Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 42 – Exchanging with a kiss

Chapter 42 – Exchanging with a kiss

As close as the two people’s bodies were, they had yet to touch. But Huang Yue Li could also sense the man’s powerfully domineering scent that was full of charm.

She completely lacked any power to resist. Until the jarring truth of absolute might, any trickery was unable to succeed.

Lowering his head, the man whispered with a chuckle in her ear: “Third Young Miss Bai, why are you running? Our conversation……..I think has yet to end?”

Burning hot air blew onto the sensitive earlobe, the temperature of her face rose accordingly.

Her heart skipped a beat.

This type of extreme danger with no ability to resist kind of feeling, suddenly made her feel a sense of familiarity.

Unknowingly, a memory from her past life flashed through her mind.


Many years before in the ancient ruins at the Western Desolate Mountains, she met Mu Cheng Ying for the very first time. They had a big fight over a Ninth Grade Demonic Beast’s inner core.

At that time, she was a top tier talent being arduously cultivated by the Mythical Flame Palace. She also believed herself to be peerless among those of the same generation. Unfortunately in Mu Cheng Ying’s presence, she could not even defend against three of his strikes.

This man was also like that. Pushing her against the wall, ambiguously lowering his head, whispering next to her ear.

“One kiss in exchange for a Ninth Grade Demonic Beast’s inner core? This transaction isn’t bad right? Hmm?”

Huang Yue Li was angered to the point that she really wanted to kill him with one slap. But unknowingly to her, Mu Cheng Ying used a technique to seal her acupuncture points.

Under the circumstance where she could not move an inch, the male’s thin lips curved as they covered hers. It then turned into a light sucking of the lip, lingering and connecting.

In the end, Mu Cheng Ying reluctantly pulled away. Stuffing the inner core into her hands, he sighed: “Such a shame that I still have important matters to do. Otherwise, I would really like to accompany you. Obediently wait for me to go find you!”

Fondly and with reluctance, he placed another light kiss on her lips. Following that, he disappeared with a flash.

“I will wait for you to die! ! !”

It was the first time that Huang Yue Li fell so hard, also suffering such a large loss. It angered her to the point of insanity.

Furiously, she wiped her lips turned red from the kiss. And the not to be mentioned first kiss………..


“Little girl, what plot are you cooking up now?”

The man’s deep voice rumbled abruptly, alerting Huang Yue Li to her already wandering mind.

Right at that very moment, she had thought of Mu Cheng Ying………

Was it because this man’s temperament was also dominating and caused one’s heart to quake?

Moving her wrists, Huang Yue Li realised that she did not could resist. She was completely at his mercy and could only give up.

Clenching her teeth, “I said, I am not some Third Young Miss Bai!”

“You are not?”

The man lightly smiled. Closing in on her face, those thin but perfectly shaped lips stood out. At such close proximity, it seemed as if they would land on her face in the next moment.

Huang Yue Li’s entire being was stiff.

“What do you want to do?”

Could it be…..he also wanted to forcibly kiss her?

Swiftly following that, a warm feeling could be felt from her face.

But what had landed was not that man’s lips, but his finger instead.

The slender and strong finger that seemed to be carved from a piece of white jade, slide lightly across her face. It was like he was pampering and consoling her.

The man carefully and attentively traced every single part of her face. Afterwards he clasped her chin as he measured upwards and downwards. Finally he said: “You look…..barely passable.”

At first, Huang Yue Li didn’t know what he was doing, but very quickly she caught on.

Unknown as to what method he used, he had removed her fake identity!

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