Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3946 - 3946 Heaven Level Waste (2)

3946 Heaven Level Waste (2)


Liu Buyan almost spat out a mouthful of blood, thankfully he managed to hold it in.

What? Someone actually said he was a waste?

As a cultivator who ascended to the God Realm from the Lower Realm for less than a year, his actual combat ability has reached the level of an ordinary genius of the Cloudy Qilin Clan. This was simply a miracle, wasn’t it?

Even he himself wants to worship himself!


Facing Li Moying and Huang Yueli, he didn’t even have any confidence.

Li Moying said he was a waste, but he really had no way to refute it.

So angry!

Feeling Liu Buyan’s murderous gaze, Li Moying’s heart was not disturbed.

“I told you a long time ago that you can only be a hindrance when you come here, and you are the one who insisted on following.”

Seeing that her Senior Brother was about to lose his temper, Huang Yueli quickly glared at Li Moying to tell him to shut up, and at the same time looked at Liu Buyan sympathetically, “Senior Brother, it’s fine. If not, you can just wait for us on the airship. Anyway, I must succeed in advancing within five days, and it won’t take long.”

“Oh… alright…”

Although Liu Buyan felt aggrieved, there was no other way.

Li Moying ignored him, and looked at the girl in his arms again, “Little Li’er, it will take four hours to get to Cumulus Peak from here, let’s go back to the cabin to rest. This airship is driven by the array, it will automatically warn when it encounters danger, so there is no need to guard here.”

“Alright.” Huang Yueli had no objection, and nodded obediently.

Li Moying hooked his little fox’s waist and was about to leave.

Liu Buyan yawned, and slowly followed behind the two of them, planning to find a room to rest for a while.

He prefined pills all night, and originally planned to catch up on sleep during the day, but as soon as he stepped out, he saw the letter Huang Yueli left for him, so he came out in a hurry to stop people, he didn’t sleep for a moment, and now he was exhausted to the extreme.

But when he reached the door of the cabin, he froze.

“What is this… what is this?” Liu Buyan exclaimed in surprise.

Li Moying glanced at “idiot” again, “The cabin? Have you ever been on an airship?”

“But… why does this airship only have two cabins!”

“This airship is originally a speed type. In order to increase the speed, it can carry very few passengers. Only two cabins can be built, which is already considerable! Many speed type airships have only one cabin, or some, even none.” Li Moying explained slowly.

Liu Buyan’s expression changed.

Although it was the first time for him to take an airship from the God Realm, but looking at the condition of this airship, he could deduce that what Li Moying said should be true.

“Alright then. I’m going to rest first, I’m so sleepy…yawn!”

Liu Buyan stretched his waist, then walked to one of the rooms.

“Come back!” Li Moying frowned and shouted to stop.

Liu Buyan turned around, frowned and looked at him, “What’s the matter? Don’t you guys also want to rest?”

Li Moying snorted coldly, “That’s right, Little Li’er and I also want to rest, so there is no room for you. If you want to rest, you can sleep on the deck!”

Liu Buyan’s eyes widened in disbelief, and he raised his finger to point at his nose, “What? You asked me to sleep on the deck? Did you make a mistake? At the altitude we are at now, there are various turbulent currents in the air, and the temperature is very low, very dangerous! How can I sleep on the deck? I am a weak cultivator!”

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