Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 1705 - Learn to walk before you run.

Chapter 1705: Learn to walk before you run.

“Why are you still sitting here? Shouldn’t you be having dinner with that Miss Model by now?”

Madam Ji cackled.

“How would I dare to? I won’t dare to go without your orders.”

Qu Xiujie had a complicated gaze with a tinge of incomprehension. The smile on his lips was apparent to the other. He knew that if he wanted to continue staying in this family, he could not afford to offend her.

After all, he did not want to experience this old woman’s tactics and methods.

“Oh? You still need my orders?”

With the gift box in hand, Madam Ji stopped and gave him a carefree look. “Old thing, I’ve only realized now that you are such a serious man and are giving me so much face, or is it that you already had a meal with that Miss Model? You didn’t have dinner with us tonight, so I guess that you really did.”

Madam Ji was very satisfied with her retort. Seeing how Qu Xiujie seemed to want to free himself from her control yet unable to come with a reasonable excuse delighted her, but she had to force herself to stifle her laughter.

“You are right. I did have a meal with Miss Model. Compared to a certain old woman, I think the young one is really more energetic. How great it is to be young? Still, even though the young one might be interested in this uncle here, I wonder if this young hunk will like an old woman like you?”

His words were so accurate they drew blood instantly as he pointed out the underlying difference between Madam Ji and Mao Nana. It made the older woman want to smash her gift box onto him after hearing it.

After a short moment of consideration, she resisted the urge to smash something onto his face. She straightened her back and said, “So what if she is a young lady? They will all become like me one day. Moreover, my hubby is not a person who judges others based on their looks like you do. I really suspect if that model’s brain has gone faulty. Why is she even interested in you?”

She tried hard to soothe her anger as she countered in a calm voice.

“Yo, you’re even bringing out your old man now? Looks like you are getting enraged.”

He leaned against the sofa and savored the view of seeing fury in the other’s eyes. He seemed to revel in angering her.

“You, shut up!”

Madam Ji was truly infuriated by now. As a woman, age was her ultimate bottom line. If a man used this as a basis of comparison, then it would be akin to courting death.

She could even picture the many methods she could use to finish off his life.

“Are you really angry? This doesn’t feel like you. Did I truly force you so badly that you’re jumping in fury already?”

Fearless, Qu Xiujie asked again. Seeing the apparent fury in her eyes, he finally shut up and did not continue speaking. Seeing the older woman throw something at him, he quickly dodged it. The beautiful gift box, thus, landed on the sofa with a dull thud.

It also carried the disgruntled air Madam Ji held inside.

“Old woman, are you trying to kill me?!”

He stood up and looked at the gift box, which had exploded like a bouquet of flowers on the sofa, feeling fortunate that he had escaped that fate. Otherwise, with the strength the box was thrown with and the sight of the damage now, a bloody nose would likely be the least of his injuries.

“You’ve asked for it!”

The woman stomped toward the sofa and packed up the gift box. There were four bottles of skincare products in it. They were the limited edition Queen series which were only sold to a few select people.

Qu Xiujie stood at the side watching her walk away resolutely. He could not help but sigh, lamenting over what exactly was inside women’s brains.

During the day, he encountered Mao Nana—a beauty with looks, figure, and capability—who liked Qu Xiujie’s type. Now, it was Madam Ji who almost killed him because of a simple remark. Once again, he silently lit a candle for being fortunate enough to escape death by now.

Women are truly frightening creatures.

On another end, a certain couple was having trouble choosing the new business partner for her. Ji Ziming had listed off more than ten people, yet Pei Ge was not satisfied with any of them.

“Not this person, too? His business can be said to be on par with my F&B. Still unsatisfied with him?”

He hugged her thin waist while his gaze was on the document which had details of the prospective working partner. The information filled more than one or two sheets of A4 paper, but from the first to the current one, the woman remained unsatisfied with any.

“Look at his F&B business. Of the six stores he opened in the capital, none did not encounter trouble. Just look at the recent one; a hotpot customer fell and bumped into the pot on another table, causing the boiling hot soup to spill onto a kid. To whose head should this matter be counted on?”

Her face was cold. The court in the capital had even started processing the case of this incident. It was just that she had not been too concerned about it so she had not paid much attention to it. Still, from this matter alone, she could see that there was more than one with that hotpot restaurant.

“Mhm, you are right. It’s my fault for not looking at it carefully.”

He tightened his hands around her waist. The touch was just the right feeling. She had a soft mound on her waist which could not be seen when she was dressed. Now, sitting on the sofa, he had to tighten his hands a little in order to be able to pinch that bit of meat. It was soft and smooth, which he liked.

“So this one can’t do too.”

She revealed a sorrowful look, totally not noticing that a certain man’s hands had already started swimming up and down her tummy with gentle movements. He was gentle yet also loving, and each touch was filled with his love for her.

“Then, what kind of partner are you looking for? You’ve rejected most of those who are even a bit more reputable in the capital.”

His deep gaze became tinged with tenderness when he looked at her.

“Although it is best to have a partner who has as many resources as possible, if the quality is not up to par or if they don’t have a good reputation, I will still not consider them. They can’t even compare to the smaller companies. Though they might be smaller in scale, they can be reliable and serious when it comes to work, so we can still try them out.”

Her suggestion earned her his agreement.

“You make sense. Okay, I will ask He Yun to shortlist some tomorrow. How about finding a medium-size company? If they are too small, they likely won’t be able to handle the size of your projects. After all, to them, if the order is too big, it will not be a project they can complete easily. One must learn to walk before they can run, so we should go about this slowly.”

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