Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 224 – Truly hasn’t experienced the outside world

Chapter 224 – Truly hasn’t experienced the outside world

“Second sister, what are you doing here? Where are you feeling uncomfortable?”

As Bai Ruoqi was getting ready to catch up with the group, she did not expect to hear most annoying sound from behind her. Immediately like cat whose tail was pulled, she almost jumped up.

“You…..damn girl, it’s you! Why have you not left? !”

Huang Yue blinked and wretchedly said: “I just fainted. Although I ate some pills, I still feel a little faint. I decided to go a little slower. What about you second sister? You also fainted, do you not feel comfortable? Do need to go home to rest?”

“Go home to rest?” Bai Ruoqi sneered, “What? Plotting against me today, you feel very proud? Thinking not only I will not be selected, but I also lost a lot of face today. So the only option is to escape back home? Let me tell you, you are wrong!”

Huang Yueli lazily replied: “Second sister ah, what are you talking about? We all know, in the end who is plotting who? You were the one to smash you own foot, how can blame me ah?”

Huang Yueli said the truth, but Bai Ruoqi apparently do not think so.

She would not think she was at fault, hence there was no need to be taught a lesson.

In her opinion, today’s incident was all due to Huang Yueli! She was both shamed victimised by this little slut!

She said in a cold voice: “Oh, now you are proud, thinking that using this tactic will give fame and fortune. Thus allowing to sit on the position of Imperial Concubine? I beg you, before you go pee, first look at yourself. You nothing but a piece of trash. No matter how good your acting skills, it will never be yours!”

Huang Yueli shrugged and said indifferently: “In your eyes, the Crown Prince is a peak genius. Someone you need to obtain no matter the means. But for me, he nothing! For your own short-sightedness, please do not think that I am someone like you! “

Fifth grade talent, the Crown Prince? Was it worthy of her cherishing?

As expected, Bai Ruoqi has not experienced the world!

Not even mentioning her Flame Spirit physique, even in her past life, the Crown Prince was worth no more than her little finger!

She no matter how careless in selecting she was, she would not be able find such a low quality man!

Moreover, as a Ninth Tier Armament Master’s taste, was extremely high!

Huang Yueli said another big truth. Unfortunately, no one believed her.

Bai Ruoqi look at her with eyes full of ridicule.

“Oh, I did not expect you to be this clever. Knowing you will certainly not be chosen, you deliberately put on a ‘do not care’ outlook! No matter how well you act, it means nothing! Who knows whether you came here for the position of Imperial Concubine?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Ai, what’s the situation? Just telling the truth, it is so hard!”

Bai Ruoqi sneered: “Continue acting! I hope when I become the Imperial Concubine, you will not be hanging yourself from depression!”

To hear her say so confidently, Huang Yueli was left in surprise.

Did Bai Ruoqi eat the wrong medicine or something?

With the current situation, she has almost zero chances of becoming the Imperial Concubine. How can she still be so confident?

Huang Yueli probed: “It seems, second sister is certain she will be able to take the position? I really do not know where your self-confidence comes from, you should be very clear, the Empress Dowager will certainly not stand on your side!”

“The Empress Dowager?” Bai Ruoqi coldly hooked the corners of her mouth, “So what if the Empress Dowager does not agree? His Royal Highness the Crown Prince will understand that only me Bai Ruoqi is his most sensible choice!”

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