Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3280 - Spectacular (3)

Chapter 3280: Spectacular (3)

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Lan Mengqing was also in a daze as her heart was filled with mixed feelings.

As God Realm’s famous beauty, her first reaction upon seeing another beautiful woman was to make a comparison.

Beautiful women often got jealous of one another and would often compare their looks and their men.

However, when she saw the beautiful woman in the corridor, Lan Mengqing didn’t even have any thoughts of being jealous!

The disparity between them was simply too huge. If she hadn’t seen it for herself, she would never believe that there was a young lady with such exceptional looks in this world!

Lan Mengqing stared at Huang Yueli for some time and suffered a huge blow. Then she said in disbelief, “Young Master Li’s wife is actually so beautiful…”

Jing Shaoyuan was just standing next to her, so he naturally heard what she muttered.

He turned his head and said disdainfully, “How could that be? This is not Li Moying’s wife. I think she should be an aristocratic lady from some big family? I’ve seen Li Moying’s wife before. She looks worse than a roadside country bumpkin!”

This might sound exaggerated, but Huang Yueli’s looks after disguise were indeed very ordinary.

Most practitioners would try to match their original looks when they put on a disguise. So Jing Shaoyuan seemed to have verified this point. Hence until now, he still believed that Huang Yueli looked very ordinary!

“But… but didn’t the personal guards report that Young Madam Li had just arrived earlier…” Lan Mengqing was a little surprised.

Jing Shaoyuan snorted coldly, “I guess that woman must be so scared of walking out together with that gorgeous beauty like this lady? Just wait and see!”

Lan Mengqing was skeptical but she indeed wished that Jing Shaoyuan was right.

This lucky woman had already monopolized such an outstanding man like Li Moying. If she also looked that beautiful, all the women in the world would probably die from jealousy!

Jing Shaoyuan had just completed his sentence when Li Moying had already walked forward and walked out of the banquet’s door.

The gorgeous young lady in the corridor was originally walking and looking curiously at the surroundings. But when she saw Li Moying’s tall figure, her face immediately broke out into a sweet smile.

She walked forward quickly and came before Li Moying in a few steps.

Li Moying stretched out his hand and gazed at her tenderly. Then he said softly, “Li’er, you’re finally here. I thought you would not be coming today!”

Huang Yueli obediently placed her hand on his palm. At the same time, she tiptoed and whispered in his ear. “I’m sorry. I was discussing a major deal with Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s President Liu and forgot the time. That’s why I came late. You won’t blame me, right?”

Li Moying held her hands and pulled her into his embrace.

“Why would I? You’ve been busy for the whole day. Even if you don’t come, I can understand. I’m really happy that you can come and accompany me. Otherwise, I’m about to die of boredom!”

Huang Yueli chuckled when she heard that, and hooked her hand around his arm. Her lips curled into a faint smile and allowed Li Moying to lead her into the banquet hall, like a gracious young lady.

At this moment, the entire banquet hall was silent.

Everyone stared at the perfect couple who walked in. No one could bear to blink at all!

Such an outstanding beauty was so beautiful that she didn’t seem real. They wondered if she would disappear if they blinked?

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