Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Who exactly is Julia?

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“Where did you go? Took you long enough to come back!” Liu Yue complained when Pei Ge finally returned.

Pei Ge shook the bag in her hand and explained, “Got caught up with something along the way. Alright, let’s have you wear these slippers, so we can get a cab home.”

At Pei Ge’s explanation, Liu Yue pouted and grumbled, “Only you have so many things going on.”

When she opened the bag and took out the slippers, Pei Ge’s eyes brightened.

Wow! Such pretty slippers! That auntie has good taste!

The slippers’ design and color were simple and clean; black shoes accompanied by white camellia flowers were a unique design that made the slippers look simple yet sophisticated.

Eh… These slippers did not seem to be as cheap as she had originally thought.

“Ge Ge, such low class! You actually bought me fake Chanel Camellia slippers! If our colleagues see me in this pair, I’ll definitely be a laughingstock!” Liu Yue’ eyes lit up at the sight of the pair of slippers, but this happiness was quickly replaced with a frown.

She had been eyeing Chanel’s Camellia slippers series for a long time now but had always thought that buying a three-thousand-dollar pair of slippers was a waste of money.

Thus, she had been ecstatic when Pei Ge presented her with this pair of slippers, but upon remembering that the latter was now poor and could not afford such brand, her excitement quickly dissipated.

“Eh…” Pei Ge blinked her eyes when she noticed the double C logo on the slippers. No wonder it looks expensive; it’s from Chanel.

“This pair of slippers is a gift from someone. Just wear it for now; I’m sure no one will know.” Pei Ge found the Liu Yue today to be rather weird, as though she were a different person, and that made her feel uncomfortable.

Liu Yue saw Pei Ge frown and replied softly, “Okay.”

With a disappointed expression, Liu Yue wore the slippers. The moment she put them on, Liu Yue was shocked to find that the slippers were extremely comfortable to wear. It was nothing like a pair of cheap counterfeit.

Could it be that replicas are now becoming more authentic?

Since Liu Yue’s feet were injured, Pei Ge decided to accompany her back home.

Inside the taxi, Liu Yue noticed that Pei Ge did not look too happy and sheepishly apologized with her head bowed.

“Ge Ge, I’m really sorry about today.”

“Eh?” Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue in astonishment.

To be honest, Liu Yue’s actions today really made her feel slightly repulsive.

“Remember that day you helped me finish my work?” Liu Yue asked softly.

Pei Ge nodded her head and replied, “Yes, I remember. You had something on that day, right?”

“Yes, I went on a blind date,” Liu Yue confessed with a smile.

“Oh, blind date…” It was only then that Pei Ge truly looked at Liu Yue, who was sitting beside her in her cute outfit, as she remembered the latter’s age. Liu Yue was near Pei Ge’s age and should indeed be busy with blind dates.

“Oh, that blind date failed. Although that man is outstanding, he doesn’t like me at all. He even listed my flaws to others, saying that I’m not fit for him…” Liu Yue said this with her head lowered and her tone filled with hurt.

Hearing Liu Yue’s words, Pei Ge was full of empathy. In all her blind dates, she had only met jerks. This one that Liu Yue just mentioned, she too had met that type before.

“Xiaoyue, pull yourself together. You are outstanding. It is that man who is not worthy of you.” Pei Ge consolingly patted Liu Yue’s shoulder.

Liu Yue lifted her head and smiled at Pei Ge. She then apologized again, “I’m really sorry about today. I was so affected by that man’s rudeness that I unintentionally created trouble for you.”

“It’s fine.” Pei Ge laughed and shook her head. Whatever annoyance she felt earlier disappeared and in its place was only sympathy.

“You can always talk to me when you have something on your mind next time.”

“Mhm-mhm. Thank you, Ge Ge.” A wide smile spread across Liu Yue’s face.

Seeing Liu Yue back to her usual self, Pei Ge also relaxed and laughed along.

“Did you find me especially annoying today?”

“Eh… Not really, la.”

“Oh! Your reluctance to say it means that you did find me annoying!”

“No – no, I really didn’t!”

“Yes, you did! Anyway, you said earlier that these slippers are a gift from someone?”

“It’s just as I’ve said; when I was buying you slippers earlier, I met an interesting auntie who named her bag ‘Love’….”

The two of them chatted heartily and, soon, Pei Ge was on her way home after accompanying Liu Yue back to her house.

In the silence of the night, a particularly tall and cold Mr. CEO sat on the bed without a care for his image and watched a video on his phone.

The man’s cold, handsome face showed a rare touch of softness and his eyes reflected laughter.

“…If you don’t want to create trouble for yourselves, get out of my sight now! Otherwise, I, Julia, have a hundred different methods to make sure you guys are unable to continue staying here in the capital!”

“Ha ha ha ha!” He had already watched this scene for four times, yet he still could not stop himself from laughing out loud.

Ji Ziming’s slender fingers tapped lightly on the video, his eyes full of joy as he looked at the blurry image of the woman.

This woman was simply extraordinary. He had never met a woman like her before – an unspeakable uniqueness and appeal.

“But… Who exactly is Julia?”

“Oh! My lovely Julia, I cannot live without you.”

“He he… Die, then.”

Ka cha, ka cha! Pei Ge munched on some potato chips, her eyes staring intently at the computer screen as she watched a show.

“Ge Ge, how many times have I told you?! Don’t eat chips in bed!” Zhang Manhua chided unhappily when she brought her daughter a plate of watermelon slices.

Ka cha, ka cha! Pei Ge finished the chips in her hand and giggled as she said, “You’re the best, Mom! You brought me watermelon!”


Hearing the dramatic American accent coming from the computer, Zhang Manhua frowned, unable to understand why her daughter would like such drama!

“Can’t you watch a normal drama?” Zhang Manhua asked flatly.

“What’s wrong with this?!” Pei Ge pouted and retorted unhappily, “American dramas are a huge hit; how is it not normal?!”

She had such class! She did not even need Mandarin subtitles – just pure audio!

“Such incomprehensible words make my head hurt,” Zhang Manhua said as she shook her head.

“Mom, you don’t know! Watching American dramas not only train my listening but also my acting skills!” Pei Ge said proudly.

Just today, she had mimicked the heroine’s cold attitude and successfully settled those four idiots.

Ke ke! Although she was exposed by that stupid Liu Yue, it was still a victory!

“Whatever you say.” Zhang Manhua resigned from pursuing the matter further and left the room after placing the plate of watermelon slices at her bedside.

“Julia, I was wrong before. Please forgive me….”

“He he… I’ll kill you, and then beg for your forgiveness. If you can forgive me, I’ll forgive you.”

Pei Ge watched the blond, heavy-breasted, beautiful woman intently, her eyes shining brightly as she said in awe, “Julia is too suave!”

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