Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 31 – “I Have Faith in You!”

Chapter 31: “I Have Faith in You!”

Subconsciously, Cai Wei nodded her head and looked at her Third Young Miss.

Her head raised, clothes blowing in the wind, and the smile on Huang Yue Li’s face looked to be once of confidence while her eye dazzled with brillance. When this was brought together, it seemed as if her entire being was shining.

Without any reason, she believed in Huang Yue Li’s words. Looking her at family’s Young Miss, she seemed so strong, so resolute, fearing nothing. Nothing in the world would be able to make her have a hard time.

Recalling the events that occurred these past two days, from the moment Third Young Miss had awoken to now, all the things which she wanted to do were all inconceivable. Yet she had completed every single one of her tasks. Both the Second Young Miss and Fourth Young Miss who used to strut around arrogantly infront of her, were unable to withstand a single retaliation blow from her.

Making contact with Huang Yue Li’s eyes, Cai Wei hastily nodded her head.

“En, Third Young Miss! This servant definitely won’t disappoint you!”

Satisfied, Huang Yue Li was beaming as she took out a book from within her clothes and passed it to Cai Wei.

“Third Young Miss……..this is…….?”

“This a black level upper grade cultivation manual. Take it and diligently cultivate. If there are parts you do not understand, feel free to come ask me at anytime.”

“What? Cultivation manual? This is a black level upper grade manual?”

Cai Wei was tongue-tied and stupefied, her mouth gaping widely. This was the final straw.

Did she make a mistake? Third Young Miss suddenly gave her a black level manual?

A cultivation manual qualities was divided into four heavenly ranks. Within each, they were divided further into lower, middle and upper grades. The quality and grade of the technique would directly influence the success and accomplishments of cultivators. This made them a highly treasured resource.

Every martial family or sect, will all carefully safeguard their techniques and never carelessly reveal them to outsiders.

Consequently for those common born people, even if they do possess cultivation talent, it would be hard for them to become experts.

The resources in South Yue were scarce. The cultivation technique that the Bai Family had passed down for generations was merely a yellow level upper grade technique. While Huang Yue Li was currently handing her a black level manual? ?

It was no wonder that Cai Wei was so alarmed.

Nodding her head, Huang Yue Li continued speaking: “Looks like you have also heard of it. Good cultivation techniques are hard to come be, hence you must earnestly cultivate. With this lady’s foresight, your potential is quite good. Diligently practise and it should be no problem for you to surpass my Second Sister. When that time comes, you can openly beat her as much as you want!”

“Me? Surpass Second Young Miss?”

Throughout the entire day, Cai Wei was in a constant state of shock and bewilderment.

Without much confidence left, she said: “Third Young Miss, please hurry and stop joking with me. Isn’t the Second Young Miss an ultra genius? This servant was borne of low standing, how can you compare this one on the same platform as Second Young Miss?”

Huang Yue Li replied: “If I say you can, you can! Do you think this Lady is speaking nonsense?”

“No, I didn’t have this intention…….”

“Isn’t that fine!” Patting her shoulder, Huang Yue Li continued, “Strive well. I am optimistic about your results!”

Within these two days, Huang Yue Li had constantly observed this maid. She was quick-minded with a flexible body and great endurance. Just by a glance you could tell she was someone suitable for cultivation, she at least possessed third grade talent.

Her shortcoming was that her courage was too low. And to start cultivating now, her age was a bit old too.

Apart from those, due to her betrayal in her past life, Huang Yue Li wasn’t too trustful of the people beside her.

Although you could summarise and say that Cai Wei was very loyal and clever, but it was difficult to predict the future. If she became powerful in the future and her heart changed, how was she certain that Cai Wei wouldn’t betray her?

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