Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 721.2

Chapter 721: Betraying, too proud (Part 2)

If they told their princess that their prince asked her to stay in the town for two days because he wanted her to recover, maybe their princess would think they were lying and saying good things for their prince.

It can be said that it was not easy to be a bodyguard!

“Wangye is here? When is it?” Lin Chujiu had no time to take care of the guards at this time. It was true that she was stunned by the news of Xiao Tianyao’s visit in the middle of the night.

So, she was not pressed by a ghost last night, but by Xiao Tianyao?

“Around 11:00-1: 00 am, and went back at dawn. Wangye told us not to tell wangfei about him.” The guards didn’t mind selling it again.

“So, you are now the sellers?” Lin Chujiu sneered and said extremely unkindly.

The guard’s face turned pale with fright and he knelt with a plop: “Wangfei, please forgive this lowly one, this lowly one is… …” The guard almost wanted to die.

Their prince was their master. If they tell their princess what their master doesn’t allow them to say, means they were betraying their master.

But their princess was also their master. If their princess asked something, whether they hide or tell the truth, it was also considered betraying the master.

After being sandwiched between the two masters, whatever they do was wrong. He has done a lot of things with great effort, but in the end, he still disappointed both sides.

“You don’t have to ask me for mercy, the master you betrayed is not me.” Lin Chujiu withdrew her eyes indifferently, turned, and walked towards the street.

Hearing that Xiao Tianyao came to her in the middle of the night, Lin Chujiu couldn’t tell if she was angry or what, but she was very complicated.

Why Xiao Tianyao make this trip?

Does he want to see if she was okay? Or he can’t sleep, so he used her as a pillow?

But no matter what, she couldn’t be happy.

He came to her last night, but he didn’t meet her, didn’t say a word to her, and didn’t even leave a word to her. If she hadn’t discovered the abnormality of the guards, she might not know that Xiao Tianyao had been here.


Come and go, so why come?

In the middle of the night, after traveling for more than ten miles at night, he came to see her. In the eyes of others, Prince Xiao was very affectionate to her. If Lin Chujiu continued to argue with Xiao Tianyao and ignored him, others will think she was ignorant, no matter what the real situation is, and that she doesn’t deserve Prince Xiao’s affection.

But God knows, she didn’t even know that Xiao Tianyao was here. She didn’t see Xiao Tianyao. Under such circumstances, what’s the point of Xiao Tianyao coming?

“Sometimes, I don’t understand what you’re thinking. I don’t even know the meaning of your actions. You don’t say it, so I can’t understand. Do we have to go on like this?” Lin Chujiu walked out of the inn and looked at the dark sky which made her feel more depressed.

Xiao Tianyao was too awkward, too arrogant. Even if it was his mistake, he will not bow his head. She was tired of falling in love with such a man and being a husband and wife with him.

Just like Imperial Doctor Zhu said, Xiao Tianyao has such a character, so no matter what happens, the person who compromises and concessions can only be her, and it must be her.

However, Xiao Tianyao has character and temper, so why can’t she? Xiao Tianyao’s temperament was like that. After more than 20 years, he has set this character and can’t change it if he was unwilling to change. But what about her?

She was born without a temper so she should change herself for Xiao Tianyao at any time? Change her stubbornness?

But, why should she give in? Why she who should change?

Her temperament has also been set, she was stubborn and arrogant. She can’t change it!

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