Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 1625 - The swallow finally flew away.

Chapter 1625: The swallow finally flew away.

Pei Ge was infuriated and did not expect Gu Zhengrong to be such a person.

Tang Xiaoyu leaving probably had to do with him. One was keeping his lips sealed, while the other could not be contacted.

It would be a lie if she said that she was not anxious; after all, she was sisters with the woman for so many years and their relationship could not be severed easily. However, she could not find any traces of her as well.

After being back in China these few days, she was in a terrible fix because of her company’s problem, having not found the one who had leaked confidential information in the company. On top of having not settled her company’s affairs yet, she had also sent people to search for her best friend but it was to no avail.

“Alright, I got it. Take care of yourself, and I’ll go to sleep in a while.”

Zhang Manhua yawned. Her quality sleep had not been very good these few days. She finally fell asleep, but Gu Zhengrong’s incessant calls just had to wake her up.

Pei Ge instructed her mother before hanging up. She wanted to call Gu Zhengrong but thought that if he really wanted to find her best friend, the guy would surely ask her for news himself. Unfortunately, he did not call her at all when she came back.

She quickly regarded him as cruel and without a conscience. What she did not know, though, was that Gu Zhengrong was in chaos at the moment, for he was now certain that Tang Xiaoyu had gone missing, and he had not had a good rest in a long while because of this.

Not long after Pei Ge went to her best friend’s room, he drove there, too. Looking at the familiar furniture and everything else, he dipped his head and cried in the middle.

The crystal teardrop fell onto the dust-covered floor like a droplet sinking into a vast ocean. It created a small ripple at the top before being absorbed by the dust. He was depressed, missing Tang Xiaoyu terribly after she had gone missing that he had no courage to face Pei Ge.

Pei Ge had no idea of what was going on in his mind. She only knew that her best friend’s departure had something to do with him. She knew how Tang Xiaoyu did things; nobody could stop her the moment she decided on something. Even if someone were to try and stop her, they would only fail.

Back then, her best friend described herself as a swallow that only knew how to fly; now, that swallow had finally flown away, leaving the people behind upset.

“Don’t worry; she will be fine.”

Ji Ziming consoled her. His hands remained on the steering wheel, showing off their beautiful joints.

“I got it; don’t worry. Plus, I know that Xiaoyu isn’t someone to seek death. We’ve been together for so long, so I do understand her. She only found a reason to go out for a walk.”

Pei Ge’s voice became softer as she spoke and eventually turned into sobs.

“Don’t be afraid; you still have me.”

The man used his right hand to hold hers, which gave the woman a huge sense of security.


Pei Ge nodded, thankful that she had him around as she went through these helpless days.

“Ziming, I’ll speak to Qu Jingwan tonight. If she continues to behave like that, she’ll become a laughingstock in the office.”

She just did not want the lady to act like a fox assuming the majesty of a tiger in the company as she was this man’s fiancée in name. It was Ellie today, but it might be someone else tomorrow. This could not work.

After all, the lady’s status was sensitive.

“Sure, I’ll let you make the decision when something like that happens again, including for company’s matters. As long as you want to do something, I’ll agree; how is it?”

Ji Ziming’s voice gave her a huge sense of confidence.

“Thank you.”

Pei Ge’s brows curving into beautiful arcs.

“Are you going to serve me with the family’s punishment?”

He harrumphed, but there was a charismatic hint to his voice. The way his brows raised frightened the woman, too.

“Don’t want; don’t want.”

She hurriedly refused, for she knew all too well what this punishment was.

By the time the car reached the house, the helpers were already waiting at the entrance. Auntie Zhang even came running to whisper, “Madam, Miss Qu is throwing a fit in her room, and we don’t dare to go near.”

“Alright, I understand.”

Pei Ge nodded and looked in the direction of the room on the second floor. She opened the car door and spotted her children playing in the living room; the kids did not sense the tension in the atmosphere.

That was great. She did not make any sound when she passed by them and went upstairs. She knocked on Qu Jingwan’s door, and after a while, the latter opened the door to let her in.

They spoke for a long time in the room, and Ji Ziming, who had already finished two contracts at this time, heard Qu Jingwan’s door opening and lifted his head to see Pei Ge leaving.

He asked once she was near enough, “How did the discussion go?”

“It’s settled. She will move back tomorrow,” she answered with a smile.

“Oh? How did you do it; tell me.”

“This is a secret.”

She acted mysterious, and since the right time was not here yet, she would not tell him. Just as she was moved to say something else, the man seemed to notice it.

“Sure, don’t say for now. I’ll wait till the time is right for you to tell me.”

He did not believe it that she would not tell him in the end.

After speaking, he got up off the sofa and called his eldest son. Upon hearing his call, An An quickly dashed toward him. “Daddy, why did you call me?”

” I want you to bring your siblings for dinner; aren’t you hungry?”

He bent over, looked at Auntie Zhang’s sincere eyes, and laughed. “Auntie cooked you your favorite food today.”


The boy’s eyes glowed; he had been craving for hairy crabs for quite some time.

“Really, don’t believe me?”

The man smiled at his son. He noticed that the latter’s eyes resembled his dark orbs a lot.

After receiving the instruction from him, the boy went to get his siblings and urged them to put away their toys. They went to the kitchen to wash their hands before dinner, with An An’s hands being the cleanest.

The family had their dinner harmoniously at the dining table. Upon hearing Auntie Zhang’s call, Qu Jingwan came down for dinner, too. Even though she had a huge fight with Pei Ge earlier, nothing actually happened.

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