Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1566 - Unacceptable ending (6)

Chapter 1566: Unacceptable ending (6)

As compared to Li Lingchuan who joined Celestial Light Sect when he was ten over years old, Murong De naturally liked Li Moying more.

But no matter how much he liked him, Li Moying was after all already dead.

A dead person could not be revived.

So no matter how much heartache and regretful he felt, he still had to pass the days.

Celestial Light Sect was riddled with various problems within and outside the Sect and it indeed required a Young Sect Master who could aid him to deal with the Sect’s matters. Li Lingchuan had proven his ability within this period of time to prove that he had the ability to deal with such matters.

Of course, most importantly was Murong Fei had repeatedly cajoled Murong De with Li Lingchuan’s capability and even raised the intention to marry him.

Murong De simply could not understand why his eldest daughter would have a change of heart in such a short period of time. But she could walk out the shadow of Li Moying’s passing away to find someone who mutually loved one another, Murong De who loved his daughter with his heart, felt that it was a good thing hence he tried ways to satisfy her.

So combining various elements, Murong De still made the painful decision…

“….. Additionally, this Sect Master still has two other important matters to announce.”

“Firstly, this Sect Master’s second disciple Li Lingchuan, had been aiding me in dealing with the Sect’s matters ever since Li Moying passed on. He had exhibited outstanding performance and further, his innate talent and ability is something which many of us had witnessed. Hence from today onwards, he will become Celestial Light Set’s new Young Sect Master, and his status in the Sect is just beneath mine.”

“Secondly, my daughter Murong Fei and Young Sect Master Li Lingchuan are in love with each other and this Sect Master is deeply gratified by it so we shall be holding the engagement ceremony in the near future.”

“By then, Young Sect Master’s assumption and engagement ceremony will be held on the same day…”

Murong De’s words on the stage were passed down into the disciples’ ears.

Every single one of them bore an expression of disbelief as they were shocked emotionally.

“It’s real, those hearsay are really real…..”

“How could this be? Li Lingchuan actually really became the Young Sect Master!”

“Not only that, Eldest Young Miss is really going to be engaged with him?”

“Why did this happen? The only Young Sect Master in my heart, is forever Senior Brother Li only!”

However, no matter how shocked, displeased, upset the crowd were, it was of no use.

Li Lingchuan stood behind Murong De on his right as his lips curled upwards. Anyone could tell that his expression was filled with determination.

His gaze surveyed the grounds around the mountain as he observed everyone’s expression as he memorised all those people who were obviously discussing about him.

“Hmph, ignorant brats, still missing Li Moying? Too bad… he’s already dead! No matter how incredible or how genius he was, he’s only a dead person. How can a dead person…. even fight with me? Could he even possibly hold on to the position of Young Sect Master and not let go?”

Li Lingchuan’s heart was extremely complacent right now!

He had cooperated with Leng Yi Feng this time round and although he had experienced quite a lot of danger, but eventually based on his own luck, he became the one who gained the most out of this situation.

Not only had he managed to get rid of Li Moying, he had even replaced him to become Celestial Light Sect’s Young Sect Master.

Furthermore, he had successfully taken the advantage of the situation and obtained Murong Fei’s heart when she was at her most vulnerable point.

Of course, what he was most complacent about was his sudden intentions to kill the nearing death Leng Yi Feng.

Leng Yi Feng’s realm ring had simply too many and too valuable treasures; it was no wonder he was a descendant of a large family from the Soaring Heavens Continent!

All these now all belonged to him Li Lingchuan!

What’s more, he need not bore any responsibility because the dead man Li Moying had already been made into his scapegoat.

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