Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 2588 - Sacred Phoenix Reflection (2)

Chapter 2588: Sacred Phoenix Reflection (2)

Especially for Li Moying, who was once the Continent’s unsurpassed Number One Top Expert. Having no way to mount that arrogant and unyielding peak, the gap in his heart was something that ordinary people would not be able to imagine.

However, Li Moying seemed as though he didn’t feel anything. Not only did he expressed composure in front of Huang Yueli, but he didn’t reveal any fluctuations in his emotions in front of other people as well.

Taking a step back to think in his shoes, Liu Buyan felt that if he was the one in this situation, he would definitely not be so unruffled.

Even if he didn’t regret his decision, but he would probably feel disappointed.

Li Moying took a look at him, “Even if I am no longer the Number One Top Expert, but I can always be the Number One Top Husband.”

Liu Buyan went into a short daze but instantly understood what he meant.

After Huang Yueli’s rebirth, her outstanding innate talent in this lifetime was much stronger by several times, as compared to her past! She had even obtained Sacred Phoenix Race’s ancient inheritance.

Based on this ability, surpassing everyone to ascend to the position of the Number One Top Expert, was something that was bound to happen sooner or later.

Huang Yueli was not even seventeen yet, but she was about to break through to eighth stage realm.

Even if it was Li Moying, he did not have this kind of ability at that age.

Liu Buyan looked at him and burst out laughing while shaking his head. “This is the first time I saw anyone speak so righteously about being a kept man!”

Li Moying didn’t even bat an eyelid from hearing his mockery.

“Being a kept man isn’t something that everyone could do. But I’m the only one who managed to do it. You can’t help but look up to me!”

“You…” Liu Buyan’s lips twitched as he felt rather speechless to that.

That was right. He indeed wanted to woo Huang Yueli and he didn’t manage to do so. But did Li Moying needed to act so smugly in front of him? Acting so gloriously for being a kept man!

Liu Buyan took a frustrated look at him, “Alright, as long as you’re happy…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly heard a loud “BOOM” outside the room.

Immediately following that, the entire ice mountain’s frame started to shake. Then all the surrounding Heaven and Earth Profound Qi all gushed madly towards one direction.

Liu Buyan was stunned as he turned around to see the equally shocked Li Moying.

“This… could it be… Junior Sister…”

Liu Buyan hadn’t finished his sentence when he saw Li Moying sprinting away like a bolt of lightning, scurrying out of the room in an instance.

He hurriedly followed after him.

On the vacant ground in front of the courtyard, Bai Liufeng, Cang Po Jun, and Cang Po Yu had already run out. All of them looked towards Huang Yueli’s courtyard and their eyes were filled with astonishment.

This cave dwelling which was inside an ice mountain had several powerful spirit gathering arrays supporting it. Hence, the density of the Heaven and Earth Qi was much higher inside the cave.

At this particular moment, all the Profound Qi were gathered above Huang Yueli’s room, as it formed a huge Profound Qi vortex.

As the speed of her absorbing the Profound Qi was too fast, all the spirit gathering arrays by the side of the cave were revolving at their greatest intensity.

A huge amount of Profound Qi in the surrounding ice fields was forcibly gathered.

The vortex above her head was also growing bigger and deeper by the minute….

“Wh… What powerful Profound Qi vortex! When practitioners advance into eighth stage realm, they would draw out large quantities of Profound Qi as energy, but this is my first time seeing with such strong absorption speed!” Cang Po Jun couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

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