Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 2532 - It’s an illness, must treat! (1)

Chapter 2532: It’s an illness, must treat! (1)

“Li… Li’er….” Li Moying’s voice was extremely hoarse.

“En?” Huang Yueli shot him a dazed look, apparently not realising what she had done wrong.

This innocent look which resembled a little rabbit was adding oil to fire, which completely lit Li Moying up.

He no longer could control himself as he turned around and laid on top of Huang Yueli.

The scorching kiss once again swallowed the duo’s remaining rationality…

The two of them were rubbing against the soft big bed.

Huang Yueli shut her eyes as she obediently allowed Li Moying to manipulate her because being beside him made her feel extremely assured and she couldn’t wait as she hoped to merge into one with her beloved man.

This time round, those people who were here to disturb the bridal room had all been sent away and the room door was already locked so there shouldn’t be anyone who would come to disturb them…..

Very soon, Huang Yueli was stripped of everything and Li Moying’s touches became even more unbridled.

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but give a soft moan as she bit Li Moying’s shoulder hard, leaving a row of neatly aligned teeth marks.

Li Moying was aroused by this minute pain and his eyes gave off a dangerous red glow, as the muscles on his body became tighter, like a cheetah accumulating its power, as it prepared and waited to bite off the neck of its prey.

Huang Yueli was under his fully invasive tight watch but not only did she not feel any fear, on the contrary she felt excited.

Li Moying propped up his body as he stared at Huang Yueli for a very long time.

Just as Huang Yueli thought that he was about to pounce up, he suddenly turned over and left her body.

Huang Yueli was truly stunned this time round but after she managed to recompose herself, she instantly grew furious.

“Moying! You…what do you mean by this? You’re doing this intentionally??”

Li Moying’s back was facing her and he didn’t even dare to turn his head back, deeply worried that if he were to see his beloved Li’er in a half-naked pose, he would lose control of himself once again.

His voice was tinged with heat, “Li’er, I… I suddenly feel a little unwell. Go on and rest first, I’ll go… cough cough, settle myself?”

“Settle yourself?” Huang Yueli had a puzzled expression on your face.

Li Moying didn’t explain as he took the chance while Huang Yueli was still puzzled and jumped right out of the bed, without even having the time to put on any clothes and just ran out of the door naked.

This time round, Huang Yueli was completely stunned.

“Li Moying, what on earth are you up to! Come back right now!!”

In reply to her was a flustered shuffle of footsteps and within a couple of breaths, the footsteps had already left the bedroom’s vicinity.

Huang Yueli’s face turned green, this… how on Heavens did such a strange thing had occurred!

Li Moying and her were obviously in love with each other and after overcoming so many difficulties, they finally were able to unite as husband and wife so their wedding night should be very passionate wasn’t it?

When the both of them were not married yet, Li Moying had never concealed his desire for her, grabbing every single chance to get fresh with her.

Why was it that now the both of them had really got married to become a real couple, yet he no longer had any interest in her?

Not right, it couldn’t be said that he had no interest. Earlier when they were both lying on the bed, Li Moying obviously was very impulsive….. even if Huang Yueli did not have much actual experience, but she wasn’t an ignorant young lady. She had read quite a number of erotic drawings in the past few days so she more or less knew about Li Moying’s reaction, and it should reflect that he wanted her very much….

But they were already one step short of crossing the door, why… did this man run away?

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