Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 242 – Playing too crappily

Chapter 242 – Playing too crappily

The Imperial Empress did not expect for Huang Yue Li’s qin skill to be so masterful. Knowing her plan will not come to fruition, she became highly impatient.

She just wished for this segment to quickly end and start the next one as soon as possible.

Also the others turned their attention to Bai Ruoqi, jest flashed within their eyes.

The presence of knowing people, Bai Ruoqi’s reluctance to perform was understood by everyone!

As Bai Ruoqi’s turned redder and redder, she finally made up her mind. Biting the bullet she said: “I will perform……..the qin also! I will play for everyone a 《Water from High Mountains》!”

She knew the rules of the Palace. Performing no matter how bad is still better than refusal. The latter option was to treat the Emperor disrespectfully and possibly suffer punishment.

At her wits end, Bai Ruoqi held her cold water qin and went to the middle. Taking a deep breath, she began to play.

Chin raised, Huang Yueli drank her peach wine while listening to Bai Ruoqi.

In all fairness, Bai Ruoqi expended quite a lot of effort on her qin.

Her fingering had reached perfection, but she failed to integrate her feelings. So the sounds always felt a bit stiff.

Without Huang Yueli’s earlier demonstration, a layman would say that Bai Ruo Qi’s playing is quite good.

Sitting on the stage, Bai Ruoqi forced herself to calm down to play the guqin with a calm mind. She must, at least, perform up to her usual standards. She will not allow for them to see any mishaps!

However, the more she thought, the harder it was to calm down.

Finally, fingers trembled and really missed a note!

Finally completing the performance with great difficulty, Bai Ruoqi almost fled back to her seat.

Today’s performance, not only did she fail to become the object of praise, she also made a mess. Did not even achieve half her usual level.

If one must use a words to describe it, it would be——rotten!

In previous years when she performed in the Palace, whether in front of the Emperor, Empress Dowager or Imperial Empress, she would always receive a reward. But today, the faces of these Royals remained expressionless, not expressing a single thought.

The Imperial Empress’ brow twitched a bit, apparently somewhat dissatisfied with her.

She intended to rely on Bai Ruoqi to pressure Huang Yueli and dispel the Emperor’s thoughts on making this girl the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine. Who knew this girl failed to fly at the crucial moment!

Even the applause of the audience was sparse; one of purely courtesy.

Rights after Bai Ruoqi sat down, the Imperial Empress could not wait to announce the next person.

“Next up is the Third Young Miss from Dingguo Minister House, Liu Yiyi.”

Liuyi Yi smiled and walked to the middle of the stage.

Her belt done, footsteps light, she danced a beautiful 《A Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers》.

Because this was right after two qin performances, it was hard for people not to become bored.

Liu Yiyi’s dancing skills always were famous in the Capital. As a result, watching now it seemed even more refreshing than usual. It immediately won the applause of all.

Sitting under the stage, Bai Ruoqi almost crushed her cup.

A dignified aristocratic young lady, what need was there to learn dancing. It’s not like she was a prostitute!

Such an undignified show, did it deserve such an applause?

What made Bai Ruoqi more indignant was the Crown Prince’s enthusiastic applause. Using so much vigor, watching so attentively that his eyeballs were almost glued to Liu Yiyi swaying and moving waist.

Liu Yiyi that wiley fox, even dared to seduce the Crown Prince!

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