Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1244 - Wishful thinking (1)

Chapter 1244: Wishful thinking (1)

Huang Yueli looked as though she was filled with concern for her but in her words, it was self evident that what she said was laced with ridicule in it.

Murong Fei wasn’t an idiot as well, so naturally she understood the underlying meaning in it!

These days, news regarding Li Moying liking an outer door female disciple and them appearing intimately at various locations, had long spread throughout every corner of Celestial Light Sect!

Murong Fei naturally heard about all these rumours, but she didn’t quite believe them in her heart.

Because Li Moying acting so crazy over that female student in Celestial Light Academy was something which she had witnessed personally. There was no reason that that wretched young lass had just gone missing for two months, and Li Moying would have a change of heart so quickly!

But this wasn’t something impossible as well. Because Li Moying sent a lot of people to search for her, whereas Murong Fei herself also sent out all her men to do the same. Since so many people couldn’t find her, surely, she couldn’t have popped out by herself right?

So right from the start, Murong Fei had turned up her nose towards this sort of rumour.

But once time went by, not only had these kinds of rumour not stopped, the examples of how intimate the both of them increased as though it really happened, made one unable to not believe it. The gazes which other people casted onto Murong Fei was as though they were looking at an abandoned wife!

Murong Fei was extremely angry, feeling that this kind of gaze casted onto her was a kind of humiliation!

She, Murong Fei, was the daughter of the Sect Master, so how could so many people use this kind of sympathetic gaze to look at her? She simply couldn’t endure this!

It was then when Murong Fei totally believed that there was somebody beside Li Moying!

She was so angry that she almost fainted as she simply couldn’t believe that just as she was blocking out Bai Ruoli from coming back, there was someone who actually seduced Li Moying while she wasn’t paying attention! This simply was impossible to defend well! She must ferret out the shameless vixen!

However, Li Moying had protected his little fiancée very well. After Mo Yi had been released from the water prison, his loyalty towards Huang Yueli became even intense, and his protection plan was so well done that not even one drop of water could leak out.

Murong Fei had followed Li Moying around for several days, but she had not bene able to get close to his courtyard, not to mention seeing who the woman inside was!

It was until today, when Huang Yueli had left the courtyard before she bumped into Murong Fei.

Huang Yueli’s words of ridicule wasn’t just based on casual talk, but it had some basis to it.

In this duration where Murong Fei was pursuing that “little vixen”, she had forgone her food and sleep, so worried that her hair almost turned white. She looked extremely haggard and her dark eye rings were so dark that it scared people.

Murong Fei was trodden on her foot as she couldn’t help but screamed out, “Bai Ruoli, weren’t you being pursued and had already died? How could you come back to life again?”

Huang Yueli laughed as she pointed out with a meaning, “Wow, Eldest Miss Murong’s news is so well informed that you even know that I was pursued and assassinated? But unfortunately, my life is very hard and generally when people want me to do something, I will not follow their wishes. However, those who assassinated me would always end up dead without any burial grounds!”

When Murong Fei heard that, she got a huge shock, “What? You say….. Ling Wenbin is already dead? Impossible, he is a seventh stage realm practitioner whereas you’re only in third stage realm, how could you possibly kill him?”

Thinking of here, she gave a cold laugh, “Stop trying to fool me! You can kill a seventh stage realm practitioner? Why don’t you go try to lie to a ghost!”

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulder, “Forget it if you don’t believe me.”

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