Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 38 – “Having eyes but failing to recognise Mount Tai”

Chapter 38 – “Having eyes but failing to recognise Mount Tai”

On the contrary, Grandmaster Yan was not angered at all.

Lifting his head, the entirety of his face was filed with imploration, “Little demon……no, this Young Master, please let this senior look at that sword. This one will promise you that I will not cause any damages to it.”

Huang Yue Li chuckled: “Did you not say that my armaments were all trash, that I am only here to boast and swindle?”

“Young Master, this senior has eyes but failed to recognise Mount Tai. I am apologising to you, so hurry and let me see!”

Grandmaster Yan was an inflexible and arrogant person, his sole passion being the research of armaments. Once he started researching, he would forget to eat and sleep for days.

In his eyes, there was nothing that captured his interest more than a peak grade armament.

When his eyes landed on that Third Level Upper Grade, Autumn Water Sword but was refused close examination, his felt as if his heart was being clawed into hundreds of pieces. Stifled with anxiety also in the mix.

Shaking her head, Huang Yue Li shook her head: “What is the rush? There are still so many chests to be opened! What if the other chests contain trash? Wouldn’t your apology be in vain Grandmaster Yan?”

“Aiyo. Don’t worry, don’t worry. Even if that is the only armament, then this senior has still lost, okay? This Autumn Water Sword is something only Grandmaster Huang herself could produce. Do you know how precious this is? Hurry up and let me see it!”

As he said this, Grandmaster Yan was already preparing to open the chest.

Huang Yue Li stretched out her arm to block his path. “Do nott rush. Let us first view all the other armaments in the remaining chests. What I value the most is being fair and honest, for I am an upstanding person. I definitely will not take any advantages from you!”

‘Upstanding? ?’

Sneakily the little phoenix stuck his little head back out again and used his claw to scratch her neck.

‘The female demon actually had the nerve to call herself upstanding? And not taking advantages of others?’

‘Did the sun rise from the west?’

Acting as if nothing had occurred, Huang Yue Li pushed the little phoenix back inside again.

Walking to the second chest, she opened it up.

“Wa~It really is a Nine Part Whip! It is a Third Level on too, and there’s two of them!”

In the third chest…….

“Wa~ Spirit Gathering Beads! Do you know that the Profound Jewel is capable of increasing cultivation speed!”

The fourth chest……

Fifth chest……

Once the last three chest were opened, they caused the onlookers to become further crossed-eyed and astounded.

That was a complete Profound Armor set. All thirteen pieces were sitting in the three chests quietly. Just from looking at exterior appearances, you would be able to identify they were from the same set.

“…….Profound Armor Set! It really is a Profound Armor Set!”

Unable to bear any longer, Grandmaster Yan leapt forward. Kneeling on the ground, he took out the items from the chest and began to carefully inspect them.

“Really is a Third Level Profound Armor Set. How could this be? How did this happen? These is practically godly in skill!”

This time, Huang Yue Li did not stop him, but merely stood to the side smiling. She waited for him to finish.

Finally she said: “Old man, how is it? I didn’t lie to you right?”

Putting the armament in his hands down, Grandmaster Yan walked to Huang Yue Li and directly gave himself a big slap.

“Young Master, this old man has eyes but failed to recognise Mount Tai. I have offended you. I ask this great one with great magnanimity to forgive this old man’s blindness!”

Smiling, Huang Yue Li said: “Offending… do not have to worry. But the thing we were just discussing…..”

“Young Master please rest assured. This badge is only given to esteemed guests of our Armament Master Association. When you visit the association, all the materials can be used however you like! I just…….want to ask a presumptuous question, these armaments…..which great master refined them?”

Cautiously and carefully, Grandmaster Yan asked this.

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