Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 205 – How is it you? ?

Chapter 205 – How is it you? ?

Empress Shu looked around, calling over a maid at the side of the palace. Strangely she asked: “Where is Second Young Miss Bai? Why is she not here?”

The palace maid looked at her, then looked at the Empress Dowager, speaking but then hesitating.

“Second Miss…..Second Miss Bai…….”

“What happened? What happened to Qi’er?”

“Yes, why is Qi’er not here? Is it because she is looking after her sister?” Even the Empress Dowager questioned.

When Cui Qiao reported to them, she only said it was Wu Wei Manor’s Young Miss. Both Empress and the Empress Dowager naturally assumed that the protagonist of this scandal was Third Young Miss Bai!

This was due to the rumours they had heard regarding her associations with outsiders, and a wastrel that was not properly raised by a mother and father. It would not be unusual for such a thing to happen.

But Bai Ruo Qi was not the same. In everybody’s mind, she is the perfect example of a lady!

The palace lady did not dare answer, while the various young ladies seated below also held unusual expressions.

Empress Shu frowned, wanting to ask again.

At this moment, GuGu Li had already dragged a haggard and hobbling girl out of the room.

“Qi’er, why is it you? ?”

Eyes opening wide, Empress Shu immediately exclaimed aloud!

Bai Ruo Qi blinked her eyes, two lines of tears shed from the corners of her eyes. The more emotional she became, the more she cried and choked as she clutched her throat. She was still unable to speak.

“What happened? Qi’er, why do you not speak?”

Agitated, when Empress Shu saw the her, she immediately understood that things did not go as planned. Bai Ruo Qi had drunk her own medicine!

Bai Ruo Qi gestured desperately, pointing to her throat.

Empress Shu hurriedly shouted: “Doctor Liu, what is going on?! Why is Second Young Miss Bai unable to talk? Hurry and examine her! If you cannot treat her, you will be questioned!”

The moment Doctor Liu saw the person inside the curtains, he was also shocked.

This, this……what is going on?

Did they not say they were going to frame Third Young Miss Bai? Why did the person behind the curtains become Second Young Miss Bai! Why did such a such up happen?

Then he remembered how resolutely he announced that the lady possessed the joyous pulse……

Oh my god! The great flood washed away the Dragon King’s temple!

What should he do now?

Prompted by Empress Shu, Doctor Liu quickly rushed over to Bai Ruo Qi.

The Empress Dowager was initially shocked then doubts began to arise.

“What is going on? Can anybody explain the situation? Do you mean to say that such a shameful thing was actually done by our beloved Qi’er? How can this be? ? ”

Empress Shu stepped forward to comfort the Empress Dowager.

“Your Highness, please calm your anger. This concubine watched Qi’er grow up. I believe she will not make such a mistake.There must some kind of misunderstanding!”

The Empress also do not want to believe that the daughter-in-law candidate she had been so optimistic about, would turn out to be such a person.

“Well, then we will wait for Doctor Liu to cure Qi’er and listen to her story!”

Doctor Liu did not speak for a long time.

What was wrong with Bai Ruo Qi, no one knew more clearly than him. He did not need to feel her pulse to diagnose what was wrong.

He did not know why her meridians were sealed, but this is not something difficult to cure. As long as she takes a first grade upper level Qi Recovering Pill, she would be able to recover.

However, he did not know what he should do at that moment.

With the situation escalating to such a degree, Bai Ruo Qu will definitely want to wash herself clean. But if Bai Ruo Qi wanted to prove she was not pregnant, it would implicate him. Meaning the person in the wrong would be him, the court doctor!

This would also mean he had diagnosed Second Miss Bai incorrectly!

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