Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 1627 - I will sever father-son ties with you.

Chapter 1627: I will sever father-son ties with you.

Old Master Qu looked up at the sky dotted with shimmering stars. The moon was getting brighter; he suddenly thought of the times when he was young. Ever since then, he had never seen his other daughter again.

“I recall now that, back then, when you said that you like this magnolia tree, you gave it a name. What was it…”

His voice was hoarse. Suddenly, he could not remember the name of the tree.

“It’s called ‘First Rays of the Morning Sun’.”

Old Lady Qu laughed as she reminded her husband. Seeing him, she finally heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he did not hear her earlier conservation.

“Right, what a beautiful name.”

Old Master Qu coughed. It was now early autumn, and he always coughed around this time. It was an illness caused by heavy rain back then. It had not recovered after so many years and would probably not get better in the future.

“You’re the only one who really dotes on me and will give me everything I want. You’ve been believing in me for so many years, so I don’t know how I should thank you,” said his wife endearingly. Upon hearing that, he was reminded of the old days with her. His guilt toward that woman seemed to have lessened as well.

He had not heard her news in a long time, and even if there was any news of her, they had not stayed in touch for a long time.

Though many years had passed, she might still be hating him.

“You, you’re still so good at making me happy. Now, I’m so happy that I have no idea what I should say to you. What should I do?”

Old Master Qu laughed and gently held his wife’s hands.

“How am I making you happy? You’re the one who makes you happy.”

She was as good as before when it came to acting cute.

“Alright, alright, alright. Everything you said is great. It’s cold outside, so let’s head in quickly. Don’t freeze yourself, or my heart will really hurt.”

He patted her hands. The early autumn’s weather was truly getting cold.

The chilly air forced them to wrap themselves around each other. He could not withstand such weather, so he pulled her into the house first.

Bang! Before they could head upstairs, they heard the door opening loudly. Qu Xiujie held his suit as he walked in. His ruffian vibes had not changed at all.

“Why are you back so late?!”

He asked while standing at the staircase but did not let go of his wife’s hand. He held her hand even tighter as though afraid that she would disappear the next second.

“I’m back so late so what can you do?”

Qu Xiujie shot a glance at Old Lady Qu. Ever since she joined their family, he had never looked at her properly. Now, he finally found certain traces that must be linked to her even if he was still not sure.

“You evil son!”

Old Master Qu’s blood was boiling as he stood with his face red with fury. He coughed again, and his wife hurriedly patted his back in comfort. “Old master, it isn’t the first time that you’re aware that Xiujie comes back so late. It won’t be good for your health if you’re too sad.”

Looking at the elderly woman putting up a pretense, Qu Xiujie felt disgusted by it. His words, thus, became colder.

“Sad? If this old bloke dies, you won’t be too sad right.”

Upon hearing that, Old Master Qu’s coughing became worse. He seemed to be short of breath. He hit his thigh and said repeatedly, “You unfilial son! You’ve even learned how to anger your father to death now!”

Seeing him coughing incessantly, Old Lady Qu quickly spoke. “Qu Xiujie, why must you provoke your father the moment you get back? His health is failing, and you know that, too. If you have any anger, direct it at me and not him!”

“That’s right! I’m directing it at you! Can’t you sense it? Do you want me to repeat myself?”

He rolled his eyes at the older woman as his mocking intensified. “Old Lady Qu, please allow me to address you like this because my family hasn’t met someone as shameless as you!”


A loud and crisp slap could be heard.

Old Master Qu, who was standing in front of his son, could not bear it any longer when he heard him scolding his wife. He wanted to teach him a lesson, but after merely giving him a slap, all his anger seemed to have faded. Standing in front of him, he even started stammering.

“X-Xiujie… I—”

“You’re actually slapping me for this woman; what a ruthless heart you have—no, your heart must have been ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, or even ten thousand times more ruthless now. Back then, when you kicked out my mother, you must have been so ruthless, too. Aren’t you afraid that this woman beside you has been doing intolerable things behind your back?!”

Qu Xiujie bellowed as his eyes widened with fury. He looked at them as though he wanted to consume them. There was evident mocking and despair in his voice.

“I really pity you for being fooled by this woman all your life.”

Old Lady Qu’s eyes darkened. It seemed that Qu Xiujie was harder to deal with than she thought.

“You evil son, I never talk about your actions outside, but today, you just can’t talk about her in front of me. I believe her. She would never do anything wrong to me behind my back. I have known her for so many years and understand her.”

His father shouted back. Only the father-son’s quarrel could be heard in the huge mansion. Standing beside her husband, Old Lady Qu kept persuading him not to get angry while thinking of another plan.

“Sure. If you want this woman, I’ll sever our father-son ties!”

Although he had no idea what role this old woman played in the matter he had found out today, he noticed earlier that she was particularly uptight when he mentioned about her betraying his father.

The importance that a person held for something would usually be easily exposed in their eyes.

“Sever father-son ties, you evil son; how could you say something like this?! What bad luck do I have for letting you stay in my family?!”

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