Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 18 – “The High Status Armament Refiner”

Chapter 18: “The High Status Armament Refiner”

Huang Yue Li said: “Of course I know this. What is the matter? Could it be that I am unable to purchase this armament furnace?”

Shopkeeper Sun continued with his blank expression: “Young Miss Bai, if you really want to purchase this, then this store naturally would not stop you………”

“Then, isn’t that fine? Here is eight hundred silvers. Hurry and find some people to deliver it over.”

With some impatience, Huang Yue Li interrupted him.

As Shopkeeper Sun received the silvers, he was both stunned and helpless.

Everybody said that this Third Young Miss Bai was good-for-nothing. But now it seemed that not only was she good-for-nothing, she was also a spendthrift home wrecker!

An armament furnace was something that was very highly priced. Without even considering it, she took out money to buy it. It didn’t even possess much exhibition value! If she could find no use for it, then wouldn’t it be basically throwing money into the river?

Eight hundred silvers. Even if you were to buy some ordinary rank pills, you could still buy a small bottle’s worth.

But, Shopkeeper Sun wouldn’t hold any grievances towards money. Seeing how easily Huang Yue Li handed the money over, he hastily added: “Yes, yes, yes. Young Miss Bai please rest assured. Our Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s delivery service is very fast, secure and reliable! Promising you that it will arrive around this afternoon!”

Huang Yue Li gave an “en” and walked to the next counter.

Whilst the people around her all raised their eyebrows, placing the label of spendthrift home wrecker on her.

Everyone all shared the same thoughts. They assumed that Huang Yue Li possessed too much money to spend, hence her reckless purchase towards that furnace. Not one person thought that she would actually use it.

The reason being that the occupation that used this furnace was a very rare and very noble career in the Tian Ling Continent.

Even if they were just a rank one Armament Refiner, they would still hold great power and authority in a small country like South Yue.

It is obvious that profound qi elevated a martial practitioner’s strength. Between two practitioners of the same level, if one possessed an armament that suited them, then would be able to crush their opponent. Doing whatever they pleased.

Whilst there were also several requirements needed to become a refiner. You must simultaneously possess both fire and metal attributes, along with a strong spirit force. Lacking any one of these, you would not be able to become a refiner.

Just possessing two attributes was already very rare, one in a hundred opportunity. Furthermore, you need both fire and metal, plus a strong spirit force. With those two demanding prerequisites, the chances of finding a person like that would be the same as getting struck by lightning.

Additionally, with each rank promotion, there will be a great consumption of materials. If you do not have a powerful backer, then it would be almost impossible to improve and advance.

Due this and the occupation’s rarity, their status’ naturally rose sharply. No matter where they go, they would be warmly welcomed.

You must know, this Third Young Miss Bai was the nationally recognised trash, good-for-nothing. How could she possibly be an esteemed and noble Armament Refiner?

Huang Yue Li didn’t mind what others thought of her. Acting as if nothing happened, she walked to the section contain armament materials.

This area was already browsed by her earlier, so she knew what she needed to buy.

“Shopkeeper, I want a stalk of Xiao Xiang Bamboo, a piece of Ochre coloured Tin Stone, twenty pieces of North River Mica, three pieces of iron essence….”

(Z: Hmmm, it seems that the author is using modern mineral names. I tried translating the names separately, but they turn out very weird sounding. Also ocher is a pale yellowish-brown colour.)

Hearing how Huang Yue Li called out the names of these materials so familiarly, Shopkeeper Sun’s were practically popping out of their sockets.

These were all common materials for refining!

Third Miss Bai bought both an armament furnace and materials!

What did this mean?

It would mean that she was preparing to refine something!

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