Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 246 – Liu Yiyi vs Bai Ruo Qi (1)

Chapter 246 – Liu Yiyi vs Bai Ruo Qi (1)

“This you don’t know ah? From what I hear, Dingguo House has recently invited the assistance of power’s alchemist and specially asked him to refine a few pills to assist Liu Yiyi. Only then was she able to advance to the Qi Profound Realm seventh level!”

“From what I remember, Bai Ruoqi is also at the seventh level of the Qi Profound Realm? Since this is the case, Liu Yiyi and Bai Ruoqi have the same cultivation?”

“That’s right. Liu Yiyi really hid it deeply! If she is able to defeat Bai Ruoqi this time, it would truly become an astonishing affair!”

As Liu Yiyi listened to the envious and admiration filled discussions around her, she could no longer conceal the smile on her face.

In the past, her position in the hearts of others had always been second place. No matter how much she strived or how hard she worked to become strong, Bai Ruoqi was always a step ahead!

Now her cultivation had caught up to Bai Ruoqi. Furthermore she held her family’s Gales Blades, a killing ace within her grasp!

For two people of the same cultivation, with her arsenal, her winning chances are much higher than Bai Ruoqi!

She definitely could defeat Bai Ruoqi today and snatch the seat of Imperial Concubine!

Liu Yiyi could practically see victory in front of her, defeated Bai Ruoqi and elevating the respect the Crown Princes held for her to a whole new level!

Raising her eyebrow, she laughed at Bai Ruoqi: “Bai Ruoqi, do you dare accept? If you are afraid of losing face, you may refuse. Afterall, Her Highness did say these battles are all about free will.”

Bai Ruoqi nearly laughed out loud.

After bottling up so much anger today, she finally had an opportunity to let it all out!

Since Liu Yiyi delivered herself to her doors, then naturally she would not refuse!

As long as she was able to showcase her prowess to everyone on site and suppress Liu Yiyi, no matter how bad of an impression the Empress Dowager held of her, it would have no effect.

This is the power of strength!

In a straightforward manner, Bai Ruoqi rose from her seat and replied: “Liu Yiyi, did you really think that your promotion to the seventh level of the Qi Profound Realm is enough to pose a threat to me?”

Liu Yiyi replied in a tone that implied she held confidence in her victory: “We shall see once I try. What, you do not dare?”

“Why would I not dare? Humph, today I will show you just how large of a difference there is between a fourth grade talent and third grade talent!”

In the battle space, the two parties faced each other.

Before the battle could even commence, fire and lightning erupted from their eyes.

As soon as the Imperial Empress said the word “begin”, Liu Yiyi could not wait but to attack first. Furthermore, her first move was her family’s skill——Gale Blades!

Gasps erupted from all around.

“Ah——so this is Gale Blades. From what I hear, it is a black level lower grade profound skill!”

“So amazing. From the recounts, Gale blade has the ability to seriously injure an opponent one small level above them. Previously, Bai Ruoqi possessed a higher cultivation and could still resist. But now with the same cultivations, how will Bai Ruoqi defend against this?”

“Such a powerful move. If it were me, I would have been sent flying already!”

Even the Emperor couldn’t help himself but cry out: “This girl Liu Yiyi is really not simple. As the number female cultivator, Bai Ruoqi might have to give her title away!”

Just as Liu Yiyi’s execution was swift as lightning, all her attention and powerful focused on this one move!

She made her decision. She was determined to knock down Bai Ruoqi with his one move and win cleanly!

As the incoming Gale Blades brought an imposing rush of profound qi, it rushed and enveloped Bai Ruoqi. Quite clearly, Liu Yiyi used all her efforts for this one move.

Just as this thousand pound might was about land, Bai Ruoqi actually laughed out crisply.

“Liu Yiyi, you did not think that you could rely on this measly Gale Blade to defeat me?”

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