Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 44 – Really too young

Chapter 44 – Really too young

Knitting his brows, he replied: “When can you be promoted to the Fourth Tier?”

“This…….even I do not know ah. It could take quite a long time?”

“Is that so?”

Sensing that she might be able to rid herself of this man, Huang Yue Li followed with some exaggerated tones. “You should also know, the rising of each tier for an Armament Master is a very difficult task. Third Tier to the Fourth Tier, that is a chasm between an Elementary Armament Master and an Intermediate Armament Master. How many are unable to cross this gap!”

“That’s fine, this Lord can wait for you to be promoted. You are very intelligent, you definitely will be able to rise quickly. ”


Huang Yue Li could not understand why this man must insist on her?

Under the great sky, there were many Armament Masters. Although for the small South Yue country, Third Tier Armament Masters were already a rarity, for a powerful expert like him it should very simple for him to find an Advanced Armament Master.

Why must he make things difficult for her?

“How was that?”

The man shortened the distance once again.

The fingers that were holding her face unwillingly parted.

Although his tone was one of dislike, in his heart he was quite pleased with this little fox.

Though this little fox wasn’t those beauties who would take someone’s breath away at first sight, but that pair of intelligent phoenix shaped eyes that seemed to speak for themselves. They contained a flowing and mystical kind of charm, a force that wanted to take your soul away.

The skin on her hands were like the highest grade silk; they felt so smooth and fine. There was still those tender lips. They were like a blooming sakura blossom, pouty, tender and soft……….

Her body was just too young; short and flat. Clearly her development wasn’t complete.

Too rough.

……..un-bite worthy.

Her back shivering again, Huang Yue Li hurriedly said: “Your meaning, I already understand. How about this, look, you already can see that I have not reached the Fourth Tier, promising you anything now will be useless. It would be best for you to look around and see if there are any other Armament Masters who can help you. If you truly cannot find anyone, then you can wait for me to be promoted before discussing anything……..”

The man lightly chuckled.

How could he not hear her underlying tone. This little girl still wanted to find a method to refuse him.

But, those words……….he was not in a hurry.

“Okay then. This Lord will give you some time, you can carefully consider it…….”

Huang Yue Li let out a breath of relief.

This man didn’t seem to be one who was not reasonable…….

“………..But, this Lord will not accept refusal as an answer. You must take this time to carefully think it over!”

Damn, wasn’t he playing with her? Why the frick would she need to think about it!

At this time, Huang Yue Li that she had unknowingly regained the freedom of movement. Straightening her back, she swiftly kicked towards the lower body of the man.

This kick was very quick and unexpected with an unusual angle. But the man’s reaction was very fast and he dodged to the side.

Huang Yue Li did not think that she would be able to land her kick. Seeing that he dodged, with a quick move of her body, she left the room.

Unexpectedly, taking a few steps outside she felt her waist tighten.

The man’s sturdy arm was wrapped around her waist. With a tightening motion, he pulled her into his embrace.

From her ear, the man’s angry voice sounded: “Little thing, you are still……..very ruthless! Not afraid that your kick might disable me!”

He was nearly scared into cold sweat.

The kick of hers clearly was some profound skill with very good practical skill. If it weren’t for the fact that she did not possess profound qi allowing him to dodge in time, then he would really have suffered!

The position which she kicked towards was very accurate and precise. Just imaging the result made him ache slightly.

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