Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me

Chapter 446 - Much Plumper Than They Look

Chapter 446: Chapter 447 Much Plumper Than They Look

Chapter 447 Much Plumper Than They Look

Usually, Chu Yuan’s methods of creating trouble for me are divided into two types: direct and indirect.

The so-called direct method, as the name implies, is to directly find fault with me so that I would argue with her. Then she would run to my old man and complain about me to him.

For example, one time, she ate snacks but did not clean up. The potato chips dropped on the sofa even attracted ants. After I scolded her, she went into the bathroom without saying a word and didn’t come out for two hours. I was a little worried, so I asked her from outside the bathroom to check if she was okay. But there was no response from the inside.

Fearing that she might be doing something foolish, I pushed the door in. But I didn’t expect that she had been standing behind the door waiting for me to push the door in.

After the door hit her forehead, she used this excuse to kick and punch me repeatedly until she got tired. Then she went to hide in her room and refused to come out. Only after my old man went to check what happened, did she come out of her room with a red forehead. My old man was very worried, so he asked her what happened. Then she told him with a pitiful face that I pushed open the bathroom door while she was in there…

The indirect method was even worse. For example, a certain thing used by my old man or my stepmother would go missing. Under normal circumstances, it could be found in my room. But when it was found, my special 18+ collection would also ‘coincidently’ be exposed… As long as some of my shameful secrets were discovered by her, it meant that my old man and stepmother would soon find out too…

But the most outrageous thing was that even if I had no secrets, she would create secrets for me! It was a summer vacation a year ago. My parents took Chu Yuan to travel together to Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. I was hired by Fengchang Corporate Group unexpectedly, so I stayed behind and stayed at home temporarily. Because of that, I ate instant noodles for five days. How sad was that? However, on the night the three returned, Chu Yuan inexplicably created trouble for me again.

When my stepmother was looking for slippers, she found a pair of stockings under her bed, and then found a few long dyed hairs from my bed. In addition, there was also a new cute toothbrush in the bathroom…

My stepmother suspected that I took the girl home to stay overnight, and my father scolded me for fooling around with a woman in his room. Because there was ‘physical evidence’, no matter how I explained, they still wouldn’t believe me.

Because of this incident, later when I said that I wanted to move out to live alone, my parents agreed without asking any questions. I just wanted to avoid Chu Yuan who was using all kinds of methods to create trouble for me, but my parents were determined that I wanted to live with my girlfriend…

Actually, even until now, I still didn’t understand how I offended Chu Yuan at that time.

But ever since I accidentally discovered Chu Yuan’s secret, the situation finally improved a lot. Anyway, it was rare for her to beg me, so how would I not take advantage of this opportunity?

“Aren’t you supposed to beg me? Why does it sound like you are threatening me?” I pretended to snort coldly and said.

Chu Yuan used her acting cute trick again, and asked me innocently, “Is there any difference?”

“Of course there is,” I refused to succumb to her cuteness and said, “Begging represents trust, threatening represents dominance. Do you think I like to be dominated or trusted by others?”

The bratty girl pouted her mouth, “Fine then, just treat it like I’m begging you.”

“Is this the kind of attitude you should have when begging others to help you?”

“Of course I wouldn’t use this attitude to beg other people. I only use this attitude to beg you. You are my elder brother after all.” Chu Yuan’s hands were still gripping my wrist. As if to threaten me, she tightened her grip and showed a cute fierce face, “Do you agree or not?”

I could clearly feel her heartbeat. Although she pretended to be fierce, she was still very nervous. She also understood that it was a very ridiculous thing to ask an outsider to persuade someone to stop sending their children abroad to study.

Chu Yuan knew that she would not be able to stop Dongfang from being sent abroad to study, she just wanted Dongfang to feel that her friend still cared about her even if her mother didn’t care about her…

“Can I even say no?” I gave a helpless smile: “I’m your elder brother after all. I can’t be looked down upon by my little sister.”

“Then don’t forget your promise!” Chu Yuan finally smiled at me, “Don’t go back on your words, otherwise I will really look down on you!”

“Okay, okay, I will keep my words,” I smiled embarrassedly, “Now, can you let go of my hand?”

“Huh?” Chu Yuan was confused. Following my gaze, she lowered her head and looked down, then her face instantly turned red.

Because all she thought about earlier was Dongfang’s affair, she didn’t notice that when she was gripping my wrist tightly, she was also pulling my hand closer to her and pressing my palm against her chest.

For a long time, my palm had been making close contact with her chest!

There was an expected scream, but what I didn’t expect was that she didn’t get angry and hit me. Instead, she suddenly turned around and ran back to her room.

“Yuan Yuan, what’s wrong? Why are you screaming?” Dongfang’s question came from the room. Then Chu Yuan rushed out of the room as quickly as when she fled.

Before I could react, she suddenly pinched my left chest fiercely and twisted it very hard, “Your pervert! Humph!”

I’m a pervert? It was clearly her who pulled my hand to her chest, right? I wanted to explain that it wasn’t my fault, however, before I could say anything, the bratty girl ran back to her room again. When the door was closing, she even stuck out her tongue at me, making a funny face at me, leaving me completely speechless.

My fingers were stiff because of the clear soft touch that was still lingering around them. No wonder that bratty girl was always dissatisfied with my evaluation of her small breasts. It was indeed much plumper than they looked…

. . .

In the morning, Dong Xiaoye told me that Gong Fanlin should have known about the police’s intervention. He did not go home, nor did he return to his parents’ house. He called his elder sister at home, saying that he might be in trouble, and sent some money to his elder sister. He didn’t say what the money was for, but he told his elder sister not to tell his parents about it lest they would be worried. His elder sister was confused, but later when she contacted him again, she could no longer get through to him.

According to the preliminary guess, the money Gong Fanlin sent to his elder sister should be used to hire a lawyer. He seemed to have an intention of turning himself in. However, Dong Xiaoye still asked me to remind Yang Wei, Qin Lan, and others that it was better to be careful before Gong Fanlin turned himself in. Now it still could not rule out the possibility that he might target us again.

When the incident in Earthly Paradise happened, Dong Xiaoye happened to not be by my side because she needed to send Chu Yuan and Dongfang home. Therefore, the police felt that Dong Xiaoye didn’t do her job well and didn’t treat the job of protecting me seriously. Think about it, if it was not those delinquent students but Xu Heng that attacked me, how serious would the consequence be?

Based on this, the police finally stopped considering my privacy and forced Dong Xiaoye to protect me 24 hours a day. Dong Xiaoye had mentioned this to me before, but I didn’t expect that this time, the protection would be so thorough!

When we walked into Fengchang side by side, the strange gazes that looked at me made me fall into complete despair. First, it was Liusu and Mo Fei, then there was Ziyuan, and now there was another woman, Dong Xiaoye, my reputation was completely ruined.

When I greeted the female receptionist, I even noticed that she moved back a step in panic as if she believed that I would go after her…

Dong Xiaoye has been in a bad mood since last night because she was scolded by her Captain again, and because of that, she didn’t seem to care about other people’s ambiguous gazes. However, this was her job after all, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

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