had much more content and was much harder to translate than the ones before. Although she had had to spend a few days to fully translate the file, she thought that her translating speed was still pretty quick!

Translating the English documents, although this was the result of her accepting a friend’s request, slowly turned into an interesting challenge for her. In Pei Ge’s satisfaction about her fast progress, she had actually forgotten that this translation duty was never hers to perform in the first place, and only the thoughts of how interesting translating the documents were circulated in her mind.

This was especially the case since she would gain a lot of knowledge after translating the English documents.

“Still, it feels like this document is missing something…” Looking at the original English text, Pei Ge mumbled this in confusion as she subconsciously felt that something was amiss with the document.

Before she could think of what was wrong with the document, Zhang Manhua knocked on the door and entered.

“Ge Ge, are you still not done with your work?” Zhang Manhua felt heartache for her precious daughter as she walked toward her with a cup of warm milk.

She had seen her precious daughter return early from the office recently, only to continue working at home. She even forwent watching the television and eating snacks due to her heavy workload. The sight of her daughter bringing home work almost every day made Zhang Manhua’s heart ache.

Pei Ge received the cup of warm milk and grinned, saying, “I have already finished it!”

“Look at you, child. Your work used to be so light when you were at your Second Uncle’s company. Now, at this company, you work until late at night every day that you have slimmed down so much,” Zhang Manhua nagged at Pei Ge.

Pei Ge listened to her mother’s nagging for a while before happily saying, “Mom, I think this is not that bad, as I get to learn lots of useful stuff from doing this work.”

“Ge Ge, you should not push yourself too much if you are already feeling tired,” Zhang Manhua softly admonished as she looked at her daughter’s smiling face.

Pei Ge nodded her head as warmth suffused her heart. Although she had lost her father at a young age, Pei Ge still felt blessed because her mother had given her double the love.

“I understand, Mom. Please don’t worry about me too much.”

“Then, rest early after finishing this cup of milk,” Zhang Manhua reiterated before she left Pei Ge’s bedroom.

Pei Ge finished the milk in the glass in one gulp after her mother had left and sent the document she had completed to Liu Yue’s email.

After doing all these, Pei Ge stretched her back lazily and lay down on her comfortable bed, drifting off into dreamland.

The next morning, before Pei Ge’s alarm could ring, her phone rang first.

Pei Ge groggily reached out her hand from under the blanket for her hand phone that was placed on the bedside table.

“Hello…” Pei Ge did not even bother to open her eyes and check who the caller was before answering the phone.

“Ge Ge, hurry and come to the office now!” Unlike the still sleepy Pei Ge, which was evident on her drowsy and husky voice, the person on the other end of the phone line was obviously fully awake judging from the frantic voice.

“Yawn…” Pei Ge yawned and mumbled, “Xiaoyue, why are you calling this early—”

“Pei Ge, stop sleeping! Something big happened! Hurry to the office!” Liu Yue’s frantic voice came through the phone without its usual softness and gentleness.

Hearing this, Pei Ge immediately woke up from her drowsy state.

“Huh?! Why? What happened?” Pei Ge opened her eyes and sat up on her bed.

“Just come to the office quickly!” Liu Yue urged frantically.

Sensing Liu Yue’s panic, Pei Ge immediately got off the phone, changed her clothes, and washed up. After which, she rushed to the office without having breakfast.

When she got off the taxi, even before she entered the company building, she saw a haggard Liu Yue waiting for her at the entrance.

“Xiaoyue, what’s wrong?” Pei Ge ran over with her hair in a mess. This time, however, she did not do it on purpose. She was in such a rush that she did not have the time to even comb her hair.

“I – I forgot to pass one document for translation to you!” Liu Yue looked at Pei Ge with reddened eyes.

“Just something like that? If you forgot to give it to me yesterday, I can translate it for you today. It’s nothing much.” Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue, amused.

And here she thought that something serious had happened… She had even rushed out of the house without combing her hair and drying her face first.

“No can do! I need to use this document in the morning meeting today! If I don’t hand it in, I will definitely get fired!” Liu Yue blurted out helplessly at Pei Ge, her heart burning with panic.

Yang Aoyun had been developing her to assume a higher role recently due to the English documents that Pei Ge had been translating for her. Hence, the work that was given to her these days was those that were usually not done by a mere small assistant.

This big case, especially, was something that gave Liu Yue a chance to turnaround her fate.

Yang Aoyun had already informed her that the big boss would be using the translated documents in the meeting, so if they were done well, she would be able to get a promotion soon.

In her elation, she had even sworn in front of Yang Aoyun that she would complete the task well. However, she had been so busy yesterday that she had actually forgotten to pass the most important document comprising the overall statistics report to Pei Ge.

She had partied in a bar until very late last night, and it was only this morning, when she was puking all the alcohol she had imbibed, that she discovered her bag still containing one of the files she had intended to pass over to Pei Ge.

If today’s meeting could not be carried out because of her, she could already imagine her ending.

“Huh? What meeting?” Pei Ge confusedly looked at Liu Yue, unsure of what she meant by her words.

Liu Yue then regained her senses and remembered that Pei Ge was totally in the dark about the fact that she had been helping Liu Yue translate company documents all along.

“Aish! Ge Ge, this is not the time for me to explain it to you. Let’s just quickly translate the leftover document first. If not, I will really get fired,” Liu Yue begged Pei Ge, the tears in her eyes almost on the verge of spilling.

Although Pei Ge could not make sense of what was going on, she still nodded her head at Liu Yue’s pitiful look.

However, when they reached the office and Liu Yue took out the document for translation, Pei Ge frowned deeply.

“What’s wrong? Are you unable to completely translate it in an hour?” Liu Yue looked at Pei Ge in panic when she saw the furrow in the latter’s brows.

“The content is a bit much. An hour’s time is a little tight if I have to key it all in. I might be unable to complete the work in the time that you need it.” Pei Ge pursed her lips as she continued frowning.

“Wha – What do we do now?” Hearing Pei Ge’s words, Liu Yue’s face whitened. “Ge Ge, you must really help me. I cannot be fired.” Saying this, the tears in Liu Yue’s eyes really flowed out.

“Xiaoyue, don’t cry, don’t cry. I may be unable to finish it in one hour if I have to type the content, but I can if I just write it down on paper.” Pei Ge glanced at the document’s content and knew that she definitely would be unable to finish typing all of it out in just one hour.

Therefore, the only workable – and ingenious – plan would be to write the data down on paper.

“Then – Then, quickly translate it now.” Hearing that there was still hope, Liu Yue wiped her tears and hurried Pei Ge.

Knowing that this task had to be completed fast, Pei Ge nodded her head and sat down in her chair. Taking out a pen and a sheet of A4 paper, she started writing while looking at the document simultaneously.

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