Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 716.1

Chapter 716: Gone, very annoyed (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao called the shadow guard. He wanted to know how Lin Chujiu felt when she knew that she was going to leave in the afternoon? And where is she now?

If Lin Chujiu was very unhappy, as long as she obeys, he doesn’t mind changing his order.

But, but!

The shadow guard didn’t know what Xiao Tianyao was thinking, in fear of Xiao Tianyao would blame Lin Chujiu for being ignorant, he kindly made up things or Lin Chujiu: “Answering back wangye, wangfei was very shocked when she heard that she was leaving in the afternoon, but soon accepted it.”

“What about people?” Accepted quickly?

Xiao Tianyao gritted his teeth in anger, but he didn’t show it on his face. The shadow guard didn’t know, but felt that the temperature around his body seemed to have dropped a lot, so he busily said: “Wangfei went to the wounded barracks to bid farewell to Imperial Doctor Zhu.”

After the shadow guard finished speaking, he quietly glanced at Xiao Tianyao and suggested carefully, “Wangye, do you want to invite wangfei?”

“Retreat.” Knowing that she was going to leave in the afternoon, she didn’t come to see him but said goodbye to Imperial Doctor Zhu. Could it be that in Lin Chujiu’s heart, he was not as good as Imperial Doctor Zhu?

Xiao Tianyao was so angry that he vomited blood. At this time, the special envoy of the imperial court sent an official document from the palace. He said that it was a confidential document, and requested Xiao Tianyao to read it.

In the past, no matter how urgent or important the official documents of the imperial court were, Xiao Tianyao would never see the imperial envoy. He will only let the people under his hand take over the official documents so that the court will not know when he was not in the military camp. But……

He was in a bad mood now!

“Let people come in.” Xiao Tianyao ordered in a cold voice, the guard didn’t dare to breathe, turned around and brought in the court’s envoy, and then stepped back decisively, leaving the court’s envoy to face Xiao Tianyao’s coercion alone.

“This humble one, greet, greet, greet!” The special envoy of the imperial court walked in with great enthusiasm, wanting to show his most heroic side and give a respectful but not humble salute. However, the special envoy of the imperial court was timid, and in the end, he stuttered.

*Huhuhu*… … It was not because he was timid and useless, it was because Prince Xiao has a murderous aura, which was so scary for a normal person like him. He can’t stand it.

“Present it.” After stuttering during the ceremony, the imperial envoy who was stunned for a moment realized that Prince Xiao was talking to him. His hands and feet softened a few times, but then he got up from the ground and presented the official document to Xiao Tianyao tremblingly: ” Your Majesty, please give instructions.”

“Put it down.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t reach out to pick it up. It was impossible to pick up something presented by a lowly person.


“Yes, yes.” The imperial court envoy hurriedly put down the box containing the official documents to show solemnity and calmness. The imperial court envoy did it very carefully, but who knows if he was unlucky or too nervous, his hand slipped when he was about to put it down. The box slammed onto the table.

“Huh?” Xiao Tianyao glanced displeasedly and the imperial envoy fell to the ground in fright: “Wangye please forgive my sins, please be merciful to this humble one for dereliction of his duty. I am willing to receive punishment.”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t even give him a look, “Open it!”

“Ah? Yes, yes, yes.” The imperial envoy was stunned for a moment, and quickly got up, but… …

Someone was one step faster than him.

He didn’t see how the other party appeared. When he looked up, the other party was already standing in front of the desk. He opened the brocade box on the table, took out the official document inside, and held it in front of Prince Xiao with both hands.

Is there someone else in this house?

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