Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 752: Contest, King of Water (2)

Chapter 752: Contest, King of Water (2)

“Papa…” The big anaconda slapped its tail desperately, its body kept moving. The water was stirred up and down by it. The stones at the bottom of the cave couldn’t stand the anaconda’s strength and fell one after another. Demon Lord dodged left and right to avoid the gravel falling from the top of the head.

*Hiss* The more it couldn’t do anything to Demon Lord, the more anxious the big anaconda became, and the more its body twisted, wanting to use this method to squizz out the life o its enemy. However, it didn’t think that Demon Lord was more flexible than it. Whenever it wanted to move, Demon Lord would avoid it first.

*Hiss* The big anaconda suffered repeated setbacks. The snake’s tail had bloodstains from slapping on the broken stones. Because its body stretched too much, it was stuck in the tunnel several times, making it get seriously injured.

Soon, the waters turned blood red. The cry of the big anaconda became weaker and weaker, but it did not give up.

Who knows if it was a sudden flash of inspiration, or because it knew that it was no match to Demon Lord on the water, the big anaconda let out a loud cry, then opened its curly body upright, and sank into the water with a plop.

On the surface of the water, the strength of the anaconda will be hindered, but when it reaches the bottom, it was the king!

“Damn beast.” Demon Lord knew that when it was in the water, he was not a match for the big anaconda. Even the big anaconda didn’t move too much, as long as it consumed him, it would kill him.

At the moment when the big anaconda sank to the bottom, Demon Lord didn’t hesitate to choose a risky attack!

At this moment, he doesn’t need to care about how the big anaconda shoots at all. What he has to do now is to shoot and kill the big anaconda with one blow, so that the big anaconda has no more strength to attack.

This time, Demon Lord was full of momentum, all defenses were put away, and there was the only thing in his mind. Attack directly at seven inches of the big anaconda!

The big anaconda seemed to be aware of it, but it had already sunk to the bottom of the water, and it couldn’t roll its body in a short time even if it wanted to. As for changing directions, this waterway was too narrow to allow it to turn around at will.

*Hiss* The big anaconda sensed the danger and couldn’t help speeding up its sinking into the water. Compared with the narrowness of the tunnel, the underwater world was more suitable for it to stretch, but Demon Lord didn’t give it this opportunity.

*Puff* With a sound, Demon Lord’s right hand was inserted into the anaconda seven inches. When the anaconda was struggling, Demon Lord hugged the snake and slid down, and his hand also slid down. A slit was torn out on the back of the snake.

*Gudu, Gudu* The red blood came out from the back of the snake, dyeing the water red.

The big anaconda struggled frantically, sending out a struggle before death. Demon Lord didn’t panic, and after a while in the snake’s belly, he took out a dark green snake gall and threw it into his mouth, and swallowed it directly.

Demon Lord had not eaten for almost four days, and he had fought against the anaconda again, which cost him a lot of physical strength. This snake gallbladder was worthless to him.

The belly was opened, the snake gallbladder was taken out, the seven-inch slandered anaconda had no attack power at all, and the huge snake body could only slightly wiggle.

But this struggle didn’t last long, and soon the snake’s body stiffened. With unwillingness, anger, and puzzlement, the big anaconda closed its eyes. The huge snake’s body sank to the bottom of the water. As the blood sprayed out, it also sank little by little… …

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