Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 202 – Digging a hole and falling inside

Chapter 202 – Digging a hole and falling inside

Outside the curtain, Doctor Liu sat upright.

Of course he heard the whispers and the noises of shuffling, but he choose to ignore them.

Because Doctor Liu has long ago colluded with Wu Wei Manor’s Madam, knew what he needed to to do was a very wicked thing.

Inside the curtain, naturally was Third Young Miss White who was a virgin young girl, yet she was to be accused of being pregnant while unmarried. Of course many would jump at such news!

As long as he pretended not to hear or see, only focusing on how he will deliver the appropriate diagnostic results, Wu Wei Manor Madam promised to give him a hefty reward. So easily it will enter into his hands.

Gently stroking his beard, he felt so relaxed and carefree inside!

He did not intend to feel any pulse, but only pretended to ponder for a moment with a dignified expression.

“GuGu Li, this…..this girl……”

(Z: Forgot to post in the previous one, GuGu is a title meaning aunt, how people would refer to female officials within the palace. Similar to calling eunuchs uncle, but they have an english-sy translation. While these female don’t really, unless you guys can come up with something? GuGu will the one I choose :))

Walking over and GuGu lowered her voice. “What’s wrong with Doctor Liu? The girl’s pulse……?”

Doctor Liu hesitantly replied: “This…..may also be due to anemia, or it could be diagnostic mistakes……… however, the one inside the curtains is…….”

In her heart, GuGu Li had long suspected the outcome, but when she heard him speak with a look of embarrassment, she immediately knew the truth!

She is the Empress Dowager’s personal maid who was sent to observe and supervise these golden spooned young ladies. If there was scandal with a young lady who know longer was a virgin, it will be a matter of major importance. So she must find out!

With a sinking face and an aggravating the tone, she said: “Doctor Liu, don’t mind about others! Please tell me, what is this girl’s illness? Why did she suddenly bleed and faint? As long as you explain truthfully, it will be fine!”

He feeling that he was acting quite well, Doctor Liu felt he deserved that reward.

He sighed deeply and whispered to GuGu Li: “GuGu Li, I can not hide this from you, this ……this is a joyous pulse! She has conceived, but due to the body’s weak health, the pregnancy is unstable. There is a chance of miscarriage at anytime. By your judgment, what prescription should be given……..”

He stopped talking at that moment.

There was no need to speak too explicitly.

When ladies are pregnant, it is natural to prescribe medicine. These prescriptions come in two kinds; one for protection against miscarriage, the other for a miscarriage.

Looking at her, he awaited her command.

GuGu Li frowned and said: “Doctor Liu are you sure this is a joyous pulse? There must be no mistake!

Of course, Doctor Liu is patting his chest and said: “GuGu Li, do you still believe in my expertise? It is a joyous pulse for certain! Furthermore, it is nearly two months old!”

Hearing this, GuGu Li did not hold any more doubts.

Looking pale, she darkly swept the shadow behind the bead curtain.

Really, she did not expect at His Royal Highness the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine selecting banquet that such a scandal would occur!

Moreover, the the girl in question was the lady most likely to become His Highness’ Imperial Concubine——South Yue’s most talented female, Bai Ruo Qi!

This Bai Ruo Qi, really is bold. already walking the streets with the Crown prince and dared to give him such a green hat to wear!

This is a great humiliation for the entire royal family!

Although the voices of GuGu Li and Doctor Liu were very soft, but they were only separated by a thin bead curtain. So Bai Ruo Qi and Huang Yue Li heard everything.

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