Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 1977 - But Her Heart Was Full of Joy

Chapter 1977: But Her Heart Was Full of Joy

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It seemed that their opponents were faster than Ji Ziming had expected. Ji Ziming had expected them to attack someone on the way to the hillside mansion, but he did not expect them to be so daring and even do whatever they wanted.

Those who dared to stir trouble right under his nose usually did not have a good ending.

Ji Ziming, who was wearing gray casual silk pajamas, lay on the sofa. His voice was cold and his entire body exuded a kingly indifference. “Have you ever thought about what would happen if my personal doctor is bribed by them?”


The leader of the bodyguards was in doubt. Indeed, he did not notice that if the private doctor was bribed, the only thing awaiting Qu Xiujie would be death.

“Take him to the hospital. I don’t believe anyone would dare to touch him in the hospital.”

The moment Ji Ziming said that, the leader of the bodyguards nodded in agreement. As long as Ji Ziming spoke, he would not be so afraid of not being able to protect Qu Xiujie.

“Turn around and go to the hospital.”

As soon as the leader of the bodyguards spoke, the driver quickly turned around and drove towards the hospital. The surrounding dark trees and moonlight seeped into the car and shone on Qu Xiujie’s pale face. Black-red blood was still oozing out from his forehead.

The car accident earlier had dealt a heavy blow to Qu Xiujie’s body and he fell onto the floor of the car. The back of the car was also hit by a strong impact.

Pei Ge had just come out of the bathroom in a pink bathrobe with water dripping from her neck. Her sexy and seductive look made Ji Ziming’s legs tighten as he stared at her in a daze. His lips involuntarily curled into a smile.

“You’re done so quickly?”

Ji Ziming’s voice was bewitching as his Adam’s apple bobbed slightly.

“Yes, who were you on the phone with just now?”

Pei Ge walked closer to Ji Ziming. Her figure was slim and her beautiful face was filled with steam from the hot water. She was like a fairy from heaven, bringing with her a sense of beauty and seduction.

Ji Ziming’s Adam’s apple bobbed again as he placed his phone on the table beside him and reached out to hug Pei Ge’s slender shoulders. “You’re so beautiful.”

He lifted her chin with his index finger and asked seductively, “Do you want me to try it?”

“Tell me first who you were on the phone with.”

She gently placed her fingers on his chest as her face turned slightly red. Her gaze on him became misty, but this was all on the surface.

“If I tell you, should I get some rewards?”

A devilish smile appeared on Ji Ziming’s lips as he looked at Pei Ge with even more dazed eyes. His large hands involuntarily slid down her shoulders to her waist. With a gentle squeeze, Pei Ge cried out, “Ah!”

“What’s wrong? Where’s the present I said I wanted?”

“What present do you want?”

She tried to pry his fingers away but found that she could not move them at all. Her strength was not worth mentioning in his eyes. The more she tried to pry them away, the harder he squeezed them. In the end, she had no choice but to give up.

“Don’t you know what present I want?”

His eyes turned cold as he looked at her suggestively.

“I don’t know. You should let go. If you don’t, my waist will be broken by you.”

She shyly avoided his gaze.

“Oh? Your waist is broken?”

Ji Ziming’s voice was filled with provocation. He was certain that Pei Ge would not be able to escape his sight tonight, and the door to the room was always closed in his sight.

Reality proved that before she could find out who Ji Ziming had called, he had already forced her onto the bed and she did not have the energy to discuss these matters with him.

When everything was over, Ji Ziming gently covered Pei Ge with a thin blanket. He sat up and cupped his face with one hand and held Pei Ge’s hand with the other. “Something happened to Qu Xiujie.”

“What? How did something happen to him?”

Pei Ge was stunned for a moment before asking, “How is he now?”

“The fact that I’m still here means he is fine.”

The corners of Ji Ziming’s lips curled up as he looked at Pei Ge, who was sleeping beside him. His voice was gentle and his usual cold aura was no longer present. Instead, he continued speaking in an extremely gentle voice, “Why are you so concerned about him now?”

“What are you thinking? Of course I’m concerned about you. I’m just worried that if something happens to him, it will affect our plan.”

Pei Ge answered honestly. Other than Ji Ziming, the three children, and her closest family, there was no one else who could make her feel at home.

“That’s good. You’re my woman. I don’t care if it’s now or in the future. You can only have me in your eyes.”

“How domineering.”

Pei Ge stuck out her tongue, but her heart was filled with joy. The person she cared about was right in front of her, so how could she think about others?

Moreover, how could Qu Xiujie be compared to Ji Ziming?

“Ge Ge, let me ask you something. Have you heard from mom that your family used to have any other family members?”

Ji Ziming cut to the chase and asked what he was most curious about.

Qu Xiujie always said that Pei Ge looked like a person but from Ji Ziming’s point of view, although Pei Ge looked like Zhang Manhua, they did not resemble each other that much. If one did not take a closer look, normal people would not be able to tell.

“Why are you asking this?”

Pei Ge was a little confused as she looked at Ji Ziming’s handsome features which were still filled with lust. The two of them were considered to be honest with each other, yet now, they were talking about something serious. This was a little too much for Ji Ziming, who could last for five hours changing his posture.

“I suspect that Qu Xiujie has taken a liking to you or is treating you as the woman in his memories.”

“He won’t take a liking to me. I can tell that it should be someone from his memories. However, I feel that the person from his memories should be the person closest to him. If it’s a lover, I rarely hear such rumors.”

Pei Ge rejected him outrightly. She did not see any infatuation in Qu Xiujie’s eyes. Instead, there was pure longing and sincerity in his eyes. It was very much like a gaze when Pei Ge thought about her mother. However, Qu Xiujie’s gaze was more like guilt.

“Are you sure? I have neglected Qu Xiujie from the Qu family.”

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