Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 835: Heart is bleeding (1)

Chapter 835: Heart is bleeding (1)

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At least, no matter what the heart was thinking, but on the surface they would absolutely not dare to go against them.

However, Huang Yueli directly slapped his unbridled words back onto his face!

Zeng Weicheng’s expression turned ugly as he stared at Huang Yue gloomily.

“Why? Don’t tell me that you thought you had defeated Lei Zichu and you’re able to fight against me? As expected of a new student, this thinking… is just too naïve! The top ten contenders in the Martial Arts Stage have a huge distance between each rank! I heard that you and Lei Zichu are just on par and had only won at the last moment! As for me, I only need to make one move and I’d be able to defeat him!”

Huang Yueli had an indifferent smile on her face, “Yi? So powerful? Don’t tell me that you want to challenge me too?”

Under those who didn’t know the truth or those whose abilities were much weaker, it seemed like the both of them were on par since they were entangled in a long battle.

Zeng Weicheng’s expression turned even uglier as he sneered, “I will challenge a new student like you? I still want my reputation! Since you’re so self-confident, then just wait and see! Celestial Light Academy… isn’t as simple as you think it is!”

After finishing up what he had to say, he pointed to several types of medicinal herbs on the catalogue, “These…. these… and these….. send it to my residence later!”

Middle aged woman hurriedly nodded her head in response.

Zeng Weicheng finished up and turned around to leave!

After his departure, the whole herb garden started to bustle!

“She’s actually that new top student Bai Ruoli!! Heavens, it’s really her!!”

“Is she the real McCoy? I was standing quite far away from the Martial Arts Stage that day and couldn’t see clearly at all…..”

“She must be the real person. Didn’t you hear her admit it? Moreover, what status does Young Master Zeng have, how could he possibly recognise the wrong person?”

“She had created Celestial Light’s new records, to become a core student on her first day as a new student! After she had joined for merely ten days, she easily replaced Lei Zichu to become number eighth in the Martial Arts Stage! I heard that she’s only fourteen and had already broke through to third stage realm! And she’s from a small country without any resources. Her innate talent is simply so strong that she’s scary! Could she be seventh grade talent?”

“Just entered the school and she’s already so powerful. If she stayed on in the academy for two years, after Mister Yuan and the rest graduated, it will be a matter of fact before she becomes rank number one in the Martial Arts Stage!”

Those ordinary students present were in discussions, all using an admirable gaze as they looked at Huang Yueli!

Her achievements were just too astonishing!

Perhaps those practitioners from influential families felt jealousy or heavy heartedly towards her but in ordinary students’ hearts, her existence was already like a goddess! This was really a true talented lady and all those present….. could only look up to her!

As for the middle aged woman, she was in complete shock!

She totally despised this young lady earlier and she was…. actually a terrifying peerless talent!

She became a core student on her first day of school…

Defeated Lei Zichu…..

Martial Arts Stage ranking number eight…..

Any one point were all Celestial Light Academy’s record breaking achievement!

Only this kind of talent was able to cause such a huge tidal wave and her future achievements were imaginable!

The middle aged woman’s face turned green and white, filling her heart with regret!

Towards such an outstanding genius with such talent, she would never have dared to offend one bit!

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