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Chapter 808: Breaking, doesnt want it

Chapter 808: Breaking, doesnt want it

However, Xiao Tianyao had no intention of negotiating at all, and refused indifferently: “Benwang’s things, even if I don’t want them, no one else can keep them.”

This was Xiao Tianyao. Even if he was locked on the wall by the Emperor in an almost humiliating posture, even if he was in a weak position at this time, he was still confident and calm, elegant and noble as if standing in a palace hall, which makes people dare not look down upon.

Naturally, the Empress never underestimated Xiao Tianyao from the very beginning. If anyone in the Eastern Country could make the Empress look up to him and don’t dare to offend him, it was undoubtedly Xiao Tianyao.

Although Xiao Tianyao’s refusal made the Empress very dissatisfied, she didn’t show it. After thinking for a while, she continued: “I believe in Xiao Wangye’s ability. However, this time and that time, Xiao Wangye is now in a difficult situation. How can you keep what you have in your hand?”

“Is it hard to protect yourself?” Xiao Tianyao lowered his eyes, hiding the light in his eyes.

It was a very plain sentence, without even slight ups and downs in tone, but the Empress felt inexplicably uneasy when she heard it.

After taking a deep breath and suppressing the uneasiness in her heart, the Empress said: “Xiao Wangye should understand that what I want is not the throne of the East, there is absolutely room for cooperation between us.” Of course, she wants the throne, but she was not in a hurry. Her son was still young and can wait for a few years.

“How can the empress be sure that what benwang wants is the throne?” Xiao Tianyao raised his eyes and glanced at the Empress lightly.

The Empress met Xiao Tianyao’s eyes generously, and said in a joking tone: “Xiao Wangye doesn’t want the eastern country’s throne, does he want to unify the world?”

“Is it not possible?” Xiao Tianyao asked in a flat tone, making it unclear whether he was serious or just saying it casually.

The Empress frowned slightly, “Xiao Wangye, you should know that the Emperor will not let you go. Xiao Wangfu has been sealed, and your reputation has also been ruined. The entire Xiao Wangfu, including your wife, has been captured by the Emperor. Those who speak for you in the palace hall are all regarded as your accomplices. The Emperor decreed today that you will be executed in 3 days, do you think you have a future?”

“3 days? Thank you, empress.” Xiao Tianyao still didn’t have any emotional ups and downs, as if he wasn’t the one who was going to be executed by the Emperor.

“You…are you not afraid at all?” The Empress looked at Xiao Tianyao solemnly, frowning.

Xiao Tianyao has fallen to this point, she doesn’t believe that Xiao Tianyao still has a backhand and can turn over.

“Why would I!” It was not a rhetorical question but a statement. Xiao Tianyao was so confident and proud that it made people grit their teeth.

The Empress knew that it was meaningless to continue talking, Xiao Tianyao didn’t think he was in a bad situation at all.

Hoo… The Empress let out a breath and said with a smile on her face: “Okay, it’s good that Xiao Wangye has this confidence. However, the cooperation I mentioned is still valid. If Xiao Wangye changes his mind, you can tell me.”

The Empress dared to say this with confidence. She was able to distract the guards of the prison under the eyes of the Emperor and come to see Xiao Tianyao in person, which meant that she could take Xiao Tianyao out.

“Benwang will consider it.” This time, Xiao Tianyao did not refuse to the end, but nodded seriously, although he didn’t need it.

“Then, I will take my leave first.” After getting the answer she wanted, the Empress smiled sincerely, nodded proudly, turned around gracefully, and left.

Xiao Tianyao looked at the Empress’s fading figure, raised his lips lightly, and showed a mocking smile: 3 days? Benwang is grateful to the Empress for bringing me this good news.

“Pa…” As soon as the Empress left, Xiao Tianyao, who was locked on the wall, moved and only heard a “bang”, the four big locks locking Xiao Tianyao’s limbs were simultaneously shaken open. Xiao Tianyao calmly stepped on the ground and gently twist his wrist.

He was stronger than the Martial Gods, this mere iron chain can’t lock him at all, as for the poison the emperor gave him?

Although it was a good thing, the medicine took half a day, enough for him to dissolve it.

The Emperor didn’t kill him immediately, it was his miscalculation!

After unlocking the lock, Xiao Tianyao didn’t leave in a hurry, but walked to the other corner of the cell, tapped a few times in front of the cell, and soon a shadow that curled up in the corner and merged with the darkness stood up and walked away. In front of Xiao Tianyao, he called out in a low voice, “Master.”

“Come out!” Xiao Tianyao said in a cold voice, and at the same time took off his coat and threw it on the ground.

The man’s hand lightly pressed on the chain, and the chain broke in two, and the cell door opened smoothly.

After the man came out, he combed his hair neatly with his hands and changed into Xiao Tianyao’s clothes. Under the dim light, he looked 60% similar to Xiao Tianyao.

And it was the person who was 60% similar to Xiao Tianyao who was locked on the wall instead of Xiao Tianyao. A hole that only allowed one person to pass through, through the small hole, left the prison.

Xiao Tianyao had already prepared for today, and the palace prison couldn’t trap him at all.

Xiao Tianyao, who successfully left the prison, left the palace immediately. However, he didn’t return to Xiao Wangfu. Instead, he contacted the leader of the shadow guard at a secret base to learn about the situation in the capital.

Knowing that the Emperor charged him with the crime of ignoring the life and death of the people and stretching the front line to collect money, Xiao Tianyao laughed silently.

He has been waiting for today for a long time, and the Emperor finally made a move!

The Emperor has made a move, so if he wants to make a move, it was justified!

Because of his status, the Emperor, no matter how he suppressed or framed him, would not say that the emperor was wrong, but would only blame him for his great achievements, embarrassing the Emperor, and threatening the Emperor.

Before, the Emperor shamelessly colluded with the south, west, and north to assassinate him. Everyone knew the truth but didn’t say that the emperor was wrong, at most it was sympathy. There were even some sour scholars who put all the blame on him, saying that he was too powerful, greedy for power and position, and didn’t hand over his military power, so he ended up being squeezed out and suppressed by the emperor.

He admitted that he was greedy for power and refused to hand over his military power, but after he handed over his military power, how did the emperor treat his soldiers?

300,000 soldiers were driven to the front line like animals. They lacked food, clothing, no weapons, no horses, but they had to work hard to kill enemies for the emperor, but even so, the emperor still refused to let them go. He doesn’t want to stop until they kill them all in the front line.

Facing such an emperor, can he hand over his military power? He handed over the military power, can he still live? Will his men survive?

Of course, even if the Emperor was kind and doesn’t kill him or his subordinates, he will not hand over the military power.

He admitted that those sour scholars said one thing right. He was ambitious, he was greedy for power, and he really had goals and ambitious. The Emperor should taken action against him, but unfortunately, he was— late!

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